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AI for Recruitment Process: Pros, Cons and Key Use Cases

For some years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used by recruiters and HR professionals around the world. The kind of potential is shown to us, and AI is going to be a mainstay technology for the years to come. A large number of companies have embraced AI-based automation for recruitment and talent acquisition.

Here through the length of this post, we are going to explain the pros, cons, and some of the critical instances of AI implementation for recruitment.

Pros of AI-based Recruitment

The use of AI-based tools and software solutions for the recruitment process has become extremely popular because of the array of advantages they offer. Let us briefly see some of the key benefits of AI-based recruitment.

Process Automation: Automation in the recruitment process results in optimum efficiency, faster processing, and resource-saving. AI-based automation tools and chatbots used in the recruitment process can free a lot of time for the company’s manpower.

Boosts Engagement: AI implemented through a chatbot, or virtual assistant solutions can boost engagement of the prospective candidates throughout the recruitment process. An automated process can easily keep the employees updated and help to stay tuned to the process requirements from time to time.

Minimizing Human Bias: In any recruitment process, human bias is quite common that prevents optimum efficiency in spotting the right talents and required skills. This is where AI-powered automation tools can help. AI-based automation can help hire professionals purely based on skill and merit and keep any bias or discrimination scope at bay.

Cons of AI-Based Recruitment

Despite several key benefits of AI in the recruitment process, there is an equal share of disadvantages as well. The future of AI largely depends on how these shortcomings are dealt with. Let us have a brief look at some of the cons of AI in recruitment.

Inaccuracy: Despite the vast capabilities that AI-based tools offer, there are still a lot of inaccuracies that make the output of AI tools suffer. Many AI tools still suffer from the less reliable output because of the incomplete or non-optimized training data that does not accurately represent the applicants or the domain.

Missing Human Judgment: Since a machine is only capable of handling data, it fails to notice some crucial human traits and qualities, such as personality, personal interests, individual character, and work ethics.

The Key Use Cases of AI in the Recruitment Process

Over the years, AI has been successfully used in the recruitment process for many tasks. Some of the use cases of AI-based recruitment truly boasts of efficiency and performance optimization in a never before way. Let us have a look at the key use cases of AI in recruitment.

AI-based Recruitment Apps

Some recruitment and hiring companies now have their own mobile apps equipped with tools and all relevant UI/UX attributes. These apps equipped with intelligent AI-powered chatbots can communicate with the prospective candidates while helping with the process of screening. You can hire app developers in India who are experienced in building recruitment and Human Resource apps to optimize mobile communication and screening candidates.

Talent Hunting and Acquisition

For most businesses, talent acquisition remains a crucial challenge to win over the market competition. AI can help sourcing candidates automatically by digging into the resume databases. AI-based tools can also screen the candidates efficiently in the early stage of the process.

Screening the Recruits

AI-powered automated recruitment tools can quickly screen vast numbers of resumes and can shortlist potential candidates who are fit for the job position. Thanks to the absence of human error and bias in assessment, AI-based screening tools can sort out the right talents more efficiently.

AI Chatbots for Communication

AI-powered assistants or intelligent chatbots are playing a significant role in handling various recruitment and human resource-oriented tasks. Besides cutting short, much lengthy communication and corresponding resources, chatbots can help an organization respond faster and reduce employee hiring time.

AI for Relationships Development

These days, to attract the best talents, any organization treats prospective candidates as their customers and so focuses on building relationships through the recruitment process. AI-based automation tools in this respect can play a highly effective and efficient role.

Creating Attention-Grabbing Job Advert

Since talent acquisition is a very competitive field, you cannot leave anything to chance. The same goes for the case of job adverts for your recruitment needs. Since the job adverts make the first impression on candidates’ minds, you need to be creative and meticulous about it. By utilizing the right data and predictive analytics, an AI-powered tool can help you create the job adverts that quickly grab attention and look convincing at first sight.

The Future of AI in Recruitment

The advantages of using AI-powered recruiting tools are too many. AI, along with machine learning and predictive tools, can help organizations in everything related to recruitment and talent acquisition. The use of smart AI-powered interviewing tools helped organizations to improve the output of the HR team in terms of time-saving, quality of recruits, and better attrition rate. 

At the same time, it must be admitted that the AI-powered recruitment tools are new, and they are not being used for a long time by the HR professionals around the world. So, these tools need to evolve for some time before they prove to be more efficient. It is just the early stage of AI solutions being used for recruitment, and we can expect that they will be more mature and tuned to the specific recruitment needs of organizations.


