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Do You Really Need to Hire a Software Testing Company for Penetration Testing?

The United States of America proposed a budget of US $17.43 billion just for cybersecurity for the fiscal year 2017-2019. According to another survey, the firms which have 20,000 or more employees spend an average of 10.6 million US $ on cybersecurity in the USA alone. These stats clearly show the importance of cybersecurity of a company and also the country for that matter. In this blog, we’ll focus on the importance of hiring the software testing company for penetration testing. Before we move forward, you need to understand what penetration testing is and why it is important.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing also known as pen testing or pen-test is a type of testing which is specifically performed to test the security of a software or an app. Penetration testing is very important because your software or app contains very sensitive database and any kind of data leak or cyber-attack can cost you a fortune. Therefore, penetration testing is important. However, the real question is do you really need to hire a software testing company for penetration testing? In order to find out the answer, give a read to the following:

Great Talent Pool

Software testing companies make sure that they hire the best talent pool. Therefore, if you hire a company for penetration testing, then you’ll be getting the services of the domain experts. However, if you go for other options like hiring a freelancer, then there is a big possibility that companies won’t get the desired results. It is because they lack the resources which a proper testing company has.

Attention to Detail

Since you hire a company specifically for penetration testing, they will help give their best to find out all the security lags in your project. Hence, you can sit back and relax because your project is now in safe hands. They will pay attention to every single detail since they have domain experts which will ensure the quality of the project.

On-Time Delivery

Outsourcing testing company can save you a lot of time. The testing company is bound to deliver the product on time. Above all, they offer real-time testing. Hence, you make the required changes in the code and get your code check for security leaks at the same time. This makes the whole process smooth and streamlines the workflow. Hence, you are able to deliver the product at the ideal time.

Cheaper Option

You simply can’t hire a complete testing team for penetration testing for a single project. It will cost you a lot of money and efforts. Above all, you will not be able to hire domain experts since they are not that easy to find. Therefore, hiring a testing company is a cheap and convenient option.


Now you know all the benefits of hiring a testing company for penetration testing. Therefore, you can decide for yourself if you really need to hire a testing company for penetration testing or not.

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Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development, and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, Ray now dabbles out of his New York office.


7 Modern Techniques of SEO That Will Work for You This Year

There is no denying the fact that search engine optimization is definitely a significant thing, which needs to be embraced by the website owners, who want their sites to gain a high rank on the search engines. In order to get high rankings and also boost traffic, it is crucial that you employ the ideal and best strategies of search engine optimization. However, one important thing that you have to understand is that the modern techniques of SEO are responsible for focusing on both the search engines as well as the experience of the users. Furthermore, Google is also responsible for updating the algorithm and what you need to understand is that the tactics that were being used by the professionals almost 5 or 10 years ago are not at all going to be effective right now. A proper and ideal approach is crucial.

Given below is a list of the modern techniques of search engine optimization, which is definitely going to work in a positive manner for you.

Optimize the site and make it mobile-friendly

If you are interested in experiencing the ideal outcomes of search engine optimization, it is mandatory to ensure that your website is completely mobile-friendly. If you are asking why you need to understand that Google has updated the algorithm in 2016 and mobile-first indexing has become one of the most important ranking factors of SEO. According to, 55% of the customer conversations are responsible for happening within a single hour of conducting thorough research on mobiles.

You need to understand that currently, billions of people are using mobile devices constantly. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that your site is optimized, so that you get a high SEO ranking.

Concentrate on SEO optimization locally

Another important technique that you need to keep on your mind is that it is imperative that you concentrate on local SEO. Currently, the ‘near me’ searches have seen a lot of popularity because each and every user is looking for services and products, which are near them. You do not need to sell anything online in order to try local SEO. The main objective is that users need to locate your business. It will be easy for users to locate you when your contact details, as well as directions, are given on the website. If your business is completely online, you need to optimize the site for the local searches. This is one of the most effective SEO strategies.

Improve the experience of the users

If you want to see your website gain more traffic as well as obtain a high rank in the search engines, you need to ensure that it is extremely user-friendly. When your site is going to provide a visitor with an ideal experience, he will definitely want to spend a lot more time on the site, which is responsible for improving the rank of your website on the search engines. Google is also responsible for identifying the total time that a particular user spends on your website.

