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How marketplaces have made it easier for you to choose your next car?

How marketplaces have made it easier for you to choose your next car?

At the macro level, the automobile sector continues to be a profitable industry. Even in 2020, despite the hiccups, as per Statista, 62 million units were sold worldwide, with the revenue of Volkswagen alone amounting to 275 billion USD.

Are you planning on contributing a bit to this sector by purchasing a vehicle of your own? You are surely in for a ride. After all, there are so many factors to consider and such thorough research to be done. You cannot take this decision lightly, considering the monetary investment required.

Remember the good old days when you had to go around to different dealerships physically when trying to buy your car? Well, not anymore! One of the many good things the modern world has provided us with is the rise of online marketplaces.

Marketplaces allow different car buyers and sellers to come together, thereby simplifying the car buying process. Here are specific ways such marketplaces have made life easier for us all.

  1. Variety of options to choose from

Since marketplaces connect buyers and sellers from across different areas (and sometimes different countries), they provide a plethora of options for cars for buyers to search and select from. For instance, let’s take the example of Carvago. The platform connects buyers to used car sellers from different countries.

This is starkly different from the experience people are used to having at dealerships. Here, choices are limited to a few brands and models. The fact that marketplaces overcome this hurdle means that car buyers can look at a lot of options, compare their specifications and narrow down their options according to their requirements.

  • Ease of comparing prices

According to Autotrader, an average car buyer spends over 59 percent of their time researching potential vehicles online.

Marketplaces make this researching process extremely easy and convenient. This is because rather than having to visit multiple websites to get information, everything is condensed into one platform. This also makes it quite easy for car buyers to compare prices.

Previously people had to trust dealerships with prices. After all, there are only so many dealerships you could visit to compare prices. This was especially true for used cars whose prices couldn’t be accurately found online. With marketplaces, different vendors offering the same car can be accessed. This transparency allows that no one buyer gets away with charging an unfairly high amount for the car.

  • Different payment options

One challenge faced by some marketplaces is regarding payment processing.

While fiat currency continues to be the preferred method of payment for most people, it does create a lot of volatility in prices when you are purchasing vehicles from places that have a different currency than yours.

Not to mention that people are very cautious about sharing their payment details over the online medium these days.

It turns out there are some marketplaces that have turned this challenge into an opportunity and source of convenience for their customers. Many platforms now allow people to transact in cryptocurrencies, which features decentralized network, thereby ensuring better data protection.

For instance, Auto coin cars accept payments in bitcoins and other forms of cryptocurrency for making transactions seamless. Such solutions are likely to resonate well with those who want secure and discreet payment methods.

  • The convenience of purchasing used cars

Not everyone can afford to purchase a new car. In fact, you might be surprised about just how popular the used car segment is within the world of automobiles. According to Grandview Research, in 2019, the used car market was given a valuation of 1.3 billion USD! However, we must mention a recent phenomenon of cars worth more used than new, and you can read more about it in the article by Rachel Bodine.

Getting the perfect used car is quite a hassle. People tend to have a specific requirement in terms of mileage, car condition, and budget. And finding a car that fits aptly in all categories can be a tussle.

Marketplaces make it easy for used car buyers to find their dream car. This is because if the car you want is popular in the used market or if the budget is reasonable, you are likely to find more than a few sellers for it. You can then see which of the car best suits your condition related needs.

  • Lower prices than dealerships

Did you know that the prices dealerships charge for a given vehicle is valued at a higher number than its actual market value? This is because there are various hidden costs associated with purchasing a vehicle via the traditional medium. This includes:

  • Documentation Fee: Cost dealerships charge for completing the administrative paperwork associated with purchasing a vehicle.
  • Extra protection: Separate charges are levied for services like paint, fabric, and/or rust protection.
  • Service Plans: Prepayment of service costs for a given time period.

One must make sure to truly understand each of these costs prior to the transaction. This can get quite complicated.

  • Saying no to haggling

You might already know this, but traditional car sellers rely on commissions for a significant proportion of their income. This means they have more to gain from haggling you to purchase a car as well as to tempt you to opt for a pricier model. Since salesmen are professional at this task, people are often swayed.

However, the best deal for them is not necessarily the best deal for you. Compared to this, in marketplaces, sellers are incentivized on volume rather than price. This means you are likely to have more control over this car buying experience.

Ending Remarks

As you can clearly see, marketplaces have surely revolutionized how people can shop for vehicles. To be honest, it has become as easy as purchasing anything!

If you are thinking of an option for this medium, make sure to select one that is reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. Once you find the perfect platform, the rest of the process will become extremely convenient for you.

At least in this regard, one can say, there is no better time to be alive.

Why opt for OTT while theatres are still shut?

Why opt for OTT while theatres are still shut?

With theatres shut during the lockdown, OTT platforms have quickly gained popularity among movie buffs. Although this trend emerged as a result of the temporary closure the cinema halls, it is expected to stay for a while even though the halls have reopened already. This is primarily due to the two following reasons:

  • Those who didn’t stream movies on OTT platforms earlier are starting to realise its benefits.
  • Not visiting the theatres for more than six months has broken the habit for movie buffs. They are now getting habituated to streaming movies online.

That being said, it is pretty evident that watching movies on an OTT platformcomes with a number of advantages for the viewers.

