Promotional products are integral parts of tradeshows and product campaigns. They should never be an afterthought. Sometimes, brands spend months trying to find their one “magical” promotional product that can turn their business around. Whether you aim to sell your products or to introduce a new service; you can leverage promotional items to reach that goal.

Why should your promotional product be common but useful?

The first mistake most brands make is choosing something rather uncommon or unique as their promotional product. Your promotional product should increase the engagement between your consumer and the brand. If it is unique and the target consumer only uses it sparingly, you should think twice before buying and customizing the item in bulk. The product you choose for promotional purposes should be useful and durable. Something as familiar as a pen with customized branding can deliver higher recall than something unique like branded beach towels or snow shovels that people use only in particular season and limited areas.

While surveying items for promotional needs, do not forget to look at everyday things that people buy and keep in their homes, cars or offices. Visit for a fresh look at the things you can customize for your promotional campaigns.

The seven every day but useful branded giveaways

Here are seven grand ideas for promotional products your brand should leverage in the upcoming trade shows –

1. Throw pillows

Who does not have throw-pillows and cushions at home or office? People love using throw pillows, and no one can have enough of them. There is no reason you cannot use them as giveaways. Create a nice design, keep the logo small and tasteful, incorporate your brand colors and make sure they are plush! Customized throw-pillows are the new “pen” of the promotional product world. Since they don’t have a seasonal factor, people tend to use them in their living rooms or office all year round.

2. Kitchen sponges

Move over coasters; it is the time of the kitchen sponge. With a drastic increase in microwave resistant cookware, people are buying and dumping sponges every week! There is a sudden surge in demand for good quality, reusable kitchen sponges. While a good sponge is not necessarily great looking, you can design one with your brand logo and colors that works great and looks stunning. They are the perfect low-budget giveaways when your target audience is a homemaker or a person, who takes special care in keeping their house clean.

3. Picture frames

We have all been in love with photo frames since time immemorial. Your customer can choose to display family photos, pet photos or graduation photos in a frame with your brand colors. Customization of a frame can help your brand engage with the customer and his or her family every time they look at their photo. Be careful to keep your logo small and tasteful.

4. Storage containers

Storage containers from recycled wood pulp and fiber are our favorites. No homeowner has ever said he or she has enough storage bins in the house. There are always new books, new clothes or new toys that require discrete storage. Design containers from recycled material to uphold your brand’s environmentally friendly image. Don’t forget to include your logo and message on the unique but useful gifts!

5. Socks

Unisex, ankle-length socks are perfect for almost everyone. Whether you are targeting kids or their parents, designing socks in attractive colors and patterns can become your brand’s best chance to lure in more customers. Socks are so easy to customize and design! They are always within the budget. You can think about creating only ankle-length socks or customize a variety of lengths for your target customers. More brands should think about using them as promotional giveaways in events and tradeshows.

6. Water bottles

If your consumer loves the outdoors, you should think about designing eco-friendly and BPA-free water bottles that can keep their drinking water cool for hours. Get a custom labeled, see-through bottle with a water drinking guide. It should not only help your consumers stay hydrated, but it should refresh your brand’s memory each time he or she takes a sip.

7. Scented candles

Scented candles are the black lights and fairy lights of 2019. Do you sell coffee? You can think about giving away coffee-scented candles with your logo on the lid. Give away candles according to seasonally trending smells. The next time your target consumer comes across the same fragrance in a mall, he or she will think about your brand only! It is an entirely scientific method that helps link memory to a scent. Studies show that this method is effective more than 90% of the times.

Brands should consider their demographics before they select the products they want to customize for promotions. These seven items are only suggestions. There are hundreds of budget-friendly, durable and high-quality items out there that you can use to establish high brand recall. Research shows that conducting consumer surveys on promotional products they have used often yields a guideline for new brands.

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