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5 Ways a Digital Skills Training Can Prepare Your Employees for Driving Your Marketing Online

Digital transformation is the integration of digital tools and tech into all areas (people and processes) of your business, essentially revamping how your employees work and delivering value to your customers.

But merely bringing in a digital toolkit without empowering your employees to take full advantage of its features and capabilities is equivalent to leaving money on the table.

It is one thing to purchase software that will help your team with digital marketing, and it’s totally another to have each employee fully leverage all the features offered by that software so they can supercharge your marketing efforts.

In fact, 30% of marketers claim that a lack of training in digital skills is the biggest barrier to success. And with customers fast shifting to online shopping and research, your teams must continuously upskill if you wish to ensure lasting customer relationships and business growth.

If you’re still on the fence about investing in a digital skills training program for your employees, here are six key advantages to consider.

It is a cost-effective way to tackle your digital skills shortage

Believe it or not, even with most people using digital tools and apps on a daily basis, there’s a digital skills shortage globally.

For instance, in a recent digital skills report, marketers across Ireland, the UK, and the USA, when tested for their digital competence, scored a mere 38% on average.

While an increasing number of companies are striving to hire top talent from a global pool (thanks to the remote work era), a more cost-effective alternative that also translates to better employee engagement is to cultivate those skills within the organization.

Training and opportunities for professional development are often the main priority for employees. So if you empower your employees with skills training using digital adoption solutions, not only will they be more productive but will also tend to stick around longer.

It equips your teams to drive more conversions and customer satisfaction

While not completely out of the picture, traditional advertising and cold calling are fast fading in terms of effectiveness. Today, most prospects tend to disregard cold calls, let alone convert. And traditional advertising methods such as billboard ads are way too expensive for most businesses.

As consumers become increasingly accustomed to digital, they rely less on the expertise of sales reps and prefer doing their own research.

So, you need to constantly upskill your sales, marketing, and customer service teams so they can competently leverage the same digital channels and platforms your customers use so as to reach, convert, and delight them effectively.

It enables you to stay ahead of the competition

Going all-in on digital is a data-driven approach to success, as all your marketing efforts become more targeted, efficient, and measurable. Each digital marketing technique, when executed competently, helps you gain a competitive advantage.

For example, correct use of social media platforms can improve your customer satisfaction and retention rates. A well-executed email marketing sequence can nurture lasting relationships through useful content at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Each campaign you run can be measured and optimized with analytics tools.

The common theme? Skillful use of digital platforms — which is only possible with digital skills training for your employees.

Digital skills training helps enhance customer experience

Digital skills training is crucial not just for improving your employees’ day-to-day productivity but also for your customer experience. With the ultra-competitive landscape today, your business’s top priority should be to delight customers by ensuring an outstanding experience.

The customer experience (CX) comprises every positive or negative experience that a customer has with your company and directly influences their likelihood of doing business with you. In fact, a recent report shows that businesses that enhanced their CX doubled their conversion rates.

As you know, an increasingly big chunk of your audience is turning to online purchases using their smart devices, so to enhance your CX, you must focus on upgrading the digital user experience (UX). This means your employees must know how to use modern tools to build an intuitive, functioning, responsive business website and deliver omnichannel customer service across social media, email, etc.

Moreover, using customer feedback with the help of online survey and analytics tools, your employees can collect and use customer data to provide a more personalized experience to your customers which, in turn, results in more sales and customer satisfaction.

Exceptional customer experience can only be attained with successful digital skills training for all your employees.

It improves team collaboration

Your employees likely wear several hats and juggle numerous tasks all at once. So, it’s easy for them to lose track of priorities.

Digital skills training for project management tools like Asana and Trello ensures your employees are on the same page and collaborate efficiently. With such digital tools, they can readily assign tasks, set priorities, and maintain accountability for each campaign.

Not to mention the fast booming trend of remote working is now the new norm owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. Tools like Slack or Skype facilitate smooth and instant communication and teamwork on marketing campaigns even when they’re sitting thousands of miles apart. 

Digital skills training is how you prepare your employees for working together effectively on marketing campaigns and in turn, drive better results.

Closing thoughts

From motivating employees and enhancing the customer experience to improving team collaboration and optimizing marketing campaigns, effective digital skills training is pivotal to your company’s immediate and future success.


What Is a Normal Markup Percentage in a Small Business

Markup is said to be the selling price of a product or service to figure out how much it will cost to make them.  As the owner of business, you need to know that the success of business is dependent on profit. Pricing is one of the most important factors for company profit. There are so many things related to pricing from material & labor to the office rent & bills. 

Setting up the prices too low or too high might be the reason to miss out the customers.  That’s where the concept of markup and profit comes in. calculating company profit is important make business strategies. For ease, you can use the markup formula or an online markup calculator that measure the markup and profit by the given value of cost and revenue.

What is markup?

Markup is the amount of money you charged for product or service. You can say that markup is the difference between the selling price and cost of the product or service. It is expressed in the form of percentage over the cost. Markup is added in the total cost by the manufacturer of the product to cover the cost of production, and it helps to make profit.

