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Key Practices for Successful ERP Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning platforms have gone way far from just nice to have technology to a necessity for building a strong organization.

And the reason accounting for the same is streamlined and well-managed operations that were earlier complex to operate without the advanced ERP systems.

Emerging companies are realizing the need for the software and implementing the smart solutions that can help them make objective-oriented business decisions.

But, little do we know that, with endless benefits of ERP, comes a list of complexities too if the implementation is not done properly.

By, failure in the implementation, we mean the situations where either the software is not utilized to the best of efficiency, or the software itself is not suited for the company, or where your resources are not able to operate the software well, or more…

All these factors hinder the efficiency and smooth working of the software, which in turn hamper the regular workflow of the organization too.

If you are planning to install your best-fit ERP in your organization, then this blog is an important piece of advice for you. Read it through and help yourselves in avoiding the possible mistakes that are common during the implementation of the ERP system.

Let’s begin with successful strategies:

1. Engage the Right Resources in the Project

This factor has a direct relation with the suitability of the software. Say for instance, if you engage just the C-suit people to find the suitable ERP system, they are going to focus on the level of stats it prepares and the user interface so as to understand the reports that come to them for making critical business decisions.

However, there are chances that they might overlook the required functionality of the system. Only an employee, who handles the daily tasks at the office, knows the pain points and the flaws in the business processes that need to be corrected.

Thus, the idea of finding out the best-fit ERP should be a joint decision and not just an individual person’s choice. It helps to build a proper system, which reduces over lapsing and any other faults which can become troublesome in the near future.

2. Dedicate Quality Time to the Project

ERP involves huge investment for an organization and thus, while selecting the software, you should invest your quality time in researching for the best-suited ERP solution. Take into accounts key factors related to the needs and requirements of the industry time, the modules that ERP is offering, pricing model and the availability of the subscription, the services come in package with the same, etc.

3. Build Opportunities for Innovation in the Workspace

Implementing software means opening the door of the innovation. Thus, while you keep the door open for opportunities, keep your mind open to implementing the changing in the workspace. These could be anything related to the assigning the dedicated roles related to the project management, deploying online trainings, hiring intelligent resources for meaningful tasks and cutting off the paperwork from the organization.

4. Prep-up the Data in Advance

The key to migrate the critical business information is start preparing for the backups and the data for the migration well in advance rather than leaving the same for the last minute. Only a strategic data migration process would lead to a data-rich organization in future.

Having known so much about the right way to implement the software, when are you planning to get your suitable ERP software with required ERP modules at your place? Check out the globally accepted ERP software that is a perfect fit to almost all industry types, SAP B1to match your requirements go ahead following the above steps and you’ll be able to establish an insight-rich organization.


5 Apps to Help with Children Homeschooling

Even before stay-at-home policies and social distancing, the paradigm of modern education was changing. The rise in popularity of the flipped classroom was seen as an opportunity for children to be more involved in their education at home, giving parents the chance to be a part of that process.

Services like Google Classroom, Moodle, and Edmodo have been growing in popularity as schools keep moving towards the notion of the flexible classroom. That is, a class shouldn’t be bound to a physical place nor a specific time but rather be part of a continuous process that can happen anyplace and anytime.

Other schools have hired the services of software development companies, like BairesDev, to make proprietary apps for parents and kids alike. The perks of having an app custom-made to help a school schedule classes, share information, keep track of grades, and keep parents informed are too many to summarize in a single article.

It’s a well-known fact that flexible classrooms with the help of parents can be extremely nourishing to a children’s education. Not only are you spending time with your kid, but you are giving them the personal support that a teacher with dozens of students might not be able to give them.

Having said that, we know that partial or full-time homeschooling is very demanding, especially for parents who are just getting on the homeschooling train. Fortunately, there are hundreds of apps out there designed to help you and your kid get the best out of homeschooling. These are 5 apps that will help you and your kid study from home. 

Khan Academy


  • Free
  • Hundreds of courses
  • Shares projects with companies like Google and Pixar

Khan academy is almost a no-brainer in this list. It began in 2008 as a non-profit organization and has steadily become one of the leading projects in homeschooling, offering hundreds of classes for kids of all ages.

Every class is based on the K12 curriculum and uses a fairly straightforward process. The student first watches a YouTube video that teaches about a certain subject and then goes to the app or website for supplementary material such as practice exercises or skill tracking. 

Khan academy is not a substitute for actual schooling, but as an additional tool for your kid to complement their regular classes, it’s an invaluable asset.



  • Basic accounts are free to use
  • Available in all platforms
  • Cloud-based saves

Yes, we are kind of cheating by putting Evernote on this list, but hear us out. It’s one of the best multi-platform cloud-based note-taking apps on the market. Your kid can take notes on a Windows PC and then check them out on their iPad, iPhone, or Android device at any time. 

What truly elevates Evernote from other note-taking apps is its versatility. With the web clipper, you can take snapshots of web pages and put them directly in your notes, you can upload images, scan documents, save and search PDFs, and it can even read handwriting if you want to save your handwritten notes.  

The only downside is that free accounts have limited storage, so you might have to end up deleting your old notes after a while.



  • Intuitive
  • Available in all platforms
  • For kindergarteners to middle schoolers

Mathboard is the app we wished we had back when we were children. This highly customizable teaching tool is perfect to teach math skills to children of all ages. At its most basic, Mathboard is a problem-solving book, but once you scratch below the surface, it’s one of the most amicable ways to learn math.

Mathboard stimulates creative thinking by providing multiple answer styles and a scratchboard area where the student can try to solve the problem by hand. Its best feature is the Problem Solver option, which helps your kid whenever they are stuck on a difficult problem by displaying a step-by-step solution, thus teaching the student how to solve it.



