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The Secret Ingredient In The Online Dating Market With A Tinder Clone App

Modern technology is bringing a record change in the relationship between man and machine which is also impacting our interpersonal relationships. Sending hand-written letters to friends or loved ones has almost gained vintage status. The main reason behind this is the abundance of electronic tools redefining our communication modes.

A similar change can also be seen in our dating life as people are seeking out partners in the virtual space. This is leading to rhetoric popularity of dating apps. If you are thinking of devising a dating app, then you can walk in the footsteps of Tinder – the pioneer of such services.

Tinder gained an edge over its competitor apps with the revolutionary left swipe for dislike and right swipe for like. People previously felt shy while venturing into the world of online dating. The gaming spirit of Tinder is gaining an edge over this stigma. Keeping such a thing in mind, we have come up with a dossier containing the main causes of its success and things you need to keep in mind while building a similar app.

Stand Out Features of Tinder

  • You can log onto Tinder either through your phone number or Facebook ID. The basic information gathered from Facebook buffers its users from having to undergo a time-taking form-filling process while creating a profile.
  • Users can add a display picture and some brief information after their profile gets auto-filled. Usually, the Tinder profiles contain information pertaining to age, location, mutual interest, and mutual Facebook friends.
  • Proximity has an important role to play in applications like Tinder. People have an affinity of connecting with others living in nearby localities. This makes geolocation an extremely critical functionality in a tinder clone script.
  • Swipe is a unique value proposition of Tinder making the date fixation process an extremely entertaining affair.
  • Users of Tinder can adjust their discovery settings in accordance with gender, age, and distance. However, the search radius of a user stays limited to 10 miles while using the free version.
  • App developers cannot coerce users to interact with fellow users unless they share mutual likes. Thus, users can begin chatting with each other only after the match is made. Once the private chat window is opened, users can share messages, GIFs and even emoji to vouch for their feeling.
  • Tinder keeps on notifying its users about new app updates and matches which might suit their preference. This helps in maintaining user engagement and ensuring frequent returns.
  • The Snapchat and Instagram profiles of Tinder users can be integrated with their Snapchat and Instagram account for generating more interactions and conversations.

You can stand out in the online dating market by adding in a few more special features in your open source tinder clone like the following:

Implementation of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms which help in understanding the individual preferences of users for better results.

  • Spam messages can bring down the reputation of an application. Your dating app clone can have a spam detector in place for sending notifications to users whenever the same message is forwarded to multiple users simultaneously.
  • You can add to the credibility of your app by generating a risk score while signing up. Artificial intelligence helps in delivering a risk score by conducting ID verification. This feature brings down all chances of catfishing to create a safe online dating environment.

Apparently, most of these tinder clone script apps are available for free. In spite of that, there is a big opportunity for monetizing the same:

Freemium – This provides limited access to app users. They have to shell out an extra amount for availing the premium options like sensing GIFs or custom emoji’s in messages. OkCupid is an open source tinder clone which offers its users with paid boosts. This leads to more matches and higher profile matches.

Paid Subscriptions – This highly popular monetization method comes with a time ceiling which could be monthly, quarterly and even yearly. However, it is advisable to adopt a subscription strategy once the app has gained sufficient recognition. Tinder, for example, has launched two highly popular Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus schemes. These plans allow its users to rewind their actions for changing accidental swipes. Some other paid Tinder features are Super likes, unlimited swipes, smart photos, location change, boost, and others.

Advertisements – If your app has a large number of non-paying users, then in-app advertising can serve as a lucrative money-making option. Native advertising can be of great help in such scenarios as it adheres to the app functionality. Such apps shouldn’t meddle with the seamless experience of users as doing otherwise can lead to mass uninstallations.

Gifts – Users can even buy chocolate, teddies and greeting cards as a token of affection for their beloved. This can boost up the revenue meter during special occasions like Valentine’s Day and Women’s Day.


Clone scripts of Tinder have ushered in a revolution in the field of online dating. Users are notified instantly on creating an account in the application. They can even alter the visibility of their profiles from the clone app in accordance with their personal preference. Locational parameter helps in conducting efficient matchmaking. Just a swipe is enough for scanning through the profile of potential dates. There is also a rewind option helping users to alter their last swipe changes. Users can either reject a chat request or engage in a conversation with potential dates.

