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5 Reasons You Should Own A 3D Printer At Home

Developments in 3D printing technology are ever-changing and the possibilities of what a 3D Printer can do are endless. When you’re on the fence about buying a 3D printer, you could be wondering whether you should make the investment now or wait.

You don’t have to wonder any longer, with 3D printers being more cost-effective than ever and easy to use, you too can reap the benefits of having 3D capabilities right in your own home! Still not convinced it’s the right move for you? Here are 5 reasons why you should own a 3D printer. 

1. You Will Save Money

When you have a 3D printer at the ready you can easily print items that you would otherwise have to buy. Do you need a new case for your mobile phone? Print one. With your own printer, you can create and design items for your home that will be more personalized and to your taste than what the stores would have.

With the capability to print with many different materials and colors, you can be certain that your printed items will look great and hold up over time. They even have a glow-in-the-dark filament, so you don’t have to buy decorative stars for the ceiling or Halloween decorations because you could make your own.

Being able to print replacement parts for things you already own can extend their life. Creating 3D printed items on demand does not require any additional machinery after you have your own printer and software. Not only will you save on the cost of those items you are printing, but you also won’t have to pay for the gas or the mileage on your vehicle.  

2. It Can Be Educational 

“Learn something new every day” is a euphemism for a reason. Lifelong learning is key to a successful career and what better way to challenge yourself to learn new skills by buying a 3D printer? Using a 3D printer will quite literally add dimension to your life and can engage you in new skills that you will enjoy.

Printing can be a fun way to help your children learn as well. Hands-on learning is always appealing to children and 3D printing is a great way to make education fun and interesting. With loads of applications that are geared towards printing with children, once you own a printer you can promote the educational goals and values that are important to you.

Even if your children aren’t interested in the actual 3D printing process, though it’s a safe bet they will be, you can still use the printer to create models, puzzles and learning manipulatives that can help your child with their homework.

Allowing your child the chance to design their own item to be printed will enhance their creativity and problem solving while they are being innovative. As long as all safety precautions are followed and your child understands that printers can be heated at high temperatures, there is no reason you can’t enjoy the educational benefits of printing at home with your kids. 

3. 3D Printing Is Fun

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced pro you will quickly realize that 3D printing is fun. You create useable three-dimensional objects out of nothing but a printer and filament. While doctors are printing usable organs and the technology advances the practical uses are impossible to fully comprehend.

But you can’t downplay the fun that will come from just printing whatever you want to print. If you’re feeling like printing figurines to display is what gets you excited about printing that’s great. 3D printing doesn’t have to be all about what is useful and unique, if you would like it to that’s wonderful but as long as you’re enjoying your printer that is what matters.

As your confidence grows with your ability to print what you want you could find camaraderie with others who enjoy 3D printing at home. Buying yourself a 3D printer will put you in charge of what’s printed beginning to end letting you enjoy your time designing and creating whatever you think it the most enjoyable. 

4. It Can Be A Good Business

While maybe this isn’t the right option for everything, If you discover you really enjoy printing in 3D, you can turn your hobby into a business. In the same way, your printer can save you money, it could also provide a small income fulfilling other people’s needs.

Once you are proficient at printing things you could accept orders for those objects and sell them. There are websites where people place orders for things to be 3D printed and you can log in an accept the job. This could be an easy supplemental income for you if you are interested in it becoming one.

While personal 3D printers can range in cost and quality if you are hoping to make money selling the items you are printing it is best to invest in a higher-caliber printer that is capable of printing more consistently. Some low-cost printers are great for home use but can have some problems printing the same way every time which could affect the resale value of the item. 

5. You Can Express Yourself

Have you ever bought something and liked it but wished maybe it was a little bit different? 3D printing gives you the chance and technology to make those changes and create something that is specifically the way you want it.

If you have an idea for an invention that you would like to patent, it could take years to convince a manufacturer to build you a prototype but you could print your very own model for a fraction of the price and time, getting your ideas into the world faster and easier.

When you own your own printer you are limited by anyone but yourself, so if you dream up the perfect mask, you can print it. Your self-expression is only limited by what you can design–so it’s limitless. There’s no reason to wait for something you want to be created by someone else when you can do it yourself. 


