Comparing the Cheapest NBN Plan Providers

Our cyberspace has become more of our social space nowadays and people would prefer to conduct online transactions for a hassle-free service. With technology, our future is secured because of the stability that its advancements brought to our plates. Therefore, secured Internet service is a necessity in every company and household.

Technology is evidence that we can gather more knowledge and information by just clicking on our laptops and smartphones with the help of science-based expertise. It has helped and made our lives easier compared to the previous generation because of its one-click-away feature.

But for us to use the ability of the Internet to its greatest extent, we should have an Internet service provider that is reliable and steady at any hour of the day. If not, we might encounter a crummy Internet disruption that will worsen our situation and may affect our jobs negatively at the same time.


So, here is a list of brands where you can compare the cheapest NBN plans you can rely on and may become your partner in making your future better.




The iiNet was founded by Michael Malone and Michael O’Reilly in 1993. The company became remarkable to the public because they served to administer Internet access to the public for a very cheap price of $25 a month. Together with their telecommunication service, they also provided email transactions, file transfer systems, and many more web-based interactions with people from different areas of the globe which helped them grow and create their name in the industry. iiNet receives tons of awards from various networks and leading websites because of its outstanding performance and customer service.


Their hard work has been recognised globally and because of their unique innovations, they gained and encouraged customers to rely on their product despite the number of competitors that thrive by promoting the same service. Furthermore, the NBN12 is their cheapest package for new customers and is perfect if you live alone or you are the only one who will be using the Internet. It will cost you $59.99 a month with an MBPS of 11.1 and has 500GB worth of data for a month partnered with a pay-as-you-go call for landline but you can add another $10 if you want to extend your calls internationally.




Belong, a successful and well-established company prioritises and meticulously ponders how they can showcase the culture and way of living of the first people who lived in Australia to their services. They did not want the inevitable change to step on their roots because the company wanted to protect and respect the place where their ancestors used to live. With that concept in mind, the company flourished and gained customers because despite the advancement they showed in the telecommunication industry, they still chose to prioritise saving the earth by using carbon-free chemicals to produce their products which helped the earth recover from the destruction humankind has made thus, this started last 2019.


They aim to never be a source of problem for their customers therefore, they have provided cheap and dependable service that will lessen an individuals’ day-to-day dilemma. The company offers 10GB worth of data for $25 a month which includes unlimited calls and texts. It is perfect for people who are always on-the-go and are travelling from place to place because they can just insert the sim on their phone and they are good to go. People can bring their work with them without missing their deadlines and forgetting their meetings since with this NBN25, their online calendars and electronic mails will always be reliable through the help of the data provided by the network.




TPG or Total Peripherals Group was founded in 1986 but later on collided with Vodafone and became TPG Telecom Limited. They have been awarded last 2014 for having the cheapest broadband bundles in the country and continuously, TPG has been receiving various recognitions from that day on. Also, they invested and created more branches in different countries such as Japan, Hongkong, the Philippines, and the United States of America. To avoid air traffic and disturbances, the company provided a subway superhighway to deliver a top-notch performance to their customers in the said countries.


TPG has various NBN broadband bundles for personal use, small enterprises, and for big companies. For personal use, their cheapest offer is NBN25 which has an MBPS of 11.2 and a phone line for an amount of $59.99 a month. On the other hand, for small enterprises, they also offer the same Internet speed for $69.99 a month. Lastly, for big companies, they do not offer NBN25 rather they have a special offer which is Dark Fibre which is the fastest Internet speed and a lag-free usage together with secured transportation of data to protect the customer’s private information. If you are interested in Dark Fibre, you can contact TPG directly and inquire about the offer.


6 Best Customer Support Products for Better Customer Retention

Building brand loyalty and retaining customers is one of the most important factors for the long-term success of your business.

If you feel like you’re constantly trying to keep up with your customers, we’ve compiled a list of 6 tools that will help you retain your existing customers so you can focus your time and effort on expanding your business.

The Benefits of Customer Retention

If you’ve been running a successful business for any length of time, chances are you already have a number of returning customers.

Customer retention includes all the tools and techniques you can use to make sure customers like these keep doing business with your company in the long run.

Like with many other aspects of business, the 80/20 rule also holds here. This means that 80% of your profits will come from 20% of your best clients, so focusing on customer retention should be one of your top priorities.

Another thing to consider is that keeping your current customer base can cost up to 5 times less than trying to find new customers. An investment in customer retention will not only bring more profits but also let you stretch your budget further.

Top 6 Tools for Customer Retention

Now that we know how important customer retention can be, we will go over some of the tools that can help make the whole process easy to set up and use. These tools will cover different approaches and techniques you can use to build customer loyalty.


Document360 gives you a full suite of tools needed to build and maintain a knowledge base.

This resource can be invaluable to your customers, offering answers to any questions they might have about your product. At the same time, it saves you the time and resources you would spend on customer support calls.

On top of that, strong customer support is one of the best ways to build brand loyalty. It lets your customers know you’re there for them and are ready to help with any problem they might have.

Document360 also has a handy internal knowledge base, covering all the features they offer and showing you how to make the best use of their tools.