The presence of AI-powered tools across human resource departments across companies is extremely becoming common as AI tools are doing great in saving time and money while helping with high-quality talent acquisition. The future of recruitment seems to be inseparable with AI tools. 


Maximizing Your Impact Through Digital Advertising

It goes without saying that the Internet has become essential to modern life. Ever since its widespread use began in the 1990s, the Internet has become woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. According to Internet World Stats, there are over 4.5 billion people who use the Internet as of December 2019 – over half the world’s population. And as Internet use has become more widespread, so too have the tools we use to access it. TechJury reports that there are 3.5 billion smartphone users in the world, a number that is quickly growing as smartphones become cheaper and more accessible.

This new digital culture has impacted business in several ways, but perhaps most notably when it comes to marketing. Only a few years ago, advertising was associated with print media, billboards, and television commercials, as it has been for decades. But with the advent of the online world, that’s quickly changed. Now, it’s become faster and easier for you to learn about new brands through digital advertising and social media.

To say that marketers shouldn’t underestimate the impact of digital advertising might be a bit of an understatement. Nearly every company has begun the shift into digital marketing, and those who haven’t are quickly changing gears. Compared with traditional routes, digital advertising is more cost-efficient, and in many cases can reach a wider number of people.

However, although digital marketing has become increasingly popular, getting your campaign to rise above the crowd isn’t that easy. Competition can be fierce, and many companies may find that their investments in digital marketing aren’t getting the return that they want. If you’re looking at how to make the most of the digital sphere in your marketing efforts, then here are a few tips for maximizing your impact below.

Test, Test, Test

With digital advertising being so affordable and with much of your potential market spending their time online, it can be tempting to cobble together a digital campaign and send it into the wild as quickly as possible. After all, digital is cheap, and it can’t be that hard to do, right? Well, not exactly. Like traditional marketing strategies, digital marketing has its strengths and weaknesses, and companies will have to learn how to maximize these strengths while minimizing weaknesses.

One of the methods of doing this is through a simple, but often neglected strategy: testing before launching. A simple A/B test can be the key to determining whether you’re getting the most out of your campaign or not. Digital Marketing Magazine describes A/B testing as a test that determines whether subtle changes in your campaign might influence consumer behavior. Many companies, in their rush, to get their marketing off the ground, end up forgetting this, but executing a quick test to see whether your new website or newsletter works could be the difference between success or failure for your campaign.

Maximize Impressions

Companies who make use of digital marketing are often told their campaigns should maximize their impressions, but finding the best way to do this can often be difficult. After all, with such a diversity of content and approaches, find the sweet spot of effectiveness for your digital marketing campaign is easier said than done. For many companies, it can be tempting to invest in only one or two tools. However, with digital marketing, a multiplicity of methods is better than one.

Marketing solutions company Triadex Services describes several ways that companies can trace and maximize their impressions through their mobile marketing campaigns. These methods include ensuring ads are smartphone-friendly, using tools like search engine optimization and geofencing, and researching current trends. Digital marketing requires careful investment and planning in order to be effective, and companies who put in that time and effort quickly find that those efforts pay off.

Tap into Video

If there’s one thing that’s begun to stand out in the last couple of years — even in a landscape that’s as information-rich as the Internet — it’s video. Advertisers are familiar with video in a more traditional sense, such as in a television commercial or infomercial, but it’s quickly becoming the newest plaything on the digital advertising front. Video marketing is quickly becoming popular, keeping potential customers’ attention for longer and increasing brand recognition and recall.

Forbes writes that video marketing is increasing in importance, thanks to the ability to customize content and personify brands, as well as its high ROI. Video offers companies the ability to track their results, engage with customers, and become easily visible and recognizable. If you haven’t thought about using video in your materials, now might be the best time to start.


10 Amazing Benefits of Online Learning (Infographic)

Thanks to rapid advancement in technology over the last few decades, online learning has been growing exponentially. It is now possible to become an expert in any subject without ever leaving your own home. Whether you wish to further your career with training, complete a degree, or learn for fun. Distance learning has multiple advantages over traditional education methods. Online tuition provider Tutorful outline some of the positives associated with e-learning including flexibility and value for money!