  • Fun interface
  • Continuously expanding
  • Tik-Tok like videos to keep students engaged

Edplus is half a learning tool and half a quiz app. Such a mischievous approach tempts students into engaging by creating that “just one more reward” feel. You begin with some basic questions to farm coins which you can then use to unlock other subjects. The more you answer the more quizzes you have access to.

Edplus has quizzes about language, science, math, religion, hobbies, and weird but interesting subjects that should keep your kid stuck to their screen learning in a fun way.



  • AI-based tools
  • Hundreds of books
  • Gamified activities

How can books stay relevant in a world where everything is trying to win over our attention? By becoming even more interesting than they already are. With a library of over 3000 books, Rivet has a book for every kid out there. 

Rivet is an enhanced-reading app, specifically aimed at teaching kids how to read as well as helping them develop a love for books. It’s simple to use, and it has a lot of functionalities for both teachers and parents to help kids with their learning.

One of Rivet’s strongest features is that it has activities, games, and other tools to enhance the students reading experience, as well as a learning tool that helps them learn new words and pronunciations. And the page tracking feature is perfect to keep track of the progress of your children. 

And there you have them. 5 apps that will help you homeschool your kids, each with a different approach. While you may benefit from using any of them, combining them can provide you with the best results. Be sure to try them!


How to Set up a Print Server on Linux

After years of working as a support technician, I can tell you one of the most frustrating pieces of technology out there is the printer. When they work, they are an indispensable tool in the office. When they don’t work (as it often happens), they are a never-ending point of frustration.

This is especially true when your printer is attached to a Windows machine that can cause any number of problems, without rhyme or reason. Getting that shared printer back up and running can take some time. Or you might wind up having to call in support. 
To make matters worse, printer problems don’t just plague end users. This almost universal bone of contention causes problems for every level of the user, even all the way up to JavaScript developers, like those at BairesDev.

Fortunately, there’s a way for your business to avoid the headaches brought about by sharing printers from desktop machines. That solution is to deploy a Linux printer server. Once you have such a server up and running, you’ll find it will serve you without fail (so long as the hardware and your network don’t become a problem).

Outside of reliability, the fact that you’ll be using open source means the only cost for you is the hardware. 


First off, you need to have a printer that supports Linux. At one point in time, this was a challenge that caused many users to avoid the Linux print server. But that’s all in the past. Today, it’s fairly easy to have a Linux printer. To find out what printers are supported by Linux, check out the OpenPrinting site

With your supported printer at the ready, you’ll need to make sure it’s connected to your Linux server. 

You’ll also need to have a Linux server available. I’ll be demonstrating with Ubuntu Server 18.04, as that’s one of the most user-friendly Linux server distributions on the market. Do note, however, that Ubuntu Server 18.04 installs without a GUI, so you’ll be working from the command line.

Finally, you’ll need a user with sudo privileges.

And that it’s. Let’s get to work.

Installing the CUPS printer server software

The first thing to take care of is the installation of the CUPS printer server software. CUPS stands for Common Unix Printer Server and has been around for some time. 

To install CUPS, log into your Ubuntu server and issue the command:

sudo apt-get install cups -y

Once the installation completes, you’ll need to start the CUPS daemon and configure it to start at boot (otherwise you’ll have to start it manually anytime the server goes down). To start the CUPS daemon, issue the command:

sudo systemctl start cups

 To enable the CUPS daemon at boot, issue the command:

sudo systemctl enable cups

Configuring CUPS

With CUPS installed, it’s time to configure it. Only a few quick changes need to be made within the configuration file. To open that file for editing, issue the command:

sudo nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

The first change you need to make is the line:

Browsing Off

Change that to:

Browsing On

Next, you need to configure CUPS so that the web-based manager is accessible from within your Local Area Network (LAN). Look for the line:

Listen localhost:631

Change that line to:

Port 631

For our next trick, you’ll have to make sure that CUPS is listening on all network interfaces. Look for the following section:

<Location />

  Order allow, deny


Change that to:

<Location />

  Order allow, deny

  Allow @LOCAL


Finally, you’ll want to add access to the CUPS web-based admin console. Look for the section:

<Location /admin>

  Order allow, deny


Change that to:

<Location /admin>

  AuthType Default

  Require valid-user

  Order allow, deny

  Allow @LOCAL


If you do opt to make the web-based admin console available, you might want to lock it down to allow only a specific user. To do this, you would change the line:

Require valid-user


Require user @SYSTEM

Save and close the cupsd.conf file. Restart the CUPS daemon with the command:

sudo systemctl restart cups

If you opted to lock down the admin console to a specific user, you’ll want to create that user with the command:

sudo useradd -g lpadmin cupsadmin

Set the new user’s password with the command:

sudo passwd cupsadmin

With that configuration, you can point a browser to https://SERVERIP/admin (where SERVERIP is the IP address of the machine hosting CUPS). You will be prompted to log in with the cupsadmin user and the password you set above.

Share the printer via Bonjour and IPP protocols

You’ll want to make sure your printer is visible to your LAN via Bonjour (for macOS desktops) and IPP (for most other desktops). To make this work, you’ll need to install the avahi daemon with the command:

sudo apt install avahi-daemon -y

Once installed, start and enable the daemon with the commands:

sudo systemctl start avahi-daemon

sudo systemctl enable avahi-daemon

Open the firewall

If you happen to have the UFW firewall enabled on the Server, allow Bonjour and IPP printer traffic through with the command:

sudo ufw all 5353/udp

Connecting your printer

At this point, everything is ready for desktops to connect. How you connect the desktop to the printer server will depend on which desktop you are using. For example, with Pop!_OS Linux, I can go to Settings > Printers, and (as long as the necessary drivers are installed) the new printer will automatically appear (Figure 1).

Figure 1

Our printer on the CUPS printer server is now available for connection.


And that’s all there is to set up a reliable Linux printer server. The only hiccup you will run across is if you have entities outside of your LAN (such as third-party JavaScript development companies). To allow those groups to use the printers connected to the server, you’ll need to employ a VPN. Otherwise, your printer server is ready and should serve you without fail.


