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Effects of Technology on Purchasing of Stock, Ordering Products, and Advertising

Effects of Technology on Purchasing of Stock, Ordering Products, and Advertising

Technology has become an important aspect and the backbone of every business in the world. The help that technology offers to every enterprise cannot be rivaled or replaced. Whether you are a consumer or the sole proprietor, you need to acknowledge the benefits of technology and how it has made selling and buying easy. Advertising has been made easier and more eye-catchy by the use of technology. Here are some ways that technology helps in a business environment.

Technology in purchasing of stock

Traders at the stock exchange used to speak loudly about their orders in the past, which made the stock exchange very chaotic. Technology has removed this aspect of shouting, and all a trader needs to do is go online and research the best stock in the market.

On the other hand, before introducing technology to the stock market, it was an uphill task to get the best stock to trade-in. The trader had to make sure that they have gone to the library to read about the companies or even call the companies for information. There are numerous apps developed that are used in the stock trading market, like the dividend reinvestment calculator.

The apps used in the stock market help reduce the overhead, which is caused by the reduction of fees charged to different persons. The reduction in the fees charged results in the investor making more money due to high turnover, creating more business, and creating wealth. Technology has brought flexibility to the stock market. You can access most of the stock markets’ apps by using smartphones, which has made it possible for people to trade from anywhere.

Purchasing stock has been made faster and easier in that you do not have to make very many phone calls to have a decision, or do you have to shout across the stock market to be heard. You can have all members of the board of a company in a virtual meeting, and the decision is made instantly. This fast decision making has a great impact on the purchasing of stocks before the price changes.

Technology has helped many people who do not have a career in stock trading be able to trade in stock in that all they have to do is go online and practice with a demo account. This has removed the option of employing a broker or enrolling in a school to study.

Technology in ordering products

Technology has a direct impact on the process of ordering products. The influence of technology has reduced the time it takes to order a product to the time the product is delivered. Before technology was integrated into product order, the process was long and tedious. A consumer had to either make a phone call or send a letter to request the price list, then send the list back with the items required. By the time the item arrived at the customers’ doorsteps, a long period had passed.

On the other hand, it was difficult to see the product you want to buy; however, with technology, you can ask the vendor to have a video call with you with the item you want to order to make sure that it is the one that you needed. With all the information of the products stored on the cloud, you have the option of perusing through various vendors, without leaving the comfort of your home, or you can order from anywhere you are due to the mobile apps.

Technology in advertising

Traditional advertising was mostly done by the print media or by the television. When using the print media, not everybody could access the newspaper or magazine, and some got the newspapers when the offer was over. The prize for running the advert was high due to the provided space and the charges that were fixed on them.

With the influence of technology, it is easy for an advertiser to personalize an advert to target an audience. With social media and different platforms, advertisements can be made to target a different demographic and boost sales. These sales may even be for the automobile industry or any other.

The many sharing apps that are available reduce the advertising company’s cost by forwarding the adverts for free. On the other hand, several sites are free to air that an advertiser can use to upload an advert and reach millions worldwide.

The Types Of Grill Cover You Can Address In The Latest Market

The Types Of Grill Cover You Can Address In The Latest Market

Summary: Before you proceed further and invest some bucks on grill cover, it is better to check out the types available in the market.

Grilling always seems to be a summer activity, which will add more fun and excitement to your daily lives. That juicy steak of the BBQ oven is just over the top and you can’t seem to get enough of it. But, what about those times when you actually don’t need the BBQ station anymore? Mainly with the winter season approaching, you will not be able to host outdoor parties in snowy weather. It means your grill oven will be kept at one side of the outdoor spot, unused.

To keep the machine in safe condition when not in use, it is vital to get hold of some covers. Whether it is snowy outside or pouring heavily, these covers will actually make sure that your machine is in perfect shape and without suffering from rust or any other degrading point.

Going for the types now:

Once you are sure of investing some money on the grill covers, it is time to know more about the types in this regard. What are the best types of grill cover that the market has in store for you? Let’s find out more about those types first.

Heavy duty covers:

Premium quality grill covers are here made using durable Oxford with PVC liner. This perfect combination of materials will provide a very textured and sharp look, and will make the item way more UV resistant and water resistant, as asked for here.

  • Such covers are now available in various sizes to fit different types of grills in the market. There will be some magnificent combination of various footprints or sizes along with the easy hook and loop based adjustment system.
  • Moreover, these adjustment systems will create that added benefit of securing a perfect fit for the grill. So, even in windy conditions, these covers can stand the pressure very well.

