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Why Is AR A Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend?

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for ages. It is a technology that allows our physical world to extend by adding layers of digital information to it. Thanks to its immersive capabilities, AR has become one of the best possible partners for a real estate agent. Even though real estate market was not as quick to adopt AR in real estate as other industries, but considering its endless possibilities, millions have been invested by firms to provide simple AR solutions to real estate.

From communicating property features to potential buyers in a more effective way to competing with peers in the market, real estate agents should embrace AR-enabled tools to provide more value to clients and get a good return on sales. Similarly, AR can help a potential tenant decide whether they should go for Dubai Marina Apartments for rent or Business Bay apartments, or they should stick to Studio or a single-bedroom apartment. Here’s how AR can be used to facilitate real estate agents:

No More Static Brochures

When a potential buyer looks for a property for sale, it is quite possible that they get engaged with more than one real estate agent. There’s also a possibility that they are going through several property brochures to compare and analyze parameters. This implies a fierce competition among agents. The main challenge in this scenario is to provide useful information to a potential buyer in the form of easily digestible chunks and that’s where AR comes to rescue! AR-enabled interactive brochures can help a real estate agent stand out from the crowd. The brochures can have triggered at various points of the property which buyer can tap and see a 3D model of that section of the property, hence improving the way a buyer interacts and visualizes a property. Furthermore, it can also provide a refreshing and innovative new experience to house hunting. It can also improve the operational efficiency of real estate agents, by reducing the amount of time they spend away from their desks and allowing them time to focus on more important sales work to be done.

No More Single Dimensional Floorplans

For a typical house hunt process, floor plans play an active role in letting the buyer decide whether the property is worth investing in or not. Floorplans, as we know them for, are usually single-dimensional, on-page diagrams or structures meant for the buyer to visualize the property. However, with the help of AR tools, real estate agents can show buyers a 3D floorplan and buyer can literally visualize themselves in it. It can help them analyze what they should do in all that space and help them perceive the property better. So, AR has taken this single-dimensional experience to a whole new level.

Stand Out With Window Displays

The power of AR in real estate can be used to improve the way buyers get information about all available property for rent or sell. Using interactive window displays or overlaying technology on traditional pictorial displays, buyers can now get information on property for rent or sale even when the office is closed, hence redefining ways of engagement with buyers and securing more deals.

These uses of AR can go a great deal in helping real estate agents to gain a competitive edge among their peers. The interactivity and benefits AR brings with itself add great value to buyers and sellers and improves overall customer experience. As a result, your corporate and brand reputation in the industry gets improved, you are led towards new business and a higher return on sales.       


4 Exciting Technologies Evolving with AI

Companies in dozens of industries are investing heavily in artificial intelligence to develop more streamlined and cost-effective ways of serving their customers and powering their operations.

What does the future have in store as far as these technologies are concerned? Nobody can say for sure, but we know robots will be a big part of it.

As far as the present-day goes, let’s examine four exciting technologies evolving with AI before our eyes.

Medical Diagnoses 

We tend to view doctors as flawless if we’ve received proper medical care. But they’re humans like the rest of us, which means they’re prone to mistakes. According to studies, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. What’s more, around 10 percent of those deaths are attributed to faulty diagnostics like missed and misdiagnoses. This is why breakthroughs in AI-assisted medical diagnosis technology carry the most excitement in an AI healthcare market that’s projected to reach $150 billion by 2026.

With AI able to quickly learn a patient’s entire medical history and run several algorithms on the patient’s current symptoms, it can diagnose conditions faster and more accurately. Doctor’s will never be removed from the loop, of course, but AI allows for greater patient-to-patient visibility.

5G Augmented Reality 

Augmented reality is an extension of our physical world with layers of digital information laid on top. Data like animations, videos, images, and 3D models are presented to users via devices like projection glasses, head-mounted displays or mobile devices while technology like depth-tracking and location mapping provide a realistic user experience.

Retailers ranging from Sephora and Nike to Ikea and Lacoste have introduced augmented reality apps in the last few years to great success.

According to Business Wire, the augmented reality market is expected to hit $60 billion by 2023, meaning more unique shopping experiences are on the way for consumers. The arrival of 5G technology makes this especially true. Experts say that 5G technology is not only pivotal to augmented technology. It will change the way we live.

Self-Serve Advanced Analytics 

It’s no secret the world is creating an enormous amount of data. We only need to look to at our mobile devices, the number of apps we have, and our daily behavior to imagine the global impact on data generation. Analytics isn’t just a way for companies to make more money and offer their customers better experiences, but to also uncover insights related to any initiative.

The power of insights used to be locked away within the data team and required a lot of time to yield insights. But with the advent of search analytics, even non-technical end users can dig into data to inform their workflows. Some advanced analytics platforms, such as ThoughtSpot, are using AI to find deeper insights that even trained professional miss, displaying them to end-users through detailed visualizations.


The financial system has been tilted toward the elite for centuries. From savings strategies to budgeting tips, we don’t all start our adult lives with the same advice. The disparity in education is particularly apparent with investing. Investing is the only way to grow money substantially (but passively) over time. Yet, because of the aforementioned equality gaps, many people living paycheck to paycheck don’t know how to start investing, let alone be able to afford a few shares of a tech stock. 

