Do they really need a gas plumber or any ordinary plumber will do? This is a question that often confuses homeowners and they often end up making the wrong choice. As a matter of fact, some plumbing services do offer gas fitting services but homeowners are required to understand that plumbing natural gas lines are an area that requires specialized knowledge.  

Plumbing services normally deal with water and sewer lines and gas plumbing is only a specialized area in the field that requires special knowledge and training on the part of the professionals.  

What is plumbing work? 

Defined by Australian standard regulation plumbing services can undertake operations or work-related with installation, repairing, replacement, maintenance, and removal of pipe systems and fixtures that carry clean water inside a house and liquid waste out of it. In Australia, every plumber is required to undergo a four years apprenticeship at the completion of which he can apply for a professional license for offering Plumbing Sydney services.  

Basic gas fitting is included in this course and plumbers are required to procure an interim gas license to qualify for undertaking gas works. But they can still operate only under the supervision of a gas fitter who is fully qualified.  

What is gas plumbing? 

Australian standard regulations define gas plumbing as operations or work-related with installation, repairing, maintenance, or replacement of gas installations and for undertaking such projects plumbers are required to procure a full license from the department of mines and energy. For getting this license and operating as gas services Sydney professional plumbers are required to complete certificate IV in plumbing.  

For obtaining a full gas license, plumbers are also required to work on an interim license for a minimum period of 12 months after successfully completing level IV certification.  

Important differences between a plumber and a gas plumber 

Some of the notable differences between plumbers and gas plumbers that homeowners are required to take into consideration are –  

  • They are different occupations with different training and qualification requirements  
  • It is the building construction commissions those issue plumbing license 
  • Gas licenses are issued by the department of mines and energy  

When to call a gas plumber? 

There are a number of situations for which homeowners should seek services from licensed and fully qualified gas plumbers for ordinary plumbers are not qualified to handle those projects. Some of those situations are –  

  • Issues with furnaces or HVAC systems  
  • Water heaters and dryers 
  • Stoves, outdoor grills, or fireplaces those run-on natural gas  
  • For repairing gas pipeline leaks etc. 

Advantages of hiring a qualified gas plumber 

Pipes are used to transporting gas

Some of the major advantages of hiring qualified gas plumbers when there is a situation are –  

  • They can safely handle all-natural gas projects  
  • Ensuring all your gas-powered appliances are correctly installed and safely operating  
  • They are capable of doing work to the code that is required for passing building inspections  
  • Most professional gas plumbers in Sydney are known to offer excellent customer service and guarantee their work so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your appliances or family members. 

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