Infographic on 10 benefits of online learning

How Content Marketing Can Get Your Startup Off the Ground

If you’re getting a business up and running, you know how many tasks are involved. You have to secure funding, create a reliable system to track revenue and expenses, hire good talent, and line up help with software development (see

At the same time, you need to immediately start building brand awareness to stand out from the competition. One of the most powerful and cost-effective ways to accomplish this task is to use content marketing.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing involves publishing valuable, high-quality content pieces, like blog posts, videos, and podcasts, that offer solutions to your target audience’s problems. Unlike traditional marketing, this method doesn’t focus on selling products or services to customers, but instead builds brand awareness and develops trust, which can result in loyal customers.

This cost-effective approach can work well for many types of business but is especially useful for startups. While it costs 62% less than traditional marketing methods, it can yield three times the leads per dollar spent. It can also help attract and retain good talent.

You Need a Content Marketing Strategy

Before you start producing content, you need to develop a solid strategy using the following steps:

1. Research target audience

Identify and learn about your target audience, since you will build content around how you can help them:

  • What are their demographics (age, gender, location, income)?
  • What are their interests and hobbies?
  • What are the problems they face that your products or services can solve?

2. Determine content type

Use surveys, interviews, and analytics to discover what types of content your target audience prefers to consume. If they like to read about solutions, focus on creating blog posts, articles, newsletters, and case study reports. If your audience is more visually oriented, consider infographics, videos, and images. For those who want to listen to information, there are webinars and podcasts. Keep in mind that the best choice for your audience might be a combination of different types.

3. Develop objectives

It’s essential to know up front what you want to accomplish. Your objectives should be specific, measurable, and realistic and relate directly to your general business goals.

Some common content marketing objectives include:

  • Brand awareness, which can be measured by assessing changes in website traffic
  • Customer education and engagement, revealed by the number of shares and comments on social media
  • Brand loyalty, which shows up in the form of repeat purchases and referrals 

Build a Content Marketing Plan

Once you know your objectives, you need a plan for how to achieve them. The following are possible plan components:

Keyword research

Identify a set of terms that your target audience is searching for. Aim for three to five core keywords, along with a longer secondary list. You’ll expand these keywords into topics to cover in your content pieces.

Make sure to include relevant SEO terms so your audience can find your content through organic search. Ideally, the keywords should be high traffic and low competition.

Content calendar

Scheduling content helps maintain consistency in quantity and quality, which is key to good results. Use a tool, such as Google Calendar or a project management app, to create and manage a content calendar. Ideally, you should plan out content for the coming year, but even a few months at a time can be helpful.

Assign each content piece a target keyword, topic and title, creator, completion deadline, publishing date, and where it will be published.

Where to publish

Where you publish content should be based on where your target audience goes for information. Some options include:

  • Your website, perhaps in a special content section
  • Relevant social media platforms and groups
  • Email newsletters with exclusive content for subscribers
  • YouTube, where users perform 50 million searches a day and there is less competition for keywords than on the Google search engine
  • Third-party sites relevant for your niche and audience

Gather Resources to Create Content

Someone will need to create your content pieces. While you can try to do it yourself, you’ll likely need to outsource some or all of it or build a dedicated in-house team. Typical roles you’ll need, depending on the type of content, include writer, editor, graphic designer, and videographer.

Develop guidelines for your creators to follow, including a chronological checklist with specific deadlines, design standards to promote a consistent look, and an editorial process.

Some affordable content production tools can help, including Google Docs for collaborating, Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords, Mail Chimp for targeted emails and newsletters, and Grammarly to correct errors.

Measure Your Success

To accurately measure success, you’ll need key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your objectives. Make sure to include incremental milestones to assess progress along the way. You can create a “scorecard” with performance benchmarks for each content piece.

Examples of KPIs include:

  • Lead generation
  • Traffic to website
  • Increase in money spent per sale
  • Social media follower growth and engagement
  • Search engine rankings

Check regularly how your content performs related to the KPIs, then promote what does well and adjust what doesn’t. You can use your best performing topics for new posts by creating a different type of content (such as making an instructional video based on a successful blog post topic).

Periodically review your overall strategy to make sure you’re still using the right message in the right places to reach the right audience.

In Summary

Content marketing is a smart approach for startups who want to build visibility and promote brand awareness on a limited budget. Successful content marketing is a slow and steady process, but if you maintain consistency and quality, you’ll see success over time.