Key Features

  • Product documentation – Tools that will help you create, preview, and publish your knowledge base articles.
  • Category manager – Lets you create categories and subcategories, use them to arrange articles, and manage user access.
  • Editor – Lets you manage article content and insert additional elements, such as images, code blocks, and tables.
  • Branding – Allows you to customize the look and feel of your knowledge base and bring it in line with the rest of your brand identity.
  • Security – Lets you backup and export your articles and determine the level of access for your team members.


  • Startup ($49 per project, per month) – Offers a limited range of tools and storage for smaller teams.
  • Business ($149 per project, per month) – Full range of tools with expanded storage.


Upsend is less focused on specific customer retention techniques, instead offering a multi-faceted approach with a range of tools that help you engage with your customers.

These tools range from automated marketing campaigns to live chat and even guided tours of your products and services. Upsend is great if you want one tool that will help you cover all the bases in an easy-to-use way.

Key Features

  • Customer data hub – Lets you capture and manage customer information, sort customers by categories, and validate customer emails for use in marketing campaigns.
  • Customer support – Allows you to set up a live chat with your customers, which you can also automate using chatbots. It also lets you integrate outside elements in your chat, such as pictures and videos, shared files, and articles in your knowledge base.
  • Marketing automation – Lets you create and use templates for email campaigns. These can then be additionally personalized using the information from your customer data hub. You can also set up automated email campaigns and instantly send the to customer categories you already set up.
  • Knowledge base – Allows you to set up a knowledge base for your products and sort articles by categories.
  • Product tour – You can onboard new customers quickly and easily through interactive product tours.


  • Free – Only supports one team member, but offers live chat and a team inbox.
  • Grow ($39) – Supports up to 3 team members with limited features.
  • Pro ($99) – Unlimited team members, full set of features.


Crisp focuses on direct communication with your customers. It combines live chat, CRM, email campaigns, and knowledge bases to help you set up a comprehensive customer support and marketing system.

Communication is key when it comes to customer retention. The more you engage with your customers, the more they will keep your brand at the forefront of their minds.

Key Features

  • Live chat – Provides a live chat service with an integrated inbox and lets you set up a video chat with customers.
  • Chatbot – Integrates with the live chat feature to make sure you provide customer support 24/7.
  • CRM – Helps you capture new leads and keep track of existing ones with ease.
  • Shared inbox – Keeps all incoming messages in one place, while letting you set up automated replies.
  • Integration – Lets you connect Crisp with tried-party apps like Slack, WordPress, Mailchimp, Shopify, and many others.
  • Campaigns – Allows you to create automated marketing campaigns using email or in-app messages.
  • Knowledge base – Create and manage help articles.
  • Status page – Lets you alert your customers about changes to your products and technical issues through live chat or in-app messages.


  • Free – Two live chat seats and team inbox.
  • Pro ($25 per website, per month) – Four chat seats and a limited set of features.
  • Unlimited ($95 per website, per month) – Unlimited chat seats with a full range of features.


Similarly to Crisp, lemtalk tries to help you make customer support easy and convenient. However, lemtalk focuses on integrating customer support features, like live chat and email, with your company’s Slack.

Key Features

  • Slack integration – Provides quick integration and expands the list of commands you can use in Slack.
  • Slack live chat – Integrate live chat with your company’s Slack workplace.
  • Emails in Slack – Integrate support emails into your company’s Slack workplace.
  • SMS in Slack – Receive and answer text messages directly from your company’s Slack workplace.
  • Facebook integration – Integrates your company’s Facebook inbox with your Slack workplace.
  • FAQ – Lets you set up an FAQ page for your customers, with any support tickets going directly to your company’s Slack.
  • Multilingual live chat – Allows you to set up live chat in over 150 languages.


  • Startup ($48 per month) – Allows 1 widget, chat language, and rule for automation and includes lemtalk branding.
  • Super Hero ($96 per month) – Unlimited number of live chats, knowledge base articles, and automation rules, multilingual live chat and knowledge base, no lemtalk branding.
  • Agency ($249 per month) – Full set of tools with unlimited access, supports up to 5 Slack teams.


Loyalty programs are an often overlooked aspect of customer retention. This has a lot to do with how they are perceived since they’re often associated with brick-and-mortar businesses.

Loyalty programs can be a great tool in your arsenal even if your business is fully online. They encourage customer engagement with a system of rewards. This is a small investment on your end that can have a great impact on your bottom line.

Woobox focuses on helping you set up loyalty programs and contests on your website, such as giveaways, polls, coupons, and more.

Key Features

  • Templates – Use pre-generated campaigns and landing pages as a base for your contests and giveaways.
  • Customization – Change the design of available templates to bring them in line with your company’s brand image.
  • Participant management – Helps you easily approve and manage participant entries and pick winners.
  • Integration – Allows you to customize your campaigns for mobile devices and integrate them with social media profiles.


  • Free – Unlimited campaigns with 100 participants per month. Allows Facebook integration.
  • Basic ($37 per month) – Unlimited campaigns with 1,000 participants per month with access to all types of campaigns and full customization.
  • Standard ($32 per month, billed annually) – Unlimited campaigns and participants, all types of campaigns, and full customization.
  • Advanced ($99 per month, billed annually) – Unlimited access with up to 5 team members, custom HTML & CSS for your campaigns.
  • Power ($249 per month, billed annually) – Unlimited access with no limit for team members, custom HTML, CSS & JS for your campaigns.