Robo-advising makes investing straightforward for everyone. These platforms bypass a financial advisor, a significant expense over time, and instead offer investment advice and strategy via online resources. Some platforms even allow investors to buy fractional shares of stocks and funds, allowing them to continually invest in the market versus having to save up to buy full shares.

There’s no shortage of rousing technologies evolving with the graces of artificial intelligence. However, some developments are more of a reality than others. The best part of these four technologies is that they’re affecting and improving our everyday lives. Isn’t that what technology is all about?


What Is Power Dialer Software and How Benefited For Business?

“A Power Dialer is an automated dialing system connecting agents to prospects more efficient with allowing agents to focus on live connections. The system automatically dials the next contact, when an agent is available, based on your desired calls-to-agent ratio.”

So the power dialer increases the amount of time agent spend to real prospector and customer. Power dialer is specially benefited. When a call center which has a small number of sales executive and quantity of prospects.

Power dialer is different from other dialers. The agent is already active on the phone when the dialer being going through the contact numbers. Power dialer only dials the next number when initiated with the agent.

A Superior Option for B2B (Business To Business)

Dialers are usually limited to being a piece of hardware. It makes routine calls. There are different types of dialer, but the most superior option is B2B calling, that is power dialer.

This dialer only calls one number at one time; yet heightens productivity and lower cost of saving leads. This is from the waste that occurs with other types of dialers. Predictive dialer supposed to dial several numbers at once.

With hope, there will enough reps that are available to take the calls on time. And they answered. It leaves the phones agents rushed and less well-prepared. With also allowing many leads lost to over-dialing

How Do Power Dialers Work?

This is contact center type of dialer where the agents are already active on the liner at the time of the call. Usually, the agent stimulates the calling session and when a live answer is detected. He/she answered the call. And the agent is already live here, so there is no call transferring required.

This is ideal for single-person scenarios or in remote agent environment. So, it doesn’t require multiple agents to transfer calls to. The possibility of abandonment cost rules out here. The dialer dials one line at the same time. An individual – line power dialer make around 75-80 calls per hour.

For this power dialer, the agent is always there to take the phone call. If a person picks up. They also get to catch whatever the live person that will say and they pick up. Unlike the other dialer where the agent might not find the hello causing a delay in response.

Benefits of Power Dialer

  • With the benefit of the power dialer that eliminates the abandonment rate. This is already a live person on the phone ready to receive a call.
  • Use of power dialer also goes with some many more quickly than manual dialing.
  • This is possible for the agent to call over seventy leads in just an hour.
  • Power dialer like Dialer360 is useful for individual agent businesses. Approximately the technology available today support both predictive and power dialing.
  • Power dial would be attractive because it gives you a choice depending on your needs for the day.
  • This is easy to use and very active. Since the assistance available before the call gets connected. Power dialer is a complete clear winner.
  • With power dialing, the number of calls depends on receiving capability of teams.
  • So power dialing call center gets quick response and information. Power dialer notches higher in term of customer satisfaction.
  • This also helps out there to increase your businesses and sales with some methods.
  • You can save the time if you can make seventy calls in an hour, plow with a significant number of prospects at the day. Some of those leads which are bound to run into decreases dramatically.
  • Help to skip over number where there is no answer or leaving an auto-message. It happens when voicemail picks up.
  • An agent can focus exclusively on communication with real people. Rather than on leaving the same voice message over and over until he/she finally reach a live person.

Features of Power Dialer

Must-have features of the best power dialers

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of a power dialer. Here are four indispensable elements.

Customized caller ID

With a fantastic challenge faced by the telemarketer is caller ID. This is to notify or at least make the people suspicious as they are about to receive a sales call. Customizing the caller ID that allowing associating your request with another legitimate number. With using your mobile number instead of your name. The difference between talking to someone and moving on the next call.

One-click voicemails

Some other standard features with the best power dialer are one-click function. Instead of leaving the same message over, wasting time you have prerecorded messages to leave automatic. With the click one single button on the power dialer platform. It also saves you more time than the auto-dialing features all power dialer that has.

Contact info preview

The best power dialer is complete without the contact info preview function. So the power dialer moves on the next call. The information about the impending contact appears on the screen. Give agent opportunity to the personalized invitation best understanding of his/her audience.


Some of the other features that integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As such call campaign, customized email, whisper coaching, and reporting among other things. Suppose the device is missing four essentials and don’t have a couple of other features that consider shopping around.

Final Thoughts

Usually, your company purchases a particular service. They try to figure out if your call has gone through. When you have reached a human being can cost critical time you could be used to make a sale. The power dialer cuts that time sucks out. Moreover, the software allows identifying callers to maximize efficiency and mask. You’re out calling number to discourage potential customers. Those who typically avoid telemarketers, from dodging your call.

This can mean less frustration and more effective calling for your agents. Fundamental, business requires making daily phone contact with a variety of people successful. Its time and level of efficiency can expect to see very positive results from using the power dialer.

