Special ingredients for fabulous content!

Who doesn’t like unique things? Even if it is about your website’s content, nobody likes to read the repeated stuff and boring matters. Well, call it a valid reason to concentrate seriously on your website’s content. The other vital reason is ranking high in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or Google Analytics. You just can’t take your website’s rank higher without concentrating on excellent content to adorn it.

What makes your content out of the world?

If you are hiring an SEO consultant in Melbourne from NextGen Digital, they’ll take all the responsibilities of creating awesome content for your website along with managing all the important criteria that can help it rank higher on Google. But if in case you are looking to create exceptional content all by yourself, you’ll certainly require these tips of ingredients to cook impressive content that’ll tempt lots of readers.

Only original, no duplicate matter — The very first ingredient that you just can’t miss while creating your content is providing only the original ideas. Remember, Google penalizes the sites which copy the matter from other websites. This ultimately pulls you down and obviously, your website loses the organic searches it could otherwise get.

Focus on catchy headlines — Let’s not forget — you get attracted to a certain website or content because of a unique and very catchy headline. Yes, titles can be so powerful. Always keep in mind to spend a considerable amount of time in phrasing this carefully. And when it’s a captivating headline, it need not always be practical. The weirder and interestingly framed it is, the better.

Know your target audience and competition (similar websites) — Knowing your audience is imperative – you should be aware of what they are looking for and their areas of interest, their level of expertise, how you can direct them to your website, etc. Likewise, you have to know about your competition – they can be the benchmark to make you do better than the best.

Are you answering relevant questions? —It often happens to you! You type a certain query or question and Google immediately gets you immediate answers to this question. Well, even you can provide your partnership in this matter. Provide answers to relevant questions in your content to ensure that all these searches are in some way or another directed to your website.

Reports should be accurate and initiate a call for action — If you are providing inaccurate information in your content, it will automatically impact your website. Once the readers realise that they are being misinformed, they will never ever trust your content for any other subject. So, be very confident and accurate about what you write, and be clear about your sources. Finally, there should be a subtle directive about what the readers would do with the information. If you are a seller, then backlinking or promoting to seek services would give the audience a sense of direction. However, never ever be obtrusive.

Be sure to engage with your readers — Once your readers visit your website, ensure that your content is engaging. It is important to keep them hooked to your website and the best way to do so is to ask interesting questions them like trivia and puzzles. Even great storytelling skills make great content.

These ingredients are sure to add lots of spice to your content. Further you can garnish it with lots of attractive videos and images and serve it in short portions (we know of dwindling attention span and all!). The results would be lots of eager readers heading to your website for reading such fabulous content! Oh, and to keep them coming you have to regularly update your content – stagnancy is an absolute no for content that works for you. 


How to improve e-commerce conversions for your stores.

Conversion optimization is an essential aspect to consider when you’re running an eCommerce store. 

After all, if you’re investing so much time and money into your store, you’re going to want the users coming to your website to not bounce off. 

But how can you ensure that they don’t bounce off? Well, there are plenty of strategies that you can try to that end. 

In this post, we’ll be explaining how eCommerce store owners can implement conversion rate optimization strategies for their eCommerce processes. 

So, let’s start.                                                       

#1: Discount Coupons and Points on Referrals 

In the long run, your goals should not only be more customers but also returning and referral customers. 

By introducing points and rewards on the referrals system, you can gamify the eCommerce experience for your website users. This will not only improve the conversion rates of your eCommerce store but also get more eyes on your products whom you can later convert.

Okay, let’s try to explain the benefits you can gain from referrals.

Referrals create a win-win situation. When a referral is complete, you (the referee) get a discount, the person joining up gets a discount, and for the store, it means a double sale. In the long run, the discount costs on referrals can be covered since you have brand loyalty and superior conversion rates. 

The only thing that you need to take care of from your end is the product quality. If the quality of the product is bad, then you’re going to have a bad time getting more customers back to your store. 

#2: User Reviews, Suggestions, and Ratings

User reviews, suggestions, and ratings are one of the most important aspects of social proof indicating a user’s experience with an eCommerce website. 

These metrics are “on the ground” so to speak and give you a gauge of the performance of your eCommerce store and its associated products. 

Now, let’s explain each of these three:

Reviews: Detailed product reviews give you an idea of where you need to improve with your product offering. It also shows others users how satisfied they were with the purchase.

Suggestions: These types of reviews are aimed at providing the website owner with input on how he/she can improve the performance of a website. The prime benefit of suggestions is that they help you build your product quality. 

Rating: The quickest way to gauge the performance of a product, ratings are a bird’s eye view for a product. They indicate whether or not the product is good. 

Now, how do these reviews help in improving conversion optimization? Well, user reviews optimization helps you improve the performance of your store. This leads to better performance overall and can improve customer’s eCommerce experience by a significant margin. 

#3: Minimize Load Times for Your Store

Suppose you’re running an eCommerce store. Things are going well, and your site is gaining more and more customers. However, you’re not getting the amount of traffic that you got before because your site’s load time, for one reason or another, increased. 

This is a problem.

Load times matter a lot and can mean a lot in conversion rate optimization. Think of it from a user perspective. Would you ever visit a slow-loading website if you have a lot of other options available? 