When all is said and done, you will still need to know how satisfied your customers are with your brand. After all, this is what determines your brand reputation and drives customer loyalty.

This is where Qualaroo steps in. It helps you set up surveys for your visitors directly on your website and analyze the results to get an accurate picture of your customers’ likes and dislikes.

Key Features

  • Survey templates – Lets you save time by choosing from a library of pre-generated surveys.
  • AI sentiment analysis – Allows you to automatically mine customer feedback and set up actions based on the sentiment score.
  • Mobile integration – Lets you integrate surveys with the mobile version of your website.
  • Nudge for prototypes – Allows you to set up surveys for design prototypes of your web pages.
  • Exit intent surveys – Set up surveys that will trigger with completed purchases or if a customer is about to leave your website.
  • Questions branching – Set up dynamic surveys where the questions change based on previous answers.
  • NPS – Include questions that determine your Net Promoter Score.
  • A/B testing – Integrates surveys with A/B testing on your website.


  • Startup ($199 per month) – Full survey functionality with up to 500k Nudge views on one domain, logo & color customization, and Google Analytics support.
  • Growth ($499 per month) – Full survey functionality with up to 1 million Nudge views on three domains, full customization, and advanced audience segmentation.
  • Turbo Growth (starting at $2,250 per month, billed annually) – Full suite of tools and customization with up to 2 million Nudge views on 20 domains.

Final Thoughts

Tracking down new leads and attracting new customers can prove to be much more expensive and time-consuming than building brand loyalty with the customers you already have.

The 6 tools we listed above will help you with this process, tackling and automating different aspects of customer retention. This will not only free up your time and let you focus on the big-picture business decisions, but will also drive up customer satisfaction, and, finally, profit.


How to Start a Gardening Business

In the life of every person there comes a moment when you need to start. A new house, a new business or a new garden, maybe even a new garden business — it always seems that you know what to do, but as soon as you go into the office or open the gate into the garden, all ideas disappear from your head, all your knowledge is mixed in a heap, and there is only one question: where to start? And how good it is when there is someone who can give you a piece of advice.

We have prepared a small “cheat sheet”, the purpose of which is to help you take the first steps into the gardening business.

Selection of varieties of vegetables and fruits

One of the most obvious and important tips for novice gardeners is the careful selection of varieties of vegetables and fruits, taking into account the climatic conditions in which they will grow. Using this advice will significantly increase the yield of cultivated plants, as well as their resistance to various diseases. Therefore, carefully read the recommendations before purchasing seeds of certain varieties of vegetables.

Planning is always a good start

Even people who have been tending their garden for many years need a plan because, during the break, you can forget how the annual crops were located in the last season. What can we say about the arrangement of the new site? Before you start planting, take a tape measure and carefully measure the area on which you intend to work. Draw up a project on paper, draw the locations of the beds and the alternation of garden crops.

Leave space for a recreation area.

What to plant

Decide what to plant, based on the characteristics of the site. If the garden is located on the sunny side, the soil is fertilized with hummus or manure, in the first year you can grow cabbage and cucumbers, in the second — carrots, celery, tomatoes, and onions, in the third — beans and peas. With this crop rotation, you will achieve the best result. In the case when it is not possible to wait for a certain time, divide the area into separate beds and plant unpretentious crops — potatoes, carrots, onions. Capricious vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers and squash — they are too sensitive to temperature changes, watering, and are prone to all kinds of diseases. A little trick will allow you to economically use the sown area: before placing seedlings, plant plants with a short growing season — radishes, lettuce, onions… And planting seeds of the same crop with a difference of one to two weeks will help to harvest twice.


The main rule of a good gardener: — do not place crops of one family next to or one after another. In this case, plants are less affected by the same diseases. There are special tables of crop rotation in the beds — they determine the best predecessors and neighbors for a particular vegetable. For example, cabbage should be planted after potatoes, onions, peas (tomatoes are acceptable). Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants — after cucumbers, onions, legumes. The soil is suitable for cucumbers after peas, corn, and legumes. Onions are favorable to their predecessors: potatoes, tomatoes, peas. Table beets and carrots will grow in the garden that was previously occupied by cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, and zucchini. Early potatoes will yield a rich harvest in soil where cabbage, cucumbers, onions, beans, or peas grew. On the same basis, “neighbors” are selected.

Do a soil analysis

Soil acidity is an important factor, it depends on which crops will feel comfortable on your site. If the acidity is high – think about planting heather, conifers, and hydrangeas, if alkaline — think about corn, euonymus, derain, gypsophila, astilbe. Almost any plant grows well on neutral soils with proper care. Remember that the pH can be leveled out. To reduce acidity you can use ash, chalk, dolomite flour, and to normalize excessively alkaline soil, use fresh manure, peat, nitrate or ammonium sulphate.

