If your web app doesn’t look modern, it isn’t trendy. That is why staying on top of the latest app design trends, especially what’s in store for 2021, is critical. Mobile UI and layout design are essential for the app designing process, and here you can check the practical tips for an attractive and best mobile app design. For starters, try taking some app design inspirations from the trendy applications for better results.

Modern app design trends

Before looking into how to design an app, it is essential to look at these modern mobile app design trends now.

1. Neumorphism

In recent years, icons and button design ideas have gotten increasingly simple. Designers hope to make them more engaging in 2021. What are their plans to do this? The solution is known as “neumorphism,” which stands for “new skeumorphism,” and is a practical tip to design an attractive application layout.

This popular new app design trend takes the early 2010s aesthetic and updates it for the twenty-first century, keeping the same principle of using real-life pictures but with new and improved 3D-like visuals. Neumorphism generally gives flat icons and buttons a lush dimensional makeover. It preserves much of the childlike simplicity of flat design but with an eye-popping reality that makes it leap off the screen. So if you want to adopt this trend, contact the best Mobile App Development Company for an attractive layout. 

2. Swiping experiences that are fun to use

A significant advantage of mobile over desktop has always been swiping. Although clicking is quick and straightforward, swiping is simply more enjoyable! Swiping becomes more intriguing, engaging, and memorable in 2021, thanks to modern app design trends that encourage playing to that advantage.

There are numerous ways to improve your swipe experience; the only limit is your imagination. This may be as simple as adding an animation to your swipes to give users a more satisfying “turning the page” experience, or it could be something more deeply ingrained in your app’s logic to speed user chores.

3. The use of shadows and layering achieves depth.

Try pushing everything else back if you can’t get a graphic to peek out of the screen. Techniques like shadows and layering are one approach to producing the dramatic depth impression currently prevalent in cool app layouts. It’s not about nuance in this app design trend. Designers are embracing dramatic, black shadows to their hearts’ content.

An easy way to add visual depth to photos, graphics, and other design components is to use dramatic shadows and contrast. Layering your items, with parts overlapping each other to form an internal hierarchy, is an equally powerful strategy. Furthermore, you may apply shadows to your layers to enhance the effect, giving your app a whole new level.

4. Inspiration from the past

The norm used to be that the more modern the app, the better. However, in 2021, app designers will go against the grain and reintroduce analog inspiration into their app design process. Paper and cardboard textures, collage-inspired layouts, somewhat yellowed backdrops instead of spotless whites, retro typography, and button designs are among the design features used in these apps.

Apps that look like newspapers and periodicals and old-school calculators and board games are becoming popular, giving high-tech apps a more approachable feel. The warmth and comfort that this app design trend evokes is what makes it so appealing. It’s all about creating apps that feel more natural, comfortable, and tactilely pleasant.

5. Geometric and abstract art

Even though many of the app design trends for 2021 favor realism and three-dimensional effects, certain firms will profit from more abstract and artistic approaches. As an alternative to photography, this style is widely employed for startups and apps. Bright colors and simple abstract forms attract attention, and it allows for easy viewing without detracting from the app’s functionality.

This app design style attempts to balance rich detail and simplicity while still incorporating a great deal of variation and artistry. More app designers will try with more complicated abstract imagery in 2021, which will be both incredibly basic and intriguingly delicate at the same time.

6. Unusual perspectives

The days of apps that only have right angles are long gone. In 2021, app designers are using unique perspectives in their designs to make things more intriguing. This app design trend is luring users’ eyes in new ways, whether it’s design elements put at an angle or backdrops that don’t follow the traditional right angle standards.

To stand out, designers are literally and figuratively breaking free from the limits of tradition. Unexpected angles bring intrigue to app designs and make them more lively. As a result, an app design style emerges that is exploratory, whimsical, and a little rebellious.

7. Immersion via virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality become more than just entertainment in lockdowns when leaving the house isn’t a possibility, as they provide a much-needed vacation. In 2021, the immersive app design trend is expected to continue, with a greater focus on the interactive, immersive experiences that can be had with just a mobile device.

Designers build app designs that make you feel like you’re within the app through subtle yet engaging design features, useful supporting information in the correct places, and gamification of the entire experience. Using these apps is designed to feel like playing an immersive game that pulls you in. Consider new and innovative ways to use it and strive to improve the visual experience and the utility for the user.


Follow these latest designing trends for an attractive application layout. Utilize the best-suited ones according to your applications’ needs and get the best and most engaging experience for your app users.

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