If Google identifies that any user is spending a long time on your website, Google will ensure that more relevant results are provided to him. However, in order to make sure that a user is spending more time on your website, it is crucial for you to post high-quality and relevant content.

Maximizing on social networking platforms

If there is an ideal SEO technique, which can help in boosting the rankings, it is undoubtedly social media marketing. If you consider the trends and the statistics of the usage of social media in the last 10 years, you will understand that the total numbers of users are going to keep increasing with each passing year.

This means that your business should have the ideal social media presence as well because it helps in promoting brand awareness and also, it will become easier for you to interact with the target audience. In addition, social media profiles are also responsible for appearing on the search engines. If all your posts are capable of attracting the readers, it is obvious that your rankings are also going to improve. If you are looking for an SEO expert in Adelaide, ensure that you have knowledge about this technique.

Ensure that you are not ignoring YouTube SEO

YouTube is also a search engine, which has the second most popular after Google. If you did not have this knowledge, now you know that ranking on YouTube is also imperative. YouTube is also searched by millions of users each month and if you are attempting YouTube SEO, there is a chance that your site is going to rank on the top of the reputed search engines as well. It can help in improving traffic with the total number of views that you receive. However, you definitely need to get YouTube subscribers and ensure that YouTube videos are search engine friendly.

Rely on the SEO tools that are available

A digital marketer has sound knowledge about the importance of search engine optimization tools. They help in getting a clear grasp of the performance of a website, and they help in analyzing, fixing errors, and generating site reports.

Numerous tools are responsible for performing different functions that can help in boosting the SEO rankings of a site. You need to ensure that you are using them accordingly; however, you also need to understand that you will come across both free as well as paid tools. These tools will help in managing as well as optimizing your website in the best manner.

Link building

Another modern technique of SEO is link building, which is not going to fade away anytime soon. The reason behind this is that every search engine is responsible for considering the backlinks to be an important factor of ranking. In addition, link building helps in driving organic traffic to your site, which is crucial as well.


In order to ensure that your business is gaining success in the online world, SEO is necessary. Make sure that you are considering the SEO techniques that have been mentioned above so that you are on the right path.


Immense Development of Fintech to Support the Digital Currency Dealings

With the digitization of almost all the sectors in our life, the way we see and use money has also changed drastically. People today are comfortable with carrying out online money transactions, making online purchases and payments, sending money across virtual platforms and also lending, borrowing and investing online. Online banking has become popular among many and transactions that are based on API have become a new way to handle money.

1. A major Shift in Financial Services

With the introduction of FinTech companies that provide virtual financial service, the manner in which people utilized and handled money has undergone drastic changes in the past two decades. Developed and technologically advanced systems of software and hardware have allowed FinTech companies to provide much more user-friendly and secured financial transactions.

To offer such lucid and flexible platforms for quick and secure financial transactions, internal infrastructure has to be overwhelmingly complex. To make this process simple for common-man, digital currencies and cryptocurrencies were introduced while the regulatory framework had to be more rigid and sophisticated. No wonder modern fintech companies have to upgrade and develop technologies in order to be able to produce extremely complex yet easy to use, safe and highly secured financial services so as to exist, thrive and function in today’s immensely volatile environment.

2. Reasons for the Growth of the FinTech Sector

Utilization of fintech tools and services can be attributed to many aspects. It promotes cashless transactions, ensures quick and safer money transactions, lets you connect with banks and other platforms seamlessly with a mere hand-held device, facilitates online shopping along with easy processing of loans and payments. The emergence of e-commerce is another factor that has brought about immense advancement in financial technology. Apart from this boom in the use of digital currencies that have grabbed the attention of investors is another significant reason for the ultimate sophistication of fintech industry.

3. Investment in Cryptocurrencies

Investors are always watching out for investment options that are safe and provide lucrative returns in a short time. Gone are the days when equity, property or forex was considered as some of the best investment options. It’s time and age of cryptocurrencies that have immense potential to multiply money in a short time frame than any other cash investment can ever do. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin are limited in nature and therefore have a tremendous value attached to them and can be traded for large amounts of local currency. Hence it becomes necessary to minimize the dangers of prying programs and internet connections that can launder your money and hack your personal accounts. This arises the need for secured technology which can be achieved by immense development in the field of safety and security in current Fintech.

