Our cyberspace has become more of our social space nowadays and people would prefer to conduct online transactions for a hassle-free service. With technology, our future is secured because of the stability that its advancements brought to our plates. Therefore, secured Internet service is a necessity in every company and household.

Technology is evidence that we can gather more knowledge and information by just clicking on our laptops and smartphones with the help of science-based expertise. It has helped and made our lives easier compared to the previous generation because of its one-click-away feature.

But for us to use the ability of the Internet to its greatest extent, we should have an Internet service provider that is reliable and steady at any hour of the day. If not, we might encounter a crummy Internet disruption that will worsen our situation and may affect our jobs negatively at the same time.


So, here is a list of brands where you can compare the cheapest NBN plans you can rely on and may become your partner in making your future better.




The iiNet was founded by Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly in 1993. The company became remarkable to the public because they served to administer Internet access to the public for a very cheap price of $25 a month. Together with their telecommunication service, they also provided email transactions, file transfer systems, and many more web-based interactions with people from different areas of the globe which helped them grow and create their name in the industry. iiNet receives tons of awards from various networks and leading websites because of its outstanding performance and customer service.


Their hard work has been recognised globally and because of their unique innovations, they gained and encouraged customers to rely on their product despite the number of competitors that thrive by promoting the same service. Furthermore, the NBN12 is their cheapest package for new customers and is perfect if you live alone or you are the only one who will be using the Internet. It will cost you $59.99 a month with an MBPS of 11.1 and has 500GB worth of data for a month partnered with a pay-as-you-go call for landline but you can add another $10 if you want to extend your calls internationally.




Belong, a successful and well-established company prioritises and meticulously ponders how they can showcase the culture and way of living of the first people who lived in Australia to their services. They did not want the inevitable change to step on their roots because the company wanted to protect and respect the place where their ancestors used to live. With that concept in mind, the company flourished and gained customers because despite the advancement they showed in the telecommunication industry, they still chose to prioritise saving the earth by using carbon-free chemicals to produce their products which helped the earth recover from the destruction humankind has made thus, this started last 2019.


They aim to never be a source of problem for their customers therefore, they have provided cheap and dependable service that will lessen an individuals’ day-to-day dilemma. The company offers 10GB worth of data for $25 a month which includes unlimited calls and texts. It is perfect for people who are always on-the-go and are travelling from place to place because they can just insert the sim on their phone and they are good to go. People can bring their work with them without missing their deadlines and forgetting their meetings since with this NBN25, their online calendars and electronic mails will always be reliable through the help of the data provided by the network.




TPG or Total Peripherals Group was founded in 1986 but later on collided with Vodafone and became TPG Telecom Limited. They have been awarded last 2014 for having the cheapest broadband bundles in the country and continuously, TPG has been receiving various recognitions from that day on. Also, they invested and created more branches in different countries such as Japan, Hongkong, the Philippines, and the United States of America. To avoid air traffic and disturbances, the company provided a subway superhighway to deliver a top-notch performance to their customers in the said countries.


TPG has various NBN broadband bundles for personal use, small enterprises, and for big companies. For personal use, their cheapest offer is NBN25 which has an MBPS of 11.2 and a phone line for an amount of $59.99 a month. On the other hand, for small enterprises, they also offer the same Internet speed for $69.99 a month. Lastly, for big companies, they do not offer NBN25 rather they have a special offer which is Dark Fibre which is the fastest Internet speed and a lag-free usage together with secured transportation of data to protect the customer’s private information. If you are interested in Dark Fibre, you can contact TPG directly and inquire about the offer.

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