Ecommerce websites continue to flood the Internet, making it a greater challenge to remain relevant in a busy marketplace. Getting heard above the din requires creativity and an interactive site that attracts targeted traffic. Learn more about how Shopify Plus sites are scalable to support online merchant growth.

Be in Good Company

Choosing the right platform is a challenge for online merchants. It makes sense to find out the platform other industry leaders prefer. Selecting Shopify Plus means being in good company. Corporations that use the platform include Unilever and Kylie, a brand known for attracting heavy traffic. From special releases to epic sales, a robust platform can handle the traffic coming to a merchant site.

Provide an Outstanding User Experience

As the competition gets fiercer, it makes sense to provide an outstanding user experience. Shopify Plus is an award-winning eCommerce platform designed to accommodate high volume merchants. The cloud-based platform offers a seamless experience to encourage visitors to trust the site and make purchases rather than surfing away in frustration. Each year, the platform processes billions of dollars in transactions, making it a viable solution for large corporations.

Multichannel Capabilities

Making money means being able to sell a variety of products on all the leading marketplaces and social networks. Multichannel capabilities improve sales by putting businesses in the right place at the right time. Plus, it helps broaden brand awareness to ensure customers recognize the company and its offerings. Improved customer engagement encourages visitors to take action and come back for more.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth means the site can continue to grow without worrying about slow loading times or a less than satisfactory user experience. Shopify Plus sites have 99.97 percent uptime to give users a fast and pleasant experience at merchant sites. With an SaaS model, smaller companies can also afford to invest in Shopify Plus because it helps reduces IT costs over time.

Accept Payments

As an online merchant grows, it becomes increasingly important to provide different payment methods to customers. Having the option to pay a specific way improves conversion rates and customer retention. With Shopify Plus, merchants can offer access to dozens of payment gateways such as PayPal and Bitcoin. Customers who can always find a method to pay for what they want at the site will return to shop in the future.

A Secure Online Environment

An online merchant must provide a secure online environment where customers feel comfortable sharing private information. Updated security measures ensure the site can safely capture and process payment data and other pertinent info to process orders and stay connected with customers. Providing the highest level of security builds trust in the brand and helps transform visitors into paying customers. Plus, fraud prevention adds another layer of security for online merchants.

Customizable Site

Be able to customize a site makes an online merchant look different from industry competitors. Developing a recognizable brand with a site to match improves brand recognition and encourages customer engagement. And, website owners can revamp their merchant sites to reflect current trends and offerings to ensure the site never looks outdated. Fresh content attracts search engines and targeted traffic to help online merchants grow their businesses to the next level of success. Shopify Plus designers and developers help companies find the ideal format for their online stores.

Online merchant growth requires patience, effort, and attention to detail. Choosing the Shopify Plus platform is the foundation for success. As the enterprise expands, the site will be able to accommodate the increased number of visitors and activities. And well-established companies discover a platform that does what they need better, faster, and with greater scalability than other platforms.

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