Apple has remained the No. 1 choice for graphic designers and digital artists due to its fantastic product range and iMac is one of them.  

But what if you want to switch from Apple product and buy a non-Apple PC? What particular features you’d want to have or how you’d rate a PC in comparison to iMac?  

Don’t worry! If you don’t know what exactly to seek into the iMac alternatives, this post is a perfect place to be. Below, you can find all the essential features that make your iMac alternative selection a worthy choice. Come, let us explain how you can pick the best iMac alternative! 


In order to pick the best iMac alternative, you must seek out the price, first.  

Since an iMac costs you around $1.5K or more, your selection criterion should be lesser than that. But before you select an AIO, be sure to check if it matches the kind of features that an iMac offers. 

Because there’s no gain in buying a PC that doesn’t keep up with an iMac as this would ultimately impact on your creative work.  

Screen Size 

As a graphics designer, it is the screen size that matters the most when it comes to buying a PC. Since you’re comparing all the prospective options with iMac, be sure that you pick a PC that is close to its 27” screen size. 

It’s because as a graphic designer you wouldn’t want to attach a second monitor with your PC to view everything that you need during the work. 

Graphics Card 

When we talk about an iMac alternative from a graphic designer’s point of view, the option must have a stronger graphics card that offers an awesome picture quality near to Radeon Pro 5300.  

For example, Microsoft Surface Studio 2 uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or you must seek an AIO that uses Intel HD Graphics 520 or its later releases. Because doing so would help you have a sharper, quick picture load time.  

Storage Space 

There’s one particular reason of iMac’s popularity amongst the creative beings and that’s because of its storage space.  

It offers minimum 512GB storage space!  

Now, if you truly want a worthy iMac alternative, you have to pick a PC that matches this storage capacity.  


Every computer has a brain that ensures a user’s swift processing experience so does the iMac with its Intel Core i9. Now, if you’re seeking an iMac alternative for creative work, you must pick an AIO that has a strong processor, too. Be sure to check its cores and also ensure that its either by Intel or AMD.  


The iMac uses 8GB RAM which enables it to store and show temporary data in a fraction of a second. Since your work mostly involves heavy editing programs and you’ll be accessing various webpages, it is important that you pick a PC that comes closer to iMac’s 8GB RAM.  


In order to pick the best iMac alternative, you must seek what kind of connectivity options are there. Since you’re performing creative work, mostly, on your PC so pick a PC that comes with more USB ports, WIFI connectivity and Bluetooth options, too.  

Because these are a few of the connectivity options that would constitute your smooth usage when you connect your wireless keyboard, mouse or integrate a touchpad for more control especially when doodling.  


Last, but not the least, you must pick an AIO (iMac alternative to be specific) that weighs comparatively lesser. It’d help you in many ways especially when you rearrange your work station, you won’t need to rely on another person’s help.

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