It’s the 21st century, and the nature of content marketing has changed manifold. We all know that an image can speak in many ways. When you add a good quality image to a social media post, it increases its popularity manifold.  It is one of the tried and tested tactics of content marketing. And here it is important to mention about video marketing that helps to promote and market your videos. Videos have increased reach and can promote your content in unique ways. It is one of the best marketing methods today that most corporate brands are opting in. Some of the important facts that establish the importance of video marketing include the following:

  • Videos can claim over 80% of web traffic.
  • By embedding videos in your landing page, you can maximize the conversion rate by almost 80%.
  • When you add impressive videos to your email marketing campaigns, the click-through rates can increase between 200% and 300%.
  • More than 90% of the customers find videos helpful when they have to make a buying decision.

It is important to get professional help when you want to make high-quality marketing videos. To know more on this, you can get in touch with Austin SEO agency. Not sure if you want to say yes to video marketing? Refer to the benefits discussed below:

1. Video content helps in maximum brand recall

Based on a HubSpot research about 80% of the consumers will remember a video that they have liked. In fact, if they have watched any influential video in the past 15 days, chances are they will remember it. Video marketing has a visual impact which helps to promote a marketing message better, as you learn if you know more about connectivity for marketers. When an online user remembers video content, he/she also learns about your brand. It automatically translates to lead generation and sales better as well. Also, if an online user has liked a video, chances are he/she will share it as well. And this helps to maximize the online reach.

2. Video marketing can enhance your website SEO

Almost 65% of the business decision-makers choose to visit a website, once they have seen video footage by the brand. Hence, quality content when used through video marketing can significantly enhance your website SEO, by making people curious about your site. It directs people to visit your homepage and learn more about your brand.

3. Video content can perform well on most devices

Responsive design is what impacts online marketing. If your content fails to perform optimally in a chosen browser system or device, it affects the business. There’s less online traffic, and the conversions are also minimal. Video content is apt for all mobile and computing devices. Hence, the reach of the video is much more. And that’s what makes it consumer-driven and user-friendly. If you have added video as a part of your online marketing strategy, you have the best chance to improve your brand message. That aside, you can add a persona to your brand as well! By implementing simple features such as branding and design, to advanced aspects like content and voice, video marketing can boost brand identity. Once you refer to the pointers mentioned above, you can decide better whether you want to resort to video marketing.

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