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The Best Android Games In 2019

With the development of technologies, day by day, android matches are rising. Android Games are anticipated to become popular in 2019 compared to 2018.

If you’re on the lookout for the new games that were the best android you have come to the right location. We upgrade this listing which is worthy of being added to this list so that you could learn about the most popular and greatest games a brand new game arrives.

You’ve purchased a new Android phone to creating your cellphone’s Playshop and looking? Do not worry; we have put down a few listing of the greatest Android games for you personally.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the planet’s most well-known games. In this sport, you need to fight with 99 other gamers at an island. As you start playing with the game, you will get a sense, when you play with these games, you will start thinking of yourself as a soldier, your PUBG Games has lots of attributes, which you may use at no cost.

Brawl Stars matches have come for quite a while. However, the events are coming into the Google Play Store in 2019. Since its own has been downloads which are unthinkable, these games can hold us as a popular game.

The Brawl Stars

Supercell produces it; this match differs from other games on Play Store. There are several games, and also Clash Royale would be the Games that are most popular.

Every game has a role this game has been created, in addition to a fun part. Supercell business is producing these matches six manners which have come to be fun games to the favorite folks of the game. This can be a quality game that is good Brawl Stars is upgraded in design that appears better. This game is being also featured on Club Apk website as the top android games.


Amity Arena games created on According to the Rooster Teeth Animation series. RWWY: Amity Arena currently reveals itself as a huge match and also this intended for Multiplayer online combat stadium (MOBA), and it is like Clash Royale.

The area of the sport includes two-lane brawler on each side, wherever your goal is to destroy your opponent towers as quickly as you can by placing troop cards down onto the battle.

It’s possible to play with these games as entertaining, or you’re able to employ strategies to acquire the match nicely to enhance your abilities. RWBY: Amity Arena matches has very good features.


Perhaps you’ve heard of this Holedown Games with numbered blocks ominously floating above an empty void, before, Holedown Games is a kind of layout.

Hold’em is a sport where your whole aim is to get into the core of the world and ruin that planet that is core to proceed to an ice world. This match reminds me of Tetris pinball design a sense for this because it has the same design naturally, but what makes this game quite interesting usually.

It’s only seen the entertaining cartoons and the game operates on the telephone like I mentioned the entire purpose is to ruin these cubes to acquire your objection. So you slip your finger, and you’re able to get prepared to shoot then once you are ready to let go and you suddenly find the animations this kind of blobs that are white to destroy the cubes.

Holedown Game on Android and around the iOS naturally, therefore, I highly advise you guys check out this sport, and it’s as it’s an excellent sport to have fun together and trust me once you get passed during the first level you are going be hooked and you want to play with again and more.

Evoland 2

Evoland two is a popular premium sport. These games were published in 2015. Evoland two are created as Evoland first edition; its layout was fond.

Shiro Games is just not the sort of gaming firm that launches heaps of games and covers several genres. This can be a peculiar thing because to become adept in building a game such as Evolandtwo ($5.99) they possess the abilities to create MANY games. The Evoland the sequel manages a voice and a personality of their own and investigates genres entirely.

While the very first Evoland never entirely surpassed the vast names to that it pays tribute, Evoland two will bring you and force you to forget sometimes that it’s an almanac of all nostalgia for your sport. Evoland 2 has been recently published in iOS because of the port in the PC model. Also, it is a very excellent method to play this beautiful game.

The Room: Old Sins is an award-winning puzzle game along with your ideal epic puzzle game. Do not delay to downloading the sport and begin playing as you haven’t ever played these games if you haven’t played the games before.

Finally, if you want to get any games or apps, be sure to head to the website Club Apk which is providing the free android updates every day.



Skills You Need to be a Good Python Developer

There is a high demand for quality, experienced Python developers. This isn’t just because the language is so widely used and popular, but because it has become a solution for many areas. From data science and machine learning to web applications, python is an effective and sought-after tool.

However, it’s not enough for you to simply master the actual language. In fact, some consider this the easiest step in the process of becoming a Python developer. You need other skills, too. Keep reading to learn what these other necessary skills are.  

An Expertise of Core Python

This is the foundation of any Python developer. If you want to achieve success in this career, you need to understand the core python concepts. These include the following:

  • Iterators
  • Data Structures
  • Generators
  • OOPs concepts
  • Exception Handling
  • File handling concepts
  • Variables and data types

However, learning the core language (as mentioned above) is only the first step in mastering this language and becoming a successful Python developer.