Health of the soil

If you want to have a fertile vegetable garden with healthy and tasty fruits for many years, you need to take care of the health of the soil. Biologically active soil allows plants to grow healthy and do not need a lot of fertilizers. It is not at all necessary to spend a fortune to buy fertilizers in stores, there are ways to feed your plants with natural, organic materials. If you can, always use organic fertilizers instead of chemical or complex fertilizers. For these purposes, any decent gardener should have a compost pit. Of course, composting will require additional labor, but the result will pleasantly surprise you.


Compost boxes are an integral part of any garden. Firstly, you do not have to carry the harvested weeds and other waste somewhere far. Secondly, rotten waste is an excellent natural organic fertilizer for garden beds. To speed up the decay process, you can add special bacteria.

If you are a gardener and do your annual pruning routine, we recommend buying a garden shredder for faster composting from tree branches.

Choose good quality seeding

Some of the gardeners are already planting early seedlings, while others are just going shopping in garden centers to buy seeds for the future harvest. And often in the heat of shopping euphoria, we grab whatever comes close to hand. And in vain!

We would advise you to buy all your seeds and seedlings only in large specialized centers from well-known manufacturers and breeders with a name. A granny in a market or a salesman in a shady tent can tell you a beautiful story about huge harvests. But in fact, seedlings or seeds can be infected or weakened by hereditary diseases … While large producers are closely monitoring this.

Plant pest repellent plants

Experienced gardeners necessarily grow protective plants on the site. They scare away harmful insects from planted crops. Such plants can be divided into two types:

Disorienting pests. With their strong scent, they prevent insects from discovering plants that are attractive to them.

Deterrent. Their smell drives away pests.

The former include basil, parsley, thyme, garlic, sage.

The second group includes geranium, mustard, calendula, coriander, mint, rosemary, dill, fennel, and others.

For example, dill, familiar to everyone, perfectly protects cabbage from aphids, moths, and butterflies.

A mulch is your assistant

It is not always possible to dedicate all your time to your garden business. This is where mulching can help. It is especially good if the mulch is natural (straw, wood chips or shavings, hay, etc.). By using the mulching method, you can reduce the amount of weeding and watering. There is still free time to relax with your friends and family.

Do not force yourself

The trouble of many summer residents is the inability to correctly calculate their own strengths and needs. The desire to break the fifth bed of onions and grow a new variety, of course, is understandable, but unjustified. After all, you will have to work a lot, and the resulting harvest will be clearly superfluous.

Therefore, it is better at the beginning of the season to soberly assess the required amount of vegetables and fruits for the family and refuse all plantings in excess of this norm. Exactly, for this reason, you will have to try to predict the market and the number of goods that you will be able to sell if you want to start a successful gardening business.

Garden equipment and tools

The advice on buying high-quality gardening tools is not taken seriously by many novice gardeners. Meanwhile, saving on quality gardening tools in most cases leads to fatigue, low productivity, and injuries.

It is preferable to purchase garden tools in specialized stores, rather than from roadside sellers.

Choose inventory with a manufacturer’s stamp.

It is important to choose a good pressure hose too since the watering is one of the main activities in your garden and all your harvest depends on it. Every serious businessman needs good equipment, don’t forget that!


Bonus advice for novice gardeners is related to watering plants — it is important not only to carry out this procedure in a timely manner but rightly. When irrigating vegetables in the garden, be careful not to get water on their leaves. An experienced gardener knows to water right at the root. Ignoring this advice can lead to the development of plant diseases.

You are not alone

There are not always a lot of friends and colleagues who can support a novice gardener or share his interests. But it doesn’t matter! Gardeners are very enthusiastic and sociable people. Social networks and the Internet are a limitless area for communication of interests, exchange of experience, and sometimes even rare seeds! Take your time and eventually, you will find your garden soul mates.


A plant, like any living creature, feels an attitude towards itself. If you work just because you have to, without a soul, then the harvest won’t be as good as you want it to be. And if you put your whole soul and work in pleasure, then the plants will respond kindly to care.


15 of the Most Effective SEO Tips for Beginners

As a beginner, you need to realize that there is no other golden opportunity to improve the website rankings in the popular search engines like Google or Yahoo other than SEO service. Of course, there are many options available to achieve better rankings, but guest post service provider helps you to design a reliable framework for your website that is 100% safe and secure!!


Important SEO tips for beginners


1. Page title and descriptions:


When it comes to any content, page titles are very important aspects to consider. It is an impression that helps you to grab the attention of the visitors. Be short and informative…!!!


2. Post blog that visitors love to read & share:


Nothing would bring vast changes to the rankings of the website other than the guest blog. You need to provide great content to drive high traffic rates and engage more audiences. With the help of guest post outreach, you can promote the brand worldwide!


3. Keyword research:



 As a beginner, you need to perform more studies on keyword research to make the site appear on the first page of the search results.


4. Improve on-page elements:


Of course, on-page elements might be small, but you to concentrate on the elements like title, header tags, etc to have a great impact on your website’s page. 


5. Identify and fix SEO issues:


Identifying and fixing any SEO issues will help you to run the website smoothly. 


6. Improve page loading speed:


SEO helps you to load the page of your website much faster and make your site appear on the first page in the search results. 


7. Make use of social media platform:


When you are ready to use social media platforms, you can find a massive audience reach and high traffic rates to your niche. 