MilesWeb – Perfect Web Hosting For Web Developers

Being a web developer is not an easy job, every time a website demands new changes and you need to keep your heads on it. Web developer looks after various tasks like coding, management of the website, updating site with new applications, etc. In the middle of all this chaos, a developer might not get time to look after the web hosting issues, or he might think that it is not his work. Yes, as a site owner you cannot blame a developer for that because web hosting is a service offered by web hosting providers that work separately. Web hosting is definitely an important parameter of a working website but is often neglected. So, if you are a web developer reading this article, and if you are frustrated with some web hosting services then this article is for you.

Most of the web developers look for a cheap web hosting company that offers great reseller hosting plans so that the developer can start their own hosting company, well this article will help you too.

MilesWeb has a large customer base of web developers who are happy with the services they are getting. So, today, I thought I should reveal some points about MilesWeb.


The company was started in the year 2012, with an aim to provide web hosting at very cheap rates without compromising over its services. Their shared hosting plan is a popular one in the market, where you get unlimited hosting starting at just Rs.40/month.

Within this short term, the company has now reached many hearts due to its integrity and outstanding support.

MilesWeb for developers

If you are a developer having a good customer base, then you must broaden your horizon by starting a web hosting business. That means you can now provide everything under your brand, right from domains, web hosting, and sites. If you are thinking the same way, then reseller hosting is structured for you only.

The important thing is, all the reseller plans from MilesWeb come with a 100% white label so that you can sell all the products under your brand name. All you have to do is, just buy hosting from MilesWeb and sell it to your customers, under your brand name and price. This is one in a million opportunities for developers to start their web hosting business.

C:\Users\ADMIN\Desktop\Images and Plans\Unlimited reseller hosting India.png

Additionally, reseller hosting from MilesWeb ensures that a user doesn’t require any lump-sum amount, our huge infrastructure, also don’t need to spend on servers or to hire employees, as everything is managed by MilesWeb on behalf of you. This also ensures that in any process while dealing with your customers, MilesWeb maintains a 100% white label and provides service under your brand name. You can gain more information about them by directly initiating a chat from their website, the technical support team will help you properly.

MilesWeb offers a wide range of products like shared hosting, VPS hosting India, reseller hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, etc. All these hostings come with a lot of best-hosting features, and the following are few of them:

1) Free SSL certificate

As a web developer, you must be knowing the importance of HTTPS symbols padded on a site. To ensure the safe transmission of data, MilesWeb provides a free SSL certificate with every web hosting account bought from them.

2) SSD storage

SSD storage speeds up websites so that visitors can have better site experience. A fast and smooth loading website gains more visitors than a site hosted on outdated hard drives.

3) Latest PHP and MySQL

A developer knows how many times he needs to update the software running on the website. But, all web hosting plans from MilesWeb offers the latest version of PHP and MySQL and they get updated as soon as the latest version releases, this eases the work of the developer.

4) Protection against virus

A website is prone to viruses if it is working on the internet. This doesn’t mean, you don’t need to have a working website, because proper protection can save a site from any misfortune. MilesWeb servers are scanned on a daily basis that protects each and every site hosted on them from all types of malware.

5) Free website migration

Migrating a website is very tedious work. One single mistake can break the whole website and lose its data. So, if you want to switch your hosting to the MilesWeb server, then just contact their technical support team, and they will migrate the website on their server without any data loss.

You can see, MilesWeb being a web hosting company, takes the responsibility of various technical work so that a user doesn’t have to invest special time in it.

Want to try MilesWeb?

If you want to free yourself from the burden of web hosting issues, then MilesWeb is an answer to you. The plus point is, the hosting comes with 99.95% uptime, 24/7 technical support, and 30 days of a money-back guarantee.


Stolen Vehicle Recovery with Thatcham Insurance Approved Trackers

The continuous efforts of car manufacturers, tech companies and police forces to combat vehicle theft across the UK led to a steady decline in the number of stolen vehicles between 2003 and 2014. Improvements to built-in vehicle safeguards and enhanced car security systems helped to stop criminals from breaking into and getting away with our precious vehicles. However, in 2014, a simple security oversight with the introduction of keyless entry systems – which were supposed to improve our quality of life – fuelled a drastic increase in vehicle theft throughout the UK. Criminals adapted quickly to the emerging technology, finding a simple and inexpensive way to steal vehicles with keyless entry systems in under a minute, without even needing to touch the key.