Python Frameworks

Knowing the Python frameworks is another must; however, this doesn’t mean that as a developer you have to know all of them. Based on the project, you may need to know one or another, but the most common ones used are CherryPy, Flask, and Django. If you already know Python, there’s a good chance you have worked with at least one of these popular frameworks.

Object Relational Mappers

ORM is a type of programming technique used in computer science that’s needed when converting data between incompatible systems using an Object-Oriented programming language. It creates a “virtual object database,” which you can use from any programming language. Most programmers use customized ORM tools.

A Basic Understanding of Various Front-End Technologies (JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5)

Sometimes, Python developers must work with the frontend team to match together the server-side and the client-side. This means Python developers need a basic understanding of how the frontend works, what’s possible and what’s not, and how the application will appear.

While there is likely a UX team, SCRUM master, and project or product manager to coordinate the workflow, it’s still good to have a basic understanding of front-end tasks.

Data Science

Data science offers a world of new opportunities. After deciding that being a Python developer is for you, there are several prerequisites you need to know starting with things you learn in high school mathematics, such as statistics, probability, etc. Some of the other parts of data science you need to understand, and use include SQL knowledge; the use of Python packages, data wrangling and data cleanup, analysis of data, and visualization of data.

Version Control

Making sure you track all the changes made to your file to source the code, later on, is a must for all developers. In most job offers; this is listed as a requirement. The good news is, it’s not too hard to become familiar with and if you have been coding for a while, you are probably familiar with words such as “commit, pull, fork and push” in this context.

Source: Pixabay

AI and Machine Learning

This is going to be extremely beneficial for you if you know what it’s about and what it offers. With AI and machine learning, along with deep learning, the field is constantly growing and evolving. Python is an ideal language for this. If you already have a basic understanding of data science, then digging into the topic of machine learning is a smart move.

Becoming a Great Python Developer

The skills you have as a Python developer are your biggest weapon. By having the right skills, you are going to put yourself in a position to land a better project and (hopefully) a better salary. Also, in the programming field, there’s always room to learn more and expand your skills. This is not only beneficial for you when working on projects, but it also helps to make your career path interesting and challenging.

Becoming one will require constantly reading up on the latest news, so we’ve made a small collection of great resources that will enhance your Python skills:


3 Convincing Reasons To Opt For Web Analytics Services

Do you run a business? If the answer is YES, then you would need a website as well. Building a website has become easier. There are many website designers, hosting providers and the domain name can be purchased at a low price. The problem is that you want to do business and for that, you need to invest time, money and patience. 

Once you launch a website, the job does not end there. You need to focus on the traffic and whether the site is reaching the prospective clients or not. How do you find out this information? Web analytics is the answer! It gives you a clear picture of how the visitors are behaving.

Hold that thought! Here’s a quick post that talks about the 3 Convincing reasons to Opt for Web Analytics Services. Let’s skim through it.


#1 Understanding Your Audience

Look at it from a social perspective. Building a website, sitting at home and waiting for a miracle is a naive act. You need to step up the game and understand the audience. Who are these visitors? Web analytics enters the scene and gives you the raw data such as traffic, views, unique visitors, clicks, organic traffic, direct traffic, and conversion rate. 

These are important things to know! You would know how many visitors clicked on a particular link. This allows you to understand visitor behavior. Additionally, it gives you a clear picture of the age group and gender that are getting interested in your website. 

#2 Figuring Out the Best Content on the Site

If a post is doing well online, you can get an idea about what the target audience likes. Web analytics will show you the exact post that gets the most likes and comments. It gives you an insight about the bounce rate. If the bounce rate is high, you need to fix the content. In case a page is getting more views, you can figure out what the target audience likes. Give them similar content so that your website becomes popular. 

#3 Helps with Search Engine Optimization

The question is – how does it help with SEO? When you opt for web analytics services, the experts will examine as to what the visitors are liking. By seeing the current trend and what people like to see, you can curate content as per their liking. 

Once you know about the interests and demographics of the visitors, it becomes easier to create content and use target keywords. It helps a lot! 

Final Words

There are quite a few agencies out there who can help you with web analytics. Your responsibility is to create fantastic products for the target audience. You can hire the best web analytics service providers or a team that handles the whole process. 

Creating relevant content is important. You can do so by understanding the behavior, interests, and likings of the visitors. Web analytics can be very helpful to give a boost to your business. If you are new to the industry, let the experts handle the technical aspects. 

