Mobile apps have become our pocket-assistant, and with advancements in technology, there are different user engagement methods that can be implemented.

However, the advancement of technology has also led to vulnerabilities to potential cyber threats that can put data information at risk.

In simpler words, with emerging tech trends there are emerging Mobile app security threats as well. This is where developers need to buckle their shoes high and build strong app solutions that are good enough to address mobile app security concerns.

In this blog read, we have compiled a list of app security tips to be used for emerging threats in 2024 and beyond.

Encrypt Source Code

Malware is one of the top-notch cyber threats preferred by cybercriminals to steal data and sensitive details.

This can easily be inserted within the code, duplicate apps, links, and whatnot.

Using this malware, cybercriminals pretend to be from a genuine source and put device and data security at risk.

Here, app developers must ensure to encrypt the source code, preventing attackers from accessing and modifying the code. As a result, it leads to reverse engineering attacks or exploiting security issues.

Code-Signing Certificate

The authenticity of the code can further be validated using a code-signing certificate.

This is a digitally signed code certificate that comes with a private key and a public key for users to view.

With this certificate, developers ensure their app is genuine and from a trusted source without being fiddled around with its content.

Worth mentioning here is that this certificate is highly useful in securing malware attacks as this certificate reassures users about the validity of a mobile app.

Data Privacy Regulations

As we all know the rising concern in and around mobile app security, calls for data privacy regulation such as GDPR and other regulatory systems based on country and region.

Every developer must adhere to these regulations clearly about data security and consent to maintain user trust.

Third-party attacks

In the development world, everyone is aware and knows the worth of APIs, as they enable seamless data transfer across the app functions.

However, these third-party APIs are prone to security issues and can lead to stealing app data in Android app development services.

You must know that APIs that are not authorized for use on a specific platform can grant access to attackers and put data at risk.

Thus, it is recommended that each business must ensure app safety and user data reliability by assessing APIs before integrating them into the apps.

Phishing attacks

For finance apps, there are different kinds of security concerns, which require user awareness as well. Cyber attackers prefer sending phishing attacks by using fake emails or messages feigning to be from banks for loans, credit cards or any related services.

Such emails are generally packed with dangerous content that is attractive enough to trick any user into opening malicious attachments or clicking on hazardous links.

Here, businesses must ensure to encrypt every email coming from unknown resources on their apps and give a warning to the users before opening.

Cryptography Techniques

Using the advanced security algorithm ensures that businesses are no more prone to security vulnerability.

Cyber attackers can easily invade older versions of encryption, and with the integration of the latest version of an algorithm, they can add an extra layer of security to the mobile app.

One of the most popular encryption algorithms is known as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), consisting of a symmetric key algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data using the same key.

Cyber security policy

To many of us out there policy related to cyber security seems a new concept, but mind it, it is one of the most crucial steps to secure your company’s cyber essentials.

Within this policy, the emphasis must be given to your company’s cyber security procedures and requirements.

Furthermore, it must contain the cybersecurity training manuals for the staff while ensuring that each member receives training on the basis of risk identification and mitigation.

High-Level Authentication

Apps are benignly accessed by multiple users and require a seamless method to authenticate without causing trouble in the user interface.

To make this process as smooth as possible, it is highly recommended that the app developers implement the right measures.

The first step can be to update strong alphanumeric passwords every three to six months Secondly, they can use multi-factor authentication or even biometric authentication

Deploy Tamper Detection

This is one of the most required aspects in the current scenario, and it acts like a burglar alarm.

With this tamper detection, whenever someone tries to tamper with the code or inject malicious code, it will alert you.

It ensures that code will not function at all if modified through any means, keeping the attackers at bay while trying to steal or hamper the coding script.

Constant Testing and Updating

To be honest, cyber-attacks are not new to us, however, with time and advancement in technology, their intensity to attack has become more robust, which requires constant vigilance.

However, there are security measures that are improving simultaneously giving a hard time to cyber criminals. But here you cannot avoid ongoing security issues.

Thus, it is mandatory for the developers to invest in a comprehensive mobile app testing solution to keep up with these threats.

As a developer, you can opt for automated testing within the CI/CD process. This not just brings you polished end-products, but also helps you stay abreast with the latest advancements to protect your app data.

The Bottomline

It is very evident the rising usage of mobile phones has also given a boost to cyber threats, wherein mobile security has become a concern to be addressed sacrosanct.

In the current era led by digitalization, it is mandatory for businesses to pay close attention to every possible measure to secure their mobile apps from any potential threats.

The year 2024 is all set to welcome and embrace new sets of technologies that are waiting at the door of innovation led by user demands.

However, in this realm, users should be educated to implement best practices for security measure integration effortlessly.

At the forefront, it is imperative for the Mobile app development company to invest heavily in the updated mobile app security trends and ensure the end-users do not face the brunt of security breaches through any corner.

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