8. Understand the importance of Anchor Text:


With the help of anchor text, you can influence the website that you are linking to and you can grab the attention of the visitors much faster. 


9. Link building:


Link building is the most imperative aspect of SEO. You need to build a link that is relevant to your niche to strike skyrocket hit on your business. 


10. Make your site mobile friendly:


If you do not provide a smooth browsing experience for your site, then it may decrease your website rankings and so it is essential SEO tips for beginners to enhance the user experience. 


11. Content marketing:



Content marketing is an important aspect of SEO. When you offer great content, sure visitors will help you to promote the website. 


12. Stay updated:


  One of the most important SEO tactics to consider for beginners is to discover and post updated content on your site to generate organic traffic rates. 


13. Keep your eyes on your competitors:


 It is always important to keep your eyes on your competitor’s website so that you can come to know what type of services they are providing. 


14. Image optimization:


Make use of attractive images to enhance the user-experience and focus on page load speed as well.


15. Verify your external links:


External links are significant for SEO. All of these SEO tips help you to verify that your SEO tactics remain efficient and successful.


This was an introduction about SEO, but there are a lot more details to work on when you dive in. If you need professional help, you can always get in touch with SEO experts. They will provide you with detailed information or offer their services.


7 Dos and Don’ts of E-book Marketing You Must Know

Which was the world’s first ebook? Most media outlets will make you believe that Michael S. Hart published the first one. This author launched Project Gutenberg and issued the Declaration of Independence digitally in 1971. But some historians trace the origins of electronically-encoded literature to the ‘60s. Other researchers argue that the complete work of Thomas Aquinas pioneered the digital book revolution. The launching of the Kindle device was a momentous breakthrough in the world of ebooks. This e-reader got modified multiple times.

The benefits of ebooks over printed ones are self-explanatory. It’s an electronic book! Was it possible for someone a century ago to imagine a pocket full of the entire English literature? Ebooks are easy to recover and cost lower than printed books. They even let you find the specific word that you’re looking for at the moment. Amazon reported that 85% of their readers do search such terms while they’re going through a book. Audiobooks offer blind people a convenient method to access their favorite literature. The process of ebook creation is effortless and straightforward. But we are presenting some carefully collected dos and don’ts of ebook marketing that you must learn. 

Starting with what you should include in your practice:


Some authors tend to underestimate the unveiling of their ebooks. Publishing a quality piece of literature online is an accomplishment. There’s nothing wrong with celebrating and talking about it. Feel proud enough to promote your ebook and create a marketing strategy for it.


As a writer, you can produce the fairest composition imaginable. But nobody’s infallible, and even the most careful author can make a few slip-ups. That’s why proof-reading your book before final submission is highly essential. Use software like Grammarly to make sure your grammar’s fool-proof. 


The primary factor in your marketing strategy is to build an audience. You should grow an audience first before you create an ebook; either you are a newbie to the field or have been ruling the previous marketing grounds for years. Marketing makes even the worst of the products become an immediate sensation. Your ebook deserves the smartest promotion campaign possible.


Your ebook is probably the first interaction between you and hundreds of readers. So, always put a link to your blog/website/account in the book. Usually, this information goes in the portion called About the Author. If you don’t have an account, have some social proof.


Your social presence immensely matters. Social media is a dynamic platform where you meet your future readers. Some authors ignore this strategy and don’t get as much attention as they’d hoped for with the project. Networking websites engage an unbelievable number of book-consumers. 


People love continued information and entertainment. Once you’ve engaged an audience, keep feeding them fresh material. They will demand more of your writing, and you’re a person who craves penmanship. Expand your literary universe and produce more quality content for online bibliophiles.


Where should I publish my first ebook? Amazon. That’s it. 83% of all book sales in the United States are happening right now on Amazon. You can try different vendors, too, which is a better approach. Amazon Kindle even lets you give away your ebook for free temporarily. That’s a neat promotional campaign right there.

Time for seven avoidable factors of marketing:


Don’t underestimate the need for an editor to have a look at your ebook. A good writer isn’t necessarily an insightful editor. Editors are like an extra pair of professional eyes you can use for precautionary measures. Many books get flamed on Amazon for having multiple errors.


Format matters when you’re trying to promote your book. Properly formatted ebooks receive sincere appreciation for readers. It isn’t enough to make the book available in PDF only. You have to be sensitive about the Kindle and the Nook community as well.


Strictly avoid overpricing your ebook. Overselling your product when you’re unheard of is simply a lousy market. If you keep it between $2.99 and $9.99, you’ll get a 70% payment from Amazon. Selling the ebook for $10 will cut the amount in half. So, even if you’re a well-established author, be modest about the pricing.


The cover helps people decide if they want to read your ebook or not. Therefore, don’t try to design the book cover if you’re not into graphic design. Let professionals handle this matter.


Don’t ask people to review your ebook. Let your marketing strategy motivate people to do it for you. When you implore people to read your work, you sound desperate. It’s better if you share the ebook among friends, acquaintances, and intellectuals you’re in contact with for that time.


Previewing is a personal kind of review. It helps you critically analyze your book for errors and mistakes. Always review the ebook with microscopic intensity. Pay attention to even minuscule details because they can be a bother in the future. 


