Amazon is not only a platform that helps you sell and buy products. But it has rather become a credible place that is adding value to the products. The products sold on Amazon are trusted by the customers for being high-value products. Setting a store on Amazon is not only a matter of increasing business but also is a matter of adding value to your business. It can enhance the credibility of your business and can help you establish a fine brand. Setting a store on amazon in 2021 is indeed a good beginning to the New Year.

There are plenty of ways to get information on how to set up your store- websites like is just one way to go on that matter. But before you start setting a store on this wonderful platform, let us introduce you to Amazon in real-time. The following content will cover the section below.

  • What is an Amazon store?
  • Amazon store features?
  • How to create your Amazon store?

What is an Amazon store?

It is a free premium space offered to vendors looking to sell their products in an organized manner. Vendors can use the space to showcase a curated collection of their products. It will not only help one sell but will also let one establish a good brand image. The product positions and promotions get to the next level once a vendor gets to Amazon for selling its products. Amazon stores enhance brand-centric shopping and let a seller enjoy some splendid benefits. Amazon stores can certainly enhance the shopping experience by;

  • Capitalizing on the flow of visitors coming from internal and external sources.
  • Automatic organic promotions of products can elevate sales for prestigious products.
  • A seller always has the luxury to promote the new products to the existing line of customers.
  • A meticulous mobile experience that never lets your customers go away from your offered deals.

Amazon stores offer multi-page platforms, and that simply means more space to showcase your offers. You can also add more content and rich media to make your brand stand out. A good amazon agency can teach you how to do it perfectly for your products.

Pro-tip: when driving traffic to your newly established storefronts, you have the luxury to divert shoppers to specific categories. Each page can be linked with a unique URL, and all you have to do to promote a specific category is linking that page to the campaigning URL. Amazon will offer you three useful themes to choose from.

  • Marquee
  • Highlight
  • Product grid

Amazon managers will be working on four windows, i.e., page manager, preview window, tile manager, and status bar.

Amazon store features

Amazon is always there to help sellers with richer and more engaging content. It is always rolling out the features that can help brands stand out. Advertisers can showcase products with high definition images and quality content. Some other splendid features are described below.

  1. Shop-able collection images

With shoppable images, you can always take your customers by surprise. You can direct a visitor by offering live links. The shop-able feature of Amazon stores can assist customers in having a wonderful shopping experience. Customers can view the features, basic information, rating, and price of the products by simply viewing the fine details offered in the images. The images inspire and grab the shoppers’ attention and then guide a customer through the purchase process.

Pro-tip: shop-able collection images are your chance to showcase great attention-grabbing images. You can drive sales by doing interesting photography.

  • Images with text

Product images can sell and can guide a customer about the product relatedness as well. A fine class descriptive text and sell better. It can also work with SEO content.

  • Bulk uploading

It is another wonderful feature of the amazon store as it allows you to upload products in bulk. Scheduled updates & links to stores

You can set schedules for updates and can add workable links to the store pages by using Amazon store settings.

How to create your Amazon store?

It is easy; just follow the steps below.

  1. Register your brand with Amazon

Amazon’s brand registry is always there to host your brand for growth and development. You are required to register your business or brand with Amazon before you can go on to set a store. You can get help from an amazon agency in this regard. Generally, to register, you will require to have:

  • A registered trademark that will appear on all of your products and packaging.
  • The ability to verify yourself as the sole owner or an authorized agent of that brand.
  • An Amazon account, you can create one for free if you do not have one already.
  • Create a store homepage and select the theme

It’s time to navigate to the Manage store from seller central or ad console to set up a store on Amazon in real-time. Here you will be shown a list of your brands that stands eligible for setting up a store. You can choose from four standard themes to pick one for your store homepage.

  • Build out store pages

As described earlier, Amazon offers more space, i.e., a multi-page store setting. Hence, you can set store pages once you are done with the basics. The catalog categories and bestselling products can be categorized on these pages.

  • Ad content tiles

Once you have set pages and have categorized your curated products, then it’s time to add some valuable content. Content tiles allow you to add useful descriptions, images, and videos to the pages. It helps visitors interact with your pages more seamlessly.

  • Upload your ASINs

You can add individual products on the pages and in the categories you have created in the earlier steps. You can also add ASINs and other older products. A good amazon agency can guide you in setting ASINs properly.

  • Submit your store for review and publish

Once you have done that all, then it’s time to submit your store for review and publishing at Amazon.

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