One of the biggest roadblocks faced by an app owner while marketing his dating app is the lack of adequate trust. Women especially doubt the online dating portal which leads to a problem with user acquisition. But once you get over the same, you can easily climb up the ladder of popularity.

About the author

Hemendra Singh

My name is Hemendra Singh. I am Managing Director and co-founder of The NineHertz, a Mobile App Development Company. I am having a keen interest in the latest trends and technologies that are emerging in different domains. Being an entrepreneur in the field of IT sector, it becomes my responsibility to aid my audience with the knowledge of latest trends in the market.





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Benefits of Using IoT In The Fleet Management System

Fleet management as the term says, adequate management of the company’s vehicle fleet. It helps the fleet owners to properly manage weight monitoring, fleet location tracking, etc. Every transportation business must have an appropriate fleet management system.

Proper management of fleet is a daunting task but IoT in transportation helps business owners to easily manage the truck/fleets without any hassle. Here in this post, I will tell you the important advantages of using IoT in the fleet management system.

Let’s check the advantages of using IoT in the fleet management system

#1 Provides real-time road climate data to fleet managers

A large number of injuries to fleet drivers take place because of hazardous road climatic conditions that arise time and again. At some cases, the worst road climatic condition also leads to the death of fleet drivers. Irrespective of the fact that fleet managers evaluate climatic predictions to regulate when and how extreme climate will have an effect on operations of the fleet, but wrong climatic forecasts and wrong road climate data are highly injurious to operations. Here, the Internet of things technology comes into the picture. Sensors embedded devices are attached to the axle of the truck or fleet. Real-time road climate data is given to fleet managers with the help of these sensors. In case of bad climatic conditions of the road, fleet managers can immediately contact the drivers to go at slow speed or divert trucks to another route that does not have the worst climate conditions.

#2 Helps to know traffic conditions on the road

IoT Smart transportation is also useful for fleet managers to contact their drivers whenever there is traffic in a particular area. This helps drivers in saving much of their time for reaching a client’s place faster because fleet managers will help drivers to select the route with less traffic. Internet of things in fleet management can also easily control the movement of traffic as to how fast or slowly traffic is moving. Sensors attached to truck’s axle continuously provides real-time data about road traffic and accordingly fleet owners can help keep their drivers safe by helping them move through clear roads without traffic. This also decreases much of the accidents happening because of traffic conditions. Fleet owners also receive the current traffic data of roads for decreasing unwanted accidents of fleet drivers well in advance.

#3 Tracking the real-time location of the fleet

Another important advantage of using IoT in fleet management system is to track the exact real-time location of the truck quickly. This feature is best because sometimes the truck driver takes the truck for his personal use to another area and as a result, the truck does not reach on time at client’s place and fleet managers pay for the mistakes of fleet drivers. In such cases, IoT plays a vital role. Fleet owners can easily trace the location of the fleet in the blink of an eye through geo-fencing the area in which your fleet business is operating.

#4 Fuel management is carried out effectively

One of the best advantages of using IoT fleet management is adequate management of fuel. Therefore, IoT helps fleet managers by keeping a track of fuel utilization in their fleets. Irregularity in fuel consumption of trucks can be easily monitored by fleet owners and accordingly they can take necessary measures to decrease unnecessary fuel consumption to a lot of extents. Moreover, during fuel theft cases, the fleet manager immediately gets alert.

#5 Smart reporting of fleets

IoT in fleet management system has an important role to play regarding fleet reports efficiently. Reports are received in real-time to fleet owners about operating of fleets and clearing all deliveries on regular basis. Efficient reporting enables fleet owners to make the right business decisions to enhance revenue from their fleets.

#6 Improving fleet maintenance

IoT in fleet management system also enhances the overall condition of fleets to improve their functioning. IoT fleet management system has the potential to gather data from different fleets and later on, this particular data can be put to use for precise and complete maintenance plans of fleets. Also, IoT enabled sensors can effectively monitor wear out of truck parts (example: tires) and fleet owners get a notification on the web or mobile app. For instance, when the tire pressure goes below the dangerous point, fleet managers immediately receive an alert about the problem on the web or mobile app of IoT fleet management. Moreover, fleet owners can also contact their drivers quickly to fix the problem before it worsens.

Smart fleet management into action

Introducing problem

To know the true potential of the smart fleet management system, let’s take an example of weight monitoring of truck.