4. Better Exchange Rates

Previously individuals and small businesses had to accept undesirable exchange rates and only banks and large organizations had access to near-market exchange rates. But today, many FinTech companies provide competitive near-market exchange rates.

5. Little to Zero Transfer Fee

Just like exchange rates, transfer fees adversely affected the cost-effectiveness of the transactions. Banks collect high transfer fees while FinTech companies charge little to no transfer fees. For instance, FinTech organizations such as OFX and Currencies Direct offer fee-free transfers to almost all the countries.

6. Multiple Payment Options

Most of the FinTech that facilitate overseas money transfers provide their clients with multiple payment methods to choose from. Bank account transfers are the most secure and cost-effective in nature. All FinTech companies don’t accept payments through credit and debit cards and organization that allow card payments tend to charge extra fees for the same. Other methods that you can opt for payments are SOFORT, POLi, iDeal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, ACH, etc.

Final Conclusion

Introduction of Fintech has revolutionized the way in which financial transactions were carried out. Today transactions have become easier with user-friendly software, faster with improved connectivity, cost-effective with reduced transfer fees and exchange rates, safe and secure with decentralized technologies like blockchain and flexible due to availability of various modes of payment. These are major shifts that are sure to disrupt traditional banking and financial institutions in coming days.


Ways to Make Your Smart Home Work for You

Over the last few years, smart devices have managed to get everywhere — in your television, your refrigerator, your speakers and even your door locks — but you might not have paid them much mind. You, like 63 percent of the population, might find smart tools “creepy,” or like 55 percent of the population, you might believe the tech to be totally untrustworthy.

In truth, smart technology is in its infancy; compared to another tech, which has developed over decades or centuries, smart tools are brand-new, which means they still have many of the kinks that untested inventions typically have. However, just because smart devices aren’t perfect doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use them. In fact, there are many ways that smart tools can make your life better in major ways. Here are a few ideas to help you make smart technology work for you, so you can enjoy a better-functioning home.

Consider Your Home Troubles

It’s tempting to buy the exact same smart tools that everyone else is buying, but blindly jumping into smart home tech is a near guarantee that you’ll waste your money and be dissatisfied with smart devices. Instead, you should take time to consider exactly what ways you wish your home worked better; muse on what struggles you consistently have with your home and how smart technology could improve it.

A good example of a common home issue is getting locked out of the house. Many people tend to be forgetful with their keys or the locks on their doors, and homes with children might need a way to let their kids get inside without entrusting them with a key. Smart locks allow recognized users to gain access to a property without a key but instead with their smartphones. Users can lock and unlock their homes from anywhere using a mobile phone app, which can be exceedingly useful and anxiety-reducing.

Because there are a near-unlimited number of smart home tools on the market, you can find a device to solve nearly any problem around your home. You should make a list of common problems or else a list of home features you think could better suit your lifestyle and search for smart tech to fit.

Investigate Your Smart Options

It still isn’t time to make any purchases. Once you have a good idea of the tools available to you, specifically those that would enhance your home and life, you will have a good foundation for making a few key decisions about your smart home. In particular, you need to choose which smart home ecosystem is right for you.

Currently, there are three major smart home players: Amazon, Google, and Apple. A handful of smaller players are easy to find as well, to include Samsung, Wink, Hive, Logitech, and Yonomi. Generally, the larger, better-known smart home systems have more devices available, but those devices might come at a steeper price, and, perhaps more importantly, you might not prefer their interface. Because every smart tool that you acquire should be able to integrate with the ones currently in your home, it is imperative not only that you remain consistent in the smart system you use but also that you understand and enjoy using the system.

You can read reviews online to get a sense of how homeowners like you are reacting to various systems, and you can also sample a few systems out at big-box tech stores like Best Buy. After you determine which system is right for your home, you can start purchasing smart tech — but you should make absolutely sure that the devices integrate with your desired system.