Unless necessary, you’re not going to do that. you can have the best-designed website, but if you haven’t optimized it for load-times, then you’re going to lose a chunk of your customers to the competition. 

Besides losing the competition, slow loading websites have a disadvantage in terms of the Google ranking. Yes, Google penalizes sites that have a slow loading speed. 

To improve the load times of your eCommerce stores, you can use a tool like GTMetrix to check the current performance of your website. Afterward, you can perform the fixes.         

#4: Your Product Descriptions Should Add Value

If you’re running an eCommerce store, your product description content should be optimized to entice the user into converting. 

You see, the product page is where the customer decides to enter or exit your store. If you can persuade the user to purchase the product at that point, then you’ve got yourself a conversion. 

The product copy and the visual content of the product description should be tailored to the users-intent. It should provide benefits that the user can avail. 

How you display your product visually matters a lot as well. You can add custom carousels, infographics, video content, and more. The end goal of all these marketing materials is to ensure that the customer is persuaded enough to convert. 

#5: Multi-Payment Gateways 

If you’re running an eCommerce store, then you need to invest in having multiple payment platforms on your store. 

You see, your users are distributed over a particular geographical area and demographic profile. Because of that, you must understand that not everyone is willing to pay for your products/services similarly. 

Some users are going to pay through credit card, and some might prefer PayPal, and some might just prefer Stripe or any other payment for your eCommerce platform. Whatever their selection is, you need to have those payment gateways present as support for your eCommerce operations. 

Now, why does that matter?                    

If a certain user is satisfied with paying through a credit card, they can do so. If they want to pay through PayPal, they can do so with PayPal. Whatever method they choose, what they won’t do is exit your store.

The CRO Journey is Tough

Now, we’re going to conclude this article by just saying this:

E-Commerce is a perilous journey with many hurdles coming to stop your progress. To avoid these hurdles, you need to follow the best practices for conversion optimization discussed in this article. They are only a few which should be easy to understand. 

We would suggest that you A/B test your offerings as much as possible to ensure that you have multiple strategies. Going with a single strategy is always counterintuitive. It’s always best to diversify. 

So, keep pushing, you’ll get there! 


How to Improve the CRM App’s Performance?

Companies have access to various customer related information and data that were unimaginable a few years ago.   

The high-quality and usable information requires extraction abilities in a marketing environment of fragmented communications media with trailblazing technologies like e-commerce, web-based supply chains, and mobile messaging.   

Due to advancement, companies are relied on software because it helps them convert information into actionable intelligence and lets them communicate this intelligence to customers at the right time.   

Customer management software is an essential component of analytical and operational CRM (Customer Relationship Management) implementations.  

Yet, how companies are using CRM software to support their customer management processes and activities and how they satisfy them with results and experiences depends on the software implementation related to improved business performance.   

Maintaining good relationships with customers is necessary for the overall company’s growth. Thus, if you have invested a lot of money in CRM-based software, it’s time to think about its performance.   

Must-Know Tips to Improve the CRM App’s Performance   

Select the Right Performance Testing Tool   

Performance testing tools play a significant role in improving the CRM application’s performance, so the first step is to choose the appropriate performance testing tool to initiate the CRM app testing.   

Usually, companies use some advanced levels of tools for CRM testing, such as Selenium, Cucumber, LoadStorm, CloudHarmony, and Blazemeter. With such tools, it becomes easy to check the sensitive data and information of businesses without compromising with quality.   

Apart from that, many automated and paid tools are available online to check the performance of CRM applications.   

For instance, StresStimulus is a paid tool that one can use to examine the performance of websites or web applications and any kind of CRM applications.   

This tool is designed for recording different web application scenarios, and it allows to replay those scenarios with load patterns produced through Virtual Users during performance monitoring.   

The purpose of automated CRM performance testing tools is to provide the utmost ease for managing the entire life cycle.   

The different phases for the performance testing life cycle are as follows:  

  • Non-functional Requirements Elicitation and Analysis.   
  • Performance Test Strategy.   
  • Performance Test Design.   
  • Performance Test Execution.   
  • Performance Test Result Analysis.   
  • Benchmarks and Recommendations.   

With the CRM performance monitoring tool, one can easily record the end-user activity and use the data as scripts that are further used to create performance testing scenarios or sessions that define a combination of typical end-users’ activities.   

Moreover, these end users’ activities are actual performance tests that can be executed at any time or until any app’s performance testing needs are not correctly met.   

With the best CRM performance testing tool, you can ensure that the application responds quickly in terms of speed. It can handle the maximum user load in terms of scalability, and it works with stability with varying loads.  

Choose the Well-Trained Workforce   

The stringent testing is requisite for the CRM app’s performance testing with pre-built test cases, testing procedures, and automated test frameworks as it helps your business improve customer loyalty, insights, and customer satisfaction.   

Therefore, always choose the well-trained workforce for CRM performance testing as the qualified experts can help satisfy your business needs.  

They focus on eliminating performance bottlenecks that influence the accuracy, speed, stability, and overall quality of the CRM software.   

With an experienced workforce, you can enhance the app’s performance and experience ROI-generated customers and profits.   

Check Functional Stability   

Before taking the step for CRM performance measurement, it is crucial to ensure that the application is working as expected and functionally stable.   

