Let’s face it. People don’t like to be sold. So how do you sell without actually making them feel as though they are being sold? 

It’s actually fairly simple.

People buy from who they know, especially if it’s a high-ticket item.

Webinars don’t only help engage the prospective buyer by giving them valuable and useful information about their product or service. It puts a face and personality to the company as well. 

Plus, people love knowledge, love to know secrets of the trade, and they love to make their own decisions.

So let them……even if those decisions are persuaded a bit.

By utilizing webinars, you have a platform that offers you the ability to do three very important things for your sales process.

The first is that you’re building a list of potential buyers. Every time someone registers for your webinar, you have a lead. You’ll be able to follow-up with these leads, whether it’s with a phone call or with automated email strategies.

The second is it allows you to provide valuable information during the webinar. You can give them so many things of value, such as answering industry questions and giving them tips that will help improve their chances of success. 

The third is that you are building your brand and positioning yourself as a leader in your industry. And you’re doing this all while you help them understand why your product or service is so valuable.

Essentially you are taking a cold prospect and warming them up – all while building trust. 

During the 40 minute webinar, you’ll be sharing your knowledge and expertise with them and most importantly, your personality will shine through. 

You’re building a connection! 

So how do you create a webinar?

There’s really not much to it!

The first thing you need to do is find a webinar platform, create live webinars, or host your pre-recorded webinar.

There are plenty to choose from, but it’s essential that you are able to integrate it with your email marketing tools easily.

When doing your actual recording, here is a good guideline to start with,

You’ll begin by introducing yourself then you’ll head into the entire purpose of the webinar. The content is the meat of the webinar. It’s always a good idea to break it down into sections such as “The 3 Secrets to…”. This section should be at 30 minutes.

And then, you’ll transition into the final part of the webinar which will include your product or service and how much easier it will make their life—offering an irresistible offer that will only be available for a limited time.

This exact process is helping businesses improve their sales and close more cold leads than they were able to do. But only if you’re following the exact process below. 

Here’s why,

Once they register for your webinar, you’ll begin an email marketing campaign that will automatically begin sending out emails about the content or the webinar as well as reminders. 

After all, you want them to show up! 

But if they aren’t able to make it, they’ll have an opportunity to watch the replay. You’ll let them know about this after the date and time of the webinar that they missed. You don’t want them to miss out on the information – it’s designed to make you more sales.

Listen, just like anything else in business; you need to learn the skill in order to perfect it. Webinars are no different. Just hoping on and creating a webinar isn’t going to be enough.

You want to grow and engage your potential customers so that you can increase your sales and the best way to do that is with webinar sales training from a company like Janek.  

There’s a lot to learn, and having a well-organized webinar from start to finish will certainly help to turn your cold prospects into warm leads if not customers. You’ll need to know how to effectively track your registrants to make the necessary improvements to create an effective webinar that turns your prospect into a customer.

Using a webinar as part of your marketing efforts will ultimately remove your sales process’s selling aspect. So by the time you get them on the phone, they’re already eager to buy!

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