Bolster Your Smart Network

Even after you have a cadre of smart tools throughout your home, your job of setting up your smart home isn’t done. That’s because you need to keep your home safe from digital attackers, who utilize relatively insecure smart devices to infiltrate your network and steal your data.

Fortunately, it is rather easy to guard against this type of attack. First, you should acquire a smart device manager, which makes it easier to see all the smart tools on your network and keep them safe. You might also consider setting up your smart tech on a separate network from the one you connect to your computers, so any data saved on your computers is completely inaccessible from your smart devices.

Even with these protections, you need to be diligent about keeping your smart tech up to date in patches for software and firmware. Most cybercriminals use known vulnerabilities in outdated firmware to infiltrate home networks, so with simple updates, you can trust your smart tools to do their job and keep you safe.

Smart technology might seem like a trend now, but it’s unlikely to go away. The sooner you accept some smart tools into your life, the sooner you can benefit from a fully functioning smart home.


Custom Software Development – Relevance and Benefits

Simply put, custom software which is also termed as “Bespoke” software gets developed for catering to a specific business or corporation to cater to individual needs. Usually, customized software gets designed to address the business requirements of one client or many clients that state the process and features of software they wish to use.

The relevance of custom software development

You always have to consider the after-effects of purchasing software packages off-the-shelf. Also, you need to consider the essential pros and cons of creating specialized software with the help of credible software development services to cater to particular business requirements.

There’s no obligation for you to spend your time with the development team for designing your software. These applications are all generic concerning the end-user needs. And it might provide you with a set of features that might tally with your specific needs. Hence, even when you spend a huge amount of money, you might need to struggle the business automation process, as you might not have access to a couple of features in the ready-made software.

Today, there are several advantages of developing and designing custom software catering to your business requirements. Some of the essential benefits are discussed below:

1. It helps in optimized business methods

Every company comes with its specific business model as well as in-house practices. It is indeed challenging for companies to alter their business procedures, to cater to a particular software application or package, regardless of its potency or efficiency. Hence, the software requirements should get developed and designed in a way that can easily sync it with the best business models. It should also follow a company’s in-house procedures. The custom software development process also enables in optimizing the business procedures instead of substituting it.

2. The advantage of the invention

With software being customized, you can determine the type of software development technology to make use of when you’re designing your business app. You can evaluate and choose the new age technologies for developing customized software. Go ahead and make it work the way you feel it’s apt.

3. You can focus on your business insight

Are you completely invested in developing the software depending on the business requirements? If yes, then it indicates that you consider the in-house business processes necessary. It also speaks volumes about the commitment for your business as you simplify the working models and process flows, for it to perform seamlessly.

4. Dependability

The capacity to maintain and also follow the business procedures over some time enables you to become successful gradually. Reliability is one of the essential aspects that determine success. You need to test your custom software adequately to make sure that you have consistent IT tools that will help you to develop your business.

5. Helps you to be unique

Every business has a unique advantage over the other! One solution can’t be applied to all the business processes. When there’s software custom-made to cater to your individual business needs, it can add value to your business model. Furthermore, the process of custom software development also enables you to develop your “unique” business identity.

There are several other advantages of custom software development that you can experience and put to your advantage. For this, you need to join hands with an ace service provider that understands your requirements to customize the software.


How to Create A Vision and Strategy For Getting More Instagram Likes?

There are several profiles on Instagram; however, only a few of them stand out and are popular online. If you want to join this league of popular Instagram profiles, you should create a vision and strategy that will help you to achieve your goal. Before working on your Instagram profile, the following are some questions you should ask yourself-

What is the purpose of your Instagram profile?

Now, if you are a person or a business, you first need to answer this question- why are you here on Instagram? What is the purpose of your Instagram profile? What do you want others to think or even speak about your brand? These are the first questions you should ask yourself. Once you get a clear understanding of the above questions, you will be able to get the answers and create a good Instagram profile for your followers.