Should you use web analytics? Absolutely! If your website is meant for business, then knowing your audience is important. It helps you to strategize and plan your next move. So, quit beating around the bush and learn to handle web analytics or find an expert.


Educational Mobile App Features that Enhance the Learning Process

Over the last decade, the educational sector has witnessed a huge transformation on a global scale. Undeniably, the digital education system is the need of the hour. And, to put it simply, the major players that have contributed towards this amazing transformation is the educational mobile apps.

Such kind of apps is a blessing for the students as they no longer have to attend monotonous lectures, and follow the traditional teaching methodology. All thanks to these educational apps which have eased out the learning process for the students. And, they can learn things as per their convenience.

If you’re planning to develop your educational app soon, then don’t forget to add the below-mentioned features in it. 

Build a robust database

The powerful and supportive database will ensure the success of your educational app. All the essential information related to the study material and guide will be uploaded on the database. You need to update it regularly with the latest content, videos, facts, and figures. This helps to smooth the growth of the learning process, and the students will get faster access to the relevant information they want.

Comprehensive and quality content

The content that arrests the eyes of the learner at one sight will increase the app download probability. Just keep these crucial factors into consideration:

Content should be qualitative and meaningful.

Content should be created by keeping the target audience in mind.

Remember, all the learners don’t have the same grasping speed, so make use of easy words that they can understand with no hassle.

Content must be mobile-friendly.

Live Tutorials

This is another essential feature that you can add within your educational app. Interaction with the teachers allows the students to clear all their queries in one go. The live tutorials help in creating a virtual class atmosphere, and with “chat now” option, you can make the learning experience even better for the students. 

Providing regular mock and practice test

It’s best to provide mock or practice tests on different topics and subjects where the students can find out their preparation level before the final exams. You can upload test papers and make the students download them. The students mostly search for the mock papers, and this feature will not only be profitable for the learners but boost your app’s growth.

Easy login with dashboard facility

While building an app, you should ensure that your educational app should offer easy login process. This implies that the user can create his profile in just a few simple steps. Also, you can add a dashboard where the users can save the important topics and learn them whenever they want.

Interactive user-interface

This is one specific area where the app developers should pay great attention. This will give you the competitive edge over your rivals. So, it would be wonderful if you provide excellent user-interface with appealing outlook and flawless functionality.

Use of social media platform

Today, social media platforms are used widely for the promotion of an app. And, many businesses are making the most out of these platforms for their app marketing. Whatever content you upload for any topic on your app, you should never forget posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can even create a YouTube channel where you can regularly post tutorials like “how to use” guide related to your app.

Push Notifications

The basic purpose of the push notification is to make the users updated with the right information. It acts as a powerful tool which facilitates people sending messages to the schools and users. This is the best advertisement that informs the users about the latest uploaded topics, so they can easily learn the topic on the go.

Final Words

The education is becoming digitalized, and the feature-enriched educational apps ruling the app stores. Therefore, if you want to give a tough fight to your competitors, adding these features in your app will make you shine in the app world. One more thing, you’re required to be pro-active when it comes to grabbing valuable insights on the latest technical developments, so you can implement them faster.

Author’s bio

Tom Hardy is a dedicated mobile app developer associated with Sparx IT Solutions for so long. He has rich exposure in developing apps for several industries and has handled projects with a high intricacy level efficaciously. Through his write-ups, he likes to educate the tech-lovers about the emerging technologies in the app development world. 


5 Ways Technology is Making Student’s Life Easier Today

Technology continues evolving all the time. Every day an invention, an idea, or a process emerges that can help millions of people around the globe.

Technology has proven to play a vital role in young people’s lives. Google became a study-buddy for students, and it is always accessible to them when they need a piece of information or an anonymous inquiry. This is just a puzzle piece in the big technology jigsaw.

Imagine how this advancement empowers people today and how it influences their work and education, as well as their personal lives. Let’s look closer at some key cases of technology changing the lives of young people:

1. Opportunity to Earn Through Online Gigs

Students have always been offered different opportunities to make money through waiting on tables, running delivery errands, babysitting and other part-time jobs that didn’t require much training. Today, however, they can be self-employed freelancers working flexible hours thanks to the internet. Copywriting, transcribing, writing essays for sale online, data handling, coding, designing and other gigs help them to work intellectually and lay the foundation of their future career instead of simply boosting their budget.