What happens in the traditional fleet management system?

In this case, fleet managers are not able to get a real-time weight of the truck and it further leads to fines being charged from truck drivers for over-weight of the truck.

What happens in a smart fleet management system?

In case of a smart fleet management system, IoT devices in transportation enable fleet managers to receive a real-time weight of the truck so that whenever truck has over-weight then fleet owners can immediately contact the truck drivers to unload some goods. In this way, unwanted fine charging can be reduced to a lot of extents.

Closing Thoughts

In a nutshell, it can be concluded that fleet management has wide-array of advantages for the transportation industry and it further leads to increased profitability of the business. If you are looking forward to getting IoT end-to-end solution for transportation business, then feel free to contact us and we will assist you further.


Why You Should Deploy Online Training in Your Organization

Learning and development (L&D) departments are constantly working on identifying new opportunities for employees. Thanks to the new emerging technologies and software solutions, such as LMS software, all professional growth, and development efforts can be streamlined now.

Since there is a lot of buzz around corporate training software, and online training in general, but very few resources that go in-depth, giving organizations reasons to implement it, we decided to give you exactly that.

Here is why you should deploy online training in your organization.

Cut Down Training Expenses

You are probably aware of the high costs of traditional training. First, there are physical copies of all the learning materials, then you have to deal with trainer’s fee, and not to mention the price of the certifications everyone expects to get by the end of the course.

In some instances, you will also have to rent the space for training. Online training removes all these factors from the equation. All the materials are stored online so that anybody can access them. There is no need to rent any space, as learners can study from wherever they want and the certification is in digital form. Your employee can choose whether they want to print their certificates or not.

Make Training More Convenient

When it comes to training, you have to go the extra mile to make it convenient for the workers. Keep in mind that most of them work from 9 to 5 and having to go to training after they are done with their work might be overwhelming for most of them.

If you decide to take another course of action and organize training during weekends, your employees may feel like you’ve robbed them of their free time.

This is where cloud-based LMS software comes in as a true savior. All of the courses can be stored in the cloud and your employees can access them whenever they want. For instance, they can do a short quiz on a coffee break, finish a course chapter while commuting, and so on.

True Mobility

The online training has gone through some transitions along the way. Improvements have been made to make learning as easy as possible.

Just a few years ago, learners had to log in an LMS via a desktop computer only. Today the connectivity and accessibility issues are definitely resolved.

Your employees will be able to learn whenever they have Internet access. And since we live in a mobile era, you will be happy to know that the best LMS software tools on the market are completely mobile-friendly. This means that learners can access learning materials, take tests, and communicate on the go.

Save Time and Effort

In a traditional setting, both learning and exams take a lot of time and effort. If there is someone who doesn’t understand the lecture, they might interrupt the presentation to ask questions, thus taking a portion of the time reserved for training. Not to mention the unit tests that have to be graded after any exam.

You will be happy to know that all this is automated by the corporate training software. You can leverage the automated corrections so that trainees can go back to read that specific material again and give the right answer.

The grading is automatic and the reports are immediately generated and sent to the manager.

Better Knowledge Retention

LMS software is also designed to improve knowledge retention. It supports the use of all sorts of media to increase the engagement potential of the learning material.

You can use images, animations, videos, and gamification to make it easier for trainees to learn.

Furthermore, corporate training software can be used to engage trainees in solving real-life situations. This can help them live the experience and learn in a better way.

Learning by participating in real-life scenarios is a great way to nurture employees for more demanding positions.

Progress Report on Demand

In a traditional setting, it is impossible to assess the performance of training and trainees. At least not in terms of objectivity. With online training, assessments are made easy.

You can see the reports at any time – how many participants are there, how much time each one of them has spent learning, and the average score of each individual.

You can use these reports to identify the learning material that’s causing problems to trainees. Whether it is too complex or too boring, you will be able to pinpoint it and improve it.

Streamlined Communication

Corporate learning software comes with a brand new line of communication. In fact, several of them do so. Course creators and trainees can communicate via message boards or direct private messaging. There is no need to stop the lecture to answer a question.

New enrollees can communicate both with trainers and among themselves. Streamlined communication improves efficiency and affects knowledge retention as well.

Individualized Training Paths

Creating individualized training paths for each employee is borderline impossible in traditional training. The main reasons are cost and time.