Extra tips for business profiles on Instagram

No one will visit your profile without reason especially if you are on Instagram for business. As a business brand, you should ensure your profile is complete and the response time you take when it comes to getting back to your customers should be short. It is best for you to activate an automated response system on the profile to reply to the customer once he/she sends you a message. This will increase the integrity and goodwill of your business with success. Remember, no one will like to visit a business profile on social media if they have never heard of the brand or the company before. The profile you make for your business should reflect authenticity and the quality of your business in a positive light. This helps you to get a lot of инстаграмнакруткалайков too.

What do you want your profile to look like 5 to 6 months from now?

If you wish to have a popular Instagram profile, you should always focus on development and growth. Make short and long -term goals. At the end of 6 months from now, how many followers do you want? You should write them down and check what your most important objectives are and what should you do to attain them. Create plans and strategies that are in sync with your social media goals-you are bound to get positive results!

Last but not least, evaluate your profile from time to time. Check out other profiles and see whether yours is appealing or not. Think about your profile and look at it from the point of view of a visitor. Make changes as and when desired. If you have a business profile and are looking for a wider audience, embrace an Instagram marketing strategy for your company. This marketing strategy will help you reach your targeted audience faster. Make sure that your Instagram profile for your business gives you an overall view of your products and services to the targeted audience you intend to reach out to. This helps you to increase SEO traffic and improve lead conversions.

You can automate your social media with Somiibo’s free instagram bot to increase your followers on auto-pilot which will save you time and give you a chance to focus on creating good content. Automating your marketing process is a great investment in any business and is worth considering for just about any industry.


The Top Free VPN for Torrenting and Tips to Bypass the Great Firewall

When using the internet to download movies or TV shows through torrenting, it is suggested to use a VPN client also which make it much secured and private. You have to protect your connection during any such file transfer activity with which you can keep yourself safe from the hackers as well as the ISP surveillance services.

The major advantages of using a VPN client while attempting torrenting are:

  • You can avoid any speed throttling from the ISPs
  • Get a random IP location to displayed to the intruders
  • You can access geo-restricted content also through Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, HBO, etc. from any part of the world.

Using VPN for torrenting

To enjoy all the benefits, you need to identify a good VPN, which provides you the best torrenting experience. Here will discuss a few options in free VPN for torrenting and also premium options.

1. NordVPN

It offers full value for money on going for the premium option, but you can the free version also as a trail. Nord offers military-grade encryption and a wider server network. There are tutorials also on using the torrent servers.

2. CyberGhost VPN

There are five distinct user profiles CyberGhost offers when it comes to torrenting. It is very easy to choose the server best for you. Apart from torrenting, you can use it to access the US Netflix also which is not available in many other countries.

3. PrivateVPN

The provider is located in Sweden, where there are strict laws related to privacy. However, PrivateVPN fully lives up to its name.  Static IP of Private VPN is ideal for torrenting. They follow a ‘no log’ policy and the 2048 bit military-grade encryption will keep you optimally secured and anonymous over their VPN.

4. ExpressVPN

It is the fastest among the VPN clients available. It offers user access to various content from across the globe and helps shield the privacy of the users and during online data usage. Express VPN doesn’t also keep the user logs or data.

Circumventing China’s Great Firewall

China has a massive internet censor policy, and there are many queries as to how to Bypass the Great Firewall (GFW) of China. Usage of a good VPN can help up to an extent in bypassing. Let’s see how.

Step #1: Sign up with an appropriate VPN service. VyperVPN is an ideal option to try out for GFW and other options like NordVPN, ExpressVPN can also be considered.

Step #2: Follow the instructions to launch the VPN application on your device/s.

Step #3: Log in using your credentials.

Step #4: Choose the server you want to connect to outside the country. The above-mentioned VPN clients offer 30-60 servers at different locations to choose from. Try to choose the best censorship-free location.

Step #5: Once the connection is established, you can use the internet as normal without any restriction and also by masking your IP identity.

However, VPN sites are also banned in China. So, if you are planning to visit China, it is ideal for installing the VPN service well ahead of entering the country. Google Fi is also a good option to consider in order to bypass the Chinese Firewall and gain access to US websites and apps.


Zoho Vs. Salesmate – Which CRM You Should Choose for Your Business?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a tool that enables businesses to organize and access customers’ data. In the past, this was done manually where businesses made paper notes to keep a record of the activities and metrics related to the company. But today, businesses have realized the importance of quality customer service, and now they need something more advanced than notes and sheets. This is where the CRM software comes into play.