While 3D printing has its own learning curve there is no better way to get ahead than by having your own printer at home to practice and reap the benefits from. Why would you spend money to buy 3D printed things from others when you could create the same thing and inspire your children at the same time?

With so many different kinds of printers to choose from it may seem overwhelming but with a little research you will find the right printer for your home and you will begin to see the miracle of objects being created right in front of you. The novelty of being able to create something out of thin air will never grow old, having a 3D printer of your own is a fantastic investment in you! 


What is the Purpose of Push Buttons in Electrical Systems?

In the vast majority of cases, a circuit must be capable of being switched on and off to be useful. According to an uninterrupted flow of electricity through the various components is usually key to the functioning of a circuit. However, there are also times when the current must be arrested in order for a given system to function properly.

This is why switches were created.

Offered in a variety of different types, design concerns, functionality and aesthetic considerations can often combine to create situations in which the use of rotary, rocker, slide, or toggle switches are inappropriate. The purpose of push buttons in electrical systems then becomes apparent.

Advantages of Push Buttons

Typically requiring less space on a faceplate or a console, push-button switches are ideal when placement is a major concern. They can also be easier to use, as they require a simple touch rather than a range of movement.

Further, the potential for accidental engagement is reduced with push buttons. There’s less chance of inadvertently bumping into it and activating or deactivating the circuit. Push buttons must be definitively touched to function.

How Push Buttons Work

A common variety of switches employed on industrial control panels, most push buttons, like some of those offered by Schneider Electric, have internal spring mechanisms returning the buttons to their “out” or “unpressed” positions for momentary operation.

This spring contacts two wires, allowing electricity to flow when the switch is in the “on” position. The spring retracts; interrupting contact and breaking the circuit when the switch is in the “off” position.

Types of Push Button Switches

By and large, push button switches fall into one of the following categories.

Normally-Off: The circuit is broken until the button is pressed. A good example of this a doorbell. Touching the button completes the circuit and causes the bell to ring. The ringer continues to function as long as you hold the button depressed and stops when you release it.

Normally-On: The circuit is complete until the button is depressed, and interrupts the flow of electricity. In other words, pressing the button turns the device off.

Non-Momentary Contact: Typically found on radios, television sets and audio amplifiers, these push buttons require a touch to close the circuit and another touch to open it. In other words, the device will continue to function once you press the button, until it is pressed again. In some instances, a non-momentary pushbutton will require the user to physically pull the button out to interrupt the circuit once it has been activated.

Push Button Categories

Separated into types, usually based upon the method by which they function, push button switches are categorized based upon the following attributes.

• Single-throw

• Double-throw

• Contact type

• Mounting type

• Actuator type

• Panel cutout diameter

Regarding the latter, the most commonly employed industrial size is 30 mm.

Push Button Ratings

Push button switches are also rated according to the current and voltage they are designed to manage. This is important to understand, as system designers must specify the appropriate component for everything to properly function.

You’ll need to specify larger, more expensive parts when you’re dealing with higher voltage and/or current requirements. However, it’s also important to ensure the switches employed are only as large as necessary to keep costs in line.

Simply put, the purpose of push button switches in electrical systems is to serve convenience, aesthetic, and safety needs. While their basic function is to close and/or open a circuit, push button switches also give designers a wider range of configuration options.


Toronto: Drone Filming Tips for the Best Videos Ever

Drone Filming has started to become popular and most of the experienced, as well as beginner filmmakers, are using drone shots in the films. As a professional, it is not difficult to understand the kinds of shots that will help in performing the best. However, as a beginner, it is crucial to have certain tips in your mind so that you can get killer shots while drone filming. You need to consider the tips that have been mentioned above so that you can help your footage become unique and stand out. 

Combine the different movements of the Axis

Your footage is not going to stand out if your drone is only moving forward and backward. It is your responsibility to add depth to the footage and to do so you must try different combinations of the axis movements. For example, you can fly up as well as backward and fly sideways when you are flying forward and up. Ensure that you are being gentle on the control sticks because steady and slow movements can help in making the footage cinematic. If you are not well versed with operating your drone, you can use the Tapfly method. This method will help you to fly your drone steadily and allow you to achieve complex flights easily. 


