Instagram likes is the basis of how good a post is. This might not be the case for others but most teenagers think this way. In this digital world where popularity is determined with the number of likes and followers, Instagram matters more than anything else. Learn the meaning of Instagram likes for the teens today and see if it’s the same as yours.

Few Likes? Delete It!

If you are a teenager, you definitely know how shameful it is to post your photo and got only three likes. The number of likes you receive in a particular post can equal how agreeable, relevant, or aesthetic its content is. Since Instagram strongly holds onto exceptional aesthetics, teenagers strive to create the highest quality photo or video possible. In fact, ensuring their captions go smoothly with their post is another factor they consider.

Once they finally published a post, young Instagram users frequently check on their notifications for possible likes or follow. In fact, a study shows that most teenagers spend about nine hours every day checking their social media accounts which includes Instagram, Facebook, and many more. This means they spend so much time thinking about earning likes and followers while interacting with other users. So, can you imagine how sad it is if they found out that their posts only receive three likes?

As an example, an Instagram user once said her friends even suggest that it would be best if she deleted the photo she posted which only earned three likes. Her friend also says it’s very embarrassing.

Teenagers exert so much effort to establish attractive posts in order to build up an interesting Instagram profile for themselves. So when such situations happen, their self-esteem drops significantly. Today, social media services like Famoid helps to build up not only your Instagram profile but also your self-esteem. They offer cheap and real Instagram likes that lasts and will never vanish.

Having More Followers Means Tons of Likes

People, especially teenagers believe that a person with more followers must also have tons of likes. If this expectation fails, they will think that you are having a hard time pleasing your followers.

A typical teenager loves it the most if a person who never drops them Instagram likes suddenly did. The overwhelming feeling of finally having that person’s approval is what makes them feel that way. Teenagers are indeed living in a whole new world in this digital age. More so, it is important to discover how they view things and what it means to them.

For teenagers, Instagram likes are like a reward. It may also be their way of measuring popularity and relevance. If a post makes sense, people will definitely like it. This is the reasons why most teenagers think about deleting a post having less to no likes.

In line with this, Instagram is a platform where acceptance matters. This is the reason why more and more teenagers are joining in Instagram’s world seeking to be accepted through posts.

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