Asset tracking is a technique used for tracking physical assets that allow the user to learn about the status, location, and the maintenance of the asset schedule.  It is hugely beneficial for managing the process of the supply chain of both public government bodies and private organizations alike. The organization’s assets can be tracked real-time with the help of asset management software, handheld barcode scanners, RFID tags, or GPS. Asset tracking aids to maximize the efficiency of the asset and also minimize the loss. 

This software helps to track the movement of assets- software, devices, or IT equipment in an organization. In fact, it will scan the assets entirely to offer a quantitative record as well as allow physical monitoring of the assets. With this, companies can schedule preventive maintenance or scheduled maintenance.

Some Alluring Features 

These are some alluring features that have made Asset Tracking Software so popular,

    • GPS Positioning and Asset Recovery- When a company handles many assets, one may get detached from a huge batch and tracing, which can be problematic. This will need productive time and significant power to recover. Even worse, the business is likely to experience complaining customers, increased costs, and delayed productions. You can avoid all this with an asset tracking software which can aid one to know where their asset is along with its exact GPS location.

Infographic created by Track Your Truck, a GPS vehicle tracking devices provider

  • Augment Customer Service- The moment a customer signs a contract for doing business with a company they look for a positive ROI. This software will help them in keeping a track on the assets of their customers every time. Besides, you can also track the efficiency at which the goods are moving.
  • Real-Time Asset Management- Through this software, one can get a picture of their business assets. They can trace goods as they are moved or arrive at particular destinations in real-time. Precise asset tracking is essential for effective data management.
  • Reduce Labour Waste and Increase Productivity- Asset tracking applications will work wonders in keeping track regarding the different items that are passing via one’s department. This way, they will be capable of calculating the lifecycle of an asset. Asset trackers will make the employees free from all menial tasks, thereby leaving them to pay attention to other facets of business which invest time to their bottom-line.  
  • Prevent Unnecessary Maintenance and Repair Costs- To track an asset’s life cycle is crucial, especially one that takes a long time to complete. Asset tracking software can help to monitor and also anticipate devaluation of goods, thus replace the same on time.
  • Maintenance Tracking- Asset maintenance is vital for the effectiveness of numerous processes. Through advanced software, one can set up repeat alerts for time to time maintenance of every tool that you use in their business.
  • Set Stock Thresholds- No matter it is done externally or internally, asset audits can put immense strain on a business. It is the asset tracker that helps one to perform audits to boost the visibility of their assets and thereby cut down compliance risks. This software will offer precise data that one can use to make informed decisions.

Apart from this, this software will also help to offer regulatory compliance, streamline the maintenance schedule, offer peace of mind, and also ensure accuracy.

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