Month: September 2020


Why You Should Consider Getting a Motorcycle if You`re an Entrepreneur

Most owners of small businesses think about cars when they consider creating their own fleet of vehicles or investing in their own business. That is quite normal, since most people associate companies with a fleet of cars, vans or trucks. However, the times are changing and there is a new player on the scene. Actually, it’s been present for decades, but has only recently been rediscovered as a great option for many entrepreneurs and businessmen. Yes, we’re talking about motorcycles.

While many people associate them with pure fun and excitement, motorcycles can be a great asset in terms or running a business for many reasons, as we’re going to discuss in this text. So, if you run a small enterprise and are in need of some means of transportation, read this text and consider getting motorcycles, provided they are a viable option for you.

Tax benefits

Let’s start with something every business owner is interested in – tax benefits. Motorcycles generally produce less COthan cars and if you’re trying to limit your spending, you should definitely consider getting a company bike. One of the reasons is that 20% of the purchase price of your bike will be used to calculate your benefit-in-kind tax. With the price calculated using the purchase price of the vehicle, rather than the list price, you’ll see that a company motorcycle is cheaper than the equivalent used car. And that’s not all!

The bikes your company owns are considered an asset, just like any other item of machinery, for example. That means you can use your Annual Investment Allowance to reduce the amount of corporate tax you’re paying. You’ll have to pay according to how much personal use you’re getting from the bike, so if you’re driving it for personal use half the time, you can adjust the amount you’re declaring accordingly.

VAT reclamation

Another financial benefit of having a company bike is that you can recover the VAT, even if you’re not using the bike solely for business purposes. It’s actually rather complicated to explain this, but let’s try. Even if you’re signed up for the Flat Rate Scheme, you can still claim back VAT if the bike is worth more than a particular amount. The difference is that, in this case, the bike needs to be used entirely for business. Otherwise, you’re only eligible for a partial reclaim.

Great insurance policies

Insurance companies have some great packages providing comprehensive insurance of bikes and you’ll notice that such policies are cheaper than those related to cars. Also, motorbike insurance has become one of the most popular insurances offered by almost every insurance company, which means that those companies are constantly coming up with special deals and offers in order to beat the competitors. As the prospective client, you can only benefit from that situation.

They are more cost-efficient

A bike carries less weight than a car, which makes it cheaper to run. That refers both to fuel consumption and maintenance expenses and if you make the switch from cars, you’ll soon learn to appreciate this fact. Also, motorbike insurance is cheaper than car insurance, especially if you’re an experienced rider, which is also a great financial benefit.

More eco-friendly

As we’ve already established, motorbikes are more eco-friendly, since they pollute the environment less, which is another reason why you should consider introducing them. Apart from gaining various financial benefits for using an eco-friendly vehicle, you’ll be doing the planet a great favour and your clients will recognise and appreciate that. Your company will be associated with a positive image, which will only strengthen your brand. That’s another reason why experts in small business fleet management are giving motorbikes a chance.

Easier to use

If your company is situated in an area that often sees traffic jams and congested streets, purchasing a bike might be the right answer. Namely, it’s much easier to avoid crowded streets and traffic jams on a bike than in a car. Also, parking your vehicle will not be a nightmare, as it often is with cars, let alone vans and trucks.

Brand promotion

People are much more likely to notice a branded bike than any other vehicle. The reason is simple. Bikes move in a way that is different from other vehicles on the road, which makes them much easier to notice. So, if your bike is branded, people will notice it and it will be a very efficient way of advertising your company or a particular product or service. However, it’s vital that the riders respect all the rules, since you don’t want people to create a negative image of your company based on reckless riding.

These are just some of the reasons why it might be a good idea to consider getting a bike for your small business. Naturally, not all companies need a company vehicle, not is a bike suitable for every business. However, there is an increasing number of those who have opted for bikes and have never looked back. Can your company do the same?


Text Message Archiving: One of The Best Ways to Improve Litigation Preparedness

There are several reasons why organizations should record text messages or SMS, and capture other mobile content, including voice calls and emails. The main purpose is to stay compliant with data preservation regulations imposed by the government. Archiving in advance using sophisticated tools and software can save your time and money in eDiscovery to recover data in its original form and context.

eDiscovery or electronic discovery is the process by which electronically stored information (ESI) gets requested, located, and produced with the primary intent of being used in a lawsuit as evidence. It can also be used as part of a Freedom of Information Act request or for government investigations.

Prevent Evidence Spoliation with Text Message Record

Electronic data is believed to be very specific. This is not just because it is in an intangible form and of transient quality, but also because it is accompanied with highly useful metadata. This refers to the device that was used to send the text message, the time and date sent, and the contents of the message.

Such a text message record can play a vital role in evidence. It is not viable to take screenshots of every single SMS sent. It requires archiving software to preserve document metadata and to make it available through a vast volume of organizational information.