Technology helps them to save money and empowers them to become independent. Young people of today have a more mature understanding of the world and reality.

2. Instant and Easy Access to Knowledge

A handheld smartphone acts as a minicomputer. You can easily access information anywhere and anytime. For a student, this helps to save time and energy to complete school projects and assignments, since it’s much faster and simpler to do the research online compared to the traditional library. More up-to-date resources become available since many academics share scholarly articles with their research findings in online periodic. Technology makes the information accessible to all.

The information has stopped being a privilege and anyone can access it if only one wants to. That’s the major positive effect of the digital revolution and it certainly opened many possibilities for young people whose families wouldn’t be able to afford a traditional education. Now they can learn as much as they wish. It makes them resourceful and competitive individuals. They learn different techniques, improve their skills, and enhance their performance at school. With this rapid evolution of technology, people believe that gen-Z may be the most intelligent demographic cohort of the century.

3. Preservation of culture

Technology can also link the past to the present and keep it for the future. The historical records, important art objects, and cultural artifacts can be immortalized in digital form and kept safe using modern storage facilities. This is an important milestone to preserve our history and pass the information to the next generations. 

As the popular saying goes, the past is the key to the future. Of course, physical carriers of cultural information – books, buildings, art objects – may regretfully keep perishing in wars, fires, or slowly deteriorate with time, but starting from now we can preserve the heritage thanks to the technology that what we have today.

4. A Virtual Social Network

Communication and a healthy social network are vital for human mental health as they give the sense of security and belonging we all need, being naturally social creatures. Technology makes the world small. It connects different people across the globe into communities that would otherwise be dispersed and disconnected. For example, people with rare health conditions find support from other individuals coping with the same affliction, even if they live on different continents.

Using popular social media apps, young people can express their thoughts and find like-minded peers, which is very important for the adolescent. Fandoms and communities often become their “tribe” and provide an escape from troubles of the “awkward age”.

Technology makes it possible to work together as a group in virtual space. It saves time and makes all the people flexible in their schedule. Various social apps and websites make communication interactive and creative – people express themselves by creating art, video, music and other types of content with a wide array of tools.

5. Educational Tools for Personal Approach

E-learning digital materials help young people to achieve more in academic life by learning efficiently. Technology accommodates unique learning styles and provides customizable learning tools. It bridges the gaps created by various physical and learning disabilities and makes learning more accessible to everyone.

In some schools and colleges, they provide tablets for their students as their main means of learning to access digital books, handouts, and lecture materials. The students don’t have to carry heavy books and stacks of paper in their backpacks, which is good for posture, especially in younger students. 

As you can see, technology literally takes the weight off the students’ shoulders. Enlightening, isn’t it?


Toronto: Drone Filming Tips for the Best Videos Ever

Drone Filming has started to become popular and most of the experienced, as well as beginner filmmakers, are using drone shots in the films. As a professional, it is not difficult to understand the kinds of shots that will help in performing the best. However, as a beginner, it is crucial to have certain tips in your mind so that you can get killer shots while drone filming. You need to consider the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can help your footage become unique and stand out. 

Combine the different movements of the Axis

Your footage is not going to stand out if your drone is only moving forward and backward. It is your responsibility to add depth to the footage and to do so you must try different combinations of the axis movements. For example, you can fly up as well as backward and fly sideways when you are flying forward and up. Ensure that you are being gentle on the control sticks because steady and slow movements can help in making the footage cinematic. If you are not well versed with operating your drone, you can use the Tapfly method. This method will help you to fly your drone steadily and allow you to achieve complex flights easily. 


Circling any particular object is responsible for adding a huge and great cinematic impact to the entire footage. You have the option of navigating circles manually by taking care of the target while flying sideways as well as moving in the opposite directions. You have to understand that circling any particular object is going to take the training. You can use the point of interest in intelligent flight mode. This mode will help you to circle any object smoothly, and you have to adjust the radius and height. This is one of the most important and crucial tips that you need to follow if you are interested in drone filming. 

Fly your drone at low altitude

Most people are responsible for assuming that drone filming is mostly associated with gaining height. Flying at a high altitude can indeed help in accommodating more shooting space; however, flying your drone at a low altitude can help in showing detailed objects and can also create immersive experiences. Apart from that, when you are speeding up, you have the freedom of conveying intense feelings through the footage. Ensure that you are paying attention to your flight environment, especially any kind of obstacle so that you can ensure the safety of flight. 