Business Intelligence in Digital Marketing to Understand the Latest Trends

Business intelligence (BI) helps in data collection and analysis. It can seamlessly process a large amount of data and generate analytical output. BI provides market insights for enabling an organization to make timely strategic decisions.  It, therefore, helps in improving operational efficiencies. 

In the current world of digitalization, digital marketing promotes a business through an online medium. It supports an organization to reach out to its potential customers digitally. Various methods of digital marketing include content marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, etc. 

Using businesintelligence in digital marketing helps collect consumer data to understand consumer trends and behaviors better. It helps in meeting the varying customer expectations while translating the marketing efforts into new sales and loyal consumers. 

You can streamline the marketing efforts and expand your reach in the market, creating better brand visibility. Business intelligence can surely help in understanding the latest trend, as illustrated below: 

Understanding the Behavioral Changes  

The social media platform is a key place for understanding consumer preferences. Digital marketing helps an organization connect with existing and potential customers on various social media platforms. 

The customers typically express themselves by liking or disliking a particular post, uploading comments or feedback, and forwarding or tagging somebody in a post. This gives voluminous information, which can be of great help in formulating advertising strategies. 

Business intelligence can support collecting and analyzing data to derive an understanding of current and expected trends, customer sentiments towards a particular product, his or her expectations, and the anticipated response to a product launch. Business intelligence in digital marketing helps track customer trends, which, in turn, facilitates an organization to create or alter its marketing tactics.   

Working without Assumptions

The current technological advancement leaves no room for assumptions. With business intelligence, you can derive the reason behind the fluctuating online traffic. You will be able to understand the cause of change in consumer acceptance towards your product, which helps in devising remedial strategies. Moreover, the effect of each marketing campaign on the top line can be tracked and scrutinized. 

Business intelligence gives detailed reviews like the quantum of new sales, customer type, age group, and geographies contributing to increased transactions. The benefits of a promotion campaign can be easily quantified and justified.  

On-Time Analysis 

Consumer preferences have always been subject to change as they are influenced by various factors, such as reviews and feedback posted by other customers. With the ease of accessibility to social media, a consumer carries out some basic research before purchasing any product. 

Hence, data gathered from the online platform lacks stability as it is prone to constant change. 

It becomes essential to have real-time data for timely review and revision of the marketing policies. The organizations can thus review the analytics of its products and decide on the social media platform requiring more attention, which also helps in a better allocation of the advertising budget. 

An organization can thus review and know the response to its marketing campaigns on all social media platforms. 

Emailing the Trend Setter  

An organization can use e-mails more effectively. With the help of business intelligence, a company can examine and know about personalized customer behavior such as the kind of product that the individual is looking out for, the type of content that can grab his attention, etc. 

Moreover, it determines the perfect time for releasing the e-mailers to deliver the needed information with customer delight. Thus e-mails, when used efficiently, can help in connecting with a potential client at the correct time.  

Right Product at the Right Time and Best Price

You may predict how the customer may respond based on the analysis of huge historical data gathered from multiple sources. It is essential to know about the current customer requirements and expectations. 

Understanding the value of money from the client’s perspective also helps in offering competitive pricing. You can retain the existing customers by catering to their demands and needs in the best ways.  

Further, real-time knowledge of customer sentiments helps an organization create discount models and other freebie schemes. This facilitates the onboarding of new customers while winning their loyalty towards the product. 

Digital marketing is the best tool to reach a larger clientele base. Business intelligence helps in having a more structured approach towards targeting the right set of customers through a timely response to the ever-changing demands. Combining both can render excellent results for your marketing and branding strategies.

Using business intelligence in digital marketing, an organization can understand the latest trends and make suitable marketing strategies for expanding its customer base.


Explaining why Fintech Industry Needs Blockchain with Use Cases

Blockchain technology has emerged as one of the most popular data technologies that revolutionized the way data is stored, protected, and shared in modern organizations. This decentralized data management system uses complex cryptographic protection and stores data in decentralized blocks to prevent all kinds of tampering efforts. Blockchain follows a ‘write-only’ protocol that allows only adding data and disallows any changes, deleting or tampering data. 


Since the fintech industry is highly data-driven and data security plays a key role in the fintech apps’ success, Blockchain has become widely popular for solving many data security concerns of banking and financial firms. As CTO of Cerdonis Technologies LLC, Paul Osborne pointed out, “Emerging economies with an increasing volume of banking and non-banking investment and transactions are direct beneficiaries of Blockchain.”


Here are some of the credible use cases of Blockchain in the fintech sector. 


Blockchain-Powered Global Payments



The principal reason for the blockchain-powered payments to be tremendously secure is the personal cryptocurrency keys that every user can use for carrying out transactions. Moreover, Blockchain coming with a ‘write-only’ protocol doesn’t allow overwriting the transactions, and any changes brought to the transactions can only be facilitated with everyone’s consent. Any change is shared and distributed across the network in actual time to make sure that all the participants remain completely informed. 


Blockchain allows registering and evaluating every transaction so that there can be no scope of tampering transaction data. No wonder, leading Fintech companies around the world are increasingly embracing Blockchain for safeguarding payment. The best thing about Blockchain is that no longer global payments involving multiple currencies need traditional money transfer solutions.


Peer to Peer (P2P) Payments


A bulk portion of the international transactions belongs to the Peer to Peer (P2P) category involving considerable amounts of transaction fees for sending and receiving money. Apart from being exposed to risks from third-party platforms, such transactions end up adding more transaction costs that individuals and small businesses need to bear. 


Apart from the huge additional transaction cost that people and businesses need to bear around the world, the traditional international P2P payments also get delayed at various instances. Blockchain can offer a comprehensive and conclusive solution to all these and can ensure more streamlined transactions involving less cost. No wonder cryptocurrency-based money transfers are already becoming popular, and several players emerged in this sector, OkCoin, BitPesa, Ripple, Sentbe, etc. 