Circling any particular object is responsible for adding a huge and great cinematic impact to the entire footage. You have the option of navigating circles manually by taking care of the target while flying sideways as well as moving in the opposite directions. You have to understand that circling any particular object is going to take the training. You can use the point of interest in intelligent flight mode. This mode will help you to circle any object smoothly, and you have to adjust the radius and height. This is one of the most important and crucial tips that you need to follow if you are interested in drone filming. 

Fly your drone at low altitude

Most people are responsible for assuming that drone filming is mostly associated with gaining height. Flying at a high altitude can indeed help in accommodating more shooting space; however, flying your drone at a low altitude can help in showing detailed objects and can also create immersive experiences. Apart from that, when you are speeding up, you have the freedom of conveying intense feelings through the footage. Ensure that you are paying attention to your flight environment, especially any kind of obstacle so that you can ensure the safety of flight. 

Follow the subject from various angles

According to, following a particular subject right from behind is one of the classic filming moves. However, it is not difficult to film your subject from various angles with the help of your drone and it is suggested that you try them. This is going to help in making your footage creative as well as intriguing and interesting.


Drone filming is extremely exciting. Ensure that you are keeping these maneuvers and techniques on your mind so that it becomes easy for you to get the best shots.


5 Startups in the Cannabis Industry That Will Inspire You to Start Your Own Business

If you are thinking of starting a business in the cannabis industry, you are definitely on the right track when it comes to profit. With the right idea and a good team, you will be able to thrive and advance with almost unstoppable speed. 

The cannabis industry is now legal across different countries, making it one of the fastest-growing in the world. This is the main reason why a lot of people decide to invest their money in it. Not to mention the fact that it was worth $13.8 billion in 2018.

The cannabis industry is made out of four different branches – medical, recreational, industrial, and CBD oil. Depending on your ideas, you can choose any of them for your business. 

That being said, the most profitable one (and fastest-growing) at the moment is medical cannabis – worth $5.1 billion! Recreational cannabis is close second and is worth $3.2 billion. Those are indeed some inspiring numbers.

So if you are looking for business inspiration, you are in the right place! In this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular startups in the cannabis industry. The secret to their success is unique ideas and of course, a good business plan. This will give you an idea of what is already out there and how it functions.


LeafLink is an online marketplace for wholesale cannabis. This service helps retailers with the management aspects of all cannabis businesses, providing products like CRM, streamlined ordering, reporting tools, and shipment queues.


If you want to connect with other cannabis enthusiasts, then MassRoots is a platform designed just for you! You can use it for searching nearby dispensaries, write and get reviews, and post your own photos.


According to recent reports, Amazon is the most popular online retailer in the world. Eaze is known as the Amazon for medical cannabis and is rapidly expanding. It is connected with a lot of dispensaries, offering a variety of products and delivering them to your homes.

Surterra Holdings

Surterra Holdings is most known as a cannabis-based therapy company. It manufactures and distributes medical cannabis products, such as vape pens, oils, transdermal patches, tinctures, sprays, and lotions.


Last but not least is the recruitment platform that helps connect people who are looking for a career in the cannabis industry. The service managed to find jobs for thousands of people so far and help them earn money by doing what they are inspired to do.

Bottom Line

As you can see, all these services offer something unique and what people really need. This is a powerful combination when it comes to business. 

So what do you think? Are you still interested in starting a business in the cannabis industry? Or maybe you already have a startup? Share your thoughts and experiences with us in the comment section below.

For more information about the cannabis industry, take a look at the infographic below.


Should You Hire a Freelance Writer for Your Business?

Content marketing is a must-have strategy for any business in 2019 for big corporations and personal brands alike. Your positioning in the niche and your reputation depend on it greatly. There is just one pesky downside – maintaining a blog takes a lot of time. Now, delegating some of the most time-consuming tasks to the professionals sounds like a good idea, yet will it work for your business?

Another issue is value for money. Services of a good writer can be costly, and if you are a small company or an individual webpreneur, your budget might be limited. Of course, you can always use a paper help discount code and order content from a service that matches you with content writers on a budget. Yet that’s a one-off solution for emergencies. What about long-time strategies, then?

To decide whether hiring an external freelance writer for your business, you must consider the following:

Personality and consistency

You want all your content and all messages to your audience from your brand to be consistently written in your brand’s tone of voice. That’s why hiring a freelance writer is tricky, since inconsistency in style will be apparent at first glance.