The material of the cover is strong enough to withstand some knocks well. However, the market houses some of the other premium options for you to give a try as well.

Preferred outdoor covers for your grills:

Most of the time, grills are bigger machines and you cannot place them inside your home when not in use. You have to leave them under open sky, even when you are not using it. So, it is highly preferable to head for the outdoor covers.

  • These covers are made using such a fabric, which is UV protective, waterproof and also able to protect the grill oven against snow, rain and more.
  • You have built-in cord with most of these machines, which will prevent the cover from blowing away when there is a gust of wind.
  • These covers are pretty easy to fold and can be packed up well in built-in pack for that convenient storage.

Always look for the options which come handy with proper warranty section. If you fail to find one with such services, then the market houses so many other options for you to look into.


7 Strategic YouTube Video Ideas for Every Stage of the Funnel

If you are looking to generate more leads for your conversion funnel, one effective way is to use YouTube videos. YouTube video strategies help you establish your brand image, build up customer relationships, and enjoy increased sales. 

How to Increase the Views of Your YouTube Videos?

Cross-promoting your YouTube videos to your other social media as well as your website can generate more leads for your videos. Worthwhile thumbnails can get more clicks and views for your YouTube videos. For instance, you can share your YouTube videos on Instagram, and with a simple follow unfollow Instagram process, you can get a lot of views for your videos. In case you were using Gramblr for your Instagram automation, you can now use a Gramblr alternative as the service is down now. 

What are the YouTube Video Ideas 2020 for Every Stage of the Funnel?

Here in this section, we will discover the YouTube video ideas in which you can create successful video content using the essential web tools.

1. Problem-Solving Videos

Almost everyone who knows search engines searches for the solutions to the new issues and problems they encounter with. So, what if your YouTube videos solve the problems of the people? Yes, your video will appear! Hence, it can be said that search engines like Google are important for your business marketing strategy.  

These videos not only solve the problem of your audience but also guarantee leads for your sales funnel. They should neither be too short not to address the problem completely nor too long to appear boring to your audience. In addition, you should add a CTA button or phrase at the end of your video so that your viewers can take action. 

Here is how Tasty answers its audience:

2. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos that teach how to use a product or service are blessings to your customers. The reason is that they will find out how to use the product or service they have paid for, so the money they have paid is not wasted. Therefore, in order to help your customers understand how to use your products or services, creating tutorial videos is the best way. 

Creating tutorial videos not only makes your customers understand that you value them but also makes them trust you and your products or services. Hence, it is highly likely that they get back to you and buy it once again later. 

Here is an example by PlayStation:

3. How-to Videos

Generally speaking, people cannot devote a lot of time to long texts and articles to find an answer to their matters. They rather like to watch short videos, solve their matters, and resume their routine life. 

It may now cross your mind that how we can differentiate between how-to videos and tutorial videos. Tutorial videos are normally about products or services while how-to videos are more subject-centered. That is to say, you target one of the needs of your audience for each of your how-to videos and try to address it using your products or services. 

How-to videos are efficient in terms of lead generation. They keep your customer retention rate high because they can signify your care for your customers. Keep your how-to videos short so that viewers do not get bored and learn how to do something as soon as possible. 

Look at how House Beautiful uses How-to YouTube videos:

4. Top Tips Videos

Top tip videos are great for informing your audience. You can talk about the best tips for a particular issue in a video. For instance, if your audience is checking your video to get the most crucial tips for a travel destination, you can create an informative YouTube video that provides such information for your audience. Think of cultural tips, monetary system, food, religion, basic regulations, clothing, languages, dialects, and a lot more. 

Taken as a whole, top tip videos on YouTube raises the awareness of your audience about a particular subject and such awareness makes them realize that you care about their level of understanding from that subject. 

Take a look at this video by WatchWellCast:

5. Troubleshooting Videos

Naturally, when something stops working or does malfunctioning, we rather search to find a solution for the issue than to worsen the case. Here comes the importance of troubleshooting videos. The subjects of your troubleshooting videos can differ significantly. You can foresee the problems that your audience may have while working with your products or services. In addition, you can find out the most reported issues by a careful analysis of your data. 