What makes OTT a viable alternative for theatres?

While OTT can’t deliver the exact experience of watching the movie on the silver screen, it is much more convenient for the viewers. This convenience is the main reason behind the popularity of OTT. OTT is a good alternative for theatres mostly because of:

  • Convenience: You do not need a high-end device to stream movies on an OTT platform. A smartphone and a stable internet connection are enough. Moreover, you can stream your favourite movies from the comfort of your home, without even having to travel to the theatre. This also helps the viewers to save on costs like conveyance and expensive food at the theatres.
  • Flexibility: Unlike theatres, the show timings on the OTT platforms aren’t fixed. You can watch any movie you wish at any timing which is suitable for you. Those who find it hard to make time for visiting the theatres can even stream movies with intervals if necessary. Moreover, the OTT platforms allow the viewers to watch a movie as many times as they want.
  • Affordability: OTT services are much more affordable compared to watching movies in theatres, especially for those who watch a lot of movies. While some of the OTT platformsmay charge a certain amount of money per movie watched, others charge a monthly subscription for an unlimited number of views. Some of them also allow the viewers to buy the subscriptions for specific playlists or content category. In these cases, the viewers have to pay only for the type of content they would watch. 
  • Diversity of content: You can pick from a wide selection of movies when watching them on an OTT platform. This is evidently a major advantage that OTT offers over theatres as a theatre can screen only a specific number of movies within a certain period of time. Even if a movie is no longer available in theatres, you can still stream them on an OTT platform. Moreover, many of the OTT platforms also produce quality original content or serve as a live streaming platform during sports events. This diversity in content gives OTT an edge over theatres.
  • Safety: Even though the theatres have now been reopened, the risks remain. Going to a public place like a theatre might result in getting infected with COVID-19, in spite of maximum precautions. Is it really worth the risk while you can actually watch movies without even having to step out of your home? At a time when staying at home is the best way to keep yourself safe from the virus, there is no wonder why the popularity of OTT continues to grow even after theatres reopen.

Does OTT offer new content like theatres do?

Even though one can watch a seemingly unlimited number of movies on an online platform, theatres were a popular destination even just before the lockdown. This is because people prefer to watch the new releases as soon as they can, rather than wait for the movie to be released on an OTT platform. However, several of the leading OTT companies like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. also produce a wide range of content which are of no lesser quality than mainstream movies launched in the theatres. Currently, with the potential of returns from theatrical release low, many of the film producers are starting to launch their movies on the OTT platforms instead.

Is the trend expected to stay and why?

Observing the current trend of increasing OTT subscriptions even after the reopening of the movie halls, OTT is expected to continue to be the preferred choice for at list as long as the pandemic lasts. However, it is believed that even when normalcy returns, OTT would retain its popularity. While choosing between visiting a theatre and subscribing for OTT services, the wide range of content available at an affordable cost on OTT platforms easily makes it the better choice.

Television, the other alternative, too has fallen behind in the competition as they function like a live streaming platform, offering only limited content and at fixed times. In the long run, OTT is expected to stay ahead in the race.

5 Ways to Survive Your Computer Job

5 Ways to Survive Your Computer Job

Computer jobs can be great, and while they certainly have their advantages, they can also lead to some bad health habits if you are not careful. With that in mind, we are listing some of the most effective ways to combat poor health habits and survive your computer job. 

Invest in an ergonomic chair (or ditch the chair completely)

We are all aware of the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. Many researchers are referring to sitting as the new smoking – others are saying it’s even worse. Explanation of this phenomenon, as well as many other health tips and guides, can be found on the Rolling Paper blog, so we suggest that you check it out. Since there is practically no way for you to avoid sitting behind a desk, it pays to learn what you can do to minimize the detrimental impact of sitting and prevent shoulder, neck, and back problems that usually arise as a result of sitting in a chair for long periods.

While investing in an ergonomic chair could be a wise move, ditching the chair completely and swapping it for either a stability ball or a standing desk could prove to be a lot more beneficial. Not only will it alleviate any pain you’ve been feeling, but it will also help you build a strong core.

Give your eyes a regular break

Your spine, neck, and back, aren’t the only ones being affected by sitting for long periods and staring at the screen. Your computer job also has an impact on your vision, often resulting in eye strain. Giving your eyes a regular break is essential for protecting your vision, so try to minimize the effects of eye strain by blinking more often and looking away from the screen from time to time.

Sometimes, this will be enough. Other times, however, the only way to reverse the effects of prolonged exposure to computer screens is to consider vision correction. One of the safest surgical methods currently available is called LASIK eye surgery and it can correct a variety of vision problems safely and easily while also being an efficient alternative to wearing contact lenses or glasses. All in all, your safest bet would be to visit an optometrist, have your vision tested, and decide accordingly.

Eat healthy snacks and increase your fluid intake

Oftentimes, we are so focused on getting things done and crossing off items on our to-do lists that we practically forget to drink water. The same goes for food – after a couple of hours of constantly staring at the screen, it feels so much more convenient to grab some junk food or a quick snack to satisfy our cravings.

Neither of these habits are healthy, especially for someone who’s seated for most of their day. Make it a habit to keep bottled water with you at all times, and make sure that you always have some healthy snacks on hand (dried fruits, nuts, raw vegetables and fruits). This will keep weight gain at bay and improve your overall health and wellness over time.