On the other hand, doing it with LMS software is easy. How? Modern LMS solutions come with Tin Can specification that tracks, records, and stores every learning effort made by an enrollee in the form of statements.

In just a couple of days, you will be able to gauge the reports and see the personal growth and development levels of all your employees.

Wrap Up

Deploying online training in your organization will help you reduce training costs, make it more efficient, and improve knowledge retention, among other things. Since the success of your online training efforts depends on the quality of LMS software, we suggest that you dig a little deeper to identify the best software for your company.


What You Need to Know for a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

What keeps a business on its track? Many would say a good strategy. This strategy encompasses all the areas of your business, including the marketing aspect. And in the age of modern technology, a good marketing strategy is more important than ever.

If you want your business to grow and innovate, having a good strategy that you can integrate into your marketing campaign is a step in the right direction. The people behind SerpWatch have underlined the importance of a powerful marketing strategy in the infographic below.

The infographic presents the hottest statistics and trends that define the digital landscape today. Keeping an eye on these ensures that your marketing strategy will remain effective in 2019. Here are some of the important points you should remember before formulating your marketing campaign.

Local SEO

Having a general SEO strategy is great, but you should also focus on growing your local customer base. Stats say that over 40% of business revenue is driven by organic traffic. This means you need to rank in search engine results pages to gain more exposure which, in turn, can increase your leads.

But while general SEO is hugely beneficial, it also makes sense for you to give more attention to your local SEO in case you run a local business.

Many consumers go online to search for a company or store near them. In fact, 72% of those who do a local search end up visiting a store within five miles. What’s more, 28% of customers searching for a local business make a purchase.

That said, improving your local SEO ranking could help you build a strong relationship with customers who are within your business location.

PPC vs. Organic Traffic

Paid online advertising has been growing by the minute, but it must be used with caution. Studies show that 64.6% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy an item online. This means that they already have the intention to buy when they conduct a search.

But what if a person is looking for information and weighing options? The statistics are just as damning. For one, 80% of people ignore paid search results and opt to click on the organic listings instead.

Ads on mobile devices tell the same story, where 70% of respondents admitted to disliking mobile ads. There is also a significant increase, around 90%, in mobile ad blocking.

What does this mean to businesses? Paid advertising across different online platforms could help your campaign, but you should also make sure to weigh its pros and cons. Will it do more harm than good?

Content is King

Content marketing still holds an established place in any marketing strategy, whether it is on your website, social pages, or through emails. Producing valuable and relevant content across all your marketing channels can cement your credibility and authority in your niche.

Content marketing gets three times more leads than the paid search. Buyers have become more discerning, with 47% of them consulting 3-5 pieces of content before engaging with a sales representative.

There are many more trends that you need to consider when you start creating your digital marketing campaign this year. Take a look at the infographic below to get started.


How technology can help boost your productivity

We have come a long way in finding ways to boost our productivity, and today we are on the threshold where we are able to look back and see the long winding road behind and be satisfied that we have achieved something. But should we be happy and contended that we are on the threshold or could we do better. We could do better and we have many things to learn and by doing so we could achieve greater heights and be superhuman somewhere in the future. Whether that would be a reality we may not see it in our generation, but the future is bright and that dream would be realized one day.

There are no limits to where we could go in the future and the more technologically advanced we become using it to increase our productivity and through it a better life is our paramount objective. There may be some very irrelevant distractions that could hamper our progress to that ultimate goal. One that we are encountering today wherever we may be is the very distracting prospect of being disturbed. Disturbance has become a very alarming factor which has put paid to concentration.

Concentration is paramount

To be able to accomplish anything we would need to concentrate and telescope our energies to ensure that we complete the tasks we accept or are delegated. If we are unable to concentrate then it would be an immense problem to concentrate and ensure completion.

Whether it is an office environment, field endeavor or even if you are flying in the air concentration would be what you should enjoy because most of what we do could depend on it. This issue has been a perennial problem especially for those living and working in an urban environment. The noise of traffic, the chattering of colleagues, the sound of machinery and a host of other sounds could put you off your concentration mode and your work could suffer.

Technologies to assist us

Today we are surrounded by technology and use and utilize numerous devices, equipment, online apps, machinery and many more to ensure we increase productivity. Every invention that has come before us beginning from the wheel which is considered the best invention of Man, are all geared to increase productivity. The list of the technologies that we use to increase productivity would take us around the Earth many times over but one issue would always stand apart.