Reducing the Risks of Stock Market Manipulation 


Investors in various parts of the world are also relying more on advanced technologies for decision making. Blockchain is increasingly becoming a great technology choice in the equity investment segment for streamlining investments, improving efficiencies, and extending the market reach. 


Apart from helping with enhanced efficiency, Blockchain is also reducing the dark manipulations that big players in the stock market often practice. Lowering transaction costs is another major benefit of using Blockchain for the stock market. 


Credit Scoring and Rating 


Credit scoring and rating is an integral part of the evaluation of people’s creditworthiness. These days thanks to Blockchain, Fintech companies can even carry out such evaluating processes for populations still not covered under banking credit products. While evaluating precise credit scores is crucial to safeguard banking and non-banking credits from non-payment risks, Blockchain-based credit scoring can be used to make such scoring and rating more accurate.  


Maintaining Regulatory Compliance 



In the financial industry, the need for regulatory compliance plays a key role, and this is where Blockchain can play a great role. FinTech companies are facilitating regulatory compliance by using the latest technologies like Blockchain. Thanks to blockchain technology and its completely tamper-proof way of safeguarding data across distributed networks, it can play a great role in helping banks and financial institutions to remain in sync with industry regulations while dealing with the regulatory complexities efficiently.  


By maintaining multiple copies of transactions that constantly get evaluated, Blockchain based compliance platforms literally make it impossible for the firms to breach compliance. 


Minimizing the Identity Theft 


For the past several years, issues corresponding to identity theft and digital frauds are steadily increasing in the financial sector. This is why know-your-customer processes and anti-money laundering measures have become important for the banking and financial sectors. On the other hand, banks and financial firms still rely heavily on paperwork. Paper-based customer documents are finding it difficult to compete with digitally equipped banks and firms in terms of efficiency and data risk. This is where the role of Blockchain technology became important. 


By implementing a blockchain-based system, the fintech companies can streamline the entire process in which the customer has to evaluate their identity just once. The entire process of identity verification can be completely tamper-proof and free of a security risk as several blocks of data across the network will store the same document, and any change will be shared and distributed across the network in real-time. 


Blockchain-Based Reward and Loyalty Systems 


Besides securing data and streamlining processes in fintech firms, blockchain technology can also play a crucial role in making the customer rewards and loyalty systems more streamlined. Thanks to blockchain technology, businesses can utilize a multitude of less expensive loyalty programs and customize them as per different customer needs and preferences. Most importantly, Blockchain allows tracking the impact and traction of each and every reward program separately. 




Blockchain has started to play a key role in the scheme of things for all financial firms. From security to streamlining processes to data transfer and sharing, Blockchain’s huge positive impact in the Fintech industry is likely to continue in the years to come. 


Comparing the Cheapest NBN Plan Providers

Our cyberspace has become more of our social space nowadays and people would prefer to conduct online transactions for a hassle-free service. With technology, our future is secured because of the stability that its advancements brought to our plates. Therefore, secured Internet service is a necessity in every company and household.

Technology is evidence that we can gather more knowledge and information by just clicking on our laptops and smartphones with the help of science-based expertise. It has helped and made our lives easier compared to the previous generation because of its one-click-away feature.

But for us to use the ability of the Internet to its greatest extent, we should have an Internet service provider that is reliable and steady at any hour of the day. If not, we might encounter a crummy Internet disruption that will worsen our situation and may affect our jobs negatively at the same time.


So, here is a list of brands where you can compare the cheapest NBN plans you can rely on and may become your partner in making your future better.




The iiNet was founded by Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly in 1993. The company became remarkable to the public because they served to administer Internet access to the public for a very cheap price of $25 a month. Together with their telecommunication service, they also provided email transactions, file transfer systems, and many more web-based interactions with people from different areas of the globe which helped them grow and create their name in the industry. iiNet receives tons of awards from various networks and leading websites because of its outstanding performance and customer service.


Their hard work has been recognised globally and because of their unique innovations, they gained and encouraged customers to rely on their product despite the number of competitors that thrive by promoting the same service. Furthermore, the NBN12 is their cheapest package for new customers and is perfect if you live alone or you are the only one who will be using the Internet. It will cost you $59.99 a month with an MBPS of 11.1 and has 500GB worth of data for a month partnered with a pay-as-you-go call for landline but you can add another $10 if you want to extend your calls internationally.




Belong, a successful and well-established company prioritises and meticulously ponders how they can showcase the culture and way of living of the first people who lived in Australia to their services. They did not want the inevitable change to step on their roots because the company wanted to protect and respect the place where their ancestors used to live. With that concept in mind, the company flourished and gained customers because despite the advancement they showed in the telecommunication industry, they still chose to prioritise saving the earth by using carbon-free chemicals to produce their products which helped the earth recover from the destruction humankind has made thus, this started last 2019.


They aim to never be a source of problem for their customers therefore, they have provided cheap and dependable service that will lessen an individuals’ day-to-day dilemma. The company offers 10GB worth of data for $25 a month which includes unlimited calls and texts. It is perfect for people who are always on-the-go and are travelling from place to place because they can just insert the sim on their phone and they are good to go. People can bring their work with them without missing their deadlines and forgetting their meetings since with this NBN25, their online calendars and electronic mails will always be reliable through the help of the data provided by the network.




TPG or Total Peripherals Group was founded in 1986 but later on collided with Vodafone and became TPG Telecom Limited. They have been awarded last 2014 for having the cheapest broadband bundles in the country and continuously, TPG has been receiving various recognitions from that day on. Also, they invested and created more branches in different countries such as Japan, Hongkong, the Philippines, and the United States of America. To avoid air traffic and disturbances, the company provided a subway superhighway to deliver a top-notch performance to their customers in the said countries.