Bring nature inside

Speaking of improving your well-being, another thing that can help you survive your computer job and make your work environment even more productive and enjoyable is to surround yourself with nature. It can be as simple as hanging a framed photograph of a natural landscape, be it a snowy mountain, a breathtaking waterfall, a beautiful golden beach, or a peaceful forest.

To make your workspace even more inspiring and motivating, consider adding a couple of plants to your office desk. Just like photos of nature, looking at the green leaves of a plant can be quite energizing, increasing your concentration and productivity levels and giving a boost to your overall well-being. Furthermore, plants are also known to purify air, reduce carbon dioxide, and lower stress levels – there’s practically no reason not to have them at your office desk!

Another thing that has been proven to relieve stress and enhance concentration and productivity is Delta 8 THC. It is a lighter form of THC that leaves you feeling more clearheaded and functional, which is why some people call it a “businessperson’s buzz”. Delta 8 gummies are a convenient option as they don’t require smoking or vaping. Just make sure that delta 8 products are permitted where you live.

Get moving!

Last but certainly not least, the most beneficial thing you can do to improve your overall health and reduce the effects of your computer job is to get your body moving. You may think that by sitting for longer hours, you may manage to get more done, but it can do more harm than good.

When on a break, use the time you have to stretch your legs and walk it out. If possible, get up every hour and just move around, and use longer breaks for exercising or fast walking. It’ll improve your blood circulation and prevent a range of health problems. Just make sure to stretch before any strenuous activities and you’ll be fine.

Wrapping up

While it’s true that computer jobs have their own perks, spending hours in front of the screen also has a couple of drawbacks. With a couple of easy-to-implement tips, you can manage to survive your computer job, counteract any health risks, and give yourself the TLC you deserve.

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The desk job lifestyle can be great, but sitting in front of the computer all day can take a serious toll on your health, so proper care is imperative.

10 Advantages of Taking Online Classes

10 Advantages of Taking Online Classes

Today, attending any sort of classes is very risky, since you can come in contact with a lot of people, many of whom potentially have COVID-19. Luckily, with online classes, you can still advance your learning, even in 2020. And online classes have a bunch of benefits even without social distancing. Want to be sure this type of learning is right for you? Check out all the benefits you can expect to enjoy during your online classes.


Your geographic location won’t stop you from attending online classes. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can attend classes of any university or learning program without having to relocate.

Lower costs

Attending online classes has various cost advantages. For instance, you don’t have to move from home, pay for on-campus housing and spend money on-campus meal plans. You can also eliminate commute thus saving both money and time. Sure, you might need to pay the same amount of money as learners who attend physical classes, but overall costs will be lower.

Setting your own pace

Did you ever have to sit through a lecture about a subject you already know all about? With online classes, you can set your own pace and take in information that interests you. You can easily dedicate more time to things you don’t know and fly over things you understand. Also, if you prefer to use technology in your education, you can use whatever piece of tech you have at home and completely customize your learning. 


Since you can study and get your certificate or degree from anywhere, online classes provide maximum comfort. You can stay in bed, study from your home office or go to a coffee shop or local library. Choose the environment that fits you the most and you can achieve the best focus and retain the maximum amount of knowledge. Even fields like medicine and healthcare offer classes you can take online. If you’re interested in getting your ACLS certificate, you can do that from home and get your card in the mail. Today, almost any form of degree or certification can be obtained from the comfort of your armchair and computer.

Individual attention

In online classes, you have a direct line with your teacher or instructor (via camera or e-mail) so all your questions can be answered quickly. Also, many students don’t like asking questions in person during class, but the internet and its chat features eliminate that fear and embarrassment.


One of the biggest benefits of online learning is schedule flexibility. Some programs require you to start your course immediately, but others allow you to choose from standard and accelerated courses, night or day courses and many other options.


If you don’t have self-discipline, you won’t benefit from online classes. When it comes to education, it’s a bad idea to put off things until the last minute, otherwise, you risk achieving poor results. Eventually, we all do our tasks and get to our sense. Well, online classes can speed up your discipline since there isn’t anyone pushing you to do work or looking over your shoulder. No one will push you to ask questions and be proactive. Thanks to your self-discipline, you will enjoy active learning and taking responsibility for your education. Since your success depends solely on you and your dedication, you will feel amazing once you finish your classes and pass with flying colors.

Working while studying

Since you can usually choose your own course schedule, online classes also allow you to work while studying. During the day you can dedicate time to your job or career, while you can take courses in the evening or during the weekends. Also, you can apply your new knowledge on your job as soon as you receive and understand it.

Meeting new people

How many of us have the opportunity to attend classes with people from different states, countries or even continents? With online learning, you can do that every day and meet a lot of new and interesting people. Even if you’re shy, you can still meet people over bulletin boards, chat rooms and mailing lists. Once it’s safe to socialize, you can even arrange meetings in local coffee shops to deepen your friendship.

Promotion of lifelong learning

Since people usually decide to take online classes on their own, this produces a spark that promotes lifelong learning. Also, learning over the internet will teach you to find information quickly and efficiently, so you can always find out new things and get new knowledge. And since your learning materials are right there in your email, you can always look through it no matter where you are as long as you have your smartphone with you.