Remember, electronic data is easily susceptible to spoliation because of its intangible nature. You cannot expect all your employees to have the same phone they do now after a year or so. In addition, there is always the risk of losing data when a particular mobile device gets damaged or messages get accidentally deleted.

You could lose vast amounts of information that could have a major impact on the outcome of your litigation case and eDiscovery process. Many organizations have improved the way they deal with eDiscovery requests by establishing best practices. You can better cope with an ESI request by investing in a tried and tested litigation preparedness archiving software.

In fact, the right kind of tool could cut down your time to respond by one-third.

Text Archiving Allows for Better Organization

There is a reason why successful lawyers come prepared with organized files. This is to reduce the risk of missing something that could be vital to the legal proceedings. Without archiving your organizational text messages, you risk leaving everything unorganized. No internal, incoming, or outgoing text messages will be captured.

However, with the right text message archiving solution, you could ensure that every text message is not only captured but indexed and made searchable. There are various software solutions that could pack the archived information into long-term storage and allow for easy access whenever you require.

You can have access to a well-indexed and searchable archive when you receive an EIS request. Depending on the software you choose, you may also gain access to the metadata of those message records in addition to the information contained within them.

This way you can easily search for all relevant records on the basis of context and retrieve whatever is required at a fraction of the time. 


How to Prevent Duplicate Medical Records with Accurate Patient Identification

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges the US healthcare system has faced in decades. Even before that, it had a plethora of problems – outrageous costs, archaic laws, lack of price transparency, and so on. However, one of the more prominent problems the US healthcare system has been facing is patient identification errors. These occur due to a lot of issues – duplicate medical records or overlays in the EHR systems of hospitals and health systems, human errors, poor data integrity, and so on. Duplicate records can cost up to $40 million as well for healthcare providers. Healthcare experts have been asking the question “How to prevent duplicate medical records?” for far too long. The answer is simple – ensure accurate patient identification to avoid further duplicates and overlays.

Duplicate medical records

When a single patient has multiple EHRs (electronic health records) in the EHR system of a given hospital, he/she has duplicate records in the system. A variety of reasons lead to duplicate records, most commonly, human errors. Misspelling while entering patient data, not searching for the patient record appropriately, and common names and demographic characteristics are just some of the reasons for duplicate records creation.

Duplicate medical records are especially common for hospitals and health systems that do not utilize any modern patient identification platform and instead rely on the archaic patient identification method of asking the patients questions to determine their identities. This is quite obsolete, can lead to more duplicates, and leads to medical identity theft as well, as it is an unreliable way to identify patients. RightPatient can prevent duplicate medical records, prevent medical identity theft, and ensure accurate patient identification. Leading healthcare providers who understand the importance of proper patent identification have chosen it, but more on that later.

Impact of duplicate records

Black Book Research conducted a study where they highlighted the problems associated with duplicate medical records. The most common issues created by duplicate records are patient identification errors, redundant costs, repeated medical tests, denied claims – leading to significantly increased costs for any given healthcare provider – costing billions for the US healthcare system every year. Thus, the answer to “how to prevent duplicate medical records” is searched quite frequently.

However, that is not all. Duplicate medical records not only cause patient identification errors and financial costs for healthcare providers (in the form of poor revenue cycles and denied claims), but it also causes patient safety issues. Whenever a duplicate record gets created, it means that there is no medical history, information on medications, allergies, vitals, and other medical conditions associated with it. Likewise, if the patient is being treated using a previous duplicate record, it will have incomplete data of the aforementioned information. These will lead to wrong treatments, wrong procedures, and so on – hampering patient safety in the process. The only way to prevent duplicates, reduce associated healthcare costs, and enhance patient safety is by ensuring accurate patient identification. 

How to prevent duplicate medical records effectively

The majority of healthcare providers are struggling with duplicate medical records, patient identification errors, and overlays. However, leading healthcare providers have taken matters into their own hands. They have deployed a solution that mitigates the costs associated with duplicate medical records as well as preventing duplicate records creation. RightPatient answers “how to prevent duplicate medical records?”.

RightPatient is a touchless biometric patient identification platform that ensures positive patient identification by locking the medical records of the patients with their photos upon registration. Whenever the enrolled patient returns, all he/she needs to do is look at the camera – the platform matches the photos and provides the accurate EHR within seconds, ensuring accurate patient identification. It can seamlessly be integrated with major EHR systems, making it part of the workflow. 

Since it is a touchless platform, RIghtPatient is ahead of the curve, ensuring hygiene and eliminating any infection control concerns associated with patient identification. In fact, this was one of the major reasons why leading healthcare providers chose RightPatient over other platforms.

It prevents the creation of duplicate records right from the start, ensuring patient data integrity, providing accurate medical records, reducing denied claims, and preventing medical identity theft. 

Leading healthcare providers like Grady Health, Terrebonne General Medical Center, and University Health Care System have been using it and are ensuring patient safety by protecting millions of patient medical records and avoiding duplicates – boosting their bottom lines in the process.