To keep with the changing scenario of modern business marketing, enterprise technology, and software companies especially need to follow a different approach in their marketing endeavor. The prime objective should be to leverage tactics that will ensure that they have real results.

In this modern business world, there is an increased competition especially in the technology companies to gain more attention to the different digital channels that are available. The technology companies in the Business to Business sector especially are often found to be struggling to reach out to the right decision-makers to get an idea to increase their sales funnel on the right channels.

However, this inability of them to connect with the decision-makers regarding an important issue or challenge and to find the most dynamic a solution to meet their business goals create a dramatic, if not a drastic impact on the success of most enterprise technology organizations.

The solution to the issue

Now the question is what should you do in such a situation? According to expert marketers and digital marketing agencies like and others, if you want to maximize your investment in your marketing initiatives you must look for:

  • Workable strategies and tools that have the potential to engage these decision-makers and 
  • Making they understand the specific challenges that you are facing currently.

Since they are the thought leaders of the industry they will come up with useful and most dynamic and unique solutions that will help you to gain substantial ROI.

In addition to that, the best things that you can do as a technology, the company is to transform how you market yourself. This will help you to emphasize digital marketing because no matter how counterintuitive it may seem to you, face-to-face interactions are the most important thing to consider. Using the digital channels solely you will be able to separate contenders from pretenders.

Attending live events

Attending and integrating live events will let you have a different focus on your marketing approach, depending on where your organization and solution stands in the marketplace. This will help you to meet your core marketing needs at any point in time and given circumstances. Apart from that, there are several other good reasons to integrate live events with your digital marketing strategy. 

  • Better branding and awareness: For any startup tech company, the main challenge during the early stage is to get noticed in the marketplace. If you take help of the live events you will get a better opportunity to showcase your skill and a couple of good factors about your solution. Live events will also help you to the history of your company as well as yourself. All these will ensure a better branding and creating a larger awareness about your tech company among the audience, targeted and beyond. The prime objective is to get the word out in the marketplace so that when prospects evaluate your solutions eventually they find you ready for service.
  • More lead generation: If your business is in a much more mature stage, you will need to generate more ‘face to face’ sales leads. Planning here is a crucial aspect and therefore you must make sure that you communicate well with all your important prospects well in advance so that you can drive more attendance to your booth in the event. To collect more contacts, you can have systems installed in place. This will ensure that you have more qualifying leads. You will be better off if you also set up follow-up sales engagements either during the event or after it.
  • Stronger customer engagement: To meet and greet your existing customers, there is no better way than live events. This will help you to engage with them in a more fun way in a low-pressure format. Since they are your customers already, it will be easier for you to know them in a more personal and granular level. You can discuss their success more casually regarding your solutions. This will, in turn, help you to know whether or not there are any potential up-sell openings.
  • Impart education: You can organize educational workshops and content in the live event to draw more current customers and new prospects towards you. This will also help you to drive decision-makers to your company on the technical side. This will also help you to gain contact info upfront before you set up any training session. You will also be able to follow up with them just to find out what they got out of the event and the consequent sessions. Finally, you will be able to determine whether they are any good as a potential sales qualified lead.

To organize and attend live events more frequently you must make sure that you stay engaged and active on social media not only before the event but also after it as well. In addition to that you must also:

  • Encourage your employees especially in the sales team
  • Spread the word on social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others
  • Find ways to maximize the probabilities of active prospects attending or meeting and 
  • Moving ahead along your sales funnel and cycle.

To move ahead with your sales cycle, you will have to choose the best and most effective channels both online and offline to market your events. A few of these channels are:

  • Website and blogs
  • Email and social media
  • Social communities
  • Mobile web and apps
  • SMS text
  • Paid search and outdoor ads
  • Online display advertising and direct mail
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Print and other media
  • Telemarketing and others. 

All these will help you to get quick exposure and increase the volume of your prospects. All you have to do now is create a useful and smart strategy to nurture these prospects and convert them to your sales leads. 

Technology will help you a great deal in all these with marketing automation and set up a proper sequence to follow.

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