Fortunately, online classes allow people all over the world to continue their education and refine their skills even during a global pandemic. If you feel like you can use your lockdown time well, pick a class you like, get comfortable in your chair and start working on your education now!

5 Essential Web Tools For Building Successful Video Content

6 Essential Web Tools For Building Successful Video Content

Experts predict that video-watching will make up 82% of internet traffic in the next few years. And that same report also shows that people are already watching close to one million minutes of video being watched every second.

Video content isn’t just valuable because it’s popular. It’s also effective as a marketing tool. Videos generate 1,200% more social media shares than text stuff, and 62% of people become more interested in a product after seeing it in a Facebook Story.

And when it comes to informing or educating (whether that’s about a product, sale, etc.), video content is so much more effective than anything else. Research showed that the average person can retain up to 95% of the message in a video they watched. Now compare that to 10% of retention when reading the exact same message in a text-based medium.

In other words, video content isn’t just “effective” as a marketing tool. It’s downright invaluable.

But it can also be expensive. And if we’re honest with ourselves, we’ll admit that it can be hard to feel confident about investing in a new channel or type of content if it requires making any big changes in how we build our marketing strategies.

However, creating video content doesn’t have to claim 95% of your budget. And with a couple of inexpensive (or even “free”) web-based tools, you can create effective videos before the end of the day.

6 Tools To Simplify Video Production

Even casual content creators recognize the big names in production. From software (Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro) or kits (RED, Canon, Sony), certain brands have become the go-to options for filmmakers, video editors, ad agencies, and more.

But those big names come with big price tags, either as one-time purchases or as recurring subscriptions. Anyone working on a budget knows that sometimes the only way to make the content you want is if you can make it for cheap. And between licensing software and hiring people to help with production, video content quickly becomes an unattainable goal.

But a single online tool can save hundreds of dollars. All of the sudden your Premiere Pro subscription becomes irrelevant. The same goes for the freelancers you hire to film and edit video clips.

Having access to the right tools can make all the difference in any situation. Most online web tools often come with affordable subscription fees or no fees at all. So on one hand, using these tools gives you the space to create a video while also reducing production costs.

But it also equips you to make high-quality videos without having to spend the next year learning all the different components of video content creation.

(Obviously, those options will still help you create the highest quality videos. They’re tried and true for a reason, after all. But you probably can’t put money into that sort of thing until you have proof that video content will convert for your audience; that’s where these web-based resources come into play.)

With all of that being said, let’s look at five absolutely essential web tools that will help you with all of your video marketing production needs.

StoryPrompt (Video Engagement Platform)

StoryPrompt allows you to capture authentic video testimonials from your happiest customers and easily embed them on your website. Users can create professionally produced videos with company branding, music, and b-roll in minutes. All videos are automatically produced and edited using AI so there’s no need for additional time-consuming editing software.

All StoryPrompt plans give you the opportunity to create an asynchronous video-first community. So you can truly engage with clients, students, or team members and capture video content simultaneously.

StoryPrompt really is the all-in-one solution for companies wanting to showcase video content without spending massive budgets and considerable time editing. You can sign up for StoryPrompt for free, with plans starting at $39/mo.

Biteable (Video Editing)

For most people, editing is the most intimidating hurdle for getting into the video content space. Viewers have been trained to expect certain things in video quality, and no matter how much work you put into a project, people will skip over it unless it means those standards.

Biteable takes all of those fears and streamlines the process with templates, stock video clips, and other features that make video editing accessible for anyone to use. 

Think of Biteable as the Canva of web-based video production tools. It’s also a tool that you can start using for free, with plans starting at $19/month that help you take more ownership of the content you make.

Vyond (Explainer Videos)

Vyond is an all-in-one resource for anyone looking to make explainer videos. This type of content has really taken off in the past couple of years, with some brands and YouTube channels basing their entire online presence around this very specific style.

But people love to learn about new things. And because the video is such a powerful medium for relaying (and retaining) information, that makes explainer videos a crucial asset for any company that uses software or technical products. 

Vyond includes every piece of that in one app: Animation, art, transitions, and even voiceover can all be structured and put together within the same convenient tool.

Creatopy (Visual Production Platform)

Marketing teams always look for ways to improve engagement, especially on social media platforms. Creatopy (formerly known as Bannersnack) is a powerful tool that helps anyone create video banners and social media ads.

The app handles all of the technical stuff, including design specifications for each social media platform. You’ll also get to choose from thousands of templates, animation styles, etc.

If you have video content recorded — or may be prepared using one of the other tools on this list — you’ll be able to translate that into banner ads and implement that as part of your content strategy.

Audacity (Audio Recording)

Sound is a big part of the video experience. And while you can find great stock video libraries that help you get good footage, the final product can only be as strong as the video’s message.

Unfortunately, online video tools can’t do everything. And one of those blind spots is audio, particularly in terms of the narrative voiceover we expect to include in our marketing videos.

Audacity might not be a web-based app, but it’s a free download on Windows, Mac, or Linux. This means you can record the voiceover for your videos, completely free of charge. And with the right video editing tool, you’ll be able to drag and drop that right into your video projects. 

Studiobinder (Production Manager)

On the off chance that you’re already comfortable with video production, Studiobinder helps you simplify and manage every facet of the process. This web app has the resources and support to help you steer a project from pre-production planning all the way to exporting the final file.

