People who constantly misplace their belongings, such as keys, may have to invest in a reliable key finder. It’s a simple device that helps locate items using Bluetooth technology, which creates a sound so the person can quickly find it. This small device only needs a stable Bluetooth connection to a smartphone, so no keys will ever go missing again.

Basic functions

Every tracker, powered by Bluetooth, has a distinct signature exclusively presented to its owner once the connection has been established in their mobile app’s account. Through this unique connection, the tracker and application can recognize and prevent others from tracking their locations. However, owners can have the option to share their tracker and mobile app accounts with their friends to allow them to trace items.

Since it uses Bluetooth Low Energy, it will only require a minimal amount of power. The key finder can last more than six months while the smartphone can stay on till the end of the day. Hence, owners can access their keys all day should it go missing at some point.

Basic components

These trackers use tiny lithium-ion(Li-ion) batteries as their power source. They come in various forms; some are coin-shaped, while others have customized shapes to fit a particular Bluetooth tracker perfectly. Some models are rechargeable, which saves users from stocking up and replacing them. However, these rechargeable types don’t last that long like the ordinary ones. Users have to keep on charging them once they run out of power.


A key finder has a small chip embedded inside, and this is responsible for making it work. This tiny and powerful component triggers the ringer, provides the location data, and creates the Bluetooth connection–the whole operation. Even with its multiple capabilities, the chip doesn’t use too much power, allowing the battery to last long.

The antenna

The Bluetooth finder’s antenna is responsible for sending the data from the chip to the smartphone where it is registered to. It is through the radio-based link that the exchange of information happens. The antenna’s ability can secure a stable connection for both the mobile device and finder within the allowed distance at minimum power.

Types of key-tracking device

Apart from Bluetooth technology, there’s another type of key finder which utilizes radio signal. This model doesn’t need a mobile device or an internet connection to establish a link. Instead, a transmitter that produces radio signals helps in locating missing items. Either it lights up or makes a sound so it can easily be found.

Another type is the rare kind, which serves as a receiver and transmitter at the same time. The audible key finder makes a chirping noise, and when the other device hears the sound, it creates a similar chirping noise. This type is also not powered by either a radio frequency or Bluetooth.

There are several benefits of using a key finder. But one should always remember that it is only useful if both the smartphone and the tracker are within the allowed range. Alerts and notifications are not going to be reliable if one is way too far. Distance makes it harder for the connection to locate the keys. It is best used indoors, with a maximum of 80 meters of distance between the tracker and your smartphone.

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