Many businesses have invested in CRM software application such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services to unify their strategies related to customer services. CRM software has become a business necessity which is why they have taken the lead as the largest software market in the world. By the end of 2017, the global CRM software market was generating a net revenue of $39.5 billion. Its global revenue is expected to reach $80 billion by 2025.

Two important CRM software commonly used today are Salesmate and Zoho. If you are going to select a CRM software for your business, you need to compare these two and decide which is right for your business.

Zoho Vs. Salesmate

Both Zoho and Salesmate are CRM systems that assist small and large corporations to convert the lead into customers. In this post, we will compare various factors of the two software so that you can decide which one works well for you. These factors include basic features, pricing plans, support, and integrations among other things.

Ideal users of Salesmate and Zoho

The two software platforms differ from one another based on who they are ideally meant for. Salesmate CRM can be customized for a diverse range of businesses. It can meet the needs of various small and large enterprises to organize processes and gain an edge in the competitive market. The different versions and industries that Salesmate serve include:

  • Real Estate CRM software: It allows you to manage contacts, automate activities, and facilitates a smooth sales process. Also, if you need a real-estate logo, the best place for buying it is DesignHill.
  • CRM for construction: It helps you to stay organized and seamlessly handle your bidding process and sales deals
  • CRM for lawyers: SalesmateCRM for law firms to help them maximize efficiency and increase their revenue
  • SaaS CRM for startups: Helps sales reps to simplify sales processes, organize workflows, and provides a holistic view of your prospects
  • Salesmate CRM for agencies: organizes and automates sales operations of media, marketing, and digital agencies
  • CRM for higher education: Helps the competitive educational market to organize processes and records

While Zoho works for similar enterprises, it is mainly intended for large businesses and organizations along with small scale corporations. It is aimed for slightly matured businesses and caters to a sales force of a thousand persons and beyond.

Plans and Pricing

While the introductory Zoho CRM pricing is affordable, the cost inflates every time you are looking for advanced features. Zoho offers a free version of the software which distinguishes it from a Salesmate. However, the free version is generally a poor representation of CRM software as it misses a lot of important features. The standard version of Zoho costs around $15 while the cost goes up to $18 if you are using the professional version.

On the other hand, Salesmate offers a simple and affordable pricing plan. It costs $12 per user/month when billed annually for all the features. It also offers a free trial period of 15 days which can be activated without a credit card. Once the 15-day trial period is over, you have the option to either pick a monthly or annual billing plan.

Features comparison

Salesmate features

Salesmate offers a myriad of features and brings all your favorite apps into one CRM. It enables you to sync apps like Google Drive, Gmail, Contacts, Maps, and Calendar into one CRM. Additionally, it allows you to connect with apps like MailChimp and Shopify and provides a plethora of plugins to convert your leads. You can also set up a professional email signature and further make it appealing by the signature template creator offered by Salesmate. Other features that Salesmate CRM offers are:

Accelerated Sales

  • Pipeline management
  • Tracking activities
  • Smart Emails

Smart Productivity

Gain Visibility

  • Tracking sales goals
  • Sales intelligence
  • Sales forecasting
  • Mobile apps

Zoho features

Zoho CRM software brings all your channels together in an organized timeline. You get to see all your emails arranged in a CRM pipeline and respond to customers with ZohoSalesInbox. It also allows you to contact customers inside the CRM with the click of a button. Other Zoho features include:

Salesforce automation

  • Pipeline analysis
  • Real-time forecasting
  • Lead generation and qualification

CRM workflow management

  • Email notifications with templates
  • Workflow alerts while creating and modifying records
  • Instant notifications to third-party apps

Sales tracking

  • 360-degree view
  • Monitoring sales opportunities
  • Sales pipeline and escalation process
  • Import sales opportunities from third-party services

Document library

  • Send documents from your CRM
  • Role-based folders and sub-folders
  • Quick feedback from team members to improve documents

Integrations and Apps

Both Salesmate and Zoho enjoy plenty of third-party app integrations, but the variety of apps it Salesmate offers in its standard version far exceeds its competitors. It integrates well with Gmail, Drive, Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace, to name a few.