Follow the subject from various angles

According to, following a particular subject right from behind is one of the classic filming moves. However, it is not difficult to film your subject from various angles with the help of your drone and it is suggested that you try them. This is going to help in making your footage creative as well as intriguing and interesting.


Drone filming is extremely exciting. Ensure that you are keeping these maneuvers and techniques on your mind so that it becomes easy for you to get the best shots.


How to Use Instagram Live in Your Marketing: A 7-Step Plan

Instagram Live works like Instagram Stories, which has about 500 million daily active users.

What makes it even better is that Instagram Stories shows up on top of a user’s feed, so they’re more likely to get a user’s attention more than regular content.

But it gets better than that. When you use Instagram Live, you’ll show up in the first place of Stories that are shown on top of the feed. In other words, Instagram live is like a shortcut to the top.

But that’s just the start. How can you harness it to get more attention, create connections, and build your brand?

Instagram Live in a Nutshell

Just a few months after Instagram Stories went out, Live Stories was rolled out.

IG Stories are pictures or videos that disappear approximately 48 hours after being posted. This lets users share more without overposting on their feeds. It’s a casual way of sharing what’s happening, without having it archived forever.

Instagram Live, unlike Facebook Live, isn’t meant to last long. Once it’s over, they’re gone, and won’t be visible on a page of a user anymore. It’s one way to become spontaneous, and an excellent addition to Instagram’s set of features.

Aside from broadcasting, Instagram Live Stories can also be a form of interaction. Users can submit their comments and questions. It also lets broadcasters and viewers have a real-time interaction with one another. 

It’s also an excellent way to discover new content. The platform’s Explore page now has a section called “Top Live” which allows users to search and watch the most popular Live Stories.

Why You Should Utilize Instagram Live

Instagram receives the highest engagement among all other social media platforms, but its saturation caused big issues for its post reach. So, if you’re utilizing Instagram for your social media marketing strategy, you need to stay competitive to remain on top of your game. But how do you do that? Well, by keeping up to date with its latest features.

Now, we’ve briefly discussed Instagram Live’s benefits:

  • Authenticity
  • Improved user-engagement
  • Cost-effective in producing content
  • Builds a sense of urgency
  • Greater brand awareness

Overall, Instagram Live is a helpful feature that reaps a lot of benefits. But still, this feature is underutilized.

How to Use Instagram Live

Prepare for your live broadcast

If you want to have a successful Instagram live broadcast, then you need to prepare ahead of time. This is true, especially if it’s your first time going live on social media.

Treat it as if you’re giving a business presentation. You need to outline your speaking points, write your script, list down some Q&A questions, and most importantly, practice!

One of the best ways to prepare yourself for an Instagram Live broadcast is to record yourself in front of a camera first. Watch the recording again, and make necessary adjustments if you can.

Promote your live broadcast ahead of time

One of your main goals is to reach as many users as possible. The best way for you to get a larger audience is to appear on Instagram Live’s Explore Page.

According to Voy Media, a New York social media agency, “Just like with Instagram’s algorithm with regular posts, if you’re generating high engagement and viewers from your live forecast, it means that it’s high-quality and interesting with other users as well. So, the more viewers and engagement that you’ll be getting, the more will you able to get featured on the Explore Page.”

That’s why you must promote your Instagram Live beforehand. If you want to get a lot of views and engagement, then your audience has to know ahead of time.

See to it that you write a post with the live video as your topic to create a buzz about it. That way, you’re maximizing your chances of getting more viewers aboard.

Use it for product teasers and launches

Another trend about Instagram Live that businesses can utilize is to use it to tease viewers regarding product launches. In fact, it’s an excellent platform to build a lot of hype around what you sell.

Whether you’re teasing your followers for a future product launch or introducing a new product line, it’s a great way to generate tons of excitement around your business.

To utilize this strategy in your Live broadcast, get your most in-demand product and release a few details about it. Creating this kind of mystery will excite your followers even more!

After releasing the teaser, you can ask your customers to sign up to get more information. Having this approach creates an element of exclusivity in your live videos, which entices users to act immediately, and increases the number of leads that you get.

Invite influencers to participate

The Instagram Live strategy takes advantage of the “limited time” nature of the video stream. Unless you have replays of your videos, most users are aware that they only have one chance to join your forecast.

For instance, offering limited-time promo codes is an excellent way to boost a sense of urgency. But there are other options that you can try, as well, such as asking influencers to participate. You can ask to make a big announcement during the stream.