That would be our ability to concentrate especially in the rat race environment that we live and work. A solution to this problem is now found and we are able to concentrate on anything from working to even sleeping which would increase productivity. Some may think as to why we would need to concentrate when we are sleeping, it is because if we are constantly disturbed during our sleep we would not be able to concentrate in our work the next day and productivity would drop drastically. Hence sleep is a very important component if we are to be productive. It we don’t get adequate sleep our wok could suffer and that would have a string of adverse consequences.

White noise technology

Research has found and it is a very important breakthrough in human behavior that we are constantly disturbed by the many sounds that emanate in the environment. If these sounds are completely and totally eliminated whether it is in an office, factory, any other work place or even at home our concentration levels would rise substantially. This would be easier said than done because such an ideal situation would be a near impossibility.       

It is to help in this impossible endeavor that the white noise machine has been developed which could be considered as a breakthrough in technology which directly affects productivity. This small but effective contraption does a very simple chore and that is, it emits a constant sound neither loud nor silent but just to be heard by those around. This sound when it pierces our ear drums in a continuous sequence it tends to tune our ears to that particular sound and eliminating all the other disturbing sounds that would otherwise be picked up by your ears.

The white noise machine is proving its effectiveness and is becoming an integral part with all other technologies being employed to increase productivity. It has taken the need to concentrate and increase productivity to greater heights and is fast becoming one of the most important technologies, though simple it could be to ensure a new working environment for many.

Tests have proven that it is bringing positive results wherever it has been used and is being introduced into many workplaces. Whether it is an office or large factory it does not matter as it is providing the right impetus and the foil to the inability for many to concentrate in their tasks.

It could be used in your bedroom to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep undisturbed from all the honking, banging, shouting and other noises manmade and otherwise. If you get up fresh in the morning that too would be the first positive step to increase productivity. Deprivation of sleep especially over a prolonged period of time though you may get a few winks intermittently would still take its toll on your body.

A sleep-deprived individual would be half less or more unproductive compared to one who would have had a good night’s sleep. Hence it is imperative that you grab some quality bedtime every day to be at your best spirits the next day. If you are being disturbed take home a white noise machine today and see the wonders that it could do to you. This is technology at its best and none other could put you to sleep like you have never had before.

When we talk about technologies our minds would float to how we could get to the Moon, but there are many little things that we need which are also technology-based that would do better for us here rather than getting to the Moon. The white noise machine is just one of them. 


Ideas, Formulas and Shortcuts for Audio Manager

Let’s look in the device manager to look at the status of our Realtek audio driver. Generally, a business development manager will carry out tasks like product development, promotion, and distribution. Android Assistant was made to be compatible with different Android brands from various manufacturers. Your property manager should offer you a summary of how he is going to be handling your properties. Only the very best property managers ought to be hired!

Audio Manager has an excellent little profile feature built into the application. Easy Audio Manager is also an extremely fundamental app. Business management is just one of the main areas in every organization. The automated frequency management employs a new algorithm which also evaluates the reliability of available frequencies.

DSP Manager is a great application that may be employed to achieve vibrating bass in spite of your stock headphones. Being a real manager is never simple. Realtek HD audio manager is quite vital for your PC. To make sure that one’s music playlist does not become lost or distorted, it is necessary to employ music file administration.

The majority of the moment, you merely will need to update your audio driver. Before downloading the new Realtek drivers, it is going to be required to uninstall all present drivers.

The Downside Risk of Audio Manager

Audio is among the essential features of any computer. Windows Audio will then be enabled. It’s essential for practically any sound to be made when a program is operating in Windows. In the event the sound is working then the issue is solved and you need read no more. In addition, in addition, it provides a high-quality sound to your system during the audio card.

What is Actually Happening with Audio Manager

There are a lot of audio manager apps, so it’s essential for you to choose from an audio manager for your Android. Whichever it was, click the suitable link for your audio device so you are taken to the right page.

The 30-Second Trick for Audio Manager

Once an item of hardware is not functioning, it’s highlighted for attention. Although the true audio hardware is HD Audio, it is going to allow utilizing the AC’97 front panel like that. In case the computer doesn’t have sound, proceed to the next process to fix the error. You may then register the software to go for automatic Driver Updates. Free software is a good example. Instead, you may use a tool designed particularly for the purpose of managing and searching for samples.