It’s a bit more technical than the other tools here; it’s also the closest to “traditional” content creation, which can make it intimidating. But it can serve as the perfect middleman between a web app-only production strategy to a fully functioning in-house production team.

That might not be the end goal for everyone. After all, web tools allow for a kind of flexibility that most marketers crave. But Studiobinder is like the finish line. The “You’ve made it to this point and now you’re ready to leave the nest if you want to” moment.


Visme (All-in-one video creator)

For many of us, editing a good-quality video takes a long time. Combining different software to produce the top-notch video content can be both time-consuming and intense for the RAM memory. Visme offers a solution for both of these challenges. It provides us with an online video creator with features that will get us covered from video editing to the final production stage. You can use this tool online, without needing to download and install yet another software, plus you will also benefit from a large database of stock videos, animations, and effects available from inside the editor.

Thankfully, you don’t need that. By utilizing these video production tools (or any of the alternatives out there), you’ll be well on your way to diving into the video content world and making the most of this absolutely essential marketing channel.


Drew Gula is the copywriter at Soundstripe, a music licensing company that produces resources, like shot list templates and YouTube background music, for creators and businesses.

Why is it the Best Choice to Start with Flutter in 2020?

Why is it the Best Choice to Start with Flutter in 2020?

There are a number of choices when it comes to choosing the language for mobile or web application development. You have Java, Swift, React Native that are already well-established in the app development industry. 

Why Learn Flutter When There Are Other Frameworks Already? 

Here we have to talk about Dart, the programming language used in the Flutter framework. Generally, most of us are already aware of the basic programming languages such as C, C++, etc. And Dart can be easily learnt and implemented when you already have a basic understanding of C, C++. So it’s much easier to learn with a lot of useful plugins and libraries to help you develop the code using Flutter SDK. 

Dart is a robust language that provides easy coding, security options, and platform independence for a Flutter app (web and mobile-based, both). 

Let me point out the reasons to choose Flutter over other frameworks to give you a clearer view. 

  1. It’s easier to learn and deploy 

As I said earlier that if you have the basic understanding of C, C++ codes, then you can easily learn Flutter. Moreover, the Flutter SDK is armed with numerous useful plugins that make the development process faster than any other SDKs. 

Of course, Flutter is the latest framework for application development, so we can expect the most advanced features that come along with it. 

  1. Supports more data types 

Along with the regular data types such as int, float, char, double, boolean, const- Flutter also supports data types that hold the values of variables that keep changing. One such data type is ‘varchar’ which can be assigned by any value and that keeps changing from time to time. Even, varchar has some limitations. But the Dart language introduces one more data type that provides 100% variance, and that is ‘dynamic’ data type. Once you assign any value to dynamic data type, it can be changed any time during the coding. 

This feature helps a lot in the development process and makes mobile app development a piece of cake for the Flutter developers. 

  1. One app supporting multiple platforms 

The best part of the Flutter app is it can be run on any platforms such as Android and iOS! It means, once you write a code in the Flutter framework using Dart language, then the same code can be run on both the platforms. Unlike the other coding, in the case of Flutter, you don’t require separate codes for particular platforms. The cross-platform mobile app development is one of the main advantages of the latest development framework. 

  1. Development time is reduced 

As only one code is sufficient to run on various platforms, so the development time gets reduced a lot. The startup companies that require immediate deployments can take the best advantage of such features. Only one single dedicated app developer with the least amount of effort and time can create exceptional mobile and web applications. 

  1. Cost reduction for development 

Unlike the cases when one needs to hire multiple developers to create applications that support different platforms, in the case of Flutter, a single developer can perform the task, so the company needs to hire a Flutter app developer and he does all the job. Also, as the coding part in Dart is much simpler than any other language, the development process takes less time. So, it’s all the way beneficial for any company whether it is a startup or a big MNC. 

  1. Live-output through Hot-Reloading 

It’s one of the greatest features and the most unique of all where you can do the coding and see the output through the emulator before publishing the app. So one can try out various designs and functionality easily and then select the most preferred ones. 

This way, the clients will always be satisfied as you can show them various designs with live output and then finalize the one they choose. 

  1. Online Community that is Growing Rapidly 

The online community of Flutter framework is growing rapidly which assists a lot whenever you require any help from them. Previously, a few years ago, Flutter was in a beta version with very less or no such support availability. However, with time Flutter has evolved a lot and has reached a stable existence today. The support groups have increased in number with millions of satisfied users worldwide. 

Some of the famous Flutter communities are Flutter Awesome, Awesome Flutter, Flutter Community

  1. Future perspectives 

Flutter is introduced by the Google development team with the virtue of deploying it as the native framework for the Fuchsia operating system. And as per the studies, the Fuschia OS is going to revolutionize the app development industry completely. And we can assume the importance of Flutter through this statement. 

To conclude, I would say that if you want to become an app developer and find easy success, then choose none other than Flutter, as you can master it soon and will also get a lot of support through the Flutter communities. 

Would you select Flutter development for your next Mobile App?

Considering the significance of Flutter in terms of the potential for Android app growth, Flutter is really a wonderful choice for android growth. Its top features of Hot reload and easy writing allow it to be a better frame compared to the majority of cross-platform frameworks, perhaps even better than React Native.  So would you choose Flutter Development for the mobile app?