Author Bio

Abdul has spent his career developing high-performance organizations. He is working as a chief marketing officer for a leading call center software company Dialer360. As both a marketing executive, Abdul has created and executed numerous programs that build market awareness, drive lead generation and increase revenue.


Get the Best SEO Services in Singapore by Engaging True SEO Expert Can help to Improve Website Speed

SEO has always been very dynamic, and the rapid spread of mobile devices, especially smartphones, has pushed the dynamism to new levels. To engage in any marketing activity is now just enough to whip out the smartphone from your pocket and ahoy, SEO is at your fingertips. Online marketing had become so much mobile that people tend to forget the times when desktop computers were the only means of accessing SEO. Indeed, mobile SEO is the most significant development that catches the eye, but along with it, there has been some other change, which is equally important. To meet the expectations of mobile device users, websites have become speedier than before, thanks to the widespread use of responsive web design.

The progressive speed enhancement of websites has happened in two phases – firstly, WordPress changed the SEO game by creating sites that open faster and secondly, responsive web design took it a step ahead and created even faster websites. To survive the intense competition in gaining high visibility, it has become necessary to ensure that websites are speedy and mobile-friendly.  Since all WordPress themes are not the same, you must carefully choose a suitable theme that does not have heavy design elements and provides support in creating websites that open pages very fast besides having the best functionalities and features. Unless websites are speedy no matter how well it functions, it will never make users happy. Remember that the ideal page opening time is just 2 seconds, and the farther your website is from it, lower are the chances of doing well in SEO. 

Patience is diminishing

 The primary requirement for good SEO services Singapore is that you must keep users always happy and should be aware of what to do to keep them happy.  Users call the shots both for search engines and marketers who must find ways of pleasing them by meeting their expectations. Technological advancement is not only raising the bar for SEO but also fueling higher expectations among users. They expect too much too soon, no matter how far-fetched it might seem. That is evident in their love for fast opening websites as users expect websites to open instantly upon clicking the link. The longer time it takes for websites to open, it challenges the patience of users who would not wait but explore some other website. And they would never come back again. 

Google goes the user’s way

Meeting user expectation is the top agenda for Google and other search engines because their existence hinges around it. Google is hell-bent to ensure that users get the best experience and continuously work towards it. Following in the footsteps of users who prefer speedy websites, Google has declared that page speed is now a ranking factor. Naturally, it leaves no room for any choice but ensures that websites are speedy or else you are on the wrong side of the law. 

Here are some things to do to make your website faster.

Know where you stand

It is common sense that to improve page speed, you must first know its current speed and identify the causes for it. It should help to set some realistic goal and develop strategies for improving speed. Only when you know what hinders speed that you can address the issue and work for improvement. Google’s Page Insight Tool should help to know where you stand and even point out the areas of improvement. The first lesson is that fewer web pages accelerate page opening time, and there are some other things to do for improving it further. Using optimized images improve page speed as also using fewer ads, compressing codes, and fewer external scripts, all of which add more speed to websites. Besides, improving server response time impacts website speed and opens pages faster.

Image compression

Too many images slow down websites, and you must use images optimally, and only compressed images should find a place on websites. Many WordPress plugins help in compressing images up to 70%, which is significant because images constitute 56% of the page weight. When you compress images by using WordPress plugins, the resolution and appeal of images remain unaffected.  Removing unused colors from images and stripping Metadata from it helps in compression.

Server optimization

The server response time affects website speed and slows it down. Check if the server response time supports the website speed or even improves it and if not, then you must think about optimizing the server to reduce the response time and make it faster. The software used in servers is also a factor that affects website speed.

Dedicated hosting service reduces the possibilities of slowing down websites, and it is advisable to avoid shared hosting service. Only if you can ensure that you have resources dedicated exclusively for you in shared hosting that it might work to some extent.


Best Platforms for Building and/or Creating Mobile Apps

In the recent past, the market for mobile app development has begun to take off. Both medium and large-sized companies are increasingly familiarizing themselves with the mobile world. Now more than ever, there is dire need to rapidly develop and deploy applications on a large scale basis. According to IDC forecasts, the market for mobile development platforms will witness a compound yearly growth rate of more than 38% in the next two years to reach $4.8 billion. Gartner expects over 20 million enterprise applications to be developed in the coming three years. The value is evident in the rising number of acquisitions and investments in the mobile app development space. 

Are you an individual or business owner who wants to build a spectacular mobile app? Today, building a mobile app is manageable – more than possible actually! You no longer need any coding knowledge or even thousands of dollars to spend. Numerous platforms are available that make your work a walk in the park. All you need is the right information so that you land the best platform.

Do you want to save energy, time, and money while coming up with your mobile app? Well, you need to use the best mobile application building platform. So who are the key players in the mobile app development field? Which is the best tool to use? The following is a comprehensive list of the best platforms for building mobile applications:

Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie allows you to instantly update the contents of your application. It supports all media types. The best attribute about this platform is that users can effortlessly preview their applications while the platform verifies the suitability and quality of the app. Mobile Roadie’s language allows you to pull your data in an array of formats such as CSV, HTML, etc. This platform enables you to enjoy utmost customization ensuring your app has a personalized touch – something that is extremely important online.

