Whether you’re planning a Halloween party for your friends or you’re a parent looking forward to taking their kid trick-or-treating, you’ll want to check out this list. From practical apps to stylish accessories, these tips will make sure your Halloween’s a scream this year.

Find inspiration

If you’re finding it hard to come up with a unique costume idea or the perfect cocktail for your soiree, consider downloading the POPSUGAR Halloween app. It’s a convenient one-stop-shop for all things Halloween. You can use it to find DIY costume ideas and makeup tutorials to make sure your children’s outfits put the other kids’ attempts to shame. Of course, there’s no age limit to Halloween, so you’ll find a helpful section for adult’s singles and couples costumes ideas. It’s also a great resource for those planning on hosting a Halloween party for any age, with spooky cocktail suggestions, recipes, and decoration how-tos just a tap away.

Dress it up

As the official day of dressing up, it only makes sense your handset does the same. The Pixel skin is like a costume for your phone but without the dollar store makeup or Party City accessories. They’re a year-round accessory that fits around your Pixel with the utmost precision when you shop from a skin designer like dbrand. You can choose from a catalogue of true colours and organic textures to find a design that matches your Halloween look, or you can create a purple and orange carbon fibre Pixel skin that goes with everything.

The high-quality skins from dbrand are more than just spooky accessories for your Halloween. They’re made with authentic 3M vinyl to deliver the highest grade materials that protect your handset from scratches, grime, and sticky leftovers from a Halloween haul. It also adds traction to an otherwise slippery device, reducing the chances of someone dropping your Pixel to the floor, where it could break. There’s a 45 percent increase in claims filed for damaged phones on Halloween, so it’s one of the most dangerous days for your handset. Adding one in time for the 31st could save you a lot of grief on the big day.

Take the best photos

What’s the point of dressing up if people aren’t going to see your amazing costume? If you plan on taking as many selfies as possible, download the free Ghost Lens app. This simple editing tool helps you take the creepiest photos and videos possible. It helps you create a delightfully eerie photography by overlaying backgrounds and filters to your shot. You can add special effects, like the app’s clone ghost photo video editor, to make it seem like you’ve captured a ghost or two.

Use a tracker to find your lost phone

It’s not unusual to hear a ghost story or two in the lead-up to Halloween, but the scariest story you’ll hear this October is about how easy it is to lose your phone. You’ll be following your kids all over the neighbourhood. It’s easy to lose track of your phone when you’re constantly pulling it out to take pictures of your little gremlins. If you’re the one dressing up, it’s rare to find a costume with enough pockets. Unless the costume hinges on a pair of khakis, you’re probably going to have to carry your Pixel in your hand. You could set it down and forget it somewhere.

To prevent this horror story from becoming a true-life anecdote of your Halloween, it’s important you care for your Pixel carefully wherever the holiday takes you. When trick-or-treating, keep your pixel in a secure pocket of your jacket or bag to make sure it doesn’t accidentally fall out along the way. As a back-up, sync a Tile tracking device to your Pixel before you head out for the evening. While most commonly used to find things like keys and wallets, the Tile device can help find a lost phone.

Hopefully, you won’t have to use the Tile, but it’s better to be prepared than the opposite. Add a tile tracker to your Halloween checklist, as well as the other apps and accessories listed here today. They can help all the ghosts and ghouls celebrating the holiday have their best Halloween yet.

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