Calculating the markup with large values is difficult and confusing task. Business owners use different business tools for calculating company cost and revenue. Percent markup calculator is one of them that help to calculate the cost & revenue, which depends on markup and profit.

Typical Markup percentage:

The usual markup is approximately 50 percent. Through which you can set the price of the product according to the market requirements. There are few other things that are important to consider as a small business owner, especially you are reselling the products in retail, which is manufactured by someone else.

At the time of calculating the markup, it is always important to keep in mind the suggested retail price of the product by the manufacturer.  There are so many complexities during the manual markup calculation. So, try the percent markup calculator that tells the ideal markup price of the product or service.

Pricing the products or services:

If the cost of the product is high, might be possible that your price attracts the people in the retail market but the number of customer might not be sustainable. Markup calculations are very important of the small business financial tool kit. A simple formula is used to determine the markup, profit, and revenue of the product.

The markup formula helps you to set the retail price of the product. You can also use the markup percentage calculatorallows you to determine the markup percentage, cost, profit, revenue, margin of the product.

Importance of Markup:

Markup is very important for the small businesses and it helps you to know that you’re earning enough money. So, you can grow and expand your business by developing the best strategy. It also helps to make the business strategies more effective. For example: if you know how much your company is generating, then you can invest your money in better ways.

Markup and profit for your small business:

It is important for business-men to know how much markup should be to make a profit. Well! There is no specific standard for the markup percentage. The markup is based on the industry and its percentage can range within the industries. You can use the keystone pricing when you’re deciding your markup. Keystone pricing is the place where you can see the initial markup of fifty percent for all the products.

You can make more profit for in business by setting up the prices with the appropriate markup percentages. You could price the product too low or high due to the lack of knowledge about how to price the products effectively. By knowing how to determine the percentage of markup can help you to set the profitability goals. Using the markup formula can help you to get an idea about how much profit you can make. You can also give try to markup calculator that helps to figure out the markup & profit according to the cost and revenue.

What Is a Good Profit Margin?

Good profit margin depends on some of the factors such as industry, goals for the expansion, and economy. Sometimes it seems like comparing apples with oranges. Consider the two important factors to understand what a good profit margin is. One of the factors is entitled with industry and the other is known as age of business.


Different industries have different profit margins so; we can say that not all of the industry has same profit margins. For instance: Let’s suppose that a firm related to accounting can have the profit margin twenty percent, where a technology consulting firm have the margin of 10 percent. Both the business is successful in their niche.

Business Age:

In some of the cases, the new businesses may have an inflated profit margin due to the lower operating costs such as fewer employees, smaller facilities. On the other side, the older businesses can have more stable and realistic margin.

In other words, you can’t consider the single profit margin as good. Compare your business with the other industries to figure out how much good your profit margins are from others. Before making any conclusion must consider how much your business is established.

Final words:

The hypothesis is said to be the critical part of any kind of exploration. In statistics, the hypothesis is a statement and on the base of this statement, hypothesis testing is conducted. To test the relationship between two or more things, you need to conduct the hypothesis. Most people set too low and too high prices for their products and this is the main reason for their business loss. If you want to make a profit in huge amount, then it is very important to set a balanced price that meets the cost of producing the product and also meets your profit goals.

Infographic created by Clover Connect, a payment integration solutions company


5 Best Content Writing Tips

We know what it’s like to read a really good piece of article, a book, a pamphlet, or an introduction. We’ve had them before. It’s engrossing, evocative, and addicting.

So why not some content live up to such experience. Why do we jump from websites to websites, blogs to blogs, and often leave unsatisfied.

The truth of the matter is bad writing exists. Even with the writers’ best intentions, some results don’t serve the readers well. They can be too complicated, or laden with typo and grammar errors, incomplete – the list goes on.

Good news, though: There’s a recipe for good quality writing that some authors seem to forget. We will discuss some of those vital components.

Hopefully, as you walk away, you’ll look out for those in the articles you read. And make your own content a better one too.

1. Good Content Knows Its Audience

For writers out there, know your audience.

I know you might have read this type of advice on almost any articles about better writing. But this is where most writers fail to acknowledge. When I say write for your audience, you have to be sure of your readers’ goals, personality, and professional backgrounds.

I’m sure some of you have heard the advice on using brief sentences, simpler words, and compact paragraphs. But that advice is crap. Not all readers are fond of that style, and indeed, it doesn’t work on some niche websites and topics.

Take, for instance, legal websites. Most writers in this field use highfalutin words as well as complex-compound sentences to expound their thoughts. And that’s ok. Sure, it won’t work in marketing and their target audience will find it complicated. What works for one website may not work for another.

So in considering the target audience — their vocabulary, education, experience — you’ll tailor better content that will satisfy their search queries. The kind of style, paragraph, and sentence length will vary. But once the audience persona is built beforehand, everything will follow through.

Take a look at this introduction from a logo design article:

Source: DesignCrowd

It’s simple. The writer avoids highfalutin words and long paragraphs. Given that the audience is mainly business startups planning to rebrand their logo designs, it’s perfectly fine to have it written this way.