The AppBuilder

This platform gives you two options. With the first one, you can use the online toolkit to create your application as you get some side training. With the other option, you can work with the platform to build your app together. The AppBuilder enables you to save time creating an application for all platforms. With this platform, you also enjoy protection through a user name and passwords. Lastly, you can always update your app even after going live.

Appery io

Appery io refers to a cloud-based mobile application builder that is used to create applications for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. It is extremely easy to get started with this platform because you do not have to download anything from the cloud. The platform also gives you a drag and drop option to come up with your user interface. In addition to all these, using Appery plugins can easily enhance functionality. During and after your app development, sharing is very easy using this application.

Good Barber

With Good Barber, you get to enjoy nine customizable and amazing design templates, 500 Google fonts, and 350 icons. What is more, is that Good Barber cuts and styles your application into fine detail without the need for any coding. This platform is perfect for Android and iOS phones. If you have been looking for a platform that accords you immediate feedback with almost all app alterations, then Good Barber is your best bet. Lastly, you can contribute videos, photos, and articles.


Are you a business with the desire to build applications for free and only pay when you want to publish? Well, if this is you, then AppMachine is your ideal platform. Building blocks enable you to link to Twitter, Facebook, and online stores. All through, you enjoy the freedom of colors, styling and so much more. AppMachine ensures you always have access to the Apple and Google Play app store. The app is available at discounted prices.


This platform is optimized for all types of businesses. It brings with it an array of features such as push notifications, shopping carts, and loyalty programs among many others. BiznessApps has a convenient in-app integration, numerous templates, instant updating, and user-friendly CMS.


GameSalad is primed for gaming on an array of platforms such as OS X, HTML 5, and IOS. Since it is a drag and drop platform, you do not need any coding. GameSalad boasts of a scene and actor editor. With this platform, you also enjoy an active community forum where you can get valuable input from other designers. Moreover, the platform also blesses you with a library of game elements and behaviors for use. For a wider reach, the platform allows you to publish your app online.

Appy Pie

This is another incredible cloud-based application for Android, IOS, and Windows. Appy Pie allows you to instantly publish your app on app stores. You also enjoy enhanced customer interactions, app monetization, real-time updates, and revisions as well as push notifications.


ShoutEm is billed as one of the simplest mobile application makers of all time. Its drag and drop option allows you to add event places, news, photos, media streaming and so much more. ShoutEm offers countless customization tools, seamless publishing and monetization options. Updating your content is real-time and easy. Its e-commerce feature makes it perfect for businesses.


AppMakr is a free DIY app that allows you to build IOS, HMTL 5 and Android apps for free high-quality applications as well as unlimited updates. This platform consistently shows your application’s AQI (App Quality Index) which enables you to improve the quality of your app. AppMakr offers you features galore such as chat rooms, video streaming, live updates, full autonomy, customization, push notifications, etc.

The above platforms guarantee nothing short of the best environments for building mobile apps. Now that you are informed about them, go ahead and make maximum use of them. You will surely not regret it.


BuildFire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Platform that does for mobile apps what WordPress did for websites: enables non-technical professionals to rapidly build mobile apps with a minimum of custom coding or development. Anyone can operate, manage, and administer our applications, no special training needed. Organizations from Fortune 500 companies to neighborhood community associations have used BuildFire to develop, publish, and maintain thousands of apps that reach millions of users every day.


Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is The Next Best Thing Real Estate Industry? 

It’s 2019 and we are still surrounded by the charisma of artificial intelligence. If anything AI has been doing new wonders in almost all the fields of life. When it comes to the real estate industry, AI has not been implemented in this industry to the fullest of its potential and still, it is doing an amazing job. In this blog, you are going to find out, why AI is the next best thing in the real estate industry.

Here are some of the reasons which are shouting about the potentials and offerings of the AI in the real estate industry in the years to come. Give the following a read and we are sure that you’ll be convinced that AI is definitely the next best thing in the real estate industry. 

Reduced Human Resource

Although, the real estate business is not the kind of business which requires a lot of manpower, however, you still very efficient and experienced people as real estate agents because it is not an easy job. It is also true that such people are not very easy to find and those who are good at their jobs are really expensive and if you are running a real estate company from scratch, then there is a huge possibility that you might not be able to afford them. However, you should not worry about experienced and efficient resources anymore because AI is going to take cover for your business from all sides. You can have AI-base software for your business and it will take care of all the communications and dealings. It will deal with the clients according to their requirements with the help of the big data.

Increased Business Efficiency

AI is all about incorporating high-end efficiency to your business. Therefore, getting AI/ML-based software will make your real estate business more efficient and on top of that, it will make sure to provide a satisfactory experience to all the clients. We all know the importance of customer satisfaction in any business. This importance increases in the real estate business by many folds as they have plenty of other options in the market. Therefore, realize the importance of AI now and make it a part of your business and it will be worth every single penny of yours.

Long-Term Relation Ship Building

With AI, you can build a long term relationship with your clients by using different features. You can keep in contact with them with the help of AI so that whenever they need to buy or rent again in the future, your company’s name pops up in their heads first. 

