To say you work hard for your money is an understatement. So, why do you just toss it away? By reducing frivolous spending, extended credit, and taking preventative measures you can keep more of your money. 

The Art of Shopping

There are those who spend money and then there are those who know how to spend money. The latter group of people has an art when it comes to shopping. They use only reliable sources that give them the best prices and the most for their money. Using online sites people can receive things like Amazon Rebate, wherein savvy shoppers get rewards for the purchases they spend. If you’re going to spend money, get something back for doing it. Retail superstores aren’t the only ones that offer perks to their customers who remain loyal. Gas companies, grocery stores, airlines, and many credit cards do the same. 

Abolish Bad Habits

Smoking and consuming alcohol aren’t just bad for you, they are expensive habits. A pack of cigarettes can range from $6.00 up to $15.00 depending on where you live. With the average smoker going through at least one pack a day, you’re talking about over $2,000.00 dollars a year. Just think of what you can buy with that amount of money. Make an effort to quit today.

Dining Out

Dining out with family and friends a few times a month is fine. You share a few laughs and enjoy a good meal. However, dining out multiple times a week will cause your bank account to take a downward spiral with not much to show for it. Instead, if you want to enjoy time with extended family and good friends, take turns hosting at your home. The atmosphere is better and you can relax like you’re at home, because, well, you are. 

Second-Hand Items

There’s too much focus on buying brand new. While it’s nice to be the first person to use it, in the end, the cost takes away from the excitement. Taking on monthly payments for many years after the purchase isn’t fun. In fact, it ends up costing you more due to the added interest fees. Instead, search out estate and yard sales. You’d be surprised at the things people are willing to part with for just a few dollars. A dresser in a furniture store can cost several hundred dollars. At a yard sale, you can pick one up sometimes for $20.00 or $30.00. If it needs a refinish or a coat of paint, your investment can be up to four times less than buying new. 

Waiting for the Off-Season

As each season comes to an end, retailers discount their remaining merchandise to sell as much as they can to make room for new merchandise. This is where you can seize the moment and buy quality goods for a fraction of the original price. Clothing, outdoor furniture, and holiday decorations are just a few of the items you can find. 

Shopping for a Vehicle

It’s time to invest in a new vehicle. After making many repairs in a single month, you decide to start shopping around. If you put your sights on a used vehicle recently off a two-year lease or a new car still on the lot when the new year models arrive, you can save thousands. Not only will your monthly payments be affordable, but if you live in a state that charges excise tax, that will be less as well. If you’re worried about a warranty, most dealers extend the warranty on these types of vehicles. 
You work hard each day to make your money. With a focus on getting more for each dollar you spend, you’ll learn to spend it wisely.

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