“A Power Dialer is an automated dialing system connecting agents to prospects more efficient with allowing agents to focus on live connections. The system automatically dials the next contact, when an agent is available, based on your desired calls-to-agent ratio.”

So the power dialer increases the amount of time agent spend to real prospector and customer. Power dialer is specially benefited. When a call center which has a small number of sales executive and quantity of prospects.

Power dialer is different from other dialers. The agent is already active on the phone when the dialer being going through the contact numbers. Power dialer only dials the next number when initiated with the agent.

A Superior Option for B2B (Business To Business)

Dialers are usually limited to being a piece of hardware. It makes routine calls. There are different types of dialer, but the most superior option is B2B calling, that is power dialer.

This dialer only calls one number at one time; yet heightens productivity and lower cost of saving leads. This is from the waste that occurs with other types of dialers. Predictive dialer supposed to dial several numbers at once.

With hope, there will enough reps that are available to take the calls on time. And they answered. It leaves the phones agents rushed and less well-prepared. With also allowing many leads lost to over-dialing

How Do Power Dialers Work?

This is contact center type of dialer where the agents are already active on the liner at the time of the call. Usually, the agent stimulates the calling session and when a live answer is detected. He/she answered the call. And the agent is already live here, so there is no call transferring required.

This is ideal for single-person scenarios or in remote agent environment. So, it doesn’t require multiple agents to transfer calls to. The possibility of abandonment cost rules out here. The dialer dials one line at the same time. An individual – line power dialer make around 75-80 calls per hour.

For this power dialer, the agent is always there to take the phone call. If a person picks up. They also get to catch whatever the live person that will say and they pick up. Unlike the other dialer where the agent might not find the hello causing a delay in response.

Benefits of Power Dialer

  • With the benefit of the power dialer that eliminates the abandonment rate. This is already a live person on the phone ready to receive a call.
  • Use of power dialer also goes with some many more quickly than manual dialing.
  • This is possible for the agent to call over seventy leads in just an hour.
  • Power dialer like Dialer360 is useful for individual agent businesses. Approximately the technology available today support both predictive and power dialing.
  • Power dial would be attractive because it gives you a choice depending on your needs for the day.
  • This is easy to use and very active. Since the assistance available before the call gets connected. Power dialer is a complete clear winner.
  • With power dialing, the number of calls depends on receiving capability of teams.
  • So power dialing call center gets quick response and information. Power dialer notches higher in term of customer satisfaction.
  • This also helps out there to increase your businesses and sales with some methods.
  • You can save the time if you can make seventy calls in an hour, plow with a significant number of prospects at the day. Some of those leads which are bound to run into decreases dramatically.
  • Help to skip over number where there is no answer or leaving an auto-message. It happens when voicemail picks up.
  • An agent can focus exclusively on communication with real people. Rather than on leaving the same voice message over and over until he/she finally reach a live person.

Features of Power Dialer

Must-have features of the best power dialers

Let’s have a look at the characteristics of a power dialer. Here are four indispensable elements.

Customized caller ID

With a fantastic challenge faced by the telemarketer is caller ID. This is to notify or at least make the people suspicious as they are about to receive a sales call. Customizing the caller ID that allowing associating your request with another legitimate number. With using your mobile number instead of your name. The difference between talking to someone and moving on the next call.

One-click voicemails

Some other standard features with the best power dialer are one-click function. Instead of leaving the same message over, wasting time you have prerecorded messages to leave automatic. With the click one single button on the power dialer platform. It also saves you more time than the auto-dialing features all power dialer that has.

Contact info preview

The best power dialer is complete without the contact info preview function. So the power dialer moves on the next call. The information about the impending contact appears on the screen. Give agent opportunity to the personalized invitation best understanding of his/her audience.


Some of the other features that integrate with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). As such call campaign, customized email, whisper coaching, and reporting among other things. Suppose the device is missing four essentials and don’t have a couple of other features that consider shopping around.

Final Thoughts

Usually, your company purchases a particular service. They try to figure out if your call has gone through. When you have reached a human being can cost critical time you could be used to make a sale. The power dialer cuts that time sucks out. Moreover, the software allows identifying callers to maximize efficiency and mask. You’re out calling number to discourage potential customers. Those who typically avoid telemarketers, from dodging your call.

This can mean less frustration and more effective calling for your agents. Fundamental, business requires making daily phone contact with a variety of people successful. Its time and level of efficiency can expect to see very positive results from using the power dialer.

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