5 Ways Poor Cybersecurity can Hurt Your Brand and How to Avoid a PR Nightmare

Cybersecurity has become one of the most important topics in the modern business world, and for a number of crucial reasons. But if we would have to stress its importance as succinctly as possible, then the only thing you should know is that you can’t run a successful business if you skimp on cybersecurity. Without a strict security policy in place and the necessary solutions to enact it, your will quickly lose customers and partners, and you might even experience severe legal penalties.

On the other hand, if you adhere to a comprehensive cybersecurity policy and introduce the right security measures, you can expect your business to flourish. Let’s put all of this into perspective and take a look at how poor cybersecurity can jeopardize your brand. Of course, we’ll outline the best ways to prevent this and ensure your company thrives in the years to come.

Increased risk of human error

The first and most obvious way poor cybersecurity can affect your business is through your employees. Keep in mind that your employees can be your greatest assets and your biggest liabilities in the online world – it will depend on how well you educate and train them in proper data handling and security. Your employees need to be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to keep themselves and your data safe in all communication and online interactions.

That said, hackers and scammers are getting more skilled in their trade by the day, so you need to prioritize employee training and education to keep them one step ahead at all times. Be sure to conduct cybersecurity workshops with an emphasis on email security, password creation and storage, spotting potential cyber-attacks, and the like. This will minimize the risk of human error and prevent inadvertent data leaks that could ruin your brand. 

Jeopardizing your brand’s image

Nowadays, businesses big and small are connected to the rest of the world via the web, which means that there are countless ways your brand’s image can be at risk. If people are bad-mouthing your brand online, you need to know about it and remedy the situation. If you’re getting negative reviews, it’s imperative that you transform them into success stories quickly. And if you experience a data breach, you need to conduct damage control immediately.

Of course, it’s better to prevent data leaks rather than trying to save face in front of disgruntled customers, which is why you need to invest in comprehensive cybersecurity. Make sure that your data stores are protected by the latest firewalls and be sure to combine software and hardware firewalls for maximum effect.

Increased downtime and lower business continuity

When a cyber-attack breaches your system and the server you’re on, you can expect your website to crash, or worse, to start leaking sensitive customer information. You cannot allow this to happen, because a single successful cyber-attack is enough to put your brand into the ground for good. Now, because companies are increasingly migrating to the cloud, it is imperative that you choose the right cloud providers.

Ideally, you will find a trusted hyper-converged infrastructure vendor that employs the latest cybersecurity measures and web monitoring solutions to keep your company safe on all fronts. The provider should continuously employ new measures and update its firewall solutions to ensure your business always stays ahead of potential cyber-attacks.

Negatively affecting your bottom line

It should go without saying that a data breach will cause you to lose even the most loyal customers for good. Not only that, but your brand’s reputation will be tarnished to the point that customer acquisition becomes a failed dream rather than a reality.

Your priority must be to keep your customers’ sensitive information safely stored on the server at all times. But that’s not enough to ensure their peace of mind, of course, as you also need to display trust badges on your website for every cybersecurity solution you employ. Let your customers know that their information is safe by showing them that you’re working with the leading cybersecurity providers and that you’re using the best security solutions.

Compliance issues and potential ramifications

Last but definitely not least, the cybersecurity laws and regulations around the world are becoming more stringent every year. The last thing you want is to get flagged by the EU or any other region where you have a digital presence for not abiding to the latest cybersecurity standards.

As you might imagine, this will ruin your reputation and penalize your site on Google and other search engines. Whether you have an in-house cybersecurity team or if you’re working with a provider, make sure to write up a detailed cybersecurity policy that complies with the governing laws in every region. This way, you will protect your brand against legal ramifications and high financial fees.

Wrapping up

As you can see, skimping on cybersecurity doesn’t pay off. If anything, it will quickly drive your company into the ground, so make sure to follow these tips to better cybersecurity in order to ensure success for your brand in the years to come.

Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving and Stormy Weather with these Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving and Stormy Weather with these Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Cars we’re driving today are the safest they’ve ever been. Not only are they more reliable, but they come with a bunch of electronic systems that are silently aiding you as you drive. Even so, it’s still a good idea to prepare your car for safe driving in the winter

This process might seem overwhelming, especially to those who don’t have a hands-on relationship with their cars. In reality, preparing the car for winter is easy! Here’s everything you need to do. 

Check your Coolant 

If there was only one thing you could check before the cold weather sets in, it should be your engine coolant. As the weather gets colder, your engine will have to work harder to get up to optimal working temperature. The type of coolant you have in your car, age, and level are all essential in preventing ice formation within the engine itself. You know what happens to pipes in your home if they’re exposed to freezing temperatures. The same can happen to an engine. 

Long-life coolants exist and are often presented as the be-all, end-all solution that you can use and forget about. However, every coolant slowly loses its properties. Over time, its boiling point slowly starts to drop while its freezing points begin to creep up. 

It is highly recommended that you change your coolant every two years. Make it a part of your regular maintenance and only use coolants recommended by your car’s manufacturer.

Inspect your Brakes

Having brakes in good working order is imperative if you plan on doing any serious winter commuting. Check your pads, your rotors, and don’t forget to check the fluid. Change the fluid every two years. 

