What happens after your drop your prized iPhone? Panic! Pure panic sets in because we know how fragile those touchscreens can be. When you manage to shatter or crack your display screen, you should immediately start thinking about repair options. Sometimes, you even need to consider using it with minor cracks after a soft fall.

No matter what you decide to do, this guide can be of help.

Keep your fingers safe

If you have a broken iPhone screen, first check if sharp shards are sticking out. You don’t want to break your iPhone and land up in the emergency room on the same day! Secure the pieces with clear wrapping plastic so that the repair person has access to it.

Inspect the damage

How damaged is the screen? Is it one clean crack? Can you still use it? Does the screen look like a cobweb? Is it wholly shattered with pieces falling off? Assessing the degree of damage can help you make the next decision.

In the event of minor damage, Apple might make an exception. You might be able to get authorized service from Apple stores in Orlando for minor repairs.

However, since Apple does not cover any physical damage to its products, you might have to seek out local repair services. Local repair shops in Orlando are often cheaper than Apple repair services.

Call a service center – repair options

1. Come to your repair services

The modern service centers for Apple products provide door-to-door repair service to their customers. They understand how important a phone might be and how impossible it is for some to get away from their jobs or homes for even an hour. These enterprises send highly skilled and specially trained technicians to their client’s doorstep to cater to their need. Check out Love My Phone Orlando iPhone screen repair for “come to you” repair options near your location.

2. Mail-in repair services

In case you don’t have access to a “come to you” repair option, you can check with mail-in repair services near you. You don’t need to go and wait listlessly at service centers for fixing your broken screen. You can mail your broken phone to a registered and authentic address in Orlando. Before you send your precious phone, always ensure that the company has excellent reviews. The only downside to mail-in repairs is their return time. You may have to wait for more than a week for the repair or replacement of a screen.


Fixing an iPhone screen is not rocket science, but it is the option only accessible to tech-savvy iPhone owners. Repairing the touchscreen of any iPhone model is a delicate process that requires confidence and finesse. You might be able to master it after watching an endless number of YouTube videos, but it is still risky. There are uncountable numbers of small cables that are fragile and require delicate handling. Apple warranty services will not cover tearing these cables or damaging the iPhone while trying to fix the screen.

Keep using it

When your iPhone is still working, and the screen does not have multiple scratches, you should be able to use it for a couple more days till the replacement becomes imminent or it is time to buy a new phone. Unless you are planning to resell it, trading it or giving it to someone, you can keep using your iPhone with minimal cracks and scratches.

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