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Beta Discover Follow

Google Shows How to Optimize for Beta Discover Follow

Google has a new feature called Beta Discover Follow. What is this feature all about? Are you aware of it? If you are into digital marketing, then you must have to know about this new feature. It is obvious that you need to optimize your website according to this Beta Discover Follow feature. Without knowing more about this feature you cannot leverage this feature. Don’t worry, you are not too late. You can benefit from this feature. Still, you can learn how to optimize for Beta Discover Follow. Here we are to help you with this.  

What Is Beta Discover Follow? 

Before you start knowing how to optimize for this feature, you need to know what this feature exactly is. Beta Discover Follow is a feature that enables webmasters and digital marketers to follow desired websites to discover every new content published.   

Google discover feed is used in this feature. Users can now easily track the latest content of any website. This feature can help search engine optimization expert and digital marketing company

Benefits of Beta Discover Follow 

There are many benefits of the Beta Discover Follow feature. This feature is new but still, it has the capability to impact the whole industry. The first benefit of this discover follow feature is that it can be used to follow the websites accurately. It can help you a lot in content strategies. You can develop content strategies that can help you a lot. By following the websites and their content, you will better know their content strategy. It will help you compete with all the other publishers in content marketing. On the other hand, there is a huge benefit for publishing websites. Websites will get more followers and more readability.  

How to Optimize for It? 

This feature is easy to use for your website. You just need to optimize your blog or website in a way to avail the benefits. But how to optimize for the Beta Discover Follow feature? Here is the complete information about how to optimize your website for Beta Discover Follow feature. However, Google doesn’t need anything from the publisher’s side. Publishers can directly avail of this feature. But there is something that is really important when Google talks about the RSS feed of websites. RSS feed must be maintained when you are going to avail the benefit of Discover Follow. Other than RSS, the Atom Feed can also help you in this. Because it will help Google get all the latest content systematically. 

Work On Feeds 

Google has some guidelines for feeds. You need to manage feeds in a way to get more benefit from this feature. You need to optimize feeds in a better way. Hub and leaf feeds are required for this feature. Websites must have to add their feeds into Hub and Leaf pages. The leaf page feed can also be helpful in categorizing feeds. All the content categories can be created. It helps in structuring your content for feed. 

Multiple Feeds 

Multiple feeds are also required for this. Google’s documentation for the new Beta Discover Follow feature clearly describes it. Multiple feeds must be mentioned on the homepage of a website.  


Google’s documentation about Beta Discover Follow is very clear to understand. This documentation tells that publishers can avail the benefits with more followers in the Google Discover feed. Users are given the opportunity to follow the websites in the Google Discover feed. Now is the right time to optimize the website according to the Beta Discover Follow feature.  

Amazon Web Service

A Review – The Various Aspect of AWS Database Migration Service

Amazon Web Service Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a cloud-based service that facilitates quick and seamless migration of databases to Amazon Web Service. Users can migrate on-premises databases to the cloud or from one cloud provider to another. 

Benefits of AWS DMS 

Why do organizations in today’s business environment want to migrate databases using AWS DMS ? Here are several reasons for it. 

  • When migrating with AWS DMS, the source database remains fully functional at all times. Hence, there is no need to shut down systems for migration, a facet that is very useful for large organizations that can find downtime for any period quite inconvenient.  
  • Data is replicated continually with high availability during migration. Several databases can be consolidated into a single petabyte-sized one through data streaming to Amazon S3 or Amazon Redshift.  
  • Data is migrated free for six months with AWS DMS when the target database is either Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, or Amazon Aurora.   
  • All infrastructure that is necessary for migration is automatically deployed, managed, and tracked by AWS DMS. The process is started immediately after AWS DMS is configured. 
  • Flexible data storage capabilities are offered by AWS DMS and users are charged only for the quantum of resources used for migration. In case of shortage, additional storage is provided quickly and the process resumed. 
  • Automatic failover and reversal are critical aspects of AWS DMS. If during migration the primary server fails or there is an outage, secondary servers in the region, on-premises, or even in remote locations are triggered and migration is not stopped. When the issue is resolved, the failover operates in the reverse direction and the primary server is activated after updating all changes that occurred in the break period. Hence, there is no loss of data or downtime. 
  • All infrastructure necessary for migration such as tracking the functioning of hardware and software, software patching, and error reporting is automatically done by AWS DMS.  
  • All popular DBMS engines of source databases and common target database engines are supported by AWS DMS. Hence migration with AWS DMS is possible between most source and target databases.  
  • Migration with AWS DMS is fully safe and secure. AWS Key Management Service encrypts all data at rest while the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypts data in flight between the source and the target databases during migration.  

These are some of the reasons why AWS DMS is preferred for the migration of databases.      

Types of AWS DMS database migration 

There are two types of database migrations possible with AWS DMS. 