TPG has various NBN broadband bundles for personal use, small enterprises, and for big companies. For personal use, their cheapest offer is NBN25 which has an MBPS of 11.2 and a phone line for an amount of $59.99 a month. On the other hand, for small enterprises, they also offer the same Internet speed for $69.99 a month. Lastly, for big companies, they do not offer NBN25 rather they have a special offer which is Dark Fibre which is the fastest Internet speed and a lag-free usage together with secured transportation of data to protect the customer’s private information. If you are interested in Dark Fibre, you can contact TPG directly and inquire about the offer.


6 Best Customer Support Products for Better Customer Retention

Building brand loyalty and retaining customers is one of the most important factors for the long-term success of your business.

If you feel like you’re constantly trying to keep up with your customers, we’ve compiled a list of 6 tools that will help you retain your existing customers so you can focus your time and effort on expanding your business.

The Benefits of Customer Retention

If you’ve been running a successful business for any length of time, chances are you already have a number of returning customers.

Customer retention includes all the tools and techniques you can use to make sure customers like these keep doing business with your company in the long run.

Like with many other aspects of business, the 80/20 rule also holds here. This means that 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your best clients, so focusing on customer retention should be one of your top priorities.

Another thing to consider is that keeping your current customer base can cost up to 5 times less than trying to find new customers. An investment in customer retention will not only bring more profits but also let you stretch your budget further.

Top 6 Tools for Customer Retention

Now that we know how important customer retention can be, we will go over some of the tools that can help make the whole process easy to set up and use. These tools will cover different approaches and techniques you can use to build customer loyalty.


Document360 gives you a full suite of tools needed to build and maintain a knowledge base.

This resource can be invaluable to your customers, offering answers to any questions they might have about your product. At the same time, it saves you the time and resources you would spend on customer support calls.

On top of that, strong customer support is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty. It lets your customers know you’re there for them and are ready to help with any problem they might have.

Document360 also has a handy internal knowledge base, covering all the features they offer and showing you how to make the best use of their tools.

Key Features

  • Product documentation – Tools that will help you create, preview, and publish your knowledge base articles.
  • Category manager – Lets you create categories and subcategories, use them to arrange articles, and manage user access.
  • Editor – Lets you manage article content and insert additional elements, such as images, code blocks, and tables.
  • Branding – Allows you to customize the look and feel of your knowledge base and bring it in line with the rest of your brand identity.
  • Security – Lets you backup and export your articles and determine the level of access for your team members.


  • Startup ($49 per project, per month) – Offers a limited range of tools and storage for smaller teams.
  • Business ($149 per project, per month) – Full range of tools with expanded storage.


Upsend is less focused on specific customer retention techniques, instead offering a multi-faceted approach with a range of tools that help you engage with your customers.

These tools range from automated marketing campaigns to live chat and even guided tours of your products and services. Upsend is great if you want one tool that will help you cover all the bases in an easy-to-use way.

Key Features

  • Customer data hub – Lets you capture and manage customer information, sort customers by categories, and validate customer emails for use in marketing campaigns.
  • Customer support – Allows you to set up a live chat with your customers, which you can also automate using chatbots. It also lets you integrate outside elements in your chat, such as pictures and videos, shared files, and articles in your knowledge base.
  • Marketing automation – Lets you create and use templates for email campaigns. These can then be additionally personalized using the information from your customer data hub. You can also set up automated email campaigns and instantly send the to customer categories you already set up.
  • Knowledge base – Allows you to set up a knowledge base for your products and sort articles by categories.
  • Product tour – You can onboard new customers quickly and easily through interactive product tours.


  • Free – Only supports one team member, but offers live chat and a team inbox.
  • Grow ($39) – Supports up to 3 team members with limited features.
  • Pro ($99) – Unlimited team members, full set of features.


Crisp focuses on direct communication with your customers. It combines live chat, CRM, email campaigns, and knowledge bases to help you set up a comprehensive customer support and marketing system.

Communication is key when it comes to customer retention. The more you engage with your customers, the more they will keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Key Features

  • Live chat – Provides a live chat service with an integrated inbox and lets you set up a video chat with customers.
  • Chatbot – Integrates with the live chat feature to make sure you provide customer support 24/7.
  • CRM – Helps you capture new leads and keep track of existing ones with ease.
  • Shared inbox – Keeps all incoming messages in one place, while letting you set up automated replies.
  • Integration – Lets you connect Crisp with tried-party apps like Slack, WordPress, Mailchimp, Shopify, and many others.
  • Campaigns – Allows you to create automated marketing campaigns using email or in-app messages.
  • Knowledge base – Create and manage help articles.
  • Status page – Lets you alert your customers about changes to your products and technical issues through live chat or in-app messages.


  • Free – Two live chat seats and team inbox.
  • Pro ($25 per website, per month) – Four chat seats and a limited set of features.
  • Unlimited ($95 per website, per month) – Unlimited chat seats with a full range of features.


Similarly to Crisp, lemtalk tries to help you make customer support easy and convenient. However, lemtalk focuses on integrating customer support features, like live chat and email, with your company’s Slack.

Key Features

  • Slack integration – Provides quick integration and expands the list of commands you can use in Slack.
  • Slack live chat – Integrate live chat with your company’s Slack workplace.
  • Emails in Slack – Integrate support emails into your company’s Slack workplace.
  • SMS in Slack – Receive and answer text messages directly from your company’s Slack workplace.
  • Facebook integration – Integrates your company’s Facebook inbox with your Slack workplace.
  • FAQ – Lets you set up an FAQ page for your customers, with any support tickets going directly to your company’s Slack.
  • Multilingual live chat – Allows you to set up live chat in over 150 languages.