All the bugs or defects should be identified and removed in the functional testing of the CRM application.   

The CRM performance testing role is to analyze the software behavior under continuous and peak load conditions.   

For example, if the application is developing for 100 users, then chances are high there will be more users in the future who will interact with you in your CRM platform.   

To make this application for multiple users, it is a must option to check the load time, response time, along with getting the app ready for the maximum number of users.   

Understand the Major Types of Performance Monitoring/Testing  

In SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), there are six major types of performance testing for any application.  

Likewise, Stress Testing, Spike Testing, Load Testing, Endurance, Volume & Scalability Testing. Based on your application’s requirements, you can consider different types of CRM performance measurement steps.   

However, load testing is vital for the CRM application because it confirms that it will give a higher number of user’s satisfaction and fulfill the required needs of the web design and optimization process.   

Running load tests during any system customization or upgrade is suggested to validate stability, performance, and end-user experience.   

Also Read: Best Practices and Checklist For CRM Testing

Create a Timeline   

In the competitive era, providing quality-made, error-free, and faster software is the basic step that we keep in mind while improving the CRM app’s performance.   

However, the most important task is to set or create a timeline to deliver the project on time. If you already have a dedicated test environment for CRM performance monitoring, you can start this activity in quick minutes.   

On the other hand, if you don’t have any test environment, you may have to build the environment first, and it can consume you a lot of time and money.   

You must have sufficient time and resources to inject the load, identify and prepare use cases, test creation, and final execution.   

Don’t forget to check the CRM app’s performance against different servers, databases, networks, and devices.   

Furthermore, if you are integrating your CRM software with other applications or adding some new themes, you still have to check its performance and get ready your document at each step without showing ambiguity in the scripting process.   

Other than that, CRM performance monitoring should be done through the identification of all input data requirements with expected responses.   

Determine the different user types and check the performance of the application accordingly. You need to decide whether the use cases are at an active stage or a passive stage.  

To obtain the benefits as Devs or Architects, you need to validate design goals, establish scalability patterns and validate the capacity requirements.   

Besides, you need to optimize both hardware and software configurations for increased throughput.   

You even need to measure the metrics of your CRM, such as customer churn, product usage, closure rates, retention percentage, and recurring revenue.   

After improving the app’s performance of your CRM, you can analyze how many loyal customers you have obtained for your brand.   

CRM software is an integrated suite of cloud applications such as sales cloud, marketing cloud, and service cloud to gather and store all customers’ data.   

It provides a centralized solution for sales teams to manage customer interactions and prioritize activities that helps in boosting the customer’s experience.   

It is the most needed tool nowadays to spend valuable time with customers and bring loyalty to them. The more time customers will spend on your CRM, the better sales and the faster growth you can experience in your business.   


There is no magic trick to enhance the CRM app’s performance. For this, you need to check the tips that we have given above. With the right performance testing tools, experience, best testing metrics, checklist of non-functional requirements, you can ensure that your CRM software is responsive, stable, reliable, speedy, scalability, and can work under a particular workload. 


Reasons for your SaaS to speak Spanish

Collaboration with Nementio

The SaaS market is booming, and they are the future. From video games to content and of course business services, they are all moving to the cloud. It is impossible to see the future, but it is true that sometimes it is easy to see the dynamics of the market.

Powerful companies like Amazon are getting a lot of their revenue from their online services. Amazon web Services, the division of this company that deals with cloud services, generated 45.4 billion dollars in 2020.

Undoubtedly, 2020 was the year in which, due to the situations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the SaaS market exploded. Telework was the opportunity for many companies to make the leap to the SaaS market.

What is the SaaS market?

SaaS, or better known as software as a service, offers the possibility for users to connect to applications through cloud hosting over the internet. This means that it is a method of having applications without having to download anything, with better updates and constant improvements.

On the other hand, this type of application allows users to remotely connect to the entire infrastructure of the organisation simply by having an internet connection.

Digital transformation has led to the emergence of different markets and this is one of the ones that have been having the most impact for years.

Most of the companies that opt for this business model to implement it in their everyday tools are those that want to optimise their business. Companies that want to grow, that embrace new changes, that easily adopt technologies and integrate them in a natural way.

The benefits of working in the cloud and having software in the cloud have been visible for many years before the pandemic. But it took a trigger for more people to start optimising their ways of working.

3 advantages of having your SaaS in Spanish

When we talk about a SaaS product, it is assumed that it is a digital product and that it is easier to change its language. In other words, the cost of changing the language of a digital product is lower than if we want to do it with a physical product.

That is why, when we have developed all the software and put it into operation, having it in a language, such as Spanish, will give you many more opportunities for sales. Here are some of the advantages that we believe to be the most important.

1.      The potential of the Spanish-speaking market

Spain is a nation remembered for its great historical encounters, for its mix of cultures and for being a great global empire in ancient times. Currently, according to the World Bank, Spain’s economy is the ninth largest.

But when we talk about the Spanish-speaking market, we are not only referring to Spain as a country, but there are many countries that speak Spanish.

If we talk about the Spanish language, we have 405 million native speakers, spread over many countries. There are 30 countries that speak Spanish.