Business Hours 24/7

If it’s after midnight and your potential client just got the time to search for the new apartment and they have a location in their mind, you can target that client at such a strange hour of the night with the help of AI. Yes, it’s not only possible but very much practical. In order to understand it better, let’s take an example of a client who is searching for “JLT apartments for rent”. Now, your AI-based software comes into play. They will not only communicate with the client but also they can seal the deal if it comes to that. Pretty amazing, right? 


With all the advancements in the tech world, it is almost impossible to run a business in traditional and outdated ways. Therefore, you have to be very conscious of new tech trends if you want to ace your business game.


8 Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for E-commerce Businesses

For most e-commerce businesses, the competition is fierce. Thus, knowing what will set you apart from the rest of your competitors is crucial.

Ideally, you must equip yourself with e-commerce marketing strategies that focus on capturing people’s attention when looking for products. You should also be using several outbound strategies that will make it easier for people to find you.

There are different e-commerce strategies out there in the market. However, in this post, we are going to focus on the eight low-cost marketing strategies that will set you apart from the rest of the competition, and help you land you more sales. 

Cross-promotion with other businesses

You probably know the feeling of diving into a business partnership full of hopes and ideas. But eventually, you would know that those trends wear off quickly. Then, you are left wondering where would your next brand collaboration is headed.

Well, that is where the cross-promotion techniques of your marketing strategy will help you out.

Remember that partnerships are not only great for business development. It also gives you the chance to cross-market your products and services, as well as provide something valuable to you and your partner’s customers’ needs.

Search engine optimization

According to Local SEO Search Inc., “A powerful tool that will drive traffic to your site other than social media is SEO. It will not bring you instantaneous results. But your marketing strategy should not be built on short term goals. Instead, it is all about planning how you will grow in the long-term.”

Some online retailers make the mistake of focusing on instant gratification when growing their online stores. So, they focus on Facebook ads, instead. However, if you want to keep your acquisition costs low, then you should concentrate on SEO.

But you have to realize that SEO is not just about choosing a particular keyword in your chosen niche. Instead, it is about going broader. 

For instance, you sell running shoes. You should not just focus on keywords about “running shoes.” You can also target keywords related to weight loss and fitness.

Remember that SEO is about driving new traffic, and not just sticking to your current audience. When crafting content about weight loss, you can still introduce the concept of running while losing weight.

That way, it is easier for you to reach a more extensive group of audience that is potentially interested in your products and services. 

Here are some marketing strategies for SEO:

  • Always create fresh content. It has probably been a while since you updated the old content on your site. But you have to do it to stay relevant. Delete the parts that are already outdated, then update them accordingly. That way, you will shoot up in the top of search results, boosting your traffic. Updating your content is just as crucial as crafting new content. 
  • Utilize SEO tools. These tools will notify you of any SEO errors that you made. Using tools like SEO Manager and Plug-In SEO lets you do quality checks on your site’s SEO. 
  • Build more web pages. You can do so by adding new products to your online store. You can also produce daily blogs. Moreover, you can come up with other forms of content like e-books, landing pages, and other web pages that boost your odds of getting more traffic. Ideally, each web page should contain at least 2,000 words (on average) to show up on results. 

Take advantage of pay-per-click ads

Pay-per-click ads are costly if you are targeting high-traffic keywords. However, some platforms and niches are budget-friendly, making it an excellent option for start-ups.

In Facebook, for instance, you can pay as low as $1 a day on particular ads. However, if you want to get better results, you need to invest more. 

Plan email marketing campaigns

For a lot of online retailers, email marketing gives one of the fastest results when it comes to sales and web traffic.

You can start building your email list by asking your audience to subscribe. You can put the opt-in form on your homepage, blog, or other popular pages on your site.

Here are the top email marketing tactics that you can use:

  • The easiest way to boost your email marketing strategy is to create a more extensive email list. 
  • Build email funnels. Email funnels are made up of a set of sequenced emails, which can include your best selling products. An email funnel may start featuring some blog posts in your niche that helps boost user’s familiarity with the brand. Later on, you can send an email about your weekly best selling products to help generate sales. But remember, you have to send the conversion email after the non-sales email is sent. 
  • Segment your email list. Personalization and segmentation have become more and more important as your email list grows. You will be encountering users that have ordered various products in your store. When you personalize your emails, you can show your buyers products that they will probably be interested in (via their past browsing history). That will make them more likely to purchase your products because it is catered specifically for them.

Smart use of social media platforms

Social media is not just about posting content once a day. You need to be able to come up with a plan that works.

Every social media channel has a particular target audience. If you are in the online fashion niche, you probably will not thrive on LinkedIn since it caters to a B2B audience. But you can boost your sales by focusing on highly visual platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Your highest engagement would probably come from Instagram. Your best performing ads can be on Facebook. Similarly, you can also drive a lot of traffic from Pinterest.

Once you find out the specific platform that is right for you, it is time to focus on your marketing strategies. 

How often should you post? What tactics do you need to incorporate to boost your growth?