Ok, I Think I Understand Audio Manager, Now Tell Me About Audio Manager!

If there are simple ways on how best to hide your apps in your Android, in addition, there are quick steps on how best to unhide the apps that were hidden in your menu. In the majority of cases, you should install an audio device to acquire your sound working. The very first thing you ought to do is determine which two audio devices you need to change between. Utilizing a system without sound will help it become incomplete.

About the author

Usman Raza is a marketing specialist at and co-founder of Christian Marketing Experts. He has been writing for magazines and newspapers since 2001, and editing and managing websites since 2006. A generalist, his most covered topics are business and technology. Follow him on Twitter @usmanintrotech.


7 Social Media Marketing Strategies That Can Help Your Ecommerce Business Grow

The concept of social media and networking may have boomed from a dorm, but it has grown tremendously over the years.

Just for the sake of an overview, let’s take a look at where some of the most popular social media platforms stand:

  • Facebook, the biggest social network, has more than two billion active users
  • Twitter is hitting the 350 million mark this year
  • Linked In is a network that connects more than 500 million professionals
  • Instagram has already crossed 800 million

The total number of social media users is now over 3.1 billion, and increasing at around 13 percent every year.

Any smart businessperson can see the potential of using these networks as a perfect marketing platform. It is where billions of people gather to share, learn, and discuss. It is why social media marketing has now become a powerful driver of business growth.

eCommerce businesses have a lot to gain from social media. Social media is now one of the significant drivers of website traffic. It stands quite close to search engines. The problem is that it isn’t as easy as it sounds. While it may seem like an ever-expanding pool of prospects, it is not easy to make your mark on such a busy platform. It is a competitive world out there. You need a strong strategy to make sure you are able to reach the right audience and get the right response. Here are seven social marketing strategies to help your eCommerce business grow.

1.   Identify Your Best Marketing Channels

There is a reason there are more than one social networks. All of them are different in many ways. For instance, Twitter is just a microblogging platform while Instagram and Pinterest are about photo blogging. LinkedIn, on the other hand, has a more professional approach.

Due to such differences, there is a difference in their demographics. Customer behavior also differs for every channel. The key to a winning strategy is to identify your target audience and leverage the platform that is more popular among that group.

2.   Focus on Impressive Visual Appeal

Social media users have a very short attention span. You need to grab attention through eye-catching visuals. It is the first thing they will notice, even before they read the text. Invest in professional logo design service to give your brand a makeover. Even if you are in for B2B leads via LinkedIn, a good logo can make a world of difference.

Visual appeal becomes even more important when you are selling products. You can make attractive videos and images to showcase your products in a positive light.

3.   Get on Every Bandwagon

Social media is where trends start, and it is where they go viral. A great social media marketing strategy to make your business appear more relevant and relatable is to piggyback those trends. Thankfully, it is easy to follow and catch up on trends on social media. It is a great way to capitalize on whatever is happening around.

Keep an eye on the hashtags. They are a huge deal on Instagram and Twitter. Facebook and Pinterest are also leveraging the power of hashtags now.

4.   Be Part of the Conversation

The greatest thing about social media is that it allows for a two-way conversation. It is where consumers are free to share their opinions and experiences. They want to have their say on everything, including your products and services. However, that conversation can only go on if you are equally involved.

Looking from the business point of view, you have the power to lead the conversation towards conversion. Utilize that control. Get people talking about your business and your products? Be quick to respond, and you can win their trust and loyalty.

5.   Do Not Overlook Live Streaming

The engagement rate of live videos on Facebook is double the engagement rate of other videos. Every ecommerce store should look into leveraging this amazing opportunity. It is a great way to show your products and talk about them in real time. You can answer your prospects’ queries right there and then make sure they make a purchase without getting distracted.

Live videos give a very hands-on view of the product. If you can demonstrate how good it is while answering all the question then and there, you will get immediate leads.

6.   Look Into Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is huge! The reason influencers are making millions of dollars is that they are helping businesses earn ever more. In 2019, businesses are thinking of spending more money on influencer marketing. Even big brands are jumping on this trend.

Contrary to popular belief, an influencer is not limited to any niche. While an online leather jacket store can hire a fashion blogger to showcase their new products, a furniture store can also join hands with a lifestyle blogger.

7.   Always Test and Track

How do you know your strategy is successful? You analyze the results.