Don’t risk your entire future on one thing. This book will not make you a sudden millionaire. Start working on the next project as soon as this one’s finished. Try writing at a faster pace so you can have more work done.


Analysts have valued the $18 billion global ebook market to reach $23 billion by 2025. Technological advancements in the entertainment industry haven’t beaten people’s love for books. Many readers favor old paperback versions of the books they love, but it is famous for the cheap rates, easy accessibility, and convenient portability. A small mobile device offers the capacity to carry an average school library. Therefore, becoming an author online seems like an exciting profession. Follow a few instructions, and they will polish your career as a self-published author on the internet.


Why You Should Consider Getting a Motorcycle if You`re an Entrepreneur

Most owners of small businesses think about cars when they consider creating their own fleet of vehicles or investing in their own business. That is quite normal, since most people associate companies with a fleet of cars, vans or trucks. However, the times are changing and there is a new player on the scene. Actually, it’s been present for decades, but has only recently been rediscovered as a great option for many entrepreneurs and businessmen. Yes, we’re talking about motorcycles.

While many people associate them with pure fun and excitement, motorcycles can be a great asset in terms or running a business for many reasons, as we’re going to discuss in this text. So, if you run a small enterprise and are in need of some means of transportation, read this text and consider getting motorcycles, provided they are a viable option for you.

Tax benefits

Let’s start with something every business owner is interested in – tax benefits. Motorcycles generally produce less COthan cars and if you’re trying to limit your spending, you should definitely consider getting a company bike. One of the reasons is that 20% of the purchase price of your bike will be used to calculate your benefit-in-kind tax. With the price calculated using the purchase price of the vehicle, rather than the list price, you’ll see that a company motorcycle is cheaper than the equivalent used car. And that’s not all!

The bikes your company owns are considered an asset, just like any other item of machinery, for example. That means you can use your Annual Investment Allowance to reduce the amount of corporate tax you’re paying. You’ll have to pay according to how much personal use you’re getting from the bike, so if you’re driving it for personal use half the time, you can adjust the amount you’re declaring accordingly.

VAT reclamation

Another financial benefit of having a company bike is that you can recover the VAT, even if you’re not using the bike solely for business purposes. It’s actually rather complicated to explain this, but let’s try. Even if you’re signed up for the Flat Rate Scheme, you can still claim back VAT if the bike is worth more than a particular amount. The difference is that, in this case, the bike needs to be used entirely for business. Otherwise, you’re only eligible for a partial reclaim.

Great insurance policies

Insurance companies have some great packages providing comprehensive insurance of bikes and you’ll notice that such policies are cheaper than those related to cars. Also, motorbike insurance has become one of the most popular insurances offered by almost every insurance company, which means that those companies are constantly coming up with special deals and offers in order to beat the competitors. As the prospective client, you can only benefit from that situation.

They are more cost-efficient

A bike carries less weight than a car, which makes it cheaper to run. That refers both to fuel consumption and maintenance expenses and if you make the switch from cars, you’ll soon learn to appreciate this fact. Also, motorbike insurance is cheaper than car insurance, especially if you’re an experienced rider, which is also a great financial benefit.

More eco-friendly

As we’ve already established, motorbikes are more eco-friendly, since they pollute the environment less, which is another reason why you should consider introducing them. Apart from gaining various financial benefits for using an eco-friendly vehicle, you’ll be doing the planet a great favour and your clients will recognise and appreciate that. Your company will be associated with a positive image, which will only strengthen your brand. That’s another reason why experts in small business fleet management are giving motorbikes a chance.

Easier to use

If your company is situated in an area that often sees traffic jams and congested streets, purchasing a bike might be the right answer. Namely, it’s much easier to avoid crowded streets and traffic jams on a bike than in a car. Also, parking your vehicle will not be a nightmare, as it often is with cars, let alone vans and trucks.

Brand promotion

People are much more likely to notice a branded bike than any other vehicle. The reason is simple. Bikes move in a way that is different from other vehicles on the road, which makes them much easier to notice. So, if your bike is branded, people will notice it and it will be a very efficient way of advertising your company or a particular product or service. However, it’s vital that the riders respect all the rules, since you don’t want people to create a negative image of your company based on reckless riding.

These are just some of the reasons why it might be a good idea to consider getting a bike for your small business. Naturally, not all companies need a company vehicle, not is a bike suitable for every business. However, there is an increasing number of those who have opted for bikes and have never looked back. Can your company do the same?


Text Message Archiving: One of The Best Ways to Improve Litigation Preparedness

There are several reasons why organizations should record text messages or SMS, and capture other mobile content, including voice calls and emails. The main purpose is to stay compliant with data preservation regulations imposed by the government. Archiving in advance using sophisticated tools and software can save your time and money in eDiscovery to recover data in its original form and context.

eDiscovery or electronic discovery is the process by which electronically stored information (ESI) gets requested, located, and produced with the primary intent of being used in a lawsuit as evidence. It can also be used as part of a Freedom of Information Act request or for government investigations.