Here are some online marketing strategies that you can incorporate on social media:

  • Share user-generated content on social media. Your customers and loyal followers will probably share content on social media. Ensure that you share their content with your own audience (with their permission). Over time, that will help boost your customer loyalty, and even lessen your workload a bit. 
  • Take a closer look at your demographics. If you have target users who are female, ages 22-45, then they will probably have different needs and interests with females ages 45-65. Moreover, they will be more likely to have a different social media network. 
  • Build a social media calendar. What type of content are you posting, and how often do you post each day? For instance, let’s say that it is usually Friday evenings that you get the highest engagement. Once you know the type of content that your audience better responds to, you can maximize your social calendar for optimal results. The pre-planning stage allows you to ensure consistency and balance your marketing activities at the same time.

Enhanced website layout and design

Having an excellent web design and appearance makes an excellent first impression. But design is not the only factor that contributes to a business’ success.

Having a site that is designed nicely is not going to drive traffic and land you more sales. Your site’s overall performance, page loading speed, content, and payment methods contribute to the website’s overall success as well. 

That’s why it is crucial for your site to be impressive, that it works well, makes navigation a breeze, and features quick and easy payment options. 

It is going to negatively affect your business if your website takes too long to load, has incomplete product information, or the online payment options are not working. 


In its most basic form, retargeting is the practice of sending highly targeted ads to specific users who have interacted with your products or visited your site in the past. Usually, it includes targeting users who:

  • Have recently visited particular pages on your website
  • Have bought something from you before
  • Are your email subscribers
  • Are your previous customers before, but are no longer engaged

Note that when it comes to retargeting, Facebook will always be king. But Google AdSense has excellent retargeting potential as well. 

Guest Post

You can also expand your reach through blogs and other publications by placing your content in front of a new audience. Then, getting a few important links back to your site. Remember to only submit to publications with high authority. 

Over to You

What are the low-cost marketing strategies that you have used in the past to market your business? 

While there are a lot of e-commerce marketing strategies out there, these eight low-cost marketing tactics are the most reliable and effective. You will also find out that while you creatively look for ways to connect with your target audiences online, you will see a boost in your traffic and sales!

So, why not try these low-cost marketing ideas? Then, see how these can help you grow your business and boost your overall marketing strategy.


The Vital Role of CTR for Optimizing Your Domain

Let us start with an honest opinion. The CTRs or the Click Through Rates are essential when it comes to strategizing the SEO for your domain. But, it is often the case that CTR is not given enough attention to. However, according to experts, CTRs are as crucial as the inbound links from authority sites and posters.  

When you are dreaming about improving the visibility and the traffic footfall for your site, you should never underestimate the power of CTR as studies have revealed that you can improve your page rank by one position with just a 3-percent increase in organic CTR. 

Keep in mind that better CTR means a better conversion rate. So, all you need to do is invest in an expert third party SEO agency and consult with a professional like Jacob Joseph Edward Xavier Clear to accept the challenge of improving the CTR metric which will enable you to attract traffic and gain a good advantage over your nearest competitors at the SERPs. 

However, before you begin, you need to have a clear idea about what CTR is all about. Let us have a look in detail,

About CTR

Domain optimization has a number of vital facets, and these include the paid searches, mail campaigning, and the advertisement displays. CTR is a tool that allows you to measure the performance of these strategies. The actual figures for how many times an ad was clicked or how many viewed them are analyzed through CTRs.

There are other aspects of investing and improving CTR. It also allows you to gauge the effectiveness of the title, the content, the description, and the emails. As the name suggests, the tool allows for the measurement of the actual click-through rates as a parameter for the performance of your web and business domain. 

The higher the CTR and the associated signals, the better optimized your domain is in terms of performance. It suggests that the website and the content are relevant to the user concerning information, authority, and uniqueness. 

Keep in mind that with any business venture, your marketing, and promotional campaigns needs to reach the target audience and the user base. The impact on the business is created by several factors that include the actual buying of a product, signing up for a service and indulging in any online activity on the web domain. CTR will allow you to effectively modify and measure the success of your campaign in terms of actual lead generation. 

Are there factors that determine the CTR results?

You, bet there is! In reality, several factors might influence the CTR score. While you cannot pinpoint any factor definitively for an improved or low CTR, but you do have an idea of what elements to improve on or what exactly is going right for your campaign.

The factors that affect CTR include the keywords and phrases, PPC campaigns, and searches related to brands and products. The CTR is calculated by tallying the total number of clicks and impressions. The number of impressions is divided by the number of clicks, and the result is multiplied by 100. 

What do you gather from your CTR score?

You must be asking, why CTR? Since traffic and lead generation can be measured by various analytical tools as well. However, you need to understand that CTR is the perfect metric for measuring the failure or the success of a promotional or marketing feature. 

The higher user engagement you have, the better is the CTR, and you can be sure that the strength of your domain is in the keywords, image optimization, and the ad campaign placements. With better click-through rates, you can also be assured of the impact your conversion is having and the lead generation for your venture. 

Yes, the results might be diverse depending on the campaign you are running, but that is just the nature of business as some products and services will always enjoy better success than other campaigns. CTR is also essential for Google Ad ranks as the ranking goes down with lower click through rates. 