This so-called “relay theft”, in addition to the other known ways to break into vehicles, has exacerbated the situation to the worst it has been for years. Since 2014, the West Midlands has seen a shocking 214% increase in theft rates, while London remains the UK’s worst location for theft with a 61% rise in stolen vehicles. However, car owners aren’t totally helpless against these prolific thieves.

Here are some simple tips for preventing car theft:

  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times
  • Invest in effective anti-theft systems
  • Keep your keys safe, hidden away from out of sight
  • Keep your keys in a Faraday pouch overnight as a precaution against keyless theft
  • Choose safe parking locations for your vehicles, even for shortstops
  • Keep valuable items out of sight to not provoke a theft attempt

While these tips should be practiced by all drivers, a skilled auto thief can still get past these security measures and get away with your vehicle. Considering the time and money we invest in our vehicles, it’s worth investing a bit more to install a superior security system to guarantee their safety. High-end vehicle trackers accredited by Thatcham Research can protect your vehicle against even the most skilled criminals on the streets. With effective security measures against theft and a 96% stolen vehicle recovery rate, these sophisticated systems are one of the best – if not the best – vehicle security systems on the market.  

Do you really need a Thatcham Vehicle Tracking Device in the UK?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. In 2017/18 alone, 112,174 vehicles were stolen in the UK, and according to the Met Police, 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered. Unless you have a Thatcham vehicle tracker fitted in your vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ll never see your car again should you fall victim to vehicle theft. Thatcham Research Centre is the industry authority on vehicle security systems in the UK. Thatcham certifies vehicle security devices through careful analysis and a stringent testing procedure and categorizes the approved devices according to the level of security and features they offer.

Reliability and Accuracy

Thatcham tracking devices are equipped with advanced GNSS chips that utilize multiple orbital satellite networks, including GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. The ability to pick up signals from different satellite systems improves the accuracy of Thatcham vehicle trackers, which helps immensely to locate a vehicle in an emergency situation or if targeted by theft. Even if an adept thief steals your vehicle and drives it to a remote location, your Thatcham-approved tracking device will keep broadcasting its precise location.

Driver Recognition

Vehicle owners are given two encrypted driver identification fobs as per Thatcham standards for Category S5 and S5+ tracking systems. The fobs are vital in detecting a theft attempt if a vehicle is stolen without using the keys. As soon as a vehicle’s engine is started without the tracker recognising the proper driver identification tags, an alert is issued to our monitoring centre. The teams at the monitoring centre will immediately contact you to confirm if a theft has actually occurred, and upon confirmation, our staff will contact the authorities on your behalf and facilitate the recovery of the stolen vehicle by providing real-time location updates. Driver identification has multiple uses for businesses as well; for example, the driver recognition tags can be utilized to prevent unauthorized vehicle use for companies that operate a vehicle fleet.

Remote Immobilisation

Remote immobilization is one of the most powerful security measures against vehicle theft, and especially useful when the police are in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. It allows vehicle owners and on-call teams at the monitoring center to stop a stolen vehicle’s engine remotely, rendering the car useless once it comes to a complete stop. The employees at the monitoring centre can then guide the authorities to the location of the immobilized vehicle with pinpoint accuracy for a safe and speedy recovery. Thatcham-approved tracking systems offer multiple additional layers of security – one of which is that the ignition can be turned off to prevent the vehicle from starting without authorization from the owner.

24-Hour Monitoring Centre

Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking devices are effective against all known methods of vehicle theft, including the all-too-popular relay theft, replicated car keys and the hacking of onboard computers. The 24-hour monitoring center is always on alert for any theft attempts against your vehicle, and the experienced staff on-site will immediately contact the responsible parties to confirm the threat to your vehicle and take appropriate action. 24/7 surveillance is one of the core security measures provided by Thatcham vehicle tracking systems – it ensures that one of the employees is always keeping tabs on the movements of your vehicles, and they will immediately contact you in the event of any suspicious activity.


Vehicle theft is one of the inevitable truths of living in the UK – your vehicle is at constant risk of being targeted by organized criminals and opportunistic thieves. Thatcham approved vehicle tracking systems are designed with the most effective security measures in mind, offering a wide range of tools that are instrumental in protecting your vehicle against theft. They integrate the powerful tools of GPS tracking technology with Thatcham security protocols to provide car owners in the UK with the highest level of security that today’s technology has to offer. With a recovery rate of close to 100%, Insurance GPS trackers are unrivalled in recovering stolen vehicles compared to other vehicle protection systems. Whether you have a high-end performance vehicle or own a vehicle fleet, Thatcham vehicle tracking systems are the best solution on the market against the experienced car thieves roaming the streets of the UK.