Prevent Evidence Spoliation with Text Message Record

Electronic data is believed to be very specific. This is not just because it is in an intangible form and of transient quality, but also because it is accompanied with highly useful metadata. This refers to the device that was used to send the text message, the time and date sent, and the contents of the message.

Such a text message record can play a vital role in evidence. It is not viable to take screenshots of every single SMS sent. It requires archiving software to preserve document metadata and to make it available through a vast volume of organizational information.

Remember, electronic data is easily susceptible to spoliation because of its intangible nature. You cannot expect all your employees to have the same phone they do now after a year or so. In addition, there is always the risk of losing data when a particular mobile device gets damaged or messages get accidentally deleted.

You could lose vast amounts of information that could have a major impact on the outcome of your litigation case and eDiscovery process. Many organizations have improved the way they deal with eDiscovery requests by establishing best practices. You can better cope with an ESI request by investing in a tried and tested litigation preparedness archiving software.

In fact, the right kind of tool could cut down your time to respond by one-third.

Text Archiving Allows for Better Organization

There is a reason why successful lawyers come prepared with organized files. This is to reduce the risk of missing something that could be vital to the legal proceedings. Without archiving your organizational text messages, you risk leaving everything unorganized. No internal, incoming, or outgoing text messages will be captured.

However, with the right text message archiving solution, you could ensure that every text message is not only captured but indexed and made searchable. There are various software solutions that could pack the archived information into long-term storage and allow for easy access whenever you require.

You can have access to a well-indexed and searchable archive when you receive an EIS request. Depending on the software you choose, you may also gain access to the metadata of those message records in addition to the information contained within them.

This way you can easily search for all relevant records on the basis of context and retrieve whatever is required at a fraction of the time. 


How to Prevent Duplicate Medical Records with Accurate Patient Identification

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest challenges the US healthcare system has faced in decades. Even before that, it had a plethora of problems – outrageous costs, archaic laws, lack of price transparency, and so on. However, one of the more prominent problems the US healthcare system has been facing is patient identification errors. These occur due to a lot of issues – duplicate medical records or overlays in the EHR systems of hospitals and health systems, human errors, poor data integrity, and so on. Duplicate records can cost up to $40 million as well for healthcare providers. Healthcare experts have been asking the question “How to prevent duplicate medical records?” for far too long. The answer is simple – ensure accurate patient identification to avoid further duplicates and overlays.

Duplicate medical records

When a single patient has multiple EHRs (electronic health records) in the EHR system of a given hospital, he/she has duplicate records in the system. A variety of reasons lead to duplicate records, most commonly, human errors. Misspelling while entering patient data, not searching for the patient record appropriately, and common names and demographic characteristics are just some of the reasons for duplicate records creation.

Duplicate medical records are especially common for hospitals and health systems that do not utilize any modern patient identification platform and instead rely on the archaic patient identification method of asking the patients questions to determine their identities. This is quite obsolete, can lead to more duplicates, and leads to medical identity theft as well, as it is an unreliable way to identify patients. RightPatient can prevent duplicate medical records, prevent medical identity theft, and ensure accurate patient identification. Leading healthcare providers who understand the importance of proper patent identification have chosen it, but more on that later.

Impact of duplicate records

Black Book Research conducted a study where they highlighted the problems associated with duplicate medical records. The most common issues created by duplicate records are patient identification errors, redundant costs, repeated medical tests, denied claims – leading to significantly increased costs for any given healthcare provider – costing billions for the US healthcare system every year. Thus, the answer to “how to prevent duplicate medical records” is searched quite frequently.

However, that is not all. Duplicate medical records not only cause patient identification errors and financial costs for healthcare providers (in the form of poor revenue cycles and denied claims), but it also causes patient safety issues. Whenever a duplicate record gets created, it means that there is no medical history, information on medications, allergies, vitals, and other medical conditions associated with it. Likewise, if the patient is being treated using a previous duplicate record, it will have incomplete data of the aforementioned information. These will lead to wrong treatments, wrong procedures, and so on – hampering patient safety in the process. The only way to prevent duplicates, reduce associated healthcare costs, and enhance patient safety is by ensuring accurate patient identification. 

How to prevent duplicate medical records effectively

The majority of healthcare providers are struggling with duplicate medical records, patient identification errors, and overlays. However, leading healthcare providers have taken matters into their own hands. They have deployed a solution that mitigates the costs associated with duplicate medical records as well as preventing duplicate records creation. RightPatient answers “how to prevent duplicate medical records?”.

RightPatient is a touchless biometric patient identification platform that ensures positive patient identification by locking the medical records of the patients with their photos upon registration. Whenever the enrolled patient returns, all he/she needs to do is look at the camera – the platform matches the photos and provides the accurate EHR within seconds, ensuring accurate patient identification. It can seamlessly be integrated with major EHR systems, making it part of the workflow. 

Since it is a touchless platform, RIghtPatient is ahead of the curve, ensuring hygiene and eliminating any infection control concerns associated with patient identification. In fact, this was one of the major reasons why leading healthcare providers chose RightPatient over other platforms.

It prevents the creation of duplicate records right from the start, ensuring patient data integrity, providing accurate medical records, reducing denied claims, and preventing medical identity theft. 

