Businesses have been relying a great deal on the power and versatility of social media platforms to engage the right audience. Among so many popular options available to marketers, Instagram is regarded as the way to go in 2019 since it has witnessed the best ever conversion ratio. As such, every web design business or freelance web designer is seriously thinking in terms of creating synergy between Instagram and website design to enjoy the fruits of both the worlds. 

Instagram has a phenomenal outreach and as a result, it is the destination to go-to for all aspiring web designers and marketers. The platform has an astonishing user base of over 1 billion active users and with some of the follower services available, it is not difficult reaching lots of them. However, you do need to careful with the companies offering such services; The Small Business Blog suggests Buzzoid is a dirty scam, for instance. The users are actively interacting on the platform as they end up uploading 40,000 pictures every day and they end up posting 1,000 comments every second. The activity level on this versatile and vibrant social media platform makes it more enticing for the web design fraternity to leverage the platform to their maximum advantage. Let us explore ways to achieve an effective design synergy between Instagram and your official website.

Strive for an Interactive Web Design

The most amazing characteristic of Instagram is its inherent quality of interacting with users naturally besides, generating engaging content. This interactive characteristic of Instagram would be taken to the next level by utilizing effective tools such as Gramista that is used as a substitution for the Instagram users when they are absent from the platform. This helps in keeping the regular activities going on as usual. 

Web visitors, who are coming from Instagram, are having certain expectations from your website too. They could be expecting similar browsing comfort and intuitive web design. Web designs must be made more interactive in order to deliver the same degree of comfort as on Instagram. Moreover, an interactive website could assure a better UX or user experience to the traffic that is redirected from Instagram. Better User Experience automatically implies better brand appeal. The interactive element and amazing user experience on Instagram help you to obtain massive followers for Instagram.

Logos: Keep up with the Trend

It is mandatory to stay abreast with the latest developments and trends in the field of web designing and social media in order to win a competitive edge. As such, a design makeover is a must. An overall website overhaul becomes all the more necessary when we focus on creating a website with elements of interactivity so that it could be on par with Instagram. 

As per, it is quite challenging to stay abreast with the latest social media logos. Moreover, even when you are able to identify the logos, it could take a reasonable amount of time to understand fully the brand guidelines. We know that Instagram has a sole focus on captivating and truly fascinating imagery and nothing really symbolizes this better than its logo. While creating content for your website, it could be really helpful to consider having a transparent logo of Instagram for using it in your designs.

Moreover, the design of the brand logo must be created with a lot of care as it would become the face of your company. Brand logos must be adjusted and refined for resonating with the brand aesthetics. 

Minimalism Is the Key to Success

Optimal use of all the design elements seems to be the cornerstone of minimalism. Website designs must have adequate free space. Avoid clutter and overcrowding with undesirable pictures and content. Websites with the clutter-free design would motivate visitors to spend quality time on your website without any unnecessary distractions. Websites with excessive design elements just for demonstrating the web designer’s proficiency could prove to be a flop idea as users would be irritated or frustrated with such distracting design elements.


Instagram has actually redefined web design. If you want your website to stay attractive to the visitors and potential customers, you must necessarily stay abreast with the latest social media particularly, Instagram trends and hire a web designer or business to help you with it.

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Pete Campbell is a social media manager and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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