Why Should Businesses Need to Consider the Latest Web Design Trends?

A trend is a change or development in any field that becomes an inspiration for many to follow. Trends are equally affecting the different industry that belongs to fashion, beauty care, or web designing. People look at trends differently as some believe they have the ability to set their own standards while others like to follow trends for getting an idea as what is working for others that may work for them too.

The businesses need to consider the latest web design trends for a variety of reasons. As a beginner, you may not know the different design elements that the users of other industries and your specific industry like. Trends often focus on current-day needs.

A fashion website may come with a dark mode in general, but it may be different when targeting a specific community. For example, an online store in Dubai or any part of the UAE may focus on large images in the background and Islamic typography. Similarly, the web design Doha has its own implications that local or national business may demand. The designers need to look into the latest trends in general as well as the specific niche of the business.

If you are planning to develop a website for the near future, the theme or features could be anything, but to conform the design to the present era, you must seek help from the latest trends.

Maintaining visual interest

Our likes and dislikes change with the passage of time. As a society, we often go through changes in our culture, fashion, taste, and lifestyle that appears in the design preferences as well. Therefore, to keep the target audience interested in your website, the design needs a revamp after a considerable amount of time.

The users of a website get bored when they are not experiencing a change in its design or user experience. It is the reason that most of the webmasters keep on changing design strategy according to the latest trends to know how they can maintain the visual interest of users.

Making the website modern and attractive

As it is said, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Web design trends are also introduced when there is a need. For example, mobile responsive design is need for the hour as more and more users are turning to mobile devices to browse the web and shopping online.

The increased number of mobile users is compelling online stores to have a website that loads perfectly well on a variety of mobile screen sizes. Additionally, it became a search engine ranking as well. Therefore, if a website is not worrying about its target audience, it has complied with mobile responsiveness in order to rank well in search engine pages. Such a trend helps websites inculcate functionality to become a modern and attractive one. 

Stay relevant and fresh

Web design and development is improving in various directions. Most of the advancements are made to bring relevancy in the design with the modern world. In the beginning, websites used to choose colorful backgrounds, which then transform into a single color theme and white background.

As soon as the people are transcending to a vibrant culture and lifestyle, the design trends make you familiar as to how you can meet their varying needs and expectations. The latest trends and the design changes that you may find on the websites are the reflections of what the general public demands. Following them can help you stay relevant and fresh.

Reinventing design features

The features and options may not be attractive and appealing as they were before. The users are now more educated and familiar with online shopping and web browsing. If we talk about the type of websites back a decade, there were not designed with a focus on conversions.

The online visitors used to search for websites but kept using the conventional shopping mediums. There were trust factors, but they were unable to grasp a clear picture of a product too.

For example, the merchants used to sell products with poor imagery that hardly attracted customers. It transformed into a quick product view and a full-screen image view. It was followed by providing more images of a product covering different angles, whereas the current era is about providing a 360-degree view of a product. Therefore, web design trends help you explore different strategies to keep on reinventing different features to keep engaging the users and providing the finest user experience.

Knowing advanced functionality

At times, you might be facing a problem in the design that is difficult to solve by your designer. You may work on different alternatives, but still want something more amazing for it. In solving the problem, you will not be alone.

With continuous trial and testing, you may be able to achieve an ultimate solution or a trend may suggest different options. For example, displaying reading time or progress bars on long articles are varying solutions for blogs that are pursuing readers’ engagement.

Final words

A web design trend may reach you after the rigorous ordeal of trial and error. The perception that you have to follow and implement every single trend is wrong as your business has a specific goal, a certain target audience, and an ideology different from others. A business should consider them but select the most relevant one.


Why Animation Explainer Videos Will Reduce The Bounce Rate 

Do you wonder why visitors leave your site quickly? Do you feel like someone or something is preventing you from engaging with your customers? If you are unable to relate to your customers or express who your rivals are, it’s your bounce rate in online marketing.

You will only add to their increase when visitors take one look at your landing page and leave in a few minutes. The scenario, no leads, no engagement, no conversion, no sales, and absolutely nothing else! If you want your business to keep going, your Bounce Rate has got to be stopped and significantly reduced. If you want to stop this happening, you need a custom animated explainer video.