Read on to see how different is this type of content from the Harvard Legal Review, one of the world’s most influential law journals:

Source: Harvard Legal Review

Compared with the DesignCrowd article, this uses long paragraphs and sentences. This makes sense due to its reputation as a resource of legal professionals, business executives, and political figures.

By now, we see that imposing a specific style on writers is crappy advice. What you need to focus on is the reader. And anything that provides value to the audience will level up the quality of any content.

2. Personal Stories Sell Better

Two million articles are published every day. That’s a massive amount of content. The online world is already saturated with answers from all different types of content creators. So how do you stand out?

My writing professor once told me that if you’re not an expert in a field, where certainly someone will always be more knowledgeable than you, the best way to craft your writing is to sprinkle some of your personal experiences.

It’s personal for a reason. It’s unique and no one has the same experience other than you, so other people can’t tell your stories.

Most importantly, though, stories sell. People are more likely to purchase a product and service when they are presented with customer stories and experiences. It’s science. We’re just more biologically wired to believe stories than facts.

Plus, it’s delightful to read a personal take on something. It makes the writing fun and you know for sure you won’t find that exact experience elsewhere.

Source: The New York Times

While some articles will introduce the readers to facts and definitions, this article from the New York Times is brushed with a personal touch.

One advantage of writing in such a way is that you don’t have to be an expert on a topic. (Note expertise helps a great deal when it comes to answering queries.)

You just have to be honest with yourself and with your readers about what you went through or how something made you feel.

Ironically, it builds credibility as readers will find you as someone they can trust and whose writings they can rely on.

If you’re still doubtful over the importance of stories. Take these words from the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs:

”The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller. The storyteller sets the vision, values, and agenda of an entire generation that is to come.”

3. Linking To Studies Builds Credibility

Personally, I love checking links that refer to certain studies mentioned in the article. I’d love to make sure that the statistics are accurate and fair.

Especially for articles that have a bold perspective, any studies that support their view should have an anchor link to the original research. Or else, people will inevitably think it’s all made up.

Take a look at this article from the New York Times. There’s a link that points to the study. Someone who wants to read further on the statistics can jump on that link than rummage the Internet.

The link refers to this study:

Source: The New York Times

Linking to authoritative is good for the article in several ways. It bolsters its domain rating and builds readership credibility.

But most importantly, readers will know the writer did a good job. That they have an educated and research-backed opinion from a wealth of credible sources.

The keyword though is credible. Steer clear from shady studies commissioned by companies as promotional opportunities. Knowing where to link to is part of the skill.

4. Quotes Leading Experts, Pioneers

The New York Times is a good example of this, hence they trump most blogs and online news sites.

If you noticed, I mentioned lots of examples from the “leading newspaper of record.” And their use of expert quotations is one reason I applaud their content.

Sure it helps to have a writer who’s been in and out of the industry. But it takes a different level to provide what real experts have to say. 

Quotations from people mark high-quality content, especially if they have spent years in the field, have written a book, or have led a laboratory, a company, or an institution.

Below is an example of an article with good quotation. Dr. Clua is an expert in shark profiling and so it makes sense to write down her opinion on the matter.

Source: The New York Times

You might be thinking, that’s a newspaper. And newspaper reports are largely on politics where lots of people in the dividing line have something to say.

But I believe, even content marketers and other writers can learn from this way of writing if they want to level up the quality of their output.

Whether the topic is about the sickness signs of dog poop, someone has to be credible enough to tell what’s the deal about it.

Take a look at this article written by Neil Patel on his blog. He used the words of Jay Baer to expound on ideas

Source: Ubersuggest

Many content marketers fall prey to the notion that their ideas and voice alone are enough to spread awareness without needing the perspectives of other influencers in the field.

Influencers are not only good resources of ideas, but also they’re opportune promoters of content, according to Andy Crestodina, content marketing expert and author of a best-selling book Content Chemistry. “An ally in creation is an ally in promotion.”

5. Visuals are Captivating

When was the last time you’ve been to a website with no graphics at all? It must have been a very long time.

Whatever websites we look at, we always see a picture or two displayed at the top, middle, sides, even at the bottom of the page.

Websites are constantly vying for the readers’ attention. And to hook readers, apart from using engaging titles and introduction, web owners bombard them with high-quality photos and flashing images. Why not, people process images 60,000 times faster than text. That means, we can interpret visuals in 13 milliseconds.

One recipe for a good article comprises visuals. We see it on Ahrefs, on the Washington Post, Masthead, and a lot more, so much so that it has become the typical way to a good quality content writing.

Certain websites are good examples of visual explainers. Ahrefs, for instance, whenever they need to make a point, there’s a picture. In fact, for most categories, there has to be an image supporting it.

Source: Ahrefs

But a warning, though, excessive use of images can strain the reader’s eyes. It can be heavy to see so many pictures in a single content. So use it sparingly and with a clear purpose. If it’s there to demonstrate something that no links or other content can help, then it’s good. Other than that, a simple block of word explanation or bulleted lists might help.

To Wrap It Up

Is there already too much content across the web? If we’re talking about low-quality crap. Sure there’s lots of it. But high-quality ones are rare. In fact, it’s increasingly difficult for typical people to access articles when paywalls block a good deal of authoritative websites.