When you partner with influencers, they’ll post about your products and services, exposing you to thousands (or millions) of followers who drives traffic back to your brand’s website.

Announce promotions and flash sales

Another great way to boost your live video’s viewership is to announce that you’re offering limited time promotions in your broadcast. 

Therefore, if you have a discount, giveaways, promotions, and other campaigns that you want to offer to a selected group of people, then you better announce it beforehand. As soon as you go live, you can offer the discount codes and coupons to your viewers.

Host a Q&A session

Your customers might have a question on something, so being able to address it takes off the need to look it up by themselves.

Hosting a Q&A session on Instagram Live allows you to answer questions about your products and services.

Through the “Live Request” feature, users can personally join the video chat. This allows face-to-face interaction with your viewers, giving them a more personalized experience as they could be able to talk to you, one-on-one.

Create product demonstrations

For you to attract plenty of new users, you need to show them that you understand their needs and that you can offer the best solution for them.

Once your audience will get to know you better, their trust for your brand will build over time, until they believe that your products will serve them best and that you can cater to their needs.

Product demos and tutorials are a great way to engage your audience because it precisely shows them how your product works and how it solves their problems. During the stream, make sure that you know what you’re talking about and that you efficiently demonstrate every process to your audience.

To Wrap It Up

Overall, Instagram Live is another effective tool for reaching, connecting, and engaging with your audience in an all-inclusive platform.

So, make sure that you apply these Instagram Live tips to get the most out of your marketing efforts on Instagram.


5 Types of MarkTech Software and How It Can Power-Up SMEs

As marketing evolves, marketers search for solutions to streamline and scale their daily marketing activities without spending too much time or effort on them.

Choosing the right vendors and products can benefit SMEs and help them establish their presence in our fast-growing and competitive market.

To succeed, SMEs need to invest in the right tools that will make their Marketing Technology Stack their most powerful ally to compete with the largest brands out there.

What is MarTech?

MarTech is a blend that comes from the words “marketing” and “technology”.

Here is the definition:

“Marketing is a function that relies increasingly on technology, and as more technology tools emerged to meet the needs of modern marketing, these Marketing Technology tools have collectively become known as MarTech.”

Modern marketing is all about finding the best set of tools to promote your brand to people all around the world.

While competing with big brands might seem a little terrifying at first, there’s nothing that SMEs can’t do when they employ the right tools.

Now Let’s See 5 MarTech Tools SMEs Need to Start Using Right Now

1. Email Marketing Automation Software

With 3.9 million users, emails have become one of the most efficient digital marketing channels marketers use to promote their products.

The first thing you need to do to start your email marketing is to search the market for a good email marketing platform that suits your needs and company goals.

Out there, you’ll find a plethora of MailChimp alternatives to provide you with the right technology and knowledge to plan and automate your email marketing strategy.

Moosend, for instance, is a great alternative to help you design your next email campaigns and automate them.

How it helps

Since sending emails to every single subscriber of yours by hand can be extremely time-consuming, the need for email marketing automation is dire.

A platform like this will simplify the process and allow SMEs to reach multiple subscribers at once in the most effective way possible.

And since, emails are one of the best ways to build customer relationships and brand credibility, using an email marketing platform will allow you to get more with less effort.

2. Subscription Analytics Software

Now that you’ve found the perfect software to attract more customers to your SMEs, the next step to ensure that your business will keep thriving is to track your business metrics.

To do so, you need to invest in a good subscription analytics tool that will show you which elements work well and which don’t. 

A great subscription analytics software that allows you to monitor your active customers and your monthly or annual growth is Profitwell.

Here’s an example of  what the metrics dashboard looks like:

How it helps

When it comes to SMEs with stricter budgets, knowing which elements have the biggest profit and greatest loss can determine the success of a brand.

With a tool like Profitwell, SMEs can optimize and measure their subscribers’ efficiency and take certain actions that will reduce their MRR churn, and increase their ARR.

Tracking brand performance will give SMEs the chance to improve their digital marketing strategies and establish themselves among larger brands.

3. Social media Software

Facebook and Instagram are some excellent media platforms to promote your products, either through sponsored ads or social media and influencer marketing.

With 37% of consumers using social media to find inspiration for their next purchase, neglecting to use social media ads can reduce your brand visibility significantly.

To take advantage of these platforms, you can start by using Facebook Ads, a tool that promotes do-it-yourself ads for everyone with or without expertise.