If you are a big and established brand with a style handbook, this issue can be navigated, since you have guidelines, recommendations, and a comprehensive portfolio of text that your ghostwriter can study and take as an example. Plus, there is a chance that your style is already known to them.

Still, even the most skilled and experienced writer does not possess the personality of your CEO or whoever they are tasked to mimic. So for content intended for the upper segments of the sales funnel, when you want your audience simply to see and read you, hiring freelancers makes sense. However, for the authoritative content with which you plan to build your reputation as the opinion leader in the niche, it’s better to use your own resources. Same goes for the strategic content that will make your visitors into leads and, subsequently, customers. 

Hire an in-house writer or editor if you think that your writing skills need some polishing, but write the content yourself. Who else but you has the expertise and authentic experience your audience came here for?

Consider the right balance

Working with freelance writers can be a good investment for your company when you begin positioning yourself. After all, they are professionals and their strong skills and abilities are something to learn from. Working with a writer can even help you to develop your brand’s tone of voice and your own writing style, which is a great investment in your business and the quality of the future content.

However, content writers usually lack technical and background expertise, even if they work in the same niche or with similar companies as yours. It isn’t really fair to expect it from them. Still, you can have the best of two worlds. You can jot down your ideas in a first quick-and-dirty draft and task your freelance writer with polishing it. This way you will present your audience with valuable insights in a sleek readable form.


Another thing to consider is the intended platform. If the blog is hosted on your website, it gives you more flexibility with style and format. It’s a good place for both in-depth contents that requires an understanding of your brand and for entertaining stuff that hooks the passers-by and attracts a wider audience.

However, if you intend to win the social media game, you must play by their rules. To be the best on Facebook or Twitter you must hire a skilled SMM manager rather than a talented copywriter. If you seriously relying on social media for your success, you need someone who knows the subtleties of these channels, their audiences and ways to engage them.

All in all, it’s a decision that you make based on your company’s needs, available budget, and costs and benefits ratio. Either in-house or freelance – a writer is certainly not a must-have even in a content marketing game.


Can You Trust a Machine That Thinks Like Us?

Trust, specifically the lack thereof, is one of the challenges currently facing the artificial intelligence industry right now. The critical underlying assumption of No trust, no use is making it difficult for developers, tech companies, and AI engineers to build trust in AI and facilitate faster adoption or usage.

Despite the many great promises AI hold, the potential dangers and the issue of not knowing how it works to make people wary of using the technology. Notable figures such as Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking, and Bill Gates have previously expressed concerns about the dangers that AI poses to humanity, with some of them going as far as speculating that AI will eventually make humans extinct. 

But before we delve into this controversial topic, let us first define what artificial intelligence is. Artificial intelligence, widely known as AI, is all about building machines that can think and act like a human. It has a wide and varied range of applications, some of which we interact with every day. If you’re using Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, then you’re already engaging with AI. Google’s search algorithms are also a form of artificial intelligence. Software testing automation tools, which is becoming popular among developers, are also applications of artificial intelligence. Soon, self-driving cars, independently-operating appliances, and other AI-powered machines will become a common household item. 

Trust Issues 

Despite the benefits, people are finding it hard to trust AI. The lack of trust is also one of the common reasons why some of the best-known AI efforts failed. IBM’s Watson for Oncology, for example, failed to impress cancer doctors during its PR attempt, causing the project to become wasted. The doctors didn’t trust Watson’s results because they didn’t understand how the machine came to its conclusions.

This begs the question; how do AIs think? An AI’s decision-making process is too complicated for ordinary people to understand. The only people who know how a particular machine works are the developers and the company that manufactured it. But the end-user usually doesn’t have any idea what goes on inside these machines’ “brains.” And it is part of human nature to feel anxious when people don’t understand something, making them feel that they are losing control.

This is how the concept of explainability becomes critical. In the case of Watson’s, if the doctors understood how Watson came up with the results, they might have had a different opinion of it and their trust level may have been higher. AI developers and tech companies should do a much better job at explaining to people how their systems work and how they arrive at certain decisions to avoid misunderstanding. Some AI systems are easy to understand, but most of them will need to work hard to simplify the explanations or ‘dumb down’ AI algorithms to make them explainable.