So if you are going to write something, be it for marketing or politics, write something that really provides value.

Know that, although you’re the writer, it’s not about you. Your content has to help your readers. Give them the answer they need, the entertainment they want, or the inspiration they long for.


Machine Learning in the Retail Sector

One of the ironclad rules of retail is that the more you know about your customers, the better you can serve them. That same rule applies even to the technology used behind the scenes, where machine learning (ML) has become an integral piece of retailers’ strategy. A form of artificial intelligence, ML enables computer programs to teach themselves based on prior inputs. The most prominent example of this is the algorithms used to curate a shopper’s recommendations online. The more shopping someone does, the more likely those recommended items are to be something he or she would want.

However, the reach of ML extends far beyond what the consumer experiences while shopping. It has ramifications that are changing the way the industry makes decisions, with computers learning how to predict demand surges, personalize marketing messages, and optimize logistics. With their ability to discern patterns and adjust based on new data, ML      solutions      also help retailers fight fraud and analyze customers’ sentiments, all without the need for human intervention.

With computers that are capable of learning 24/7, retail operations can gain numerous benefits. For instance, automating many touchpoints with consumers means employees can concentrate their attention on solving problems or developing creative new solutions. ML is also being used to identify potential new customers by scanning social media posts and predicting which existing customers are most likely to return to make additional purchases. It’s no wonder that the number of retailers making use of these solutions has been increasing significantly over the last few years.    

If you want to learn more about how these innovative business solutions are changing the game in a substantial way, take a look at the accompanying resource. It details many of the advantages ML provides as well as a brief overview of how it works. The following infographic was created by Aptitive.

Graphic created by Aptitive.


Special ingredients for fabulous content!

Who doesn’t like unique things? Even if it is about your website’s content, nobody likes to read the repeated stuff and boring matters. Well, call it a valid reason to concentrate seriously on your website’s content. The other vital reason is ranking high in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Google Analytics. You just can’t take your website’s rank higher without concentrating on excellent content to adorn it.

What makes your content out of the world?

If you are hiring an SEO consultant in Melbourne from NextGen Digital, they’ll take all the responsibilities of creating awesome content for your website along with managing all the important criteria that can help it rank higher on Google. But if in case you are looking to create exceptional content all by yourself, you’ll certainly require these tips of ingredients to cook impressive content that’ll tempt lots of readers.

Only original, no duplicate matter — The very first ingredient that you just can’t miss while creating your content is providing only the original ideas. Remember, Google penalizes the sites which copy the matter from other websites. This ultimately pulls you down and obviously, your website loses the organic searches it could otherwise get.

Focus on catchy headlines — Let’s not forget — you get attracted to a certain website or content because of a unique and very catchy headline. Yes, titles can be so powerful. Always keep in mind to spend a considerable amount of time in phrasing this carefully. And when it’s a captivating headline, it need not always be practical. The weirder and interestingly framed it is, the better.

Know your target audience and competition (similar websites) — Knowing your audience is imperative – you should be aware of what they are looking for and their areas of interest, their level of expertise, how you can direct them to your website, etc. Likewise, you have to know about your competition – they can be the benchmark to make you do better than the best.

Are you answering relevant questions? —It often happens to you! You type a certain query or question and Google immediately gets you immediate answers to this question. Well, even you can provide your partnership in this matter. Provide answers to relevant questions in your content to ensure that all these searches are in some way or another directed to your website.

Reports should be accurate and initiate a call for action — If you are providing inaccurate information in your content, it will automatically impact your website. Once the readers realise that they are being misinformed, they will never ever trust your content for any other subject. So, be very confident and accurate about what you write, and be clear about your sources. Finally, there should be a subtle directive about what the readers would do with the information. If you are a seller, then backlinking or promoting to seek services would give the audience a sense of direction. However, never ever be obtrusive.

Be sure to engage with your readers — Once your readers visit your website, ensure that your content is engaging. It is important to keep them hooked to your website and the best way to do so is to ask interesting questions them like trivia and puzzles. Even great storytelling skills make great content.

These ingredients are sure to add lots of spice to your content. Further you can garnish it with lots of attractive videos and images and serve it in short portions (we know of dwindling attention span and all!). The results would be lots of eager readers heading to your website for reading such fabulous content! Oh, and to keep them coming you have to regularly update your content – stagnancy is an absolute no for content that works for you. 


The Best Means of Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Reducing your credit card debt is indeed a goal worthy of pursuit. This is especially true if you have multiple credit cards with full balances. After all, trying to catch up can be a challenge. Another worthwhile endeavor is reducing the interest fees you pay on the credit card balances.

If those aims are what you’re out to accomplish, the next item on your agenda should be to find the best means of credit card debt consolidation

First Things First

As good as this sounds, there are several factors to consider before thinking about using consolidation services:

1. Observe your spending habits – Trace your spending and expenses, to see if you’re spending more than you’re taking in. This can help you to reduce your debt.

2. Create a budget –  See how you can reduce your debt based upon how you reduce your spending.

3. Call the creditors – Contact the credit card companies to see how they can lower monthly payments, waive fees, reduce interest, or change your bill due date. This can also help in this process.