Keep in mind that the quality score for your domain provided by the search engines is dependent on the following three major factors.

  • The uniqueness of the content and the relevancy
  • The CTR
  • And the performance of the landing page

How to improve on the CTR

Here are some tips and tricks that you can try to improve the CTR for your domain.

1. Leverage the Google console for the search data analytics for the identification of low performing content and improve on them as much as possible.

2. Keep in mind that the title and tags should not suffer from excessive keyword usage.

3. Tap into human emotions of fear, joy, and success while designing posts and article titles for the SEO campaign of your site.

4. You can try addressing personalities through the titles to create a unique story to carry your campaign forward.

5. You can even include numbers in the titles as this boosts CTRs by at least 35%.

6. Description tags should be exciting to generate interest and excitement from the consumer.

7. You need to use descriptive URLs and not the generic ones as they are low on appeal, and if done right, it can improve your CTR by 25%.

8. Headlines should vary according to posts and services.

9. You can invest in Facebook ads to check the effectiveness of headlines.

10. Lastly, you need to avoid the usage of generic phrases that include “click here” and others to lend authority and authenticity to your site.


In conclusion

Yes, you do need the expert help when trying to figure out avenues to successfully optimize your web domain. There are several SEO firms available locally, but not all services are up to the mark in terms of the technical prowess and content creation ability. Therefore, it is essential to judge a service based on merit alone when searching for a third party SEO service. If you are in doubt, ask your questions to make sure of the expertise and the professionalism of the firm. Keep in mind the user reviews for a service and the overall charges for optimizing your domain. Make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. All the best!


Here Is How a Brand Should Respond to Negative Reviews on Social Media

The first social media platforms sprung up by 1997, just a few years after the worldwide web became available to the masses. Sites like Facebook and Twitter that have been available to users since 2006 have taken over like wildfire. Given that a sheer number of users on such social media sites is literally in the billions, it comes as no surprise that businesses can efficiently, effectively and often cheaply market to potential customers through these platforms by speaking directly to your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram followers.

Studies conclusively show that users who follow businesses on social media are more likely to buy from them. Social media can also be a means through which users can leave reviews about a company. Regardless of the type of comment, it is imperative for a business it addresses it aptly and promptly. This is especially true for negative reviews.

So how should a brand respond to negative reviews on social media? Here are some tips:

Don’t Ignore the Review

First thing’s first. A brand should never ignore or even try to remove a negative comment or review. Indeed, that is one sure way to lose customers. We, as humans, have a fundamental need to feel heard and understood, and customers are no different. Thus, it is a brand’s duty to read and respond to as many reviews as possible- positive and negative alike. If handled properly, such responses can even work as an effective marketing technique. If you are having difficulty with handling the reviews or don’t have time to do it, it is better to take the help of a social media company who will keep their eyes on the reviews and will help in saving the reputation of your company

However, if you are willing to deal with it on your own, here are a few things you need to keep in your mind. The response should be personalized, addressing the person by name and acknowledging the issue that person highlighted. This is a better alternative to a generalized answer. The reply should also have a sympathetic and apologetic tone. It is important to not mention the brand name in response to a negative review as the review could then show up if the brand is searched for. For the same reason, it is advisable to mention the brand name if the reply is to a positive review.

The review should not be a long paragraph- two to three well- constructed lines should suffice. It is also important to mention that the particular issue that the customer faced is a ‘one-off’ and not the norm.
For example, a restaurant may reply to a review as follows (keeping the above- mentioned rules in mind): “Hello David. We are sincerely sorry to hear that you experienced slow service the last time you visited us. We always strive to provide you with the best experience possible and guarantee that this was an unfortunate anomaly that is sure not to be repeated.”

Reach out in Person

While it is advisable to issue one short, public reply to a negative review, that may not be enough. Thus, a business may need to reach out to a customer via personal message. While not all customers can be reached out to in this way, there are certainly positives for contacting at least a few.

For one, you can get to know more about some severe issue the customer faced. Was a sales agent rude to you? Let us know more. The details may then help you identify the agent and have them disciplined. Remember never to make excuses for what happened. It is always much better to acknowledge and promise to attempt to improve.

Secondly, contacting a person via private chat prevents a long, drawn-out conversation on a public forum. Such a back and forth brings more eyes to the issue- something you’d want to avoid as much as possible. Not only that, instead a customer is more likely to respond in a calm and collected manner on a private chat than in response to an angry rant for all to see. Such a customer can then be appeased much more effectively.

Keeping with our theme of letting customers know how much they are valued, it is important to ask customers for their suggestions on how to resolve their issues. Quite often you will receive some genuinely valuable feedback.

Provide Offline Contact Information

At the end of a personal message conversation, the customer should be provided with offline contact information such as a phone number. They should be urged to contact that number with any further complaints or queries they may have.

Think of this as the last line of defense. Some customers may be dealt with via a public reply and others via a private conversation. However, there will always be those who need an even more intimate answer- those who want verbal communication with another person. Thus, online responses are an essential adjunct to telephone helplines but not a replacement for them.