Unfortunately, complicated algorithms such as deep learning and machine learning will be harder to interpret, so these trust issues won’t be going away any time soon. 

Machines That Think

One of the amazing, and probably scary, characteristics of AI is its ability to ‘think.’ Being able to analyze data, make deductions, and arrive at a decision based on them reveal the infinite potential of artificial intelligence. The concept of Terminator’s Skynet may not be even far off in the future. With AI’s machine learning and deep learning concepts, a world filled with self-thinking machines is getting closer to reality. 

Machine learning and deep learning are common AI buzzwords, and examples of them are everywhere. It’s how Netflix predicts which flicks you’ll want to watch next or how Facebook recognizes the people in a photo.

Machine learning is defined as:

“Algorithms that parse data, learn from that data, and then apply what they’ve learned to make informed decisions.”

This concept is commonly used by services that offer automated recommendations, such as music and video streaming services. By understanding the user’s music selections and comparing it with other users who have similar preferences, the AI can list out songs or movies that the user might like. And this algorithm is designed to be constantly learning, just like a virtual assistant. The more you use the service, the more accurate the AI will be in predicting what you like.

Deep learning, on the other hand, is a subset of machine learning, except with different capabilities. Most basic machine learning models usually become progressively better at what they do, but they still need the guidance of some form. For example, if the algorithm comes up with an inaccurate recommendation, the engineer or developer has to make adjustments. With deep learning, the algorithm can decide on its own, whether the prediction is accurate or not using its neural network. 

Google’s AlphaGo illustrates how powerful deep learning is. This computer program created by Google has its neural network that knows how to play the board game Go. Go requires sharp intellect and a lot of thinking, so it is amazing how AlphaGo can play against the level of professional Go players.

Should You Trust Thinking Machines? 

The debate about whether AIs should be trusted or not is a hot topic in the tech world. No matter how powerful AIs are, they still lack man’s judgment capabilities, causing them to make mistakes or provide inaccurate results. The processes behind AIs thinking process is hard to explain and people tend to be wary of what they don’t know of. 

Should we trust AI? The answer probably depends on these questions:

  • Does it perform well? 
  • Is the machine safe and was it built correctly? 
  • Does the machine perform the way it was intended? 
  • Can we predict the results? 
  • Does the machine adhere to ethical standards?

Computers are becoming an integral part of our lives, and automation is only going to become more popular over time. It has become increasingly important to understand how these complicated AI and machine learning systems are making their decisions before people will come to trust them.

Author Bio

A Computer Engineer by degree and a writer by profession, Cathy Trimidal writes for Software Tested and Outbyte. For years now, she has contributed articles focusing on the trends in IT, VPN, web apps, SEO, and digital marketing. Although she spends most of her days living in a virtual realm, she still finds time to satisfy her infinite list of interests.


Gaming Headset – Importance and How to Buy the Best One?

Gaming headsets help you in communicating with the machine and enjoy better gaming experience in the process. You have a speaker that gives the sound output and a microphone for sound input. In comparison to an ordinary headphone, the gaming headsets are advanced and have better features for the optimum and realistic gaming experience.

You will come across many such headsets and depending on your budget and requirement; you can order one, either online or get one from a store near you.

Essential aspects of gaming headsets

If you have a good headset, you can feel being a part of the gaming experience and sense your involvement in the game even if it is virtual. You can connect better with the gaming environment. Since there are speakers and also a microphone, the acoustic is realistic.

1. Aside from the acoustic speakers and excellent sound quality and real-life experience, you also enjoy the option of noise cancelation. It allows you to choose the optimum sound balance and equalizer selectively.  

2. Since you have the option of using wired and wireless headsets, you can connect the different devices to your LCD TV for a better experience. Also, the better the devices, the more realistic is the experience.

Almost all reputed brands have their collection and variety of headsets. And you can invest in your favorite gaming rig best gaming headsets reviewed and tested one. 

How to buy the best gaming headset?

There are a few crucial features or aspects that can help you to zero-in on the right device. More about the same has been mentioned below in the points-

1. Your gaming headset must be comfortable

Having a headphone that fits well on your head is one of the essential requisites. That is because while gaming, assuming that you will have them on for a considerable time, settle for one that will not pinch and dig into your head or ears. 

