A fleet of vehicles is at the heart of any company. If these vehicles feature the latest technology, they’ll stand out from the crowd. For 2020 and beyond, let us take a very close look at how having a state of the art fleet of company vehicles is in your best interest.


An all-electric fleet of vehicles is a great way to associate your brand with the future. Electric cars have taken off as environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional cars. Mileage on these vehicles increases every year, and you get more distance out of every charge than ever before. Some drivers are concerned about a lack of chargers, but this isn’t too concerning. Have a series of level 2 charger units installed in the company lot or garage. These chargers work incredibly quickly and at a minimal energy cost. Electric vehicles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so there’s no limit to the type of vehicle you can acquire.

Onboard navigation

Another impressive piece of tech is onboard navigation. With a reliable GPS, employees can get their jobs done without worrying about getting lost. While most people rely on their phones for directions, they aren’t ideal for dedicated navigation purposes. Not to mention, this is a dangerous practice when operating a moving vehicle. You’re much better off with an onboard navigation system. It’s easy to program these systems with common destinations for your drivers. They’ll know exactly where to go, and if they run into any trouble, they can easily report this to your headquarters.

GPS tracking

Tracking devices installed on company cars might sound Orwellian, but there are many reasons why such tech is essential for business fleet vehicles. For one, most insurance companies require them for vehicles used for business purposes. Secondly, they help with stolen vehicle recovery. Trackers can also provide data that helps companies optimize their routes and make recommendations to drivers in the future.

Company customization

Last but not least, company customization shows that you are invested and committed to transportation. Featuring your company logo on the side of a vehicle is a powerful move. You can even acquire custom license plates and banners that let other drivers know that it is a company vehicle. This display isn’t to assert your dominance on the road but rather to establish an industry standard at all times. When you have a fleet of hundreds of these identical vehicles, you know that the job is getting done every time.

Parking scheme

A fleet of vehicles needs to be backed by an efficient parking scheme. There’s nothing worse than a congested parking lot full of vehicles. It’s nearly impossible to take out a vehicle in the back, and there might not be enough space during off-peak hours. Look for tiered parking structures or even rotating platforms to make it easy to park and retrieve vehicles. You’ll save so much time when handling the fleet.

At the moment, having a state of the art fleet of company vehicles is a fantastic asset. You’ll be able to conduct transportation efficiently and in style. Look for the latest technology to propel you forward!

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