These tips can help you reduce your credit card debt without professional services. However, if you feel that these steps do not have any impact on your debt, it’s best to contact a debt consolidation service.

Choosing a Worthy Partner

There are many types of consolidation plans to reduce your credit card debt. It’s best to find a company that gives you solutions tailored to your needs, like the best credit card debt consolidation options at

Here are five of the most effective strategies.

1. Take out a loan – A number of companies offer personal loans to consolidate your credit card debt. With this option, explore the interest rates on the loan. The idea is to get the lowest possible interest rates with the loan when compared to the current rates of paying your credit cards individually.

2. Transfer debt to another credit card – You could get a better interest rate when you transfer your total credit card debt to one card. 

3. Consolidation through home equity – You can take out a loan against your home, if your home value is higher than your mortgage balance. 

4. Explore a debt management plan – Contact a credit counseling agency to have them create a debt management plan (DMP) to suit your needs. The credit counseling professional works with your card issuer to secure a reduction in interest rates on multiple high-interest cards. They also negotiate with your card companies to secure a reasonable monthly payment. — one you can comfortably afford each month. You’ll then deposit the funds into an account each month from which the counselor will pay your creditors. 

5. Work with a debt negotiation company–These firms can be the best when you want to settle with your creditors altogether. They work with the debt collectors to clear the debt for an amount less than you owe.

Creditors are often amenable to this approach because it usually mans your next visit will be to a n attorney to draft a filing for bankruptcy protection. They know the likelihood of getting anything at al is greatly reduced in that event, so they’re often willing to settle for less than you owe.

There are some major reasons to explore the best means of credit card debt consolidation. One reason is reducing your stress by having someone work with the debt companies.  A second reason is paying multiple cards on time and avoiding late payments. The third reason is getting back on your feet financially, by reducing interest rates, late fees, and increasing your savings as well.


Best VPNs for Playing CS GO Online in 2021

Game enthusiasts would know how miserable blocked game content can be. Being restricted to games that you want to play, and make most of those, online is unarguably challenging. Where most individuals are seeking various ways to successfully gain access to their favorite games, others find that a platform like VPN can be beneficial for all CS addicts.

So, here is the good news: In light of all the CS fans out there, we have derived the best VPN’s to play CS GO Online for the current year, 2021.

  • Fastest VPN
  • Circuit VPN
  • Express VPN
  • NordVPN
  • Surfshark
  • CyberGhost VPN

How does it work

As widely known, VPN works as a deep layer as your private network, for your personal system. As it eventually hides your IP Address, reaching out to your location is nearly impossible. This is why game users aspire to find excellent service that prevents throttling while you are indulged in your game.

With over 20 million monthly users who are actively inclined towards CS GO, the VPN service providers are growing simultaneously. It means you will encounter several VPN companies, promising you a guaranteed customer support system. In order to guide you righteously, let us drive you into the best VPN services for CS GO online, considering the contemporary times.

Fastest VPN

Making it to the top of the list, the Fastest VPN is your biggest partner in CS GO online. With its exceptional services, we are thrilled to come across opportunities that will let you be intrigued to avail these to the soonest. With its advanced features, it is compatible with several devices. Best for Xbox, PS4, and Kodi, the service tends to excel with ultimate protection.

Besides, with their smart tunneling option users can enable VPN even when the App is not in use for that particular time. Additionally, the service provides supreme speed that is highly responsive, and exactly what a game user would crave for.

Circuit VPN

Safe, and secure, the Circuit VPN is easily a user’s top choice when it comes to availing VPN services for their gaming zone. With its compelling features, the team at Circuit VPN provides products with a range of categories. If you are an active gamer, who spends all his time in the game domain, you are advised to opt for their Professional subscription.

What’s best about this service is that it can be smoothly run and function across multiple devices at one time. For instance, you are in the mood to play CS on your mobile, and then also activate it on TV, the benefits of availing this service are immense. You can use up to six devices, concurrently.

In addition, it allows game admires to do as they like in terms of content. If you are living in a geographic location where nobody else, or let’s say a vast majority is not captivated with the idea of CS GO online or any other category that comes under it, then you can connect to global servers. Having access to thi8s VPN will allow you to play as much as you want to.

Express VPN

Like the name suggests, it really provides service that is persuasive, and functions with a rapid pace. The best pointer about the service is that because Express VPN acquires the largest server, worldwide the users are more than exhilarated to utilize their time, and other monetary factors into this particular service. As this happens, the game fan would not be restricted to access to games that are available in certain areas of the world.

However, getting hands on any VPN service can be complicated to understand, and operate specially because you are using it for games. It is for this reason that the service provided by Express VPN is incorporated with a 24/7 customer service. So in case you get trapped anywhere during the game, you can always ask for help. This will not only clear disruptions, but mitigate issues in the future, letting you play your CS GO without interruptions.


Known, and opted for the fastest service, the VPN provided by NordVPN is widely available amounting to about 59 countries. These geographic locations comprise individuals who are genuine fans of the game.