Testing and tracking your social media marketing strategy is crucial because of two main reasons:

  • You need to invest more on what works and change what doesn’t
  • You need to tweak your strategy according to the changing trends and algorithms

If something doesn’t work, change it. And before you go with it, do an A/B testing to see what works even better. A/B testing can save you from a lot of trouble and huge failures. Social media is a fast-paced world, and it is best to stay careful.


Social media isn’t going anywhere. It is just getting better. It is a great channel to bring in leads, but more importantly, it is a great way to brings leads that are bound to convert. These platforms allow you to promote your product and persuade your audience on a very personal level. It helps you build a strong bond with your customers. With the right strategies, you can improve your acquisition as well as retention, and not to mention, the overall conversion.


How Can You Innovate A Routine Travel Application Development?

Travel apps are on the boom, no divergent ways to the fact. Development companies and the clients are making a handsome revenue from it. But, bringing similar apps in the market to make money for yourself is not how you can proceed further. You will have to offer something extra, something unique, to stand a chance among the big and established players of the Google play store and apple app store.

Here are some of the top features offered by different travel apps. If you are considering travel app development, a combo of all of these won’t be a bad idea.

1. Geolocation

The basic thing any traveler checks after reaching the destination is nearby places to stay or cafes to eat or places to visit. Don’t give them any teeny weeny chance to drop your app and use some other one to get all these information they desired. For that location, geolocation feature is what you must have. The user can run any location-based search and fetch the results very quickly.

2. Weather Forecast

There are a whole bunch of people planning their entire trip without taking weather changes into consideration. A bad climate can alter the trip, like a flight delay or even worse flight getting canceled. So, include weather forecast feature into your travel app which can send weather predictions, any nearby calamity or any such events to the user.

3. Cab Booking

Right after landing, the first thing any user will be looking for is a cab. So, don’t give the user any reason to slip from your app. Give them the taxi booking feature and get them to their location.

4. Price Comparison

Your app would not be the only one they would be using, there will be 2 to 3 more to get the best out of all. So, give them that detail as well. Show them the price comparison of different flights, hotels and other things offered by different apps right on your app.

5. Offline Access

The bad network is a common problem and it can follow you anywhere. This can be a disaster for the users but not if you let them use your app even in offline mode.

6. Language Translator

Language can be a lot of trouble if not handled well. Communication in a different country can create issues but not if you avail a language translator feature in your travel app.

Something Out Of The Box

While traveling, hotel booking can cost a fortune. Those looking for low budget travel ideas, here’s one, “HolidaySwap”. This idea of a travel app is really out of the box. The app owner James Asquith holds the record for being the youngest person to visit every country of the world. The concept of this app is to provide stay at just $1 per night. He brought back the trend of barter. The users of the app can exchange their homes at distant locations. If you are staying in Australia and want a home in the US, find any US person looking to stay in Australia, and swap homes with each other. Isn’t the idea fascinating? So, something like this can help you create your own space in the app market.

Another such concept is Preparture. While visiting an entirely new nation, you might know the routes which is quite blatant. Now Preparture not only shows the routes to the locations you feed but creates a whole route itself. Say for example you are want to grab a bite at XYZ restaurant, you want to withdraw money from the ATM, you want to visit the local mall of the area. You feed all these destinations in the app and it will plan the route based on which location is near and what task you should complete first, where you should head next, and where should your journey end. It is your one-stop travel planner app.

So, I guess now you know if really want to top the app store charts, you will need something never thought before or never done before.

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I am Pratik Kanada, founder & CEO of 360 Degree Technosoft, an iPhone and Android app development company which makes app ideas into reality by providing unique design and development services across the globe. To keep up with the trend, I have also laid steps into React native and ionic app development. I generally write blogs on mobile technology, app development, and app marketing.



How to Manage Your Email Marketing Campaign to Improve Sales

Email marketing is a marketing strategy that was believed to be declining due to the emergence of social networks. However, the truth is that it is still very functional. Promotional emails are an essential part of sales and larger marketing strategies used by brands and businesses.

Today, close to 70% of businesses and brands in the United States invest money and time into email marketing, according to the infographic by 99firms.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is building huge email databases, with lots of unsorted email addresses. Such a database is usually quite challenging to successfully manage, which is why you have to take certain measures and optimize your email marketing efforts.