2. Quality of the material

You will come across many headsets that are usually made up of plastic that is not of good quality. These are cheaper, but the performance is not good. As such, you may not have the optimum gaming experience. Opt for a sturdy one, usually one that is made up of wireframe or metal. Also, the cheaper quality ones will not last long.

3. Sound quality

There are 2 things that you must check while buying a gaming headset, and the first one is the headphone pad, and the other one is the size of your headphone. It holds true, especially for the games that have low “directional audio cues.”

As such, if there is poor isolation, you will not be able to enjoy the real sound output. Regardless of whether it is the headphone pad or the overhead piece, it must fit properly. If it is not, change and get one that will be best for the shape of your head. A poorly fitting headset can also lead to a headache.

When you take into account the sound quality, make sure you consider the surround sound as well. 

In a nutshell, gaming is a recreational activity that will help you to relax and unwind. Make sure you have the best gaming experience with the right set of devices.


All Round Business Management and Customer Support with Salesforce

Managing a business is about handling many departments. Hence entrepreneurs and business strategists look for solutions which can handle many wings at once. One such solution, which is deemed as one of the most preferred and methodical solutions in Salesforce. It is a complete mixture of all business-related things sorted together.

Salesforce is for customer support

When you have integrated the Salesforce platform into your business, then your customers can get support in various ways. A customer can interact with a person in the business directly through the platform. There are chat services, which can be used to communicate directly with users. This is a great way to make contact. Also, customers can troubleshoot their issues on their own by the following guide. Customers may even follow social media and other forums and discussion boards to interact with other customers and discuss problems or find solutions. Therefore, whether a business support executive is supporting a customer through the platform, or a customer helping himself/herself, it’s possible entirely through the platform.

Salesforce is for marketing

Salesforce helps in marketing in several ways. It has its artificial intelligence, which you can use to interact better with customers and target customers better and smartly, based on their interests and behavior. Here are important points about the marketing-related Salesforce solutions, which you must know:

  • The consumer-centric platform and design of Salesforce lest you interact with consumers one on one.
  • Integration of all-important components in marketing, which builds up the business is possible here. You can integrate sales with marketing, with e-commerce, and that with branding and app development, and what not!
  • The AI of Salesforce works awesome in predicting customer behavior and pick the best engaging solution for the customer based on the data.
  • The interface allows templates, and great flow of messaging in streamlined ways, and easy integration of mobile apps with this, so that cross-campaigns can be design.
  • The same platform can be used for integrating both B2B and B2C business.

Altogether marketing with the power of data of every customer you have, to plan things in a customized way, and set email marketing, SMS marketing, and all such campaigns in a targeted way is possible with it.

Salesforce is for Sales

Plan sales with the help of Salesforce too. This is such an efficient platform that has every answer to everything needed in your business. Sales interface powered by the AI of Salesforce has great efficiency in finding customers based on data. This can help you find and pitch to the right target customers and can help close deals better and grow revenue. Sales get a lot easier with the help of AI integrated Salesforce, which offers multiple tools, for you to talk to the customer, solve queries, and work with customer data.

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM

The best part of using Salesforce is that this is a cloud-based CRM. The software is entirely cloud-based, which offers immense benefits when it comes to data storage. Now it’s understood that when you are handling a business, then sales and marketing only fetch so much of daily data, which is huge. With such a huge volume of data, if you plan to store in your data center or some hosted server, then it would cost you a good amount. Also, the continuously proliferating amount of data on the storage would be impacting the data maintenance bills too. Rather instead of taking all that hassle, with Salesforce, you can store your data on the Salesforce data cloud-only. This is not going to incur you any extra cost. In fact, with this system, your data would stay safe and secure, while you will never have to worry about separate storage for data. Moreover, with the cloud-based system, you can access your data from anywhere and any computer or mobile.

You can operate it from anywhere- even from smartphones

The best part of having a cloud-based CRM is that you can operate it from anywhere. The good news for mobile users is that, with an app-based interface, Salesforce can be used from smartphones too. That’s why you can now use Salesforce from smartphones easily and can manage your entire business over the phone, without having to look for a computer or browser-based interface. 