The faster the service, the more a gamer can rejoice the game, and stay glued to the screen. This results in satisfying customers, and that is why several users opt for the NordVPN. Their services can be assisted through subscriptions, and other packages. So if you are someone who lives alone, and wishes to enjoy games all by yourself, you can grab the opportunity of benefiting from one of the best VPNs in the market.


There is certainly nothing better than gaining services at low rates. In light of the most affordable VPN for CS GO online for 2021, Surfshark is hands down, the best service you can purchase for the year. As much as it has intrigued users with its price criteria, the reliability of the service has no boundaries.

So if you are someone who likes to switch devices, to play the game you can ultimately opt for the company’s service without thinking twice.

The company is widespread with about 60 countries that already expands the purpose of purchase for you. The wider it is, chances for you to access your CS game magnify.

CyberGhost VPN

Playing CS GO is an interest that is solely developed by the individual. But one aspect to this is the safety, and security of a user’s data. With utmost encryption systems, the CyberGhost VPN is a fantastic option for gaming.

With an outstanding facility of 45-day money-back-guarantee, you can let yourself enjoy the perks, and then fully accept the terms of registering for the VPN. So even if you are at a public café, or at your friend’s place with access to this VPN, you can play games on local networks.

Through the defining list of best VPN for playing CS GO online, we assure you that by availing of any of these VPN services, your CS game will change on a whole new level.


5 Ways Poor Cybersecurity can Hurt Your Brand and How to Avoid a PR Nightmare

Cybersecurity has become one of the most important topics in the modern business world, and for a number of crucial reasons. But if we would have to stress its importance as succinctly as possible, then the only thing you should know is that you can’t run a successful business if you skimp on cybersecurity. Without a strict security policy in place and the necessary solutions to enact it, your will quickly lose customers and partners, and you might even experience severe legal penalties.

On the other hand, if you adhere to a comprehensive cybersecurity policy and introduce the right security measures, you can expect your business to flourish. Let’s put all of this into perspective and take a look at how poor cybersecurity can jeopardize your brand. Of course, we’ll outline the best ways to prevent this and ensure your company thrives in the years to come.

Increased risk of human error

The first and most obvious way poor cybersecurity can affect your business is through your employees. Keep in mind that your employees can be your greatest assets and your biggest liabilities in the online world – it will depend on how well you educate and train them in proper data handling and security. Your employees need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to keep themselves and your data safe in all communication and online interactions.

That said, hackers and scammers are getting more skilled in their trade by the day, so you need to prioritize employee training and education to keep them one step ahead at all times. Be sure to conduct cybersecurity workshops with an emphasis on email security, password creation and storage, spotting potential cyber-attacks, and the like. This will minimize the risk of human error and prevent inadvertent data leaks that could ruin your brand. 

Jeopardizing your brand’s image

Nowadays, businesses big and small are connected to the rest of the world via the web, which means that there are countless ways your brand’s image can be at risk. If people are bad-mouthing your brand online, you need to know about it and remedy the situation. If you’re getting negative reviews, it’s imperative that you transform them into success stories quickly. And if you experience a data breach, you need to conduct damage control immediately.

Of course, it’s better to prevent data leaks rather than trying to save face in front of disgruntled customers, which is why you need to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity. Make sure that your data stores are protected by the latest firewalls and be sure to combine software and hardware firewalls for maximum effect.

Increased downtime and lower business continuity

When a cyber-attack breaches your system and the server you’re on, you can expect your website to crash, or worse, to start leaking sensitive customer information. You cannot allow this to happen, because a single successful cyber-attack is enough to put your brand into the ground for good. Now, because companies are increasingly migrating to the cloud, it is imperative that you choose the right cloud providers.

Ideally, you will find a trusted hyper-converged infrastructure vendor that employs the latest cybersecurity measures and web monitoring solutions to keep your company safe on all fronts. The provider should continuously employ new measures and update its firewall solutions to ensure your business always stays ahead of potential cyber-attacks.

Negatively affecting your bottom line

It should go without saying that a data breach will cause you to lose even the most loyal customers for good. Not only that, but your brand’s reputation will be tarnished to the point that customer acquisition becomes a failed dream rather than a reality.

Your priority must be to keep your customers’ sensitive information safely stored on the server at all times. But that’s not enough to ensure their peace of mind, of course, as you also need to display trust badges on your website for every cybersecurity solution you employ. Let your customers know that their information is safe by showing them that you’re working with the leading cybersecurity providers and that you’re using the best security solutions.

Compliance issues and potential ramifications

Last but definitely not least, the cybersecurity laws and regulations around the world are becoming more stringent every year. The last thing you want is to get flagged by the EU or any other region where you have a digital presence for not abiding to the latest cybersecurity standards.

As you might imagine, this will ruin your reputation and penalize your site on Google and other search engines. Whether you have an in-house cybersecurity team or if you’re working with a provider, make sure to write up a detailed cybersecurity policy that complies with the governing laws in every region. This way, you will protect your brand against legal ramifications and high financial fees.

Wrapping up

As you can see, skimping on cybersecurity doesn’t pay off. If anything, it will quickly drive your company into the ground, so make sure to follow these tips to better cybersecurity in order to ensure success for your brand in the years to come.


