In the current digital dynamic where everyone and their pets wants to become a social media influencer, the main thing that sets successful influencers apart from the rest is high-quality content. Those who are active on Instagram know that a lot has changed since the early years when it was a lot easier to grow a following, even with low-quality images and sporadic posting. Nowadays, high-quality content and consistency are essential if anyone is trying to grow their brand on the platform.

ICU Designs has created a new cell phone case with a built-in, high-quality, scratch-resistant mirror and an adjustable two-tone light diffuser that can be used in any lighting situation. With the two-tone diffuser, you can set the lighting to your comfort level using the built-in light from your cell phone. The translucent and opaque diffuser mechanism is ideal for both day and night needs. The diffuser mechanism prevents the light from being intrusive to others around you while you are using the light feature from your phone in low-light settings.

Made out of high-quality, robust, and durable thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate, the ICU cellphone case has all the features listed above, along with bumpers on all four corners to protect against any accidents and drops. The case is also compatible with 5G, 4G, all other standard networks, and all wireless charging devices.

Initially created out of the need for a mirror when going to job interviews and auditions, the phone case also provides the perfect lighting for people who want to take that flawless photo. With ICU Designs, you can waste less time snapping one shot after another, only to delete them all because you had something in your teeth, or your hair wasn’t lying just the way you like it. This cellphone case helps you see yourself clearly in any lighting situation so that you can be confident that you look your best when you snap that picture. Whether you’re in the night club, a dark restaurant, an Uber or the theatre, you can be sure that you look picture-ready. When you’re already happy with the way you look, you’ll have less editing to do on the photos you take.

Along with creating great lighting opportunities, the scratch-resistant mirror helps you apply makeup, check for food in your teeth, or check your general appearance, keeping you prepared for any situation that may arise throughout your day. In a highly competitive business world making an excellent first impression is key to landing a new job opportunity or a new project. ICU Designs hopes to provide its users with a product that is multi-functional and easy to use.

Several apps already offer a lighting system to help users take the perfect photo. ICU Designs complements these apps by offering something slightly different. With this mirror, users can check their appearance in any lighting situation prior to taking the perfect photo. The cellphone case will be launching on Indiegogo on June 28th. ICU Designs will be done with production of their cellphone case by late August for both the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12, after which they will ship it by air to Los Angeles. Once the product has been received, the company will ship out orders to their Indiegogo supporters. All orders for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 case will be fulfilled between late September and early October.

To fully understand the need for their cell phone case, ICU Designs also created prototypes to distribute to their community to see whether their product fits the needs and wants of their target consumer. The initial distribution process proved to be a success among different industries, from real estate to film and TV. Users have stated that since they are constantly on the go in addition to meeting clients and many influential people, the ICU Designs mirror and diffuser mechanism was a discreet way to make sure that they were looking their best in any situation, go on with their day with confidence, and make a great impression no matter what time of day.

The ICU Designs cellphone case is more than just an accessory to protect your phone. It is also an accessory to the user because it complements existing apps and lighting mechanisms to help you look your best whether you’re stepping into an interview or you want to take the perfect photo.

With decades of experience in the customer service and sales industry, husband and wife duo Antonio and Morgan Cullari has made their product easy for anyone of any age to use. After all, we are all a little vain. With their mirrored cellphone case, ICU Designs hopes to give people an easier way to make sure they look great and have the best lighting to take that perfect photo.

While apps and other photography tools will never be rendered obsolete, a cellphone case which helps you take the perfect photo in addition to protecting your phone can be useful for anyone. What’s more, you can now get this multi-functional phone case at an affordable price.

For more information about their cell phone case and their upcoming Indiegogo campaign, people can check out their website and social media channels for updates and additional information.  For more information about this cellphone case and the upcoming Indiegogo campaign, you can check out their website and social media channels below:

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