Here is an example by MDTechVideos:

6. Q&A Videos

These videos are both effective for you and your audience. They can save you a lot of time because you do not have to repeat the same answer to the same question every day. Instead, you create a Q&A video and in which you give the answer to the most frequent questions. Regarding the number of questions, you can create different videos addressing the question. 

Look at how Hannah Kemp uses Q&A video:

7. Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos are perfect to give your business reliable credit. You can interview a loyal customer and let them share their experience of buying from you. These videos can provide your audience with a higher percentage of trust so that they can take the last step of the funnel and become a customer. 

Look at the video produced by WeAreNetflix:


Using these strategic YouTube video ideas for every stage of the funnel, you can increase the probability of turning your leads into lifelong customers. So, do our best to get inspired by these ideas and convert as many customers as you can. Wish you the best of luck!


I am Parichehr Parsi, a born writer, and a freelance copywriter in the fields of travel, fashion, and Instagram marketing. I currently write for Realtormate and online magazines in Italy and I love reading, writing, and researching. Find me on LinkedIn!


6 Tips To Increase Mobile App Downloads From Your Facebook & Instagram Ads

Mobile apps are so valuable in expanding businesses that even small platforms like Instagram management services do not want to lag. After going through everything to design a perfect app, you notice that you are just at the beginning of your road because it is tricky to get users to download the app.

You already know how to run a campaign on Facebook and Instagram, so in this article, you will read about 6 essential tips to increase mobile app downloads from your Facebook and Instagram ads. The last one is extremely underestimated. Then stay tuned till the end!

Increase mobile app downloads from your Facebook & Instagram Ads

Given the data, among all social media, Facebook is the top and Instagram is the sixth platform with the highest number of active users.

So it makes complete sense if you try to increase mobile app download from your Facebook and Instagram ads. 

Increase mobile app downloads from your Facebook ads

To understand better, let’s start with Facebook with its better chance of converting users to boost the app download, shall we?

Start from users with more potentials

If you wanna increase your mobile app download, start from users who are more likely to download your app.

Your now customers

70% of your customers are likely to convert and download your mobile app. So start from them and retarget them on your Facebook ads.

Don’t show the ad to just anybody

There are types of audiences who are either impossible to convert or there is a little chance for this matter! So, avoid targeting these types of audiences if you plan to boost your app downloads through Facebook ads.

Cold customers

According to rule 7, a user normally engages with your brand 6 times before they convert! (The seventh engagement is the act of conversion). To increase engagement or story views on Instagram, considering removing ghost followers.

The cold audience is at the beginning of the customer journey and there is little chance to get them to download your mobile app. 

They are barely targeted in campaigns unless it is a brand awareness campaign.

Not compatibles

Other than that, make sure to choose the right device! If your app is android compatible only, don’t show your ad to users who can not even download your app!

Data connected users

A personal question! When you download an app, are you normally connected via WiFi or cell phone data?

Your answer applies to your audience!

Then tick the check box!

Don’t underestimate CTAs

Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can increase the click-through rate by 285%.

Since you want to increase app download, make sure you choose “Download”

Make your audience wonder

Display appealing video ads of your application in use and make your audience wonder. It works so much if it is the game app you want to get users to download.

Increase Mobile App Downloads From Instagram Ads

Before anything you should know that to run ads on Instagram, you should connect Instagram to your business Facebook account.

All the tips to increase mobile app download on Facebook applies to Instagram ads as well. There are, however, news tips worth mentioning. Here they are.

Use hashtags

Use seven hashtags to increase the findability of your Instagram ads and your mobile app download as a result.

  • One hashtag must be your brand; For Instance #Sony
  • One hashtag must be what your brand owns; for instance, #weareForeverFaster
  • Five community hashtags; such as #running #fintess #instagramfitness

Blend your ad into your organic Instagram posts

Your ad will remain in your feed with your Instagram organic posts. Then blend it.

The final step to increase mobile app download from your Facebook and Instagram ads

The final step to increase app mobile download via Facebook and Instagram ads is to measure your performance and improve your strategy. 

Whether or not this is the first campaign you run to increase mobile app download, it is not going to be perfect, neither is it your last campaign, hopefully.

Make sure you measure your strategy to find out its bugs and come up with the flawless one in the future. Of course, Instagram and Facebook insights are a great help in this matter.

Author’s Bio

The writer is Zahra Zakipoor, a junior digital marketer and a travel freak who survived the quarantine during the COVID pandemic. She is working with Realtormate as a freelancer now.