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, meaning that it is continuously attracting moisture. After two years of use, the fluid is contaminated with enough water to significantly reduce its boiling temperature. In other words, you’re risking losing your brakes on a steep downhill. Tips like these are important to internalize as they directly impact your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Tires – Going with a Winter Set will Change your Driving Experience 

You’ll often hear car enthusiasts ramble on how suspension impacts handling and how this or that set of shock absorbers can make a difference. While they are correct, none of that matters if you don’t have a good set of tires on your vehicle, especially during the winter. Just like a house needs a good foundation, your car needs the right tires.

Check your DOT and see how old your tires are. Tires should be changed once they’re six years old, even if the tread is decent. The compounds used to make tires will eventually start to crack and potentially even rot. Worn out, old tires are a safety risk you shouldn’t ignore.

Why Winter Tires?

There’s more to tires, though. As temperatures begin to drop, the rubber compound used to make the tire starts to harden. This is why we have winter and summer tires. The whole idea behind winter tires is to use a much softer compound that won’t go stiff when temperatures hit below zero. A softer tire equals more grip on icy roads. 

All-season tires are somewhere between winter and summer tires. They are generally not all that great for either of the two seasons, but they do a sufficiently good job. If you’re looking to get the best possible performance out of your vehicle during the winter, you should have a dedicated winter set of tires

Check the Battery 

Car batteries are another essential piece of the puzzle we call cars that often tend to go belly up in the winter. All batteries, including the one in your phone, will experience a drop in performance when temperatures hit below zero. That’s just how they work. 

When your phone experiences a drop in performance, you’ll just have to charge it sooner. With car batteries, you might have issues starting your car. 

Check the battery even if it seems to be working just fine right now. The best way to do this is to go to any auto parts store or car mechanic worth their salt. These places will have a specialized tool that measures the current state of the battery, how many cranking mAh it offers, and more. 

Windshield Wipers 

Being able to see the road and other vehicles on the road is imperative during the winter. The only way you can achieve that is by having a proper set of windshield wipers. Our friends over at have an excellent write-up on why wiper blades matter and which brands to look for. 

Wiper blades, just like any other type of rubber, goes stiff over time. Endless heat and cold cycles will make them lose the ability to wipe rain and snow off the windshield. The best thing you can do right now is switch to modern silicone wiper blades.

Brands such as Valeo and others offer a whole range of new blades that will deliver a clean windshield even in the worst of conditions. A good set of wipers will allow you to see more of the road as well as any obstacles you might encounter. 

Windshield Fluid 

Many people don’t know that there are summer and winter types of windshield fluids. The difference between them is in the content. Winter type is loaded with additives and chemicals that remain liquid even at -5 F or colder. If you live in an area that sees many sub-zero days, winter fluid is a must. 

The consequences of using the wrong kind of liquid range from an extremely dirty windshield to broker fluid reservoir and potentially broken nozzles. Using winter fluid rated for cold temperatures is much cheaper than having to deal with any of those repairs. 

In-Car Equipment Tips According to Survival Experts 

Once you’ve checked all of the above, it’s time to look inside the car. Depending on where you live, it could be a good idea to carry an emergency kit with you. In addition to that, there are a few winter essentials that you should have in your car. You can find high-quality and affordable winter safety equipment from this UK supplier. So, if you’re heading up north make sure to have the following in your car:

  • One or more candles 
  • Water 
  • Spare cold weather clothing and/or a heavy blanket 
  • Small, folding entrenching tool 
  • Road flares 
  • Emergency food (optional) 

Most of these tools and items are essential if you break down in a remote area. When help is hours away, exposure becomes a real safety risk. If you think it can’t happen to you, recount how many blizzards and reports of snowed-in cars have you heard of last year alone? 

A simple candle can increase the temperature in your car by several degrees. That extra bit of heat could be a real lifesaver! The rest of the items are self-explanatory. You’ve got tools that are designed to help you get unstuck, be seen in a snowstorm, stay warm and hydrated. 

Keeping food in the car is a no-no for many drivers, but there are emergency rations that virtually can’t be spilled while you’re driving. Toss a pack of emergency rations in your trunk and forget about it. Best case scenario, you’ve wasted a few bucks. Worst case scenario, you’ve got critical nourishment available in your car. 

Be Prepared 

Road safety is all about being prepared. Checking everything we’ve listed above is a surefire way of exercising safety and arriving at your destination. That being said, always keep your vehicles well maintained, no matter what season of the year. 
A well-maintained car is a safe car. Driving in the winter isn’t difficult, but it brings on several risks. By preparing your vehicle for winter using the tips mentioned in this guide, you’re ensuring that your driving skills are enough to get you out of whatever tricky situation you might find yourself in.

Content Marketing Process: How to Do It Right and Improve Content Results

Content Marketing Process: How to Do It Right and Improve Content Results

It would be tough to succeed with content marketing without a process to guide you.

You can have original, interesting, and engaging content on your site, but if no one but your content team knows about it, it will not help you achieve your goals.


To effectively answer this question, ask yourself:

Why do you spend time writing content?

If you are like most marketers, you write content to get it in front of your target audience. You want them to read, engage, share, and, most importantly, act on your calls-to-action.

Now, if your target audience never sees this content, what good does it offer your business?