Here’s what the Facebook Ads quick creation looks like:

How it helps

Facebook ads have the lowest median cost per click compared to other famous social media ads like LinkedIn.

While the cost can vary depending on the number of impressions you want, Facebook ads can work well with since they can find you cheaper clicks to match your budget.

Facebook ads can help SMEs create awesome Facebook lead ads that will have maximum visibility due to Facebook’s massive number of users.

4. Employee Management and Communication Software

The success of a business doesn’t lie exclusively on successful product marketing, but also on the excellent communication and co-operation between different teams like your product and marketing team.

A good platform that can benefit SMEs not only with its simplistic user interface but also with its integrated apps is Slack.

How it helps

Slack’s success stems from apps, shared channels and search features that SMEs can get for cheaper prices.

Using some of the best Slack apps like Google Drive, Meekan and Monkey Test It can help SMEs get more things done and contribute to the simplification of the communication process.

5. App Connectivity and Integration Software

To save invaluable time, SMEs need to find software that will automate most of their daily activities and let them focus on other important tasks.

Since the main advantage of using MarTech is the ability to automate pretty much everything, using a web automation tool like Zapier will make your business tasks easier and faster to complete.

Here’s what a Zap looks like:

How it helps

Zapier offers a selection of more than 1.500 integrations to help you connect your apps.

For example, through the platform, SMEs can connect popular apps like Trello and Gmail to create new cards from new labeled Gmail emails.

By creating Zaps, SMEs will be able to mix and match triggers that will save time and provide updates about important tasks.


Using MarTech software is the best thing SMEs can do to increase their productivity and visibility in a market where businesses constantly try to surpass one another.

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How to Create an Amazing Impact by Integrating Instagram & Web Design

Businesses have been relying a great deal on the power and versatility of social media platforms to engage the right audience. Among so many popular options available to marketers, Instagram is regarded as the way to go in 2019 since it has witnessed the best ever conversion ratio. As such, every web design business or freelance web designer is seriously thinking in terms of creating synergy between Instagram and website design to enjoy the fruits of both the worlds. 

Instagram has a phenomenal outreach and as a result, it is the destination to go-to for all aspiring web designers and marketers. The platform has an astonishing user base of over 1 billion active users. The users are actively interacting on the platform as they end up uploading 40,000 pictures every day and they end up posting 1,000 comments every second. The activity level on this versatile and vibrant social media platform makes it more enticing for the web design fraternity to leverage the platform to their maximum advantage. Let us explore ways to achieve an effective design synergy between Instagram and your official website.

Strive for an Interactive Web Design

The most amazing characteristic of Instagram is its inherent quality of interacting with users naturally besides, generating engaging content. This interactive characteristic of Instagram would be taken to the next level by utilizing effective tools such as Gramista that is used as a substitution for the Instagram users when they are absent from the platform. This helps in keeping the regular activities going on as usual. 

Web visitors, who are coming from Instagram, are having certain expectations from your website too. They could be expecting similar browsing comfort and intuitive web design. Web designs must be made more interactive in order to deliver the same degree of comfort as on Instagram. Moreover, an interactive website could assure a better UX or user experience to the traffic that is redirected from Instagram. Better User Experience automatically implies better brand appeal. The interactive element and amazing user experience on Instagram help you to obtain massive followers for Instagram.

Logos: Keep up with the Trend

It is mandatory to stay abreast with the latest developments and trends in the field of web designing and social media in order to win a competitive edge. As such, a design makeover is a must. An overall website overhaul becomes all the more necessary when we focus on creating a website with elements of interactivity so that it could be on par with Instagram. 

As per, it is quite challenging to stay abreast with the latest social media logos. Moreover, even when you are able to identify the logos, it could take a reasonable amount of time to understand fully the brand guidelines. We know that Instagram has a sole focus on captivating and truly fascinating imagery and nothing really symbolizes this better than its logo. While creating content for your website, it could be really helpful to consider having a transparent logo of Instagram for using it in your designs.

Moreover, the design of the brand logo must be created with a lot of care as it would become the face of your company. Brand logos must be adjusted and refined for resonating with the brand aesthetics. 

Minimalism Is the Key to Success

Optimal use of all the design elements seems to be the cornerstone of minimalism. Website designs must have adequate free space. Avoid clutter and overcrowding with undesirable pictures and content. Websites with the clutter-free design would motivate visitors to spend quality time on your website without any unnecessary distractions. Websites with excessive design elements just for demonstrating the web designer’s proficiency could prove to be a flop idea as users would be irritated or frustrated with such distracting design elements.


