A keyword research tool is not an option for anyone rolling a new website. This task requires much of your time in various processes such as design, development, content creation, and marketing strategy. I know this is a tedious process that will consume much of your time, but it’s essential to spend also enough of your time in keyword research so you can get a reliable guideline in content strategy. Through this, you’ll have a clear overview of the right way to shape your content and the future of your site.  

Nowadays, there some keyword research shortcuts anyone can take in this process, and keyword research tools remain the most preferred options in this case. As a result, there is a wide range of keyword research tools that every business should put into practice to target the right keywords as per their niche. This keyword research tools range from the negative keywords up to the long tail search terms.  

In this article, I’ll focus on seven free keyword research tools that every business should use for SEO at any given time. With this keyword tools, the companies can be in a position of learning more about their competitors, boost their search engine rank, know the type of keywords on their targeted list that features the highest search volume, and come up with a content calendar that goes hand-in-hand with the related long tail keywords.

Other than this, having the right keyword research tools, any business can choose the right keywords depending on their niche, monthly searches, and many more. But, which are these tools? Worry no more! I have the correct answer for you in this article. 

Let’s start!

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the best option for the top spot. Also, it has remained the most preferred option for many people for several years now. 

It’s the best free keyword research tool when starting a business and also when in the process of growing and producing more content. It’s the right choice since it makes it easy to see.

With this tool, you can pull content directly from Google. This information is the search engine that any business needs whenever optimizing their website. 

Other than this, this tool gives you access to the competition, average monthly searches, and even the suggested bid for the case where you use AdWords.  

2. AdWords and SEO Keyword Permutation Generator

The common challenge faced whenever launching a new website is the uncovering of the new keywords in the keyword research. For this case, you need the AdWord And SEO Keyword Permutation Generator keyword research tool since it makes you creative while searching for the keywords that match with your objectives, website, and marketing strategy.  

However, this keyword features one downside whereby the keyword results generated may not make sense. As a result, there are high chances to spend much of your time searching for the best keywords as per your niche. 

3. Google Correlate

It always sounds good when one gets advice directly from a source. For this case, Google is the source that gives this advice. 

Yes, it’s an overlooked keyword research tool, but Google Correlate is at a higher position of generating a considerable keyword list. It’s the most preferred tool for those who want to see the keywords that get searched together. With this data, it can be easier to expand your keyword list, especially when considering the case of long tails. 

4. IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator

Some free keyword research tools work best for specific websites. However, there are others which have a significant impact on every site.  

For the IMforSMB Bulk Keyword Generator, it has a significant impact on the local service companies. With this tool, it becomes easy to find local keywords. 

5. Keyword In

Keyword In is the best free keyword research tool for those who want to combine their keywords the easy way.  

The starting point of this tool is the long tail keyword or keywords. After this, this keyword research tool mashes everything into a universal ‘basket,’ hence providing the user with a detailed list comprising the potential keywords. 

It’s the most preferred tool since the user only takes a few seconds to plug in the keywords, choose the best options, and then generate the results. 

6. Soovle

Soovle is another free keyword research tool that gives autocomplete suggestions from a wide range of sources, and not only from Google, hence help in boosting the user’s search volume. 

Yes, you can use it to generate auto-complete suggestions from Google, but it also supports a wide range of other sources such as Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Bing, and YouTube.  

Here, the first step entails choosing the most preferred source. However, you should note that this tool features Google as the default source. But you can change this to any source you want by clicking any of the icons displayed in the search box. 

7. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is the best option for those who want to get all the keywords and data they need to make reliable decisions. However, you should note that there are high chances not to get every data you expect the tool to generate. 

This tool is also the right choice if you want to get keywords that are not easy to generate by the Google Keyword Planner. It’s the most preferred option since it gives a wide range of keywords that are big enough to keep the user busy for some time. 


Hope now you know the best free keyword for SEO? Hesitate no more! Put these keywords into use and get the right way to perform your analysis. 

With these keyword research tools and the help of Joel House Marketing Company, you can get the help you need in monitoring and improving your search engine rankings. SEO is the best option to go for if you want to design and develop the most performing website. SEO is also the right way to go for if what you want is to make your site look better for more traffic.

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