This data is very important, because more than the global number of speakers of a language, it is very important to know the number of native speakers. This is because the first choice of these people will be to use our application in their language.

Imagine for a moment entering an audience of 405,000,000 people with a simple translation/localisation into Spanish.

2.      Low investment for high profitability

Selling SaaS services in Spanish-speaking countries is relatively simple compared to other markets. The investment required is minimal if we consider that we only must carry out the following three steps:

  • Translate your software: You simply need to have the multilingual options activated in your software. From there, you simply need to have someone who speaks both languages to translate it.
  • Marketing strategy: You will need to define a marketing strategy so that your efforts are not wasted. To do this, choose the platforms on which you want to show your audience that they will now be able to use your tool in Spanish. We recommend that you get a Spanish marketing agency specialised in SaaS in Spain, such as Nementio.
  • Get support in Spanish: It will be important that apart from having the tool in Spanish, you offer coverage of problems in your own language. To do this, have people within your organisation who speak both languages so that it is easier for them to resolve doubts and your customers are more comfortable.

3.      Improve your brand image

If you have taken the above steps by caring about your new customers from another country, you are on the right track. These customers will have noticed that you care about them and give importance to their culture. Approaching them in a caring way and showing them that you want to be part of their culture will make them see that your brand is responsible.

Translation alone is not enough; you must make sure that the target audience has the localised tool. In other words, it must have the cultural nuances of their language.

It is not simply a matter of using an internet tool to put the content in Spanish, but rather it must be a careful translation that shows that it has really been done by a native speaker.

Take care of your translation and generate from the first glance a good feeling in the client.

Finally, if you need more information about taking your SaaS to another level with the translation of the platform, we will leave you some extra content: here you will find more detailed information about the SaaS market in Spain.

5 useful gadgets for gaming beginners

5 useful gadgets for gaming beginners

When you start gaming, there are many things to buy for making your games more interesting. These gadgets can be very useful and easy to apply.

These gadgets are available in the market and some of these accessories are highly recommended by professionals. We can say that using these accessories will blow your mind and increase your interest in gaming.

These gadgets must be cost-consuming but it is not wrong if we say that these gadgets are worth spending your money on. It is like you are spending on the right thing.

But the fact is many things are just a waste of your money so, you must be very careful when you are going to spend your money.

We will give you the best ideas of accessories you can buy which can be very helpful for you. So the details of these accessories are given below.

Gaming laptop

The very basic and the most important thing is a gaming laptop. You can also play your games on a simple laptop but having a gaming laptop is much be a better option.

Many laptops come along with the best specifications and they are basically meant to do official tasks but you can easily use them for gaming also due to their high-end specifications.

But there are some laptops which have below the average specifications and these laptops cannot be used as a gaming laptop.

You can play light games or older games on a simple laptop. We recommend you to buy a gaming laptop that meets your needs and your needs decide which device is suitable for you. Budget also plays a great role in choosing the best one. You can easily search on Google about gaming laptop under 300 dollars and will get a great number of suitable laptops for gaming.

But we cannot decide or determine which device is suitable without recognizing our needs and requirements.

Gaming mouse

Most of the games are mouse-dependent. We can say that a mouse is a very basic thing to be used in games. Some games can only be played by keyboards.

But having a mouse is still very important. You can get a mouse from the market and there is a variety of mouse available in the market.

But we are talking about gaming mouse, gaming mouse is meant to be something advance than a simple mouse. There are some extra options in the gaming mouse that can be a good choice for gamers.

Moreover, we can say that a gaming mouse is smoother than a simple mouse. These accessories are somehow more sensitive than a simple one.

Again, having gaming doesn’t mean having a huge cost required for it, there are many under-budget gaming mouses you can easily go for them.

Many manufacturers are available in the market who are offering their products at a very reasonable price and there is no problem using a cheap mouse.

Gaming keyboard

The more your keyboard is smooth, the more you enjoy your games. Some games require an instant response and for instant response, you must need a smooth keyboard.

You can play games on a simple keyboard but if you want some extra fun then you must go for a gaming keyboard. The gaming keyboard will give you access to some extra options that can make

your games more interesting.

But these accessories are all about your budget. if you cannot afford to use a very expensive keyboard, you can go for a simple or cheap keyboard.

A cheap keyboard will also work the same so, go for a budget keyboard. It is very important to stay on a budget while playing the games

Gaming keyboards are meant to be used for gaming specifically but you can also use them for other tasks. these keyboards are flexible and easy to use.

There are two options used for gaming keyboards; one is having a wireless keyboard and the other one is using a wired and typical keyboard.

Gaming headset

Sound is very important for gaming. Like today, we are used to playing real-time games that are using multiplayer so, having a good sound system is very important.

Instead of using a heavy speaker that can be disturbing for others, you must use a gaming headset. Using a simple headset is not a good option especially for gaming.

A gaming headset is a good option due to its base and the quality of sound. So, having a gaming headset is important for gaming.

Having a good light

Having a colorful room always attract you towards gaming. This is the best option for using good lights when you are playing games.

You must have a good atmosphere while playing games. There are a variety of lights, if you are fond of colorful atmosphere then you can go for colorful lights but if you don’t want to be very colorful then you can go for simple one tone lights.

You can buy affordable lights from the market and these lights are not that expensive but they will give you complete joy and make your games more interesting.