Here are some tips for managing your subscriber’s database and optimizing email marketing campaigns.


As the name suggests, segmentation means creating several emailing lists according to specific criteria, such as age, sex, geolocation, and other relevant parameters. This is essential because if you send the same message to all your subscribers, your open rates and conversions are probably not going to be very good.

On the contrary, as you can see from the infographic below, segmentation increases open rates, leads, and revenues by 39%, 24%, and 24%, respectively.


Nowadays, the vast majority of people read emails on mobile devices. This entails that one of the first steps of your email marketing campaign must involve checking that messages are mobile-friendly. In other words, the entire message, including videos and images, must render perfectly on mobile devices.

If you fail to do this, the users are not going to bother zooming in and out or scrolling sideways to read the email. They will simply send it to the spam box.

Unsubscribe Option

Of course, you don’t want to lose subscribers. But leaving out the unsubscribe option is going to be considered rude and unprofessional, and your email address will most likely get quickly blacklisted. Therefore, always make sure that users could leave your mailing lists if they are not happy with the messages you send them. If you wish to keep and increase the user base, email optimization is the way to go.

Top-Notch Content

This might sound like trivial advice, but you would be surprised how many businesses neglect this aspect of composing an email. The content of your email should be optimized in terms of length, structure, and elements. You should be aware that people prefer watching videos over reading text.

That said, you need to find a perfect balance between the two while making sure that the video does not start playing automatically. Let your customers decide if they want to see it.

Call To Action

Even if you create the best email in the world, it is not going to be quite successful unless it brings conversions, among other things. To accomplish this, you need to include a call-to-action button. The button has to be clearly visible, clickable, and contain clear instructions about what are you asking users to do – whether they should check out your latest product, subscribe to your new social media channel, etc.


As you evolve with your ways of reaching subscribers, you should study reports and statistics derived from each of your email campaigns. These will help you to understand better what you do properly and what you need to work on.

For more help on how to successfully optimize emails, consult the infographic below.


Why Your WordPress Website Might Be Slow

WordPress powers about 30% of all websites. That means if you’re a blogger or you run a small website, there’s a good chance you’re already familiar with it.

Unfortunately, even though popular content management platforms make speed optimization a breeze, a lot of WordPress sites are still slow. It might not seem like a big deal if your site takes a few extra seconds to load, but it is. Website speed is important for user experience, SEO, and website revenue. Even a single second can make a big difference.

That’s why we’ll outline several things you should look out for if you want a fast WordPress site.

Server Resources

Your choice of hosting could be the first problem. If you don’t get enough server resources, it’s difficult to maintain fast speeds. It’s essential to pick a good hosting provider.

According to the website hosting experts over at the Hosting Tribunal, who prepared the informative graphic below, SiteGround offers various benefits, including a fast server and good customer support. They also offer managed WordPress hosting.

Mind that managed WordPress hosting is not a must-have if you want to host a WordPress website. However, it does have a lot of conveniences like more security, automatic updates, and more qualified technical support.

Excessive Plugins

Another common bottleneck for WordPress sites is plugins. Plugins are one of the great things about WordPress and these days you can find a plugin for just about anything. They let you create things you would otherwise need years of web development experience for.

That being said, too many plugins can bog down a website. Your server must spend resources to run plugins. If you have too many plugins active, they increase your load times.

If you’re experiencing performance issues, it could be because you installed too many plugins. Delete any you’re not using; you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

Hosting Environment

A third common issue is that you haven’t upgraded to PHP 7. PHP 7 is two to three times faster than the previous version. However, only a third of WordPress sites run on PHP 7.

Chances are your hosting provider supports PHP 7. Still, they won’t upgrade your site to it without your consent because they don’t know if your theme and plugins are compatible with PHP 7. If you’ve owned your WordPress site for a while and haven’t upgraded, you could still be on PHP 5.

You can use the Display PHP Version plugin to check if you’re still using the older version. If you’re not using PHP 7, contact your hosting provider’s support team. They can help you upgrade and make your site faster.

These are some common issues that trouble WordPress sites. There are a lot of other ways to improve website speed. Looking into them is always worth it.

WordPress users have numerous plugins that make speed improvements easy. If you want to make your website faster, you can find ways to optimize images, enable GZIP compression and server-side caching, and many other things.

And if you want to learn more about website speed itself, the infographic below has all the core info to get you started.