The platform helps connect customers with the company for better interactions

Consumers can connect to the company in multiple ways through the platform of Salesforce. If you are using Salesforce to communicate with your consumers, then you can help consumers reach you too with the same model. This eases communication through the mode of chat, email support, discussion forums, questions and answers, and social media. Therefore, customers can not only communicate, but also can find other similar issues that they are facing to address their problems better.

Personalized apps

Using Salesforce, you can create personalized apps which can be used for bringing automation in the business in multiple ways. You can increase your productivity, and can also act innovatively when you design apps for better business operations. This is a great side of Salesforce, which is helpful.

How to integrate Salesforce

The best way to integrate Salesforce is to contact a good third-party service which installs it for you, train you initially to handle the CRM and helps you absorb the whole concept. You can contact services like, where you can get all this help, and also get their help whenever you need an upgrade and related help with Salesforce. With native release version and version control feature, there are good solutions for those who already are using the platform and need an upgrade, and definitely for those who are new to Salesforce.


The sooner you integrate Salesforce into your business; the better would be your grip on marketing, sales, and customer support throughout. Hence you can start now and feel the difference. Whatever Salesforce solution you try, you are bound to feel improvement in business operations.

Bio: -Evans Walsh is a freelance content writer. He has written many good and informative articles on different categories such as  technology, health, fashion, beauty, education, career, travel, etc. He is very responsible for his job. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with his friends and colleagues.


5 Types of MarkTech Software and How It Can Power-Up SMEs

As marketing evolves, marketers search for solutions to streamline and scale their daily marketing activities without spending too much time or effort on them.

Choosing the right vendors and products can benefit SMEs and help them establish their presence in our fast-growing and competitive market.

To succeed, SMEs need to invest in the right tools that will make their Marketing Technology Stack their most powerful ally to compete with the largest brands out there.

What is MarTech?

MarTech is a blend that comes from the words “marketing” and “technology”.

Here is the definition:

“Marketing is a function that relies increasingly on technology, and as more technology tools emerged to meet the needs of modern marketing, these Marketing Technology tools have collectively become known as MarTech.”

Modern marketing is all about finding the best set of tools to promote your brand to people all around the world.

While competing with big brands might seem a little terrifying at first, there’s nothing that SMEs can’t do when they employ the right tools.

Now Let’s See 5 MarTech Tools SMEs Need to Start Using Right Now

1. Email Marketing Automation Software

With 3.9 million users, emails have become one of the most efficient digital marketing channels marketers use to promote their products.

The first thing you need to do to start your email marketing is to search the market for a good email marketing platform that suits your needs and company goals.

Out there, you’ll find a plethora of MailChimp alternatives to provide you with the right technology and knowledge to plan and automate your email marketing strategy.

Moosend, for instance, is a great alternative to help you design your next email campaigns and automate them.

How it helps

Since sending emails to every single subscriber of yours by hand can be extremely time-consuming, the need for email marketing automation is dire.

A platform like this will simplify the process and allow SMEs to reach multiple subscribers at once in the most effective way possible.

And since, emails are one of the best ways to build customer relationships and brand credibility, using an email marketing platform will allow you to get more with less effort.

2. Subscription Analytics Software

Now that you’ve found the perfect software to attract more customers to your SMEs, the next step to ensure that your business will keep thriving is to track your business metrics.

To do so, you need to invest in a good subscription analytics tool that will show you which elements work well and which don’t. 

A great subscription analytics software that allows you to monitor your active customers and your monthly or annual growth is Profitwell.

Here’s an example of  what the metrics dashboard looks like:

How it helps

When it comes to SMEs with stricter budgets, knowing which elements have the biggest profit and greatest loss can determine the success of a brand.

With a tool like Profitwell, SMEs can optimize and measure their subscribers’ efficiency and take certain actions that will reduce their MRR churn, and increase their ARR.

Tracking brand performance will give SMEs the chance to improve their digital marketing strategies and establish themselves among larger brands.

3. Social media Software

Facebook and Instagram are some excellent media platforms to promote your products, either through sponsored ads or social media and influencer marketing.

With 37% of consumers using social media to find inspiration for their next purchase, neglecting to use social media ads can reduce your brand visibility significantly.

To take advantage of these platforms, you can start by using Facebook Ads, a tool that promotes do-it-yourself ads for everyone with or without expertise.

Here’s what the Facebook Ads quick creation looks like:

How it helps

Facebook ads have the lowest median cost per click compared to other famous social media ads like LinkedIn.