Wrap up

Everything looks good when it is properly executed. When we talk about gaming, we need proper equipment for gaming.

We always mention that gaming is not about spending too much. You can make the requirements your priority so you can easily decide what to buy or whatnot.

Having these accessories along with a cheap gaming laptop will blow your mind and give you the best fun ever. You can also play games without using this equipment but having these can make your games more interesting and easier too.

7 Social Media Strategies for Business Success

7 Social Media Strategies for Business Success

As a business owner, you must already be aware of social media‘s influence on business success. With billions of people using various platforms, it is a great opportunity to attract new customers if you do it right. Here are a few tips that will help you create social media strategies for business success.

Infographic created by Beantown Media Ventures

1. Create High-Quality Posts:

Ok, so you have created a social media account and ready to post on the account, but you have to choose carefully what you share. Sharing substandard content will not grab user attention. The social media platform is filled with excellent content, and if you wish to stand out, you have to produce top-notch posts.

2. Choose the Right Social Media Platforms:

While there are multiple popular social media platforms available, not every platform is beneficial for your business. You have to do research to figure out the one that may work out for you. You can opt for two platforms to engage initially but do not go for more social media platforms at once as your attention will get divided, and none of the platforms will yield results.

3. Truly Engage:

Just creating an account on the social media platform to promote your business but not truly engaging with your audience will not help in business growth. People prefer to invest time in accounts that truly engage with their audience. This will build trust, brand image, and will add a personal touch which goes a long way.

4. Keep an Eye on Your Competitors:

While doing business, being the best in the market is not your only aim, but you have to monitor your competitor’s efforts. Check out their social media strategies with data scraping API to make sure that your efforts are better than them.

5. Share Visual Content:

Statistics have revealed that while people browse the internet, any visual content is more appealing to them rather than adding just text. Make use of images, infographics, or video content to keep your users interested.

6. Mix Things Up:

Posting one type of content may make your audience lose interest. You should always maintain a social media account where you post different formats and content styles to keep the user’s mind occupied.

7. Check Analytics:

Just posting content continuously without finding out it is working for your business or not is foolishness. Every social media platform offers its own analytics. Check the content that is doing good and the ones that are not performing. Compare them to find out what has gone wrong. Figure out the demographics of your audience and when they engage with you the most. Also, you can find if you are reaching your target audience or not. All these data collections will help you do better with your social media posts in the future.

The Bottom Line:

As you start using social media to promote your business, things may not stir up overnight. It may take more time than you thought, honestly, but if you are consistent in your efforts, you will eventually succeed in grabbing your target audience’s attention to boost your business. 


Ways to Improve your Restaurant Business Visibility in 2021

As the world comes to rely on modern technology solutions, businesses worldwide are facing a major twist in their operations, and the restaurant industry is no more immune from this disruption. Furthermore, due to the pandemic, restaurant owners are already battling for survival. Fierce competition and customer’s changing preferences are the major reasons behind the restaurant industry’s drastic change. 

Food delivery apps such as Zomato, GrubHub, Postmates, etc., have changed the way people order and eat. Hence, more and more restaurants are upgrading their current technology in order to achieve optimal results and make their business successful for long-term suitability. Moreover, social media and various online marketing activities help restaurants to promote their products and services. Having a solid online presence is no more an alternative; it is a need. 

If you have just launched a fine dining restaurant but lacking an online presence, then you are leaving lots of money and potential customers on the table. In short, you need to embrace emerging trends that build brand advocacy and boost your bottom line. From online ordering to social media marketing to business listing, you need to quadruple efforts to improve visibility in 2021. 

Tried and Tested Ways to Improve Restaurant Visibility 

These days, the restaurant industry is no longer just about offering quality food and earning money. Things have changed, and the diner’s preferences have been changing. Customer’s expectations from brands are also changing. Along with the quality, modern customers seek digital ordering facilities, strong social media presence, attractive offerings, and much more that encourage them to visit restaurants more often. 

Gone are the days when restaurants opted for offline marketing techniques to attract diners. Now technology has changed the entire game since the era of the Internet and smartphones has begun. Diners and restaurants are relying more on modern technology to maximize their business revenue and customer base. According to research, almost 95% of restaurants admit that technology has improved their business efficiency. 

Some well-known brands like Starbucks, Chipotle, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut have already implemented mobile technology and are following ongoing marketing techniques to get an edge over the competition. 

Overall, it opens the door for new opportunities and improves profitability. So let’s discuss several ways that improve restaurant visibility and keep your customers entertained. 

Let Customers Order Food Online

Source: TweakYourbiz

Online ordering has become a boon for time-starved customers. This is why the online food ordering market is not growing, but it’s exploding; it will soon cross the $200B mark. Digital ordering services allow customers to order their favorite food within a couple of clicks. 

Hence, technology partners are developing ordering platforms for startups with exclusive features as it offers many golden opportunities to make a solid customer base. As a restaurant business owner, if you have not jumped on the bandwagon of online ordering, this is the right time. 

Popular food delivery service apps such as Zomato, Postmates, and DoorDash have encouraged people to order food online as it saves time and money. The majority of customers claimed that attractive deals are the reasons they often order food online. Hence, more and more restaurants are listing themselves on these apps. If you are not doing so, you will lose out on a huge chunk of customers. 