According to the company Inovit ( which is engaged in the production of animated and educational video, a customized explainer video is a right choice for a marketing video that will literally explain to your audience in an entertaining and engaging manner who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problems.

Let’s look at the reasons why using a powerful explainer video will give you the option to turn your site around and save the day.

You Must Capture Their Attention

Think about this, the human being only has am attention span of 8 seconds! That’s less than a goldfish! That means if you are not paying attention, you are feeding your rivals’ bounce rate.

Worry not, by placing animated explainer videos on your landing page you will capture visitors’ attention very quickly. According to resources, that’s a good two minutes longer than average which is a staggering instant 1500% boost.

Stand above the crowd by creating an impressive, appealing video and add a really nice image to draw in your visitors so they will engage with the video.

Increase Your SEO Rates

The longer your visitors spend searching your website, directly, it will affect your rank with search engines. Keep in mind, if you do not show on Google, it won’t matter how great your service or product is, no one will be able to find you.

Your goal is to keep visitors on your site and turn them into customers. An animated marketing video will be your best avenue because videos are 53 times more likely to show on Google’s first pages than simple text ever will.

Make sure to add relevant keywords to your video’s headline on your site, your blog, and your YouTube channel. Make it easier for your visitors because the more comfortable they feel the faster you can lower your bounce rate down to zero.

Address Your Bounce Rate & Turn Visitors Into Customers

The bounce rate shows off your marketing weaknesses because it shows the number of visitors that did not become engaged with your brand. This bounce rate will also show how you are losing money.

When you incorporate an explainer video that runs for less than 2 minutes, you will have the potential to have customers understand your business ideas quickly and allow them to watch your videos to the end. Also, if watched to the end, you will have 65% greater chances to convert your visitors into customers, leaving your enemies in the dust.

Just remember, an explainer video is the most profitable and inexpensive way to immediately engage your audience. You will appear on the first pages of Google and be able to turn your visitors into very faithful customers.


Quit Smoking Apps That Are a Must Have

If you’re trying to quit smoking, there are a lot of resources out there to help you do it. A number of anti-smoking apps have come out to help those who want to finally break the habit for good.

Anti-smoking apps are support tools for your journey to freedom from tobacco addiction. They work by using psychological techniques to keep your motivation levels up and your mind disciplined. From focusing on how much money you’ve saved to get all the achievements you can against other quitters, there’s bound to be an app that works with your personal form of motivation.

We’re going to examine a number of these and how they differ so you can find the one that will help you the best.

Smoke Free

Platform: iOS

Smoke Free is the most popular anti-smoking app in the UK with over 15,000 five-star reviews. This simple app shows you how long you’ve been smoke-free, how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked, how your health has improved, and how much money you’ve saved since you started to quit. They also offer special missions that are said to double your chances of quitting.

How do they know? They take data from users of the free version of the app and see which techniques work better than others. The ones that work best from their data are used in the paid version of the app. You can opt out of participating in the experiments with the free version if you wish.


Platform: All

With over 2 million downloads, QuitNow! is a very popular anti-smoking app. Its core feature is its huge community and the experiences they share on the built-in social media platform. Quitters using the program find the support on this platform a great help in their journey. The program also offers achievements and information on how your health improves over time.


Platform: All

If you like apps that use gamification as a motivator, this is the app for you. Kwit challenges its users to become the Ultimate Kwitter. Daily score boosts 84 achievements, and 200 motivation cards to discover keep people coming back. You can also share your achievements through social media and receive empathetic encouragement to stop smoking.

Get Rich or Die Smoking

Platform: Android

Get Rich or Die Smoking is all about saving money and buying the things you want. You can add items that you want to buy with the money you’d spend on cigarettes into the app. As time passes, you can see how much money you saved and how close you are to buying the things you’ve set in the app. It also includes a community where you can chat with other quitters.

OHM Vaping

Platform: Android

Vaping is an alternative to smoking that avoids harmful combustion production. OHM is built for people using vaping to quit instead of going cold turkey. Like the other apps, it shows how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked and how much money you’ve saved. It also lets you rate and rank your favorite e-liquids and helps you calculate recipes for your own blends.

Butt Out

Platform: Android

This app isn’t free ($3.99 right now), and has many of the same features as the apps above. One of the things it does do differently is let you upload your own photographs and motivational quotes to keep you on track with your goals. You can also track when you’ve had cravings and when you’ve smoked so you can see how you’ve improved over time. If you need a tracker, then this may be worth the purchase.

