A site is created starting with it’s design and then working on the codes. The development is divided into three parts, FrontEnd Development, Backend Development, and Full Stack Development.

Here, Front End stands for the visible parts of a website or app while back end represents the hidden databases and infrastructure. Hence full stack development provided clients with a one-stop solution for creating websites and providing easier coordination and efficiency.

What is Full Stack Development?

Full-stack developers use languages like Ruby or PHP or Python, more than one usually if experienced and come with other skills like project management, visual design, web design, or user experience skills to complete the package and provide the best for any project. Appointing a full stack developer

  • Makes it easier as they can decide on whichever tool to use for development irrespective of the fact that it is front end or back end. 
  • Can always review the entire project unlike separate frontend and backend
  • Projects are more budget-friendly and cost-effective
  • Delivery of the project can be taken care of easily
  • Wapping up and troubleshooting ideas are more sophisticated

Why choose a Full-Stack Developer?

Looking at the industry and client demands, it is advised to contact a full stack development company rather than an advisor or two separate developers for back end and front end. Why so? take note of the points below:

  • Project will be handled with better expertise in the hands of someone who observes and control the project 100%
  • A full stack developer will be able to provide solutions to issues without depending on anyone else, and with lesser people to consult with, the solutions will be delivered faster
  • Someone who handles both the ends of the project will be having immense knowledge of the subject as opposed to someone with only knowledge of the infrastructure or the codes, thus being more versatile.
  • On interacting and explaining the designs and the idea in your mind, the full stack developers will be able to provide more practical solutions. 
  • Eliminating aspects that can affect the project will increase the chances of efficient project delivery by 50-70%.

Project progress based on full-stack development:

Hiring a full stack developer cuts out many steps and processes, including working personnel which would have been involved otherwise. The working of a full stack developer can be described in a few factors like:

1.    Front end development ( Using CSS, SPA, and JS)

2.    Back end development ( Using Python, NODE JS, PHP, GO)

3.    Databases ( Using MYSQL, SQLITE, Postgres, MongoDB)

4.    Developer Operations( Using CI, CD, AWS)

5.    Mobile app development (Using Hybrid Apps, IOS, Android)

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