When you offer online ordering, you also increase sales and clear up the crowd at your doors. Eventually, it will increase order accuracy, reduce waiting time and create an additional revenue stream for your food business. 

Be Active on Social Media

Source: SproutSocial

No matter how quality food you offer, all your efforts will go to waste without having a strong online presence, and you won’t be able to drive traffic. This is what it is imperative for restaurants to have a strong social media presence. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are popular social media channels where you can engage with customers and promote your products and services at cost-effective rates. 

You might be wondering how social media presence increases sales and improves visibility; the below statistics will give you a better idea. 

  • Almost 63% of restaurants leverage social media sites to market their products and services. 
  • More than 35% of customers use social media websites to research brands before making purchase decisions. 
  • And 88% of diners are influenced by online reviews and comments; Sprout Social stated that. 

Now you must be clear why social media presence is critical for the restaurant business as it is one of the most powerful advertising weapons for your food business. Apart from the promotion, you can engage with customers on a personal level. All you need to create a business profile on these platforms; later, you can promote and communicate with your diners.

Leverage Other Form of Marketing 

Earlier, restaurants had limited resources and understandings of marketing. Radio and newspaper were key sources to market restaurants, but now we have plenty of emerging online marketing techniques that have the potential to reach a large audience. 

More than 88% of customers research a restaurant online before they order or actually visit the place. While 70% of the American diners stated that they read online reviews to make informed decisions. The introduction of different sites such as OpenTable, Yelp, Zomato, etc., has changed the entire landscape of the restaurant industry. 

Here are several emerging online marketing techniques that you can adapt to improve the visibility of your restaurant. 

  • Video content (YouTube)
  • Get Found Locally ( Google My Business and Local listing)
  • Website and App ( for menu browsing and ordering)
  • Paid advertising ( Google Ads)
  • Content marketing 
  • Email marketing 

Above are the popular online marketing techniques that can expand your business reach, boost brand value and upscale your restaurant business without any geolocation barrier. 

Stay Updated with Modern Technology

Technology keeps changing, and restaurants are one of the sectors that are disrupted more in recent years. Customers’ expectations are also increasing; this is why it is important to adapt ongoing technology changes to stay competitive and relevant. From ordering online to social media to offering wifi and digital kiosks facilities, technology is everywhere. 

Moreover, customers are now preferring online payments over cash, so offering them multiple payment options would be advantageous for you. Make sure the offered payment system is swift and secure. Before you lose a huge chunk of customers, implement modern technology solutions and stay one step ahead in the competition. 


Once everything is humming for your business, and you have a strong customer base, you have a website, you have a strong online presence, now it’s time to focus on what works and what not for your restaurant business. Change is constant; all you can go with the flow and keep adapting to new changes to thrive your restaurant business.


8 Trends That Will Shape Insurance In 2021

Many sectors have been exploring possibilities on how to personalise their customer’s experience in the effort to cope with the current health crisis. Structural changes across sectors are happening all around the globe. Insurance industry is no exception.

It is known that the most effective communication channels during the pandemic were mobile apps, messaging platforms & chatbots. Several reports from multiple sectors forecasted that AI’s initial impact would primarily relate to improving efficiencies and automating existing customer-facing underwriting and claims processes. Over time, its impact will be more far-reaching; it will identify, assess, and underwrite emerging risks and identify new revenue sources, impacting nearly every aspect of the P&C insurance industry.

Demand for tailored products, such as business-continuity cover for small enterprises, pandemic insurance, and event-cancellation policies, will soar. Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance and Commercial insurance will see policies changes. Commercial insurance will face different types of claims resulting from injury or death.

Doing business in the insurance industry will change, as doing business is changing in all industries in all sectors lately. Insurance brokerage will be digitalized, but already there are so many changes that are inevitably leading us to the up-to-date modern insurance agencies. Self-service applications are literally your portal to all policies, documents, pink-slips, etc. Customer support is becoming so customized that you somehow create a really strong bond with your insurance agency (or agent) even though we all seek a digital (and “further”) approach.

These structural changes will interlace, on the other side, with people who use wearable technological devices. From wearables like Google Glass to internet enabled home automation devices like Nest, internet-connected devices will allow insurers a novel personalisation of services.

To rethink the offer is to survive and thrive in the business. Property and casualty insurers will need training to have a deep understanding of new potential threats for small businesses. Similarly the insurance industry will see some significant mergers and acquisitions in 2021.

Let’s see how the sector is going to be transformed from the more advanced use of trigger emails to new technological frontiers:

Triggered email campaigns

Studies show that companies using triggered emails enjoy a 34 percent increase in revenue and earn 53 percent more conversions. Similar to retention efforts, AI can also facilitate marketing efforts to target customers most effectively.

Digital services and phygital experiences

The ability to combine the physical and digital experience is to provide customers unique, highly-personalized experiences while stipulating a contract through mobile devices. Some reports even forecasted that AI’s initial impact will primarily relate to improving efficiencies and automating existing customer-facing underwriting and claims processes. AI algorithms can process data and use this data to identify potential or existing customers for re-engagement campaigns.

