Our busy routine has minimized the face to face interactions with our loved ones. Even working parents can’t talk and discuss the daily routines with their children because they have also school and other online activities. Such lack of conversation has increased the parent’s concerns over their safety because they can meet strangers or join a corrupt community, which can ruin their personality and mental health. That’s why they get help from android spy app to monitor their android devices. But many people can’t afford expensive spyware for android phones, but they also want to keep track of their loved ones. 

What’s the solution?

Well, you can get monitoring services from top mobile tracking apps, which lets the end-user to track every single movement. 

Continue to read if you want FREE Yet Reliable Solution for Location Tracking Services!

List Of 5 Easy Ways to Track Android Phone for Free:

Mobile Tracker Free

Google Maps


Real-Time GPS Tracker 

GPS Phone Tracker 

We’re going to share details of each tracking method. 

Mobile Tracker Free – Track Without Giving a Hint

Mobile Tracker Free is an android tracking app, which requires installation in the target device. This app gains complete access to the text messages, Facebook & WhatsApp monitoring without the rooting process. The end-user can easily track the location of the target phone remotely, plus it also gives access to the saved pictures and the received photos. 

Read Text-messages & IMs 

Live-Location Tracking

Outgoing and Incoming Phone calls access 

This tracking tool is free and provides secure services without giving the target device user any clue. 

Google Maps – No Need to Spend Money

The protection of loved ones makes the person do many things, but we can help you to get help only from a secure method. Google Maps has brought the ultimate solution that can give you a chance to find out the whereabouts of the user. You can use the Google account of the target phone to share the location with the desired number. Here, you need to add your number, which will let you get the live-location in seconds. It enables the user to select the duration of location-sharing time. Such a feature also helps when a user gets lost somewhere, but sharing your location with friends & family through Google Maps can let them find you. 

TheWiSpy – The Best Android Spy App

With 2 Days of the free trial, a user can experience its free services without paying a single penny. It sounds unusual to get such modern tracking services for free. The end-user should install this android compatible app in the target device and follow the location of the target phone without letting the target person know. Its additional features gain complete access to the end-user to get insights into what’s the user doing online, plus its location-based services are incredible, including geo-fencing, etc. The end-user can get the whereabouts notification 24/7 and ie also enables you to set the safe & unsafe location. 

2 Days of Free Trial – Android Compatible Spyware 

Real-Time GPS Tracker 

Sometimes, a person wants to share the location with friends & family before going to any new or unsafe place. Installing this android spyware on your phone allows you to share your location with your desired contacts. It either requires your approval for sharing your whereabouts with your desired contacts, or it will never let anyone monitor your movements. 

GPS Phone Tracker 

Are you finding a way to get location alerts of your kid? 

Well, you are in the right place because we have discovered a reliable way to track the location of kids with GPS Phone Tracker. 

This free android spy app enable you to set safe or unsafe zones using the Geofence feature. Its efficient services let the parents get real-time monitoring services under stealth mode. This tool sends alerts if a kid goes to any prohibited or restricted area. 

Final Thought

Everyone can’t pay a high cost to get tracking services. Many people do not press the buy button because of the high pricing. This is the reason we have shared 5 Ways to check the real-time location of your loved ones, which are also reliable and convenient. Android compatible apps cannot only be used for the protection of the kids, but you can use it to secure the business.  Management can check their employee’s locations by installing any spyware in their android work phones. But make sure that they know about the tracking app, or they can file a lawsuit against your company. All you need is to get their approval before tracking them.

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