How to brand yourself on social media? A talk

Reflecting your personal values and professional skills by representing your brand on social media is a viable option these days. This is because your audience spends most of their time on social media.

Statista Research revealed that around 50 percent of the world’s population uses social media sites regularly. This means there are around 3 billion social media users worldwide. Similarly, another survey conducted by the Global Web Index revealed that 54 percent of social users use social media to research products.

Apart from this, social media is now considered to be one of the most useful tools for building your brand identity. It is professionally being used by all the marketers across the globe.

However, branding your business on social media is not a piece of cake as there are numerous other competing brands on social media, thus making it difficult to keep your brand up to date.

Wondering how to go about it? Don’t worry, we have your back! We have curated some useful social media marketing tips for helping you brand your business perfectly on social media:

Tip #1 Keep your social media profiles updated

First of all, select a platform, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter based on your social media goals. Then, update them with the most current and authentic information regarding your business, including contact information, location, and website, etc.

For instance, the example below shows how this coffee shop has used its bio space effectively for introducing its branded hashtag. This enables its followers to quickly locate its accounts, thus increasing reach.


Also, it is best to deactivate any old business accounts to avoid any confusion. Moreover, the links in your social media profiles should be updated so that they help promote your latest work, and ensure quality traffic.

Still unsure how to optimize your social media profiles for branding yourself? Below are some simple yet amazing social media optimization tips:

  • Social media branding requires consistency therefore, the information in your profile should be consistent and relevant.
  • One of the best practices is to add Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons, like Contact Us, Book Now, or Shop Now, on your social media profiles. For instance, if you wish to increase your blog’s subscribers, you can choose ‘Sign Up’ as your CTA.
  • You can make your social media profiles discoverable in search engine results by using the right SEO keywords in the descriptions.
  • If your goal is to attract business customers, Linkedin should be your go-to social media site. It’s easy to find and filter potential customers and find the right decision-makers. All you need to do is make sure your profile stands out.

Show your audience your best content by pinning it to the top of your social media profiles, and don’t forget to add a powerful CTA to your pinned post for inviting leads. For example, the image below shows how pinned tweets result in improved audience engagement in terms of clicks and retweets.  


Tip #2 Identify your area of expertise and share content accordingly

Once you’ve updated your social media profiles, the next step is to identify your area of expertise. You can simply do so by providing details regarding your area of interests, and sharing related content. This allows you to become the thought leader in your area, thereby enhancing brand credibility.

You can also find your area of expertise by going through your old content. Which is the most reviewed content? What is it that your audience likes the most? When you have the answers to these questions, you know that it is your area of expertise. That’s how you can define your specialty. Provide your audience with more unique and engaging content relating to your expertise. Amaze them with new and different posts, and try to engage them with your words.

Tip #3 Stay active and post content regularly

It is no surprise that because of the shift from tradition to digital means of marketing, almost every small business is present on social media for achieving business growth. Considering the clutter and the ever-increasing competition, to be in the front row, you need to be active.

You should create worthy posts according to your brand, and share them with your audience. This is because frequent communication is the best way to grasp your audience. You can also engage them through discussions or live videos. Besides this, respond to their queries positively as this will help in maintaining a good relationship with your intended audience.

Furthermore, when you’re out of content, simply just announce giveaways to make your audience more reactive. Don’t overshare, as it might be annoying for your viewers.

To be considered more by people, try using trending hashtags on Twitter. You can also repost the things you’ve been tagged on as it makes your audience happy, and keeps them updated.  

Tip #4 Leverage the power of visuals

A study conducted by Forrester revealed that 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Besides this, visuals are processed 60,000 times faster relative to textual content.


This explains why sometimes it’s better to speak up with just an image. We all know that a picture says a “thousand words”. So, if you want to brand your business successfully, you should incorporate attractive visuals in your content.

However, it is best to choose or design such images that grab your audience’s attention. To inspire them, create images depicting your product’s benefits. People share the images more than the content, as noticed these days, so the images should be perfect enough to inspire your audience.

Tip #5 Join related social media groups

We all know that a new brand needs an audience. And the best way to gather an audience is to join certain social media groups that are similar to your brand. You will find half of your audience over there. Besides this, you can also share your content in those social media groups for better reach and branding.

Apart from this, joining social media groups keeps you updated with the ongoing tastes and trends in the industry, thus allowing you to brand yourself in a better way.

Tip #6 Collaborate with influencers

According to a recent study, there are more than 500,000 active influencers operating on Instagram, and out of them, almost 81 percent of influencers have followers up to 15,000 to 100,000 users. The reason behind this is that people tend to follow their favorite influencers’ recommendations, and buy products accordingly.

All in all, the bad news is that getting a relevant influencer onboard can be a tricky feat. Many businesses have reported that they face trouble in finding the right influencer for promoting their businesses. The Global Comms Report: Challenges and Trends (2018) revealed that only 39 percent of influencers in the US are able to find the right influencers for their businesses.


