Daily Cup of Tech has a simple mission: provide daily insights on the world of startups, development, martech, SaaS, and tech products from forward thinking contributors.

My name is Miley 😃. You may know me as the Tech Blog Girl from YouTube or somewhere else on the internet.

If you landed here, you probably are interested in getting to know a few more things about who is running this blog, so here we go:

One of my biggest passions is technology. This can show in many ways, be it when geeking out over the latest trends and reviewing products. Together with my second big passion, writing, this builds the foundation of my Daily Cup of Tech blog.

Ever since I was a small girl I loved gadgets and computers. Fortunately, my parents do too and so I had a computer back when 4 gigs of ram was considered a lot…

By now I obviously have matured from trading floppy disks to increasingly bigger and more complicated undertakings like this blog. Not only do I write much of the content, but I’m the editor for several contributors who also fuel this site.

Here, I want to bring a unique look to the world of tech from forward thinkers. Feel free to browse around and if you still have any questions, just ask.

If you’d like to become a contributor, check out our writer guidelines and email me at miley@dailycupoftech.com.


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