The switch to usage-based coverage

Working remotely will change the requirements and specifications of many insurance types. The reduced movement of people will incentivize insurers to create usage based coverage.

Security and privacy

Blockchain technology accounts for the issues of security and trust in several ways. Personal insurance data or health records could be encoded and stored on the blockchain with a private key, so that they are only accessible by certain individuals.

Green sustainability

“Sustainable insurers” will outshine competitors. They’ll strengthen their brand and update fast. Commercial insurance will be impacted. Car insurers are likely to introduce more incentives for their customers to switch to electric cars. Some may advertise their intention to stop providing cover for petrol and diesel vehicles. The fear of “greenwashing” recently started progressing, after several affairs. Today companies can’t just say that they are green, but there has to be a proof of that. Insurance agencies also need to persuade the market that, if they claim the sustainable approach – that those practices are in deed – green.

Bitcoin as a new asset class

MassMutual recently invested US$100 million in Bitcoin for its general investment fund. Plenty of other carriers will start adding cryptocurrencies to their investment portfolios.

Life and health insurances

Carriers that quickly establish a strong presence across the health ecosystem will gain a big advantage over competitors. There will be a wider insight into customer’s needs. Digital health, wellness products and services will be emphasised.

Market expansion

The insurance coverage will expand beyond traditional markets. The flat premium revenues and low investment returns predicted for 2021 will accelerate this trend.

Considering these 8 factors in time will enable insurers to align their businesses to the changing needs of their customers and deliver new lucrative products and services.

We’re living in exciting times where technology will allow us to have a complex tailormade interaction, allowing us to execute operations that were impossible beforehand without not only our physical presence, but also the physical presence of an external entity to validate the desired contract stipulation or change.

How Can Tech Adoption Improve Sustainable Business Development?

How Can Tech Adoption Improve Sustainable Business Development?

Running a sustainable enterprise in 2021 is a priority for a variety of reasons. First, sustainable and frugal often act as synonyms. After all, spending fewer resources to get the same job done will benefit your budget, as well as your eco-friendly image. The second reason for going green is your PR and being able to label your brand as green.

Lastly, from both an ethical and strategic standpoint, you need to acknowledge that our planet is on the brink of an ecological disaster. This means that it won’t be long until government regulations force your business (and your entire industry) to go greener. Why not do this ahead of time and provide yourself with a sizable competitive edge?

One of the best ways to achieve this is by adopting new tech trends. Some of them are meant to make your business model more efficient. Others can outright reduce your enterprise’s carbon footprint. Let’s check some of the most relevant green tech trends to adopt in 2021.

Remote Work is Reducing Carbon Footprint

In the era of COVID-19, many people were forced to work from home for the first time. Still, even before this unfortunate series of events, there was a large and expanding population of telecommuters out there. Now that they’ve seen all the benefits of the business model, the chances are that many entrepreneurs won’t fully return to the old ways, even after the pandemic is over.

Employees who telecommute don’t have to be paid commute reimbursement. This also allows them for a larger potential talent pool, seeing how reasonable commuting distance is no longer a factor when hiring. From an environmental standpoint, this makes a huge difference since private transport is one of the world’s biggest sources of greenhouse gasses. Since most business interactions in the digital world are paperless, this is another item in favor of this business model.

Accounts Payable Automation Helps Create a Paperless Business World

Old-school invoices heavily depend on the use of paper. However, with the help of processes like accounts payable automation, it’s a lot easier to make a paperless business world. An average company may send hundreds and thousands of invoices annually, which significantly contributes to the enterprise’s carbon footprint. By digitizing and switching to eco-friendly, paperless alternatives, going green becomes a lot easier.

Fortunately, this is far from being the only benefit of going for AP Automation. This high-tech accounting process also helps elevate your accounting’s reliability to a whole new level and ensures that your enterprise always makes its payments on time. In a modern enterprise, an accountant’s involvement in business processes goes past their traditional role. Many of them hold tops spots in small and medium enterprises, while some are getting actively involved in digital marketing. Keeping an eye on everything with the help of accounts payable automation will help increase their efficiency.

Cloud Storage and Green Hosting

Another way to ensure sustainable development in the business world is to turn towards cloud storage. For starters, it reduces the cost of doing business. Compared to the alternative, storing information on these servers is a lot greener in nature than the alternative. Sophisticated as they are, additional HDD and SSD drives are costly (for the user) and take resources to produce (from the manufacturing standpoint). When compared to servers that the cloud storage runs on, this option is quite power-hungry. If the server in question is also using green hosting options, this solution becomes even more environmentally-friendly.

Employee Training and Development

The concept of employee training and development has drastically evolved over the course of the last decade. Online courses and webinars have introduced a revolution in the world of e-learning. These concepts have evolved alongside tech trends that made them possible, efficient, and accessible. Some are even using webinars to drive their sales or get feedback on their products/services. The key thing is that this form of learning doesn’t require printed materials and a commute to the conventional classroom. Materials like e-books, whitepapers, case studies, presentations, and instructional videos are eco-friendly.

Digital Marketing

The concept of digital marketing is superior to its traditional counterpart in two significant aspects. First, it’s measurable in a way that old-school marketing never was. John Wannamaker, one of the pioneers of modern marketing, once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” With present-day analytics, this is no longer the case.