While the cost can vary depending on the number of impressions you want, Facebook ads can work well with since they can find you cheaper clicks to match your budget.

Facebook ads can help SMEs create awesome Facebook lead ads that will have maximum visibility due to Facebook’s massive number of users.

4. Employee Management and Communication Software

The success of a business doesn’t lie exclusively on successful product marketing, but also on the excellent communication and co-operation between different teams like your product and marketing team.

A good platform that can benefit SMEs not only with its simplistic user interface but also with its integrated apps is Slack.

How it helps

Slack’s success stems from apps, shared channels and search features that SMEs can get for cheaper prices.

Using some of the best Slack apps like Google Drive, Meekan and Monkey Test It can help SMEs get more things done and contribute to the simplification of the communication process.

5. App Connectivity and Integration Software

To save invaluable time, SMEs need to find software that will automate most of their daily activities and let them focus on other important tasks.

Since the main advantage of using MarTech is the ability to automate pretty much everything, using a web automation tool like Zapier will make your business tasks easier and faster to complete.

Here’s what a Zap looks like:

How it helps

Zapier offers a selection of more than 1.500 integrations to help you connect your apps.

For example, through the platform, SMEs can connect popular apps like Trello and Gmail to create new cards from new labeled Gmail emails.

By creating Zaps, SMEs will be able to mix and match triggers that will save time and provide updates about important tasks.


Using MarTech software is the best thing SMEs can do to increase their productivity and visibility in a market where businesses constantly try to surpass one another.

Adding such tools in your MarTech stack will help your business grow and connect with your target audience in the most cost-rewarding way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start building your MarTech stack now and you’ll see your business go from zero to hero in no time.

Author bio

Marilia Dimitriou is a Creative Writer working for email marketing software Moosend. Her passion for writing has made her find new ways to combine the art of Creative Writing with SEO Copywriting. When she’s not writing articles, you’ll find her spending time on her drabbles.


Shopify and Other Advanced eCommerce Platforms Can Benefit Your Online Business 

Planning an online store is both challenging and exciting! The thought that you will give shape to your online business is inspiring. However, you also need to do all the work to get your website running. You need to make sure that it functions in the best way possible so that your customers have a good time navigating through your website. It is the reason why you need to opt-in for eCommerce platforms. 

The digital world is expanding at a fast pace! And your website needs to have all the features to impress your online audience. When you are opt-in for fully integrated eCommerce platforms, you can impress your online customers effortlessly. To know more about this, you can opt-in for Sun Bowl Systems Shopify help.

Some of the unique advantages of eCommerce platforms are:

It makes website navigation smooth and easy

If your customers aren’t able to navigate through your website, then they can’t see the services and products you have to offer! Hence, you need to make sure that your website interface is smooth and easy to navigate. The eCommerce platforms like Shopify, make it easy for online viewers to shift from one menu to the other without any disturbance. 

You have access to an excellent customer service 

It’s not you alone who requires customer service! Even your online users need it as well. You can opt-in for an eCommerce platform which will help your brand to reflect a positive brand image. When the consumers notice that they aren’t receiving the service they want, they might leave your website and never revisit it. It is interesting to note that the same applies in the case of software. When you know that a platform is not getting supported, make sure that you can escalate it to an in-house team. There’s no need to inflict this on your customers. 

You will not witness any downtime issues 

When you are opt-in for an eCommerce platform that’s operating at the best level, chances are you will see a significant boost on the website’s performance. You will not find your online users getting deterred by any error message that otherwise could have stopped them from completing the online purchase. It saves you valuable time that you can spend in expanding your business. Else you might have to spend the time troubleshooting all your platform related issues. So you can spend your time enhancing your online brand reputation, website presence and also improve the customer experience.

You get a secure platform

No online user wants to be on a platform that can get them into trouble. They want to secure payment channels so that their customer and financial data doesn’t get compromised. Also, they want to browse through a website that doesn’t have irrelevant pop-up ads, which leads to counterfeit sites. An advanced eCommerce platform helps to keep your site secure from all these negative factors and save it from any online reputation damage.

These are some of the important reasons for you to opt-in for an advanced eCommerce platform! You can choose the platform by researching online and after determining what your business most requires.