Leading healthcare providers like Grady Health, Terrebonne General Medical Center, and University Health Care System have been using it and are ensuring patient safety by protecting millions of patient medical records and avoiding duplicates – boosting their bottom lines in the process.


How to Establish Yourself and Your Brand Via Your Blog

In the modern business world, there are few aspects of a business operation more important than branding. Your company’s brand is far more than a fancy logo; a well-crafted brand tells the world who you are and what you stand for. Unfortunately, many businesses overlook a valuable and cost-effective means of building a brand with digital marketing principles in mind: leveraging the power of blogging to establish and maintain an online presence. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use business blogging to help your business grow.

Why Choose Business Blogging to Build a Brand?

Digital marketing encompasses a broad range of strategies and platforms to connect with audiences. Blogging is one of those practices, offering numerous benefits that provide a great return on investment. Advantages of incorporating blogs into your overall digital marketing and brand-awareness initiatives include:

● Proven performance – businesses with blogs generate far more leads than those that don’t.

● Increased engagement – blogs allow potential customers to interact directly with businesses, creating engagement and building trust.

● Improved information sharing – blogs offer companies the chance to provide details that website product or service pages often gloss over. This can provide the information needed to make purchasing decisions on the part of the reader.

● Cost-effectiveness – blogs are relatively easy to set up and maintain. They are also far less expensive than many other advertising tools, providing effective use of marketing funds. 

● Better understanding of audiences – business blogs give companies a chance to learn more about the preferences and buying habits of audiences. This information can then be leveraged to launch new services or products to meet consumer needs.

Getting Started with Business Blogging

Business blogs have been shown to improve many aspects of a given company’s online footprint. Blogs support search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing strategies, adding increased value and visibility to your brand. How does one get started with business blogging?

The first step is to establish the blog itself. A blog can be hosted on the company website, or it can be a standalone platform or service. Next, consider topics and information you wish to share with readers. Blogs allow companies to go into more detail about products and services; the more details and insight you provide to visitors, the more likely they are to make informed purchasing decisions. A good tip for identifying potential blog topics is to scan your company’s and your competitors’ social media feeds for common questions. Blog topics can answer those questions, providing insight that audiences will value.

It is critical that once your blog is established that you regularly add content. Daily blogs may be too ambitious at first; aim for a minimum of weekly or twice-weekly posts. Over time and as your blogging audience grows, more frequent posts will resonate with readers. Be sure to share your blog posts on your social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter to reach even larger audiences.

Finally, have fun with your blog – blogs tend to be more informal than other advertising methods, and gives companies a chance to showcase their distinctive personalities and styles. Be sure to engage with readers via comments to further build trust between your company and your audience. Before you know it, you will see increased traffic, more leads, and steady business growth, all with the power of business blogging.


How Does a Key Finder Work

People who constantly misplace their belongings, such as keys, may have to invest in a reliable key finder. It’s a simple device that helps locate items using Bluetooth technology, which creates a sound so the person can quickly find it. This small device only needs a stable Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, so no keys will ever go missing again.

Basic functions

Every tracker, powered by Bluetooth, has a distinct signature exclusively presented to its owner once the connection has been established in their mobile app’s account. Through this unique connection, the tracker and application can recognize and prevent others from tracking their locations. However, owners can have the option to share their tracker and mobile app accounts with their friends to allow them to trace items.

Since it uses Bluetooth Low Energy, it will only require a minimal amount of power. The key finder can last more than six months while the smartphone can stay on till the end of the day. Hence, owners can access their keys all day should it go missing at some point.

Basic components

These trackers use tiny lithium-ion(Li-ion) batteries as their power source. They come in various forms; some are coin-shaped, while others have customized shapes to fit a particular Bluetooth tracker perfectly. Some models are rechargeable, which saves users from stocking up and replacing them. However, these rechargeable types don’t last that long like the ordinary ones. Users have to keep on charging them once they run out of power.


A key finder has a small chip embedded inside, and this is responsible for making it work. This tiny and powerful component triggers the ringer, provides the location data, and creates the Bluetooth connection–the whole operation. Even with its multiple capabilities, the chip doesn’t use too much power, allowing the battery to last long.

The antenna

The Bluetooth finder’s antenna is responsible for sending the data from the chip to the smartphone where it is registered to. It is through the radio-based link that the exchange of information happens. The antenna’s ability can secure a stable connection for both the mobile device and finder within the allowed distance at minimum power.

Types of key-tracking device

Apart from Bluetooth technology, there’s another type of key finder which utilizes radio signal. This model doesn’t need a mobile device or an internet connection to establish a link. Instead, a transmitter that produces radio signals helps in locating missing items. Either it lights up or makes a sound so it can easily be found.

Another type is the rare kind, which serves as a receiver and transmitter at the same time. The audible key finder makes a chirping noise, and when the other device hears the sound, it creates a similar chirping noise. This type is also not powered by either a radio frequency or Bluetooth.

There are several benefits of using a key finder. But one should always remember that it is only useful if both the smartphone and the tracker are within the allowed range. Alerts and notifications are not going to be reliable if one is way too far. Distance makes it harder for the connection to locate the keys. It is best used indoors, with a maximum of 80 meters of distance between the tracker and your smartphone.