Instagram has actually redefined web design. If you want your website to stay attractive to the visitors and potential customers, you must necessarily stay abreast with the latest social media particularly, Instagram trends and hire a web designer or business to help you with it.

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13 Best Features of Mac OS Mojave

The macOS Mojave happens to be the 15th prime release of the desktop operating system by Apple. 

Hence, it is packed with a range of new functionalities, features, and new capabilities to look at. In this article, we aim to introduce the top 13 best features of the macOS Mojave.  

Mojave 10.14 is compatible with Mac system from mid-2012 or later, just as 2010 and 2012 Mac Pro models that incorporate the prescribed Metal-skilled illustrations cards. On the off chance that you’re shaking one of those systems, then finding what’s going on in Mojave would be of incredible help.  

Dark Mode

The Dark Mode is one of the most loved aspects of Mojave. In this mode, all of the native applications such as Xcode, Photos, Calendar, Safari, and more feature darker themes and colors. These colors happen to be very easy on the eyes, which is especially handy for those who spend a significant amount of time working on the mac. 

Dynamic Desktop

Have you always dreamt of having a desktop experience which changes as the day progresses? Well, the dynamic desktop of Mojave allows you to experience a desktop that shifts along with the position of the sun based on your location. Essentially, it changes the wallpaper dynamically from the light sky to blue, followed by darker blue as the night approaches. 

Desktop Stacks

Do you struggle with a messy background that is full of icons? Well, the Desktop Stacks in Mojave can help you in bringing everything into order. In order to use Stacks, simply right-click on an empty space and choose ‘Use Stacks’. 

Screenshot Markups

The Screenshot Markup feature has been on the IOS for some time. Previously, there was a need for a separate app to annotate the screenshots. However, Mojave brings options to quickly make edits after you have taken the screenshots. 

Screenshot Utility

There is a new shortcut added to the macOS screenshot arsenal. The Screenshot Utility bar can be brought up by pressing Cmd + Shift + 5. Using this bar, you can screenshot a specific window or the entire screen. On top of that, you can also record the entire screen or a specific area of the screen. 

Continuity Camera

The document scanners are dying out as the world moves to the digital side. The continuity Camera on the Mojave makes it easier for you to scan your documents. Essentially, it detects the document in the frame and cuts everything else out while fixing any minor issues. 

IOS Apps on Mac

After you update Apple Mac to Mojave, you may notice a number of familiar icons in the app launcher. Soon, Apple will introduce a translation layer which will make it possible for you to run the IOS apps on the mac. As of yet, only four supported apps from IOS can be run on the app including Voice Memos, News, Stocks, and Home. Also, it is always good to know about CleanMyMacX Review.

The App Store

The new relationship between the macOS and IOS grows even further due to the App Store. Currently, we can see hints of the mobile counterpart in the desktop app store. The new app store is expected to e much more powerful and easier to move around. 


The Finder has not been ignored in the entire Mojave treatment. Previously, the pictures used to look a little awkward with the Quick Look or Cover Flow in the Finder. The new Gallery View in the Finder has changed this completely.

Other enhancements in Mojave

Mojave carries a range of security improvements, along with improvements in Safari revolving around autofill, creating, and storing passwords. 

Use APFS to help Fusion Drive

Mojave currently cares more for your files. As guaranteed, Apple made APFS work with Fusion Drive in macOS 10.14 – the unity which empowers you to make, resize and store various volumes of data all the more proficiently on your Mac. 

Ask Siri more

The old great Siri gets smarter in macOS Mojave. Not exclusively is Apple’s voice aide lined up with Home Kit, it can likewise enable you to discover saved passwords. 

Follow trending topics on Apple News

With Mojave, Apple adds macOS-improved Apple News to the Mac. If you already an active user, you’ll be glad to know that the News application is synced with the iOS version, so you can get speedy access to your preferred sources on Mac directly. Right now, the application is accessible only in a few selected nations like US, UK, and Australia. If you can’t get your hands on Apple News because of geographic restrictions, News Explorer is a good alternative. This convenient newsreader Mac utility is a great device for reading, marking, and sharing content online.

While this is Apple’s greatest and best MAC OS update yet, there are bunches of significant improvements, as well as hidden features in Mojave, which make the upgrade worth it, despite all the trouble. Combine all these tips with the tried-and-trusted applications and you’ll be one happy Mac user.