These are just a few of the apps available in the app stores. Take a look at these or browse the store for your device and see what else is available. Whichever app you choose, we hope that it helps you finally break your smoking habit so you can live the rest of your life in good health.


Successful Mobile App Ideas to Boost Your Business

Mobile apps are dominating our interactions with brands. If your audience wants to understand a product, buy or sell it, or get engaged with the product, they turn to a mobile app for the same.

It is slowly becoming important for businesses to stay present in this medium. However, it is important you think outside the box if you want to attract the attention of the target niche.

The reason being, there are several apps that belong to the different niches, and each one is getting a good amount of traction. If you repeat what others are doing, then you might not be able to convert. However, if you bring in a USP, then you would gain not just conversions, but also profits, as per the startup app development guide.

We have curated a few Android app ideas that should be able to win you the niche’s attention and garner more conversions for the product or service you are offering.

The Buy & Sell Niche

This is the niche that gains maximum conversion, as people are on the hunt for convenient means of buying and selling products. Scan and shop are reinventing the buyer’s life. You can see how comfortable life is as a result of this new method- where the customer has to scan the product, and it gets added to their cart. The customer won’t need to check out of the store manually; the app does it for them. This is just one of the many ways your app can redefine the whole process.

Finding a product in-store using the buy and sell an app or, creating smart lists that show you where the products are located within the store is also another method of developing an app for the buy and sell niche.

Food Apps

This niche still comprises of many unexplored areas that you can tap into if you want to deliver a good app to the users in your niche.

The food donation app is an excellent path to explore. Why waste the leftovers? Why not donate it to someone in need? The app will help people who have an excess of food connect with those who give food to the needy, and thus ensure the food does not get wasted.

There are difficult times when the food or rather the materials needed to prepare food, needs to reach the people in desperate need for the same. The food apps can help people distribute the menu to the needy.

These are just app ideas that you can validate and convert according to the requirements.

Invoicing Solutions

Many startups have to invest all their efforts into getting the invoicing done on time. They have to spend their resources in ensuring that the taxes are filed in time and take care of the balance sheets as well.

However, small businesses can’t manage everything by themselves. That’s why you can deliver an app solution specifically for them. The invoicing app solutions can help calculate the amount of tax to be paid and will help you know if you are paying the right amount of tax.

It is an interesting app that you can deliver to the startups. Apart from tax calculations, it can also help manage the profits, the investments they need to make as a business, manage their salaries, and help with paydays. There are various ideas that you can develop for businesses.

On-demand Apps

The on-demand segment is fast gaining popularity among the audiences. You need to pick up an idea that will resonate with the audience in this segment, and work on fulfilling it.

The on-demand car wash service is a solution that will help people who need a car wash or car cleaning service at the last minute. If they need it immediately or within an hour’s interval, then this car wash app will help them.

The on-demand laundry service is also another idea that you can develop on. Look into the gaps that exist in this niche, and deliver an app accordingly. Apart from cab and food, on-demand groceries, fruits, stationery, and other industries have also entered into this niche.

You will notice that there are several players in this niche, and you are competing with several players at the same time.

You must deliver a good user experience if you want to convert the users.

The Translation Apps

Businesses are operating at a global level, which is why it has suddenly become important for people to start speaking the language of the people in different countries. The translation apps will help translate from one language to another. It also helps you understand what the other person was trying to communicate.

Apart from the translation apps, you can even use language apps to help the people in the target market to learn a new language. It makes life easier for them to learn and adapt to a new language environment, without actually investing money into learning.

Productivity Apps

Both personally as well as professionally, you need a productivity app that can help you get through the day easily. From ensuring the milk can is full to making use of these apps to buy the necessary supplies, these apps make your day easy.

The note-taking app was used to make sure that you could write anything that came to your mind instantly. This was helpful to the writers, especially. There are several versions of these apps at present. You can use this concept to deliver other productivity solutions to the end-users.

The smart list app is helpful to everyone who wants to make their travel, grocery, or other lists.

Summing up

These are just a few ideas genres that you can use to create app solutions for your target market. Also, If you’re a fan of customizing your Android device through rooting, you can try out these Magisk modules to spice things up a bit. It is important, however, that you hire an excellent Android app development company that can help you create a winning solution.

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