For this reason, you need to start thinking about your content marketing process, and how it can help you strategize, create, distribute, promote, and track content performance.

But what is a content marketing process?

It’s an organized plan that enables you to ensure every piece of content you produce drives positive results.

Best of all, this plan has distinct and important stages that help you create engaging content, publish it on channels your audience visits, and promote it effectively.  

And what’s more?

You can track the results of your process and refresh each stage for relevance and effectiveness.

But how can you create this process?

Can you ensure it effectively boosts engagement while delivering positive returns on your investment?

You can if you use the detailed guide in the infographic below. Check it out for information on the five crucial stages of a content marketing process and effective tactics to apply during each.

Author Bio:

Shane Barker is a digital marketing consultant who specializes in influencer marketing, content marketing, and SEO. He is the co-founder of Attrock, a digital marketing agency. He has consulted with Fortune 500 companies, influencers with digital products, and a number of A-List celebrities.

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What's the best way of promoting a WordPress blog?

What’s the best way of promoting a WordPress blog?

Today, websites and blogs have become the face of your brand. In this digital & tech savvy world people prefer to create the WordPress blog to develop their brand image. Only providing the correct information through your blog is not the end. You need to take care of the fact that your blog has reached the right place and to the right person. You need to be serious about your promotion while promoting a WordPress blog.    

To drive the traffic in your blog you need to do proper marketing of it. You need to build awareness regarding your blog site. The more you spread your brand message the better will be your brand promotional activity. Using some effective marketing techniques, you can spread your brand message very easily. You need to optimize your blog post so that you can get a better response from your target audience. 

Different Ways of Promoting a WordPress Blog    

Several ways are there using which you can easily promote your WordPress blog. Therefore, let’s explore the ways that you can employ to promote the WordPress blog one after the other to get a better insight into it.     

1.Create an Engaging Content 

You need to ensure that you maintain the quality of your content in an engaging way. You need to ensure one thing that you have the right experience in the same niche. Your blog post must solve the problem of the readers and provide them with the right solution for which they are craving for. You need to ensure one thing regarding your blog is it must fulfil the requirements of your target audience. You must provide them the most desired content that they are searching for in your website.  

2.Install the Most Suitable Theme      

The overall look of your blog can create an impact in the minds of your target audience. The visibility of your blog site can make or break the image of your brand. Web design can create the first and the last impression in the minds of your target audience. The theme of your blog must reflect your brand message. The theme must match with your industry category that you are dealing with. It must make sense to your investment. You must search for the themes that should showcase your brand in a better manner.     

3.Social Media Marketing    

On different social media platforms, you need to market your blog post like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and StumbleUpon in order to drive more traffic to your website. On your relevant groups you need to share your post and blogs on a daily basis. You need to set up your Facebook page where you need to add all your targeted visitors. You need to share your links and posts on your Facebook profile. On your blog posts you can share your icons to develop your brand image so that the brand promotion becomes easy for you.       

4.Customize the Permalinks    

You can optimize your content when the URL of your blog post remains relevant along with the keywords. Automatically WordPress can generate the permalink and before you hit the publish button make sure that the keyword reach is readable. This will help you to develop the perfect blog post for your brand. The blog post will enable you to develop the perfect content that you may require to make sure all your business needs are served well as per your expectations. You are investing your money in your blog site and the permalinks can help you to develop your search results on various search engines.     

5.Use Guest Posting   

Guest posting is a way to write articles and blogs to some other website and drive traffic to your website by making fruitful link building. It can promote your blog to multiple platforms in order to boost the presence of your blog. It will help you to create a large population base of your blog online. Just you need to drive more traffic in a short span of time. It will help you to develop your search result as it will increase the traffic on your website in a small span of time and your search results will also become higher. 

6.Create A Search Optimized Blog Post    

You need to rank higher on Google, Yahoo and on other search engines. It can be done successfully by optimizing your titles and the descriptions of your blog posts. Proper placing of the keywords in the right place can help you to optimize your brand value in a better manner. A Searchable blog post can provide you a rewarding career that can help you to build your brand image in a better manner in a short span of time. Hence, you can promote a WordPress blog in a better manner.   

7.Make Use of YouTube Videos    

You need to make use of your YouTube Videos to develop your brand image if you are a solopreneur. Hence, you can develop an audio-visual message to promote your brand image. Better to say you can use this platform of YouTube to create a brand value in a better manner. Hence, you can easily share your brand message to your target consumer in a small span of time. Hence, True to play in with your options that you get while promoting your WordPress blog online in a better manner. 


Hence, from the above information it is clear that if you want to promote a WordPress blog then you need to think creatively and from out of the box. If you want more information related to this then you can visit the official website of site 123 review in a better manner. Therefore, if you want to promote your brand in a better manner then you can easily develop a WordPress blog site to increase the visitor and traffic for your website in a better manner. Just you need to build upon your concept in a better manner. In this regard, you need to make sure that your WordPress site is engaging enough to grab the maximum attention of your target audience. 

Author Bio
Mashum Mollah is a tech entrepreneur by profession and passionate blogger by heart. He is on a mission to help small businesses grow online. He shares his journey, insights, and experiences at If you are an entrepreneur, digital marketing professional, or simply an info-holic, then this blog is for you. Follow him on Instagram & LinkedIn