Customers support

CRM software is known for its poor customer support. But unlike others, the Salesmate CRM prides on a massive support center. It provides tons of articles and guides that answer many common customer questions. What distinguishes Salesmate from Zoho is the availability of ‘live support’ which comes handy when you need a swift response in case of CRM software malfunction. This is the reason why Salesmate enjoys a 5-star review rating when it comes to customer support. Check Best Zoho CRM Alternatives.

The verdict

Choosing a CRM software that not only your requirements but also falls within the confines of your budget sometimes become a challenge. If you’re looking for a CRM software that is affordable and yet provides all the features that matter, we recommend Salesmate. However, if your business can afford the premium packages delivered by Zoho, you won’t be disappointed by it either.


Best Practices for Mobile Application Testing

Mobile application testing companies have come up with various solutions to create effective and reliable mobile applications. Challenges that testers face are growing due to the continuously growing type and number networks, devices, and operating systems. The most important point to note down is the difference in user skills. Mobile app developers are finding solutions to meet these challenges and deliver a high performance so that their application can get five-star ratings.

When testers carry out testing on mobile applications, following are the best practices that ensure that an app is reliable:

  • Devising a Strategy

Testers should devise a proper strategy before beginning a test. This strategy must clearly list down guidelines for performing tests. This helps testers in following step-by-step tests that ensure nothing is left unattended.

  • Performing Tests on Real Devices


Although, testers use emulators and simulators while testing applications in the early stages of development, but testing should be done on real devices as well. This helps in achieving realistic results and getting a better understanding of the app and its usability.

  • Testing Often at Early Stages

It is important to test an application as soon as it has reached a logical stage of development. It helps testers in identifying issues and saving the cost of fixing petty bugs and errors. Moreover, testers can utilize tracked test cycle results for introducing further improvements in the app.

  • Setting Device and OS Preferences

It is not possible to test on all devices, networks, and Operating System (OS) combinations. Testers must identify the devices and OS that the application under test will be able to cater to and then carry out tests on them.

  • Automation Testing

Testers should save their time by using automation testing because it has a higher ROI. On the other hand, they must also require to carry out periodic maintenance of the automation test suite.

  • Performance and Security Testing

With the help of performance and security testing, testers can easily make their app robust and prevent it from any glitches to the end users. They can also check the app from all aspects particularly with reference to third party and open source software packages.

  • Testing Battery Consumption and Interoperability

Testers should ensure that they check how much battery the app consumes. Due to the high consumption of the battery, most of the users delete applications. Thus, it is important to check how the app adjusts when there is variation in the network strength.

  • Global Availability of Application

The application can be appealing worldwide if it is adaptable to different geographies. Testers should ensure that they support various languages and currencies so that the users can make purchases easily.

If an application is slow or crashes too frequently, then it will not be able to remain in the market for too long. Testers should be vigilant in picking their tools and strategy so that they can make their applications successfully accepted worldwide. Mobile application testing companies ensure that they follow the above-mentioned strategies in order to provide excellent testing services for any kind of mobile applications.

Author Bio

Ray Parker is a senior marketing consultant with a knack for writing about the latest news in tech, quality assurance, software development, and travel. With a decade of experience working in the tech industry, ray now dabbles out of his New York office.


Understand The Power Of Artificial Intelligence In Digital Marketing

In this new era of marketing, technology has observed outstanding advancement. Along with path-breaking progression, the world has become more automated. Right from smartphone to the crewless aircraft everyone loves to explore the leading edge technology in their daily life. Among numerous innovative trends, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has great applications in several fields. Well, a great influence we can see in the digital marketing industry. Today, a digital marketing department is able to achieve its business goals without any hassle and whole credit goes to AI.

How AI Affects Digital Marketing?