  • Startup ($48 per month) – Allows 1 widget, chat language, and rule for automation and includes lemtalk branding.
  • Super Hero ($96 per month) – Unlimited number of live chats, knowledge base articles, and automation rules, multilingual live chat and knowledge base, no lemtalk branding.
  • Agency ($249 per month) – Full set of tools with unlimited access, supports up to 5 Slack teams.


Loyalty programs are an often overlooked aspect of customer retention. This has a lot to do with how they are perceived since they’re often associated with brick-and-mortar businesses.

Loyalty programs can be a great tool in your arsenal even if your business is fully online. They encourage customer engagement with a system of rewards. This is a small investment on your end that can have a great impact on your bottom line.

Woobox focuses on helping you set up loyalty programs and contests on your website, such as giveaways, polls, coupons, and more.

Key Features

  • Templates – Use pre-generated campaigns and landing pages as a base for your contests and giveaways.
  • Customization – Change the design of available templates to bring them in line with your company’s brand image.
  • Participant management – Helps you easily approve and manage participant entries and pick winners.
  • Integration – Allows you to customize your campaigns for mobile devices and integrate them with social media profiles.


  • Free – Unlimited campaigns with 100 participants per month. Allows Facebook integration.
  • Basic ($37 per month) – Unlimited campaigns with 1,000 participants per month with access to all types of campaigns and full customization.
  • Standard ($32 per month, billed annually) – Unlimited campaigns and participants, all types of campaigns, and full customization.
  • Advanced ($99 per month, billed annually) – Unlimited access with up to 5 team members, custom HTML & CSS for your campaigns.
  • Power ($249 per month, billed annually) – Unlimited access with no limit for team members, custom HTML, CSS & JS for your campaigns.


When all is said and done, you will still need to know how satisfied your customers are with your brand. After all, this is what determines your brand reputation and drives customer loyalty.

This is where Qualaroo steps in. It helps you set up surveys for your visitors directly on your website and analyze the results to get an accurate picture of your customers’ likes and dislikes.

Key Features

  • Survey templates – Lets you save time by choosing from a library of pre-generated surveys.
  • AI sentiment analysis – Allows you to automatically mine customer feedback and set up actions based on the sentiment score.
  • Mobile integration – Lets you integrate surveys with the mobile version of your website.
  • Nudge for prototypes – Allows you to set up surveys for design prototypes of your web pages.
  • Exit intent surveys – Set up surveys that will trigger with completed purchases or if a customer is about to leave your website.
  • Questions branching – Set up dynamic surveys where the questions change based on previous answers.
  • NPS – Include questions that determine your Net Promoter Score.
  • A/B testing – Integrates surveys with A/B testing on your website.


  • Startup ($199 per month) – Full survey functionality with up to 500k Nudge views on one domain, logo & color customization, and Google Analytics support.
  • Growth ($499 per month) – Full survey functionality with up to 1 million Nudge views on three domains, full customization, and advanced audience segmentation.
  • Turbo Growth (starting at $2,250 per month, billed annually) – Full suite of tools and customization with up to 2 million Nudge views on 20 domains.

Final Thoughts

Tracking down new leads and attracting new customers can prove to be much more expensive and time-consuming than building brand loyalty with the customers you already have.

The 6 tools we listed above will help you with this process, tackling and automating different aspects of customer retention. Also, you can check Net Promoter Score, software that can help you measure, analyze & grow your Customer Loyalty.

This will not only free up your time and let you focus on the big-picture business decisions, but will also drive up customer satisfaction, and, finally, profit.


How to Start a Gardening Business

In the life of every person there comes a moment when you need to start. A new house, a new business or a new garden, maybe even a new garden business — it always seems that you know what to do, but as soon as you go into the office or open the gate into the garden, all ideas disappear from your head, all your knowledge is mixed in a heap, and there is only one question: where to start? And how good it is when there is someone who can give you a piece of advice.

We have prepared a small “cheat sheet”, the purpose of which is to help you take the first steps into the gardening business.

Selection of varieties of vegetables and fruits

One of the most obvious and important tips for novice gardeners is the careful selection of varieties of vegetables and fruits, taking into account the climatic conditions in which they will grow. Using this advice will significantly increase the yield of cultivated plants, as well as their resistance to various diseases. Therefore, carefully read the recommendations before purchasing seeds of certain varieties of vegetables.

Planning is always a good start

Even people who have been tending their garden for many years need a plan because, during the break, you can forget how the annual crops were located in the last season. What can we say about the arrangement of the new site? Before you start planting, take a tape measure and carefully measure the area on which you intend to work. Draw up a project on paper, draw the locations of the beds and the alternation of garden crops.

Leave space for a recreation area.

What to plant

Decide what to plant, based on the characteristics of the site. If the garden is located on the sunny side, the soil is fertilized with hummus or manure, in the first year you can grow cabbage and cucumbers, in the second — carrots, celery, tomatoes, and onions, in the third — beans and peas. With this crop rotation, you will achieve the best result. In the case when it is not possible to wait for a certain time, divide the area into separate beds and plant unpretentious crops — potatoes, carrots, onions. Capricious vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers and squash — they are too sensitive to temperature changes, watering, and are prone to all kinds of diseases. A little trick will allow you to economically use the sown area: before placing seedlings, plant plants with a short growing season — radishes, lettuce, onions… And planting seeds of the same crop with a difference of one to two weeks will help to harvest twice.


The main rule of a good gardener: — do not place crops of one family next to or one after another. In this case, plants are less affected by the same diseases. There are special tables of crop rotation in the beds — they determine the best predecessors and neighbors for a particular vegetable. For example, cabbage should be planted after potatoes, onions, peas (tomatoes are acceptable). Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants — after cucumbers, onions, legumes. The soil is suitable for cucumbers after peas, corn, and legumes. Onions are favorable to their predecessors: potatoes, tomatoes, peas. Table beets and carrots will grow in the garden that was previously occupied by cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, and zucchini. Early potatoes will yield a rich harvest in soil where cabbage, cucumbers, onions, beans, or peas grew. On the same basis, “neighbors” are selected.