Another advantage of digital marketing is the fact that it has a significantly lower use of paper. Email marketing and social media marketing are paperless. The same goes for blog posts. What do you think happens to billboard posts once they get worn out and have to be replaced? Promotional materials of all kinds (eventually) create waste, and not all of them are recyclable. Simply put, digital marketing is both more efficient and eco-friendlier.

More Efficient Local Collaboration

When talking about the benefits of hyper-connectivity, the majority of people focus on the bigger picture. What about being able to connect to other local businesses effortlessly? With the help of local SEO and business databases like Google My Enterprise, it is a lot easier to find local partners. In the case of local suppliers, the carbon footprint of all interactions is drastically reduced since goods and raw materials need to be transported over shorter distances. This concept also strengthens local economies, which is a significant benefit on its own.

The Breakthrough of VR

VR has all but revolutionized many industries, and one of the most prominent examples is real estate.Instead of traveling long distances to visit a home that they are interested in, people can just put on a headset and have a virtual tour of the place. This lowers the carbon footprint produced by the traffic within the real estate industry.

In terms of training and education (something we’ve already discussed), VR can provide trainees to experience simulations without any use of resources. For instance, pilots can fly without spending tremendous quantities of fuel. Furthermore, heavy construction machinery operators can practice without the risk of damaging any materials that they’re handling in the simulation. Overall, as VR technology further expands, we can expect these benefits to grow even further.

Wrap Up

By adopting new technological trends, companies are gaining a significant competitive edge. However, they’re also making their contribution to the good fight. All of the above-listed trends have more to offer than being just eco-friendly. This creates that unique win-win scenario where an entrepreneur gets to do the right thing and gets rewarded for it. Still, this is a never-ending process. There are always new ways to innovate and make your business more sustainable. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout.


How to Maintain Your Brand on Social Media

  • 90% of Instagram users say they follow a brand
  • 1.62 billion people visit Facebook daily
  • 92% of companies will tweet at least twice per day

Maintaining your business’ brand was never an easy task, but as social media has reached new heights in popularity, it’s another piece of your brand that you’ll need to take very seriously. Social media sees billions of users log on every day, and that means you have an incredible opportunity to reach many of those users – or at least the ones who will be interested in what you have to offer.

So, this is not a situation to be taken lightly. Having a strong social media presence can give you the edge over your competition, but it’s not as simple as logging onto Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to make an occasional post. That’s why hiring a digital marketing agency Miami is often the right move, but first, let’s take a look at some social media branding tips to get you started. 

Make a Policy

This is crucial. Having a social media policy that details everything that needs to be followed can save you from dealing with a not-so-fun digital marketing situation in the future. You’ll need to figure out what kind of voice to use and how to handle numerous different types of situations. 

Plus, since you’ll have everything in writing, you’ll have a consistent guideline for dealing with anyone who decides to take things a little too far. Your social media policy should include topics such as:

  • Security
  • Copyright
  • How to handle a crisis
  • Privacy

Keep Your Voice Consistent

Having a consistent voice across your social media platforms reinforces that these pages fully represent your brand. This doesn’t mean, however, that everything should be the same across these platforms. People expect to see a different type of post on Facebook than Twitter, even if it’s basically about the same thing. Use emoticons (check Kaomoji); they can help you out to emphasize the things you want and show some personalization.

This might involve a little bit of trial and error to discover what you want your business’ digital voice to be, but having the help of a digital marketing agency can help streamline this process.

Work on Your Bio

When it comes to digital marketing, even the small stuff counts. As someone browses through social media, they’ll be seeing many posts, but one of yours might catch their eye. It interests them so much that they decide to check out your profile to learn a little more. This is the moment you’re waiting for. This is your time to shine. A well-crafted bio can lead someone to make a purchase.

What should you include in your bio? That can be up to you, but it’s always important to highlight these areas:

  • What you do
  • Where you are
  • How to learn more

This is also a great space to show some personality, so users aren’t bored by another generic profile.

Communicate with Your Followers

Communicating with your followers – or anyone – on all social media platforms is necessary, but putting the focus on Twitter can give your brand a lot of positive recognition if you handle things well. 

Twitter is where people tend to go if they have a question or complaint. They see it as a more natural way to communicate with someone who can help them or take care of their problem directly. If you have someone or multiple people from a digital marketing agency dedicated to solving these problems on Twitter, it will help maintain a positive image for your brand.

Be Prepared for Backlash

As we briefly discussed the importance of creating a social media policy, not everything will be a positive experience in the digital marketing world of social media. Something you tweet might be considered offensive. Something outside of social media might’ve happened that negatively shines a light on your business. It could be anything – and you have to be prepared for anything. 

Having a strategy to handle rough times and customer complaints consistent with your overall brand image can prevent a rough time from becoming awful. Mistakes happen. It’s how you respond that’s important. Having a digital marketing agency Miami on your side can help in these situations. 

Your Social Media Voice Can Bring Positive Awareness to Your Business

Some businesses just have digital marketing locked down on social media. They always have the right thing to say. They still have the funny but appropriate reply. They always show they care about their customers. These businesses have made an online name for themselves through a fantastic social media presence. By setting a plan and getting some assistance from a digital marketing agency, your business might be able to reach these heights.