Therefore, if you are looking for the most relevant influencer for your business, you should look for someone who has an audience that is similar to your audience on social media. This will make your audience trust the influencer of your choice.

Tip #7 Represent your business professionally

If you are a wise marketer, then you’d know that the secret to successful branding is representing your business professionally. This is because it enhances brand credibility, and makes your audience believe in your brand messages.

And the first thing that you need for a professional look and feel is an inspiring logo design. This is because your corporate logo serves as the centerpiece of your branding, and represents your business on social media. Unsure how to go about it?  

You can simply consider hiring a professional and known logo design company, like the logo design valley, that can create a classy and timeless logo design for your business. However, it is important to communicate your requirements effectively to the designer to avoid any kind of rework.

The Final Words

All said and done, it is important to note that social media branding requires consistency. Your branding should be consistent in order to attract your target audience. So, if you’re looking to successfully brand your business on social media, you should follow the above-mentioned tips, and get a professional logo design as it aids in brand recognition.

Author Bio

Erica Silva

Erica Silva is a blogger who loves to discover and explore the world around her. She writes on everything from marketing to technology. She enjoys sharing her discoveries and experiences with readers and believes her blogs can make the world a better place.

Find her on Twitter: @ericadsilva1


6 Ways To Improve Your Remote Team’s Productivity

Has your team been less productive this year? Let’s be honest—this year has been something of a ride. From COVID to wildfires to endless political upheaval and social unrest, it’s a wonder anyone can focus on anything. COVID closed businesses and sent people home, and we’re still dealing with it almost a year after it first came about. I think it’s safe to say that none of us thought we’d end up here! 

Still, ensuring your team remains productive doesn’t have to be rocket science. In this short guide, we’ll go over the six best ways to improve your remote team’s productivity. These tips are universal, so they can apply to both remote and in-person teams alike. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Better Communication 

The cornerstone of any successful relationship is good communication between both parties. If you’re not communicating feelings, expectations, and directions clearly, there’s going to be a misunderstanding somewhere. When misunderstandings occur, we tend to point the finger and look for someone to blame, when in reality, it probably came down to a simple miscommunication. 

How can you improve communication in your team? First and foremost, you need to set clear expectations. The clearer you are with expectations, the more on point the team will be. If you’re the team leader, the responsibility to set those expectations clearly and concisely falls on you. The tools you use to communicate also play a huge role in setting expectations. 

Remember that a large percentage of communication is actually body language. So, a text/email/phone call isn’t always the best way to communicate your expectations. A video web conference or video chat can often be more impactful and concise and seeing a friendly face certainly helps lessen the stress of the day. 

2. Leadership 

Of course, a good team also needs a good leader to act as the glue that holds everything together. Many people think that being a good leader means maintaining strict control of your team, but if you look at history, that hasn’t exactly worked out for some. A dictatorial approach will more than likely leave your team feeling resentful rather than cooperative. 

So, what is the best approach to leadership? According to, the four pillars of good leadership are: 

Integrity: Integrity is being honest with yourself and others and upholding that honest behavior even when others aren’t looking. You can be honest face-to-face and dishonest when no one is looking; which means you lack integrity. Practice what you preach, and lead by example with a strong moral and ethical code. 

Accountability: Accountability is something that everyone on the team needs, but especially the leader. You need to own up to successes and failures, and hold others accountable as well.  

Learning: A good leader should always learn new skills and methods to better themselves. 

Sharing: What’s learning if you’re not sharing it with the team? When you learn new skills, methods, or approaches to problems, be sure to share that knowledge to improve your team’s overall skillset. 

3. Reduce Distractions 

Distractions are the death of productivity, and working from home certainly comes with its fair share of distraction. Even at the office, distractions can derail productivity and erode your team’s focus. How can you avoid distractions? It’s simple; don’t host meetings where they’ll be distracted. 

Encourage employees to participate in online meetings by turning their cameras on. Hosting a video call is the best way to hold everyone accountable. If you’re at the office, try to keep the work area(s) free of distracting things like TVs and restrict internet access. 

4. Project Management Software 

Team and project management software can help you get projects back on track and hold everyone on the team accountable for their part in the project. There are tons of programs out there, but even something as simple as Google’s GSuite (Google Workspace) can help. With GSuite, you get the tools to host meetings, collaborate on documents, and store/share files across multiple Google accounts. 

This can help your team become more organized and better at passing along projects and fulfilling their part in them. Keeping everyone accountable is half the battle, but in order to hold themselves accountable, they need the right tools for the job. 

5. Goals 

A team with no goals is a team that doesn’t get anywhere. Setting professional goals not only helps hold everyone accountable, but it also gives both individual team members and the groups as a whole something to reach for. Maybe you’re setting attendance goals, or maybe you want everyone to complete a certain training module by the end of the month. Whatever the case may be, you need goals to keep your team motivated and productive. 

6. Rewards 

Rewarding the team for a job well done can help bring them together and improve their respect for you as a leader. It doesn’t matter how old you get, everyone likes to hear that they’ve done a good job. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should sugarcoat mistakes to make them sound better, but you certainly should reward when goals are met, the quality of work is above average, or when the team has worked really hard to meet a deadline/goal.