Do a soil analysis

Soil acidity is an important factor, it depends on which crops will feel comfortable on your site. If the acidity is high – think about planting heather, conifers, and hydrangeas, if alkaline — think about corn, euonymus, derain, gypsophila, astilbe. Almost any plant grows well on neutral soils with proper care. Remember that the pH can be leveled out. To reduce acidity you can use ash, chalk, dolomite flour, and to normalize excessively alkaline soil, use fresh manure, peat, nitrate or ammonium sulphate.

Health of the soil

If you want to have a fertile vegetable garden with healthy and tasty fruits for many years, you need to take care of the health of the soil. Biologically active soil allows plants to grow healthy and do not need a lot of fertilizers. It is not at all necessary to spend a fortune to buy fertilizers in stores, there are ways to feed your plants with natural, organic materials. If you can, always use organic fertilizers instead of chemical or complex fertilizers. For these purposes, any decent gardener should have a compost pit. Of course, composting will require additional labor, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.


Compost boxes are an integral part of any garden. Firstly, you do not have to carry the harvested weeds and other waste somewhere far. Secondly, rotten waste is an excellent natural organic fertilizer for garden beds. To speed up the decay process, you can add special bacteria.

If you are a gardener and do your annual pruning routine, we recommend buying a garden shredder for faster composting from tree branches.

Choose good quality seeding

Some of the gardeners are already planting early seedlings, while others are just going shopping in garden centers to buy seeds for the future harvest. And often in the heat of shopping euphoria, we grab whatever comes close to hand. And in vain!

We would advise you to buy all your seeds and seedlings only in large specialized centers from well-known manufacturers and breeders with a name. A granny in a market or a salesman in a shady tent can tell you a beautiful story about huge harvests. But in fact, seedlings or seeds can be infected or weakened by hereditary diseases … While large producers are closely monitoring this.

Plant pest repellent plants

Experienced gardeners necessarily grow protective plants on the site. They scare away harmful insects from planted crops. Such plants can be divided into two types:

Disorienting pests. With their strong scent, they prevent insects from discovering plants that are attractive to them.

Deterrent. Their smell drives away pests.

The former include basil, parsley, thyme, garlic, sage.

The second group includes geranium, mustard, calendula, coriander, mint, rosemary, dill, fennel, and others.

For example, dill, familiar to everyone, perfectly protects cabbage from aphids, moths, and butterflies.

A mulch is your assistant

It is not always possible to dedicate all your time to your garden business. This is where mulching can help. It is especially good if the mulch is natural (straw, wood chips or shavings, hay, etc.). By using the mulching method, you can reduce the amount of weeding and watering. There is still free time to relax with your friends and family.

Do not force yourself

The trouble of many summer residents is the inability to correctly calculate their own strengths and needs. The desire to break the fifth bed of onions and grow a new variety, of course, is understandable, but unjustified. After all, you will have to work a lot, and the resulting harvest will be clearly superfluous.

Therefore, it is better at the beginning of the season to soberly assess the required amount of vegetables and fruits for the family and refuse all plantings in excess of this norm. Exactly, for this reason, you will have to try to predict the market and the number of goods that you will be able to sell if you want to start a successful gardening business.

Garden equipment and tools

The advice on buying high-quality gardening tools is not taken seriously by many novice gardeners. Meanwhile, saving on quality gardening tools in most cases leads to fatigue, low productivity, and injuries.

It is preferable to purchase garden tools in specialized stores, rather than from roadside sellers.

Choose inventory with a manufacturer’s stamp.

It is important to choose a good pressure hose too since the watering is one of the main activities in your garden and all your harvest depends on it. Every serious businessman needs good equipment, don’t forget that!


Bonus advice for novice gardeners is related to watering plants — it is important not only to carry out this procedure in a timely manner but rightly. When irrigating vegetables in the garden, be careful not to get water on their leaves. An experienced gardener knows to water right at the root. Ignoring this advice can lead to the development of plant diseases.

You are not alone

There are not always a lot of friends and colleagues who can support a novice gardener or share his interests. But it doesn’t matter! Gardeners are very enthusiastic and sociable people. Social networks and the Internet are a limitless area for communication of interests, exchange of experience, and sometimes even rare seeds! Take your time and eventually, you will find your garden soul mates.


A plant, like any living creature, feels an attitude towards itself. If you work just because you have to, without a soul, then the harvest won’t be as good as you want it to be. And if you put your whole soul and work in pleasure, then the plants will respond kindly to care.


15 of the Most Effective SEO Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you need to realize that there is no other golden opportunity to improve the website rankings in the popular search engines like Google or Yahoo other than SEO service. Of course, there are many options available to achieve better rankings, but guest post service provider helps you to design a reliable framework for your website that is 100% safe and secure!!


Important SEO tips for beginners


1. Page title and descriptions:


When it comes to any content, page titles are very important aspects to consider. It is an impression that helps you to grab the attention of the visitors. Be short and informative…!!!


2. Post blog that visitors love to read & share:


Nothing would bring vast changes to the rankings of the website other than the guest blog. You need to provide great content to drive high traffic rates and engage more audiences. With the help of guest post outreach, you can promote the brand worldwide!


3. Keyword research:



 As a beginner, you need to perform more studies on keyword research to make the site appear on the first page of the search results.


4. Improve on-page elements:


Of course, on-page elements might be small, but you to concentrate on the elements like title, header tags, etc to have a great impact on your website’s page. 


5. Identify and fix SEO issues:


Identifying and fixing any SEO issues will help you to run the website smoothly. 


6. Improve page loading speed:


SEO helps you to load the page of your website much faster and make your site appear on the first page in the search results. 