Improve Your Service

The end objective for all the above-mentioned steps is to gain or regain a customer’s loyalty. What better way to do that than by actually acting on a customer’s suggestion? What better way to show a client they are invaluable to a business than by implementing their feedback? Indeed, actions speak louder than words.

Note, however, that not all complaints can be acted upon. For example, while it may be worthwhile to improve the speed of service in a Chinese restaurant, it would be ridiculous to add Indian food to the menu just because a couple of reviews asked for it. A business should accept that pleasing all will never be possible and should instead aim to satisfy as many as it can.

A chronological list should be made with the most pertinent and solvable issues at the top and less important ones lower down. As a rough estimate, a brand could start by aiming to address about 1/3rd of the negative reviews that come its way.


Remember that it is always ideal to hire a social media company who is well- versed in the field of social media marketing (SMM). Engaging with customers on social media is extremely helpful in increasing brand loyalty. This is because social media can prove to be making or breaking factor in today’s environment. While engaging with customers via social media can be extremely helpful in increasing brand loyalty, quite the opposite effect may be achieved if these platforms are mishandled.


7 Free Keyword Research Tools to Use For SEO Now

A keyword research tool is not an option for anyone rolling a new website. This task requires much of your time in various processes such as design, development, content creation, and marketing strategy. I know this is a tedious process that will consume much of your time, but it’s essential to spend also enough of your time in keyword research so you can get a reliable guideline in content strategy. Through this, you’ll have a clear overview of the right way to shape your content and the future of your site.  

Nowadays, there some keyword research shortcuts anyone can take in this process, and keyword research tools remain the most preferred options in this case. As a result, there is a wide range of keyword research tools that every business should put into practice to target the right keywords as per their niche. This keyword research tools range from the negative keywords up to the long tail search terms.  

In this article, I’ll focus on seven free keyword research tools that every business should use for SEO at any given time. With this keyword tools, the companies can be in a position of learning more about their competitors, boost their search engine rank, know the type of keywords on their targeted list that features the highest search volume, and come up with a content calendar that goes hand-in-hand with the related long tail keywords.

Other than this, having the right keyword research tools, any business can choose the right keywords depending on their niche, monthly searches, and many more. But, which are these tools? Worry no more! I have the correct answer for you in this article. 

Let’s start!

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the best option for the top spot. Also, it has remained the most preferred option for many people for several years now. 

It’s the best free keyword research tool when starting a business and also when in the process of growing and producing more content. It’s the right choice since it makes it easy to see.

With this tool, you can pull content directly from Google. This information is the search engine that any business needs whenever optimizing their website. 

Other than this, this tool gives you access to the competition, average monthly searches, and even the suggested bid for the case where you use AdWords.  

2. AdWords and SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

The common challenge faced whenever launching a new website is the uncovering of the new keywords in the keyword research. For this case, you need the AdWord And SEO Keyword Permutation Generator keyword research tool since it makes you creative while searching for the keywords that match with your objectives, website, and marketing strategy.  

However, this keyword features one downside whereby the keyword results generated may not make sense. As a result, there are high chances to spend much of your time searching for the best keywords as per your niche. 

3. Google Correlate

It always sounds good when one gets advice directly from a source. For this case, Google is the source that gives this advice. 

Yes, it’s an overlooked keyword research tool, but Google Correlate is at a higher position of generating a considerable keyword list. It’s the most preferred tool for those who want to see the keywords that get searched together. With this data, it can be easier to expand your keyword list, especially when considering the case of long tails. 

4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

Some free keyword research tools work best for specific websites. However, there are others which have a significant impact on every site.  

For the IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator, it has a significant impact on the local service companies. With this tool, it becomes easy to find local keywords. 

5. Keyword In

Keyword In is the best free keyword research tool for those who want to combine their keywords the easy way.  

The starting point of this tool is the long tail keyword or keywords. After this, this keyword research tool mashes everything into a universal ‘basket,’ hence providing the user with a detailed list comprising the potential keywords. 

It’s the most preferred tool since the user only takes a few seconds to plug in the keywords, choose the best options, and then generate the results. 

6. Soovle

Soovle is another free keyword research tool that gives autocomplete suggestions from a wide range of sources, and not only from Google, hence help in boosting the user’s search volume. 

Yes, you can use it to generate auto-complete suggestions from Google, but it also supports a wide range of other sources such as Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing, and YouTube.  

Here, the first step entails choosing the most preferred source. However, you should note that this tool features Google as the default source. But you can change this to any source you want by clicking any of the icons displayed in the search box. 

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the best option for those who want to get all the keywords and data they need to make reliable decisions. However, you should note that there are high chances not to get every data you expect the tool to generate. 

This tool is also the right choice if you want to get keywords that are not easy to generate by the Google Keyword Planner. It’s the most preferred option since it gives a wide range of keywords that are big enough to keep the user busy for some time. 


Hope now you know the best free keyword for SEO? Hesitate no more! Put these keywords into use and get the right way to perform your analysis. 

With these keyword research tools and the help of Joel House Marketing Company, you can get the help you need in monitoring and improving your search engine rankings. SEO is the best option to go for if you want to design and develop the most performing website. SEO is also the right way to go for if what you want is to make your site look better for more traffic.