According to a report, 55% of digital marketers rely on AI for business promotion. That’s confidence! This technique offers an incredible platform to grab the attention of core customers and associate them with business for a longer time. Other than that there are many remarkable outcomes that only possible with the advanced AI strategies such as:

  • Behavior Analysis

Artificial Intelligence is more about analyzing immense amounts of data and making decisions as per the findings. This predictive analytics is a fantastic method in which AI is transforming digital marketing. Now what AI performs here? It transforms analysis of this data and transforms into user-friendly information! AI is being more and more applied to unorganized data which do not have a ‘set record’ format like social media feeds, documents, audio transmissions, digital pictures and videos used to collect facial expression, creating these disparate data sources to provide insights on behavioral patterns of consumers that remain or elusive. The interesting thing is that AI can perform this task much quicker and perfection than a human ever could.

  • Customized Marketing Solutions:

There is no denying the fact the social media marketing plays a vital role in the digital marketing industry. It has the power to take the profits of digital marketing techniques to the next level. So, you will be glad to know that with the use of Artificial Intelligence a digital marketer can easily improve his output by making more effectual and customer-targeted materials. To perform this task, several tools are employed to assist in using AI. The greatest benefit of involving AI is producing customized marketing solutions. Rather than having a one-size-fits-all marketing operation that tries to attract the customers, the customized solutions will directly hit your target audience. There are a few tools that quite valuable for digital marketers:

  • – An Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing supporter that learns the inner workings of your business and suggests the most appropriate action to take for your marketing strategies.
  • Acquisio – Increase your digital marketing technique by using ML to optimize cost efficiency and enhance significant customer views
  • Emarsys – Utilize AI marketing that enables machines to make decisions for you and customizes ad campaigns for every customer.
  • Enhance User Experience:

User Experience is the area where Artificial Intelligence makes a remarkable impact. Let’s understand this fact with a simple example:

  • As the customer plays a vital role in business, similarly, content is quite essential for a marketer. If the marketer is able to align the content marketing strategy with AI, it could be ground-breaking. This means AI can easily improve the user experience by providing customized content to the customers as per their searches, purchasing behavior and interests.
  • Next, the biggest example is Chatbots. They are incredibly making the process of automating responses to core buyers’ frequently asked questions even simpler by offering them with the best approach to find the service or product they are seeking. Chatbots are programmed by AI and its capacity to answer open questions. They contain numerous benefits for the customers and enhance their experience in an effective way. They serve the customers 24×7 and able to retain the crucial data. They are easy to operate and never lose their patience.
  • Make Decision Making Process Easy:

Another effective aspect of Artificial Intelligence is augmented reality. This aspect offers the customer leverage to view and feel the product before purchase. In this way, a customer can easily evaluate the entire features and other essential components of the product. This will enable them to make a fair decision. Now they can better decide whether they should invest in that product or not. This will stimulate a quicker response from the customer and in turn enhance the revenue. It means if AI enters, it can make an extensive impact by an increase in better strategies for SEO as well as digital marketing.

  • Generate More Leads & Maximize The ROI

If you ask a marketer what is the most important thing for his business growth probably he would say more and more leads. But do you know what they do for this task? They implement different strategies in order to associate the core customers with business. This is because customers are the real asset of any company. If they are able to grab their attention, they can easily improve the ROI of the business. Now you will be glad to know that just as Artificial Intelligence can shift a large amount of information to make c buyer personas, it can perform the same to find your core customers.

In fact, if we consider the case of recruitment, there is also the influence of AI. It helps screen candidates and makes shortlists to assist the employers to recruit quicker and hassle-free. Not only this, it effectively reduces the cost of recruitment process too. Different platforms such as LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator enables users to seek employment leads and potential clients.

Final Takeaway:

The future of digital marketing is closely linked with AI. Now, most of the reputed organizations are involving this approach in business and exploring outstanding perks. Many small scale or medium scale companies are comprehensively chasing this path to get the most of its great power in the domain of digital marketing. The integration of AI doesn’t remove the human essence from marketing. In fact, it makes jobs more comfortable and saves a lot of time! Utilizing AI into your digital marketing techniques give business the insights it requires achieving goals.

Author Bio

Vincent Lambert is the co-founder and president of TactikMedia, innovative digital marketing, and web development agency. Vincent’s biggest priority is to attract quality traffic to the website, which ultimately will bring in quality leads, thanks to top-notch work in organic and paid searches. He has a solid understanding of everything relating to SEO, cost per click, remarketing, and conversion optimization.