7. Make use of social media platform:


When you are ready to use social media platforms, you can find a massive audience reach and high traffic rates to your niche. 


8. Understand the importance of Anchor Text:


With the help of anchor text, you can influence the website that you are linking to and you can grab the attention of the visitors much faster. 


9. Link building:


Link building is the most imperative aspect of SEO. You need to build a link that is relevant to your niche to strike skyrocket hit on your business. 


10. Make your site mobile friendly:


If you do not provide a smooth browsing experience for your site, then it may decrease your website rankings and so it is essential SEO tips for beginners to enhance the user experience. 


11. Content marketing:



Content marketing is an important aspect of SEO. When you offer great content, sure visitors will help you to promote the website. 


12. Stay updated:


  One of the most important SEO tactics to consider for beginners is to discover and post updated content on your site to generate organic traffic rates. 


13. Keep your eyes on your competitors:


 It is always important to keep your eyes on your competitor’s website so that you can come to know what type of services they are providing. 


14. Image optimization:


Make use of attractive images to enhance the user-experience and focus on page load speed as well.


15. Verify your external links:


External links are significant for SEO. All of these SEO tips help you to verify that your SEO tactics remain efficient and successful.


This was an introduction about SEO, but there are a lot more details to work on when you dive in. If you need professional help, you can always get in touch with SEO experts. They will provide you with detailed information or offer their services.


7 Dos and Don’ts of E-book Marketing You Must Know

Which was the world’s first ebook? Most media outlets will make you believe that Michael S. Hart published the first one. This author launched Project Gutenberg and issued the Declaration of Independence digitally in 1971. But some historians trace the origins of electronically-encoded literature to the ‘60s. Other researchers argue that the complete work of Thomas Aquinas pioneered the digital book revolution. The launching of the Kindle device was a momentous breakthrough in the world of ebooks. This e-reader got modified multiple times.

The benefits of ebooks over printed ones are self-explanatory. It’s an electronic book! Was it possible for someone a century ago to imagine a pocket full of the entire English literature? Ebooks are easy to recover and cost lower than printed books. They even let you find the specific word that you’re looking for at the moment. Amazon reported that 85% of their readers do search such terms while they’re going through a book. Audiobooks offer blind people a convenient method to access their favorite literature. The process of ebook creation is effortless and straightforward. But we are presenting some carefully collected dos and don’ts of ebook marketing that you must learn. 

Starting with what you should include in your practice:


Some authors tend to underestimate the unveiling of their ebooks. Publishing a quality piece of literature online is an accomplishment. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating and talking about it. Feel proud enough to promote your ebook and create a marketing strategy for it.


As a writer, you can produce the fairest composition imaginable. But nobody’s infallible, and even the most careful author can make a few slip-ups. That’s why proof-reading your book before final submission is highly essential. Use software like Grammarly to make sure your grammar’s fool-proof. 


The primary factor in your marketing strategy is to build an audience. You should grow an audience first before you create an ebook; either you are a newbie to the field or have been ruling the previous marketing grounds for years. Marketing makes even the worst of the products become an immediate sensation. Your ebook deserves the smartest promotion campaign possible.


Your ebook is probably the first interaction between you and hundreds of readers. So, always put a link to your blog/website/account in the book. Usually, this information goes in the portion called About the Author. If you don’t have an account, have some social proof.


Your social presence immensely matters. Social media is a dynamic platform where you meet your future readers. Some authors ignore this strategy and don’t get as much attention as they’d hoped for with the project. Networking websites engage an unbelievable number of book-consumers. 


People love continued information and entertainment. Once you’ve engaged an audience, keep feeding them fresh material. They will demand more of your writing, and you’re a person who craves penmanship. Expand your literary universe and produce more quality content for online bibliophiles.


Where should I publish my first ebook? Amazon. That’s it. 83% of all book sales in the United States are happening right now on Amazon. You can try different vendors, too, which is a better approach. Amazon Kindle even lets you give away your ebook for free temporarily. That’s a neat promotional campaign right there.

Time for seven avoidable factors of marketing:


Don’t underestimate the need for an editor to have a look at your ebook. A good writer isn’t necessarily an insightful editor. Editors are like an extra pair of professional eyes you can use for precautionary measures. Many books get flamed on Amazon for having multiple errors.


Format matters when you’re trying to promote your book. Properly formatted ebooks receive sincere appreciation for readers. It isn’t enough to make the book available in PDF only. You have to be sensitive about the Kindle and the Nook community as well.


Strictly avoid overpricing your ebook. Overselling your product when you’re unheard of is simply a lousy market. If you keep it between $2.99 and $9.99, you’ll get a 70% payment from Amazon. Selling the ebook for $10 will cut the amount in half. So, even if you’re a well-established author, be modest about the pricing.


The cover helps people decide if they want to read your ebook or not. Therefore, don’t try to design the book cover if you’re not into graphic design. Let professionals handle this matter.


Don’t ask people to review your ebook. Let your marketing strategy motivate people to do it for you. When you implore people to read your work, you sound desperate. It’s better if you share the ebook among friends, acquaintances, and intellectuals you’re in contact with for that time.


Previewing is a personal kind of review. It helps you critically analyze your book for errors and mistakes. Always review the ebook with microscopic intensity. Pay attention to even minuscule details because they can be a bother in the future. 


Don’t risk your entire future on one thing. This book will not make you a sudden millionaire. Start working on the next project as soon as this one’s finished. Try writing at a faster pace so you can have more work done.


Analysts have valued the $18 billion global ebook market to reach $23 billion by 2025. Technological advancements in the entertainment industry haven’t beaten people’s love for books. Many readers favor old paperback versions of the books they love, but it is famous for the cheap rates, easy accessibility, and convenient portability. A small mobile device offers the capacity to carry an average school library. Therefore, becoming an author online seems like an exciting profession. Follow a few instructions, and they will polish your career as a self-published author on the internet.