  • Homogeneous database migration: This method is applicable when the source and the target database engines are the same and the data codes, data types, and schema structures are similar. Due to this compatibility, migration is a simple one-step process. Once the connection between the source and target databases is established, migration can be initiated immediately. 
  • Some of the possibilities of homogeneous migration are MySQL to Amazon RDS for MySQL, Oracle to Amazon RDS for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon RDS for SQL Server, and MySQL to Amazon Aurora. 
  • Heterogeneous database migration: This type of migration is activated when the engines of the source and the target databases are different as are the data types, data codes, and schema structures. Hence, migration is a two-step process. First, with the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (SCT), the data codes and the schema structures of the source database are converted to match that of the target database. Only then can the migration process be started.  

Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL, Oracle to Amazon Aurora, and Oracle to PostgreSQL are some of the migration types that fall in this category. 

While migration with AWS DMS is a fully automated process without the need for human intervention, there are certain limitations of it too. 

Limitations of AWS DMS 

Restrictions faced by users when migrating databases with AWS DMS.  

  • Some conversion issues are faced by users when migrating databases with AWS DMS. Code and schema conversion is not handled directly by AWS DMS but through a third-party tool like the AWS SCT as in heterogeneous migration.   
  • A good amount of coding is required to be done separately for Change Data Capture (CDC) that is, moving incremental data after full load migration is complete with AWS DMS. This is a time-taking and complex activity.  
  • There are certain replication issues too as only partial volumes of Data Definition Language (DDL) are replicated by AWS DMS. This is because indexes, users, and privileges not directly related to table data cannot be processed by this service. 
  • During AWS DMS migration, a slowing down of systems is often observed by the users. This happens because source database resources are used in migrating large volumes of data. Additionally, for any task that is created during migration, queries are put for Change Data Capture on the source database, thereby leading to a substantial lowering of its efficiency and data performance.  

Despite these limitations, AWS DMS is a preferred option for organizations for database migration.  

Migration options with AWS DMS 

There are three database migration options with . 

  • Full load data migration where all the data is moved in one go after the source and the target databases are shut down.  
  • Full load migration with CDC where apart from the migration, ongoing changes are also captured at pre-set intervals. 
  • CDC where only changes at the source are moved to the target database.  

Users can choose a method that best meets their operational needs. 

Management Tasks

The Five Management Tasks You Must Perform To Keep Your WordPress Sites Healthy.

If you’ve ever built or managed a website, you’re familiar with WordPress. To date, this content management system remains one of the best ways to operate a website. It is currently estimated that WordPress powers 38.8% of the world’s websites. 

Although WordPress can be very powerful, it still needs constant attention in order to keep a website optimized and healthy. It may sound simple, but few brands have website maintenance checklists to keep their website loading fast and secure.

Hopefully, you will find here 5 essential WordPress maintenance tips and tasks that you should do regularly to keep your website in tip-top shape and your visitors happy!

These tips are useful whether you have a single website, or manage multiple WordPress sites.

1. Back your Website Up

A backup is usually taken in case something goes wrong or if a restore point is necessary. Websites are no different. 

By performing periodic backups you ensure that if anything goes wrong with your WordPress website such as speed issues, malware attacks, virus attacks, etc. where your website can crash, you will have a restore point. When your website is restored from a backup, your website will be up and running in a shorter amount of time.

In contrast, failure to backup your website can have significant consequences for your business. Fixing the problem may involve creating a new website from scratch. Good luck with that!

Hosting providers may offer periodic backups for your website, but it is up to how good they are. Otherwise, there are several plugins available, the most famous being updraft plus.

How to Backup Your WordPress Site: UpdraftPlus

2. Monitor your WordPress site

You should not wait for a visitor to let you know that your website is down or have issues. You can’t always know by yourself if your website breaks either.

Hopefully, there are free and premium monitoring solutions available for WordPress.

They all use monitors to check out your website every 1 to 30 minutes and will instantly alert you if your website goes down.

My favorite uptime monitoring plugin is WP Umbrella, but there are plenty of other third-party services available on the Internet.

3. Regularly Update Themes, Plugins and WordPress Core

Once their site is up and running, most website owners stick to a set-and-forget attitude. Having this mindset will never lead to better results for your website. 

Regular updates to WordPress keep it at the forefront of technology. Unless you regularly update your site’s WordPress theme, core, and plugins, your website will become out-of-date and will perform poorly.

With WordPress updates, new features are added, bugs are fixed, and security holes are filled to streamline your site and make it more robust, responsive, and user-friendly.

Remember to take your time while updating themes, plugins, and WordPress core to prevent technical issues. Sometimes, plugins start to conflict with each other and cause your website to crash. Usually, all bugs are fixed within 48 hours, so it’s best to wait 24-48h before updating something after a release. 

4. Post regularly to Your Site 

During the early phases of your site’s development, you are likely to have lots of adrenaline and write a lot of content. 

Your interest will fade over time as you become distracted by other things, you’ll lose your enthusiasm, and your publications will decrease. 

Eventually, you may stop publishing altogether..!

This cannot happen if you want people to continue visiting your site and for search engines to find it. So, it’s important to establish a publishing schedule you will be able to follow. 

As soon as you get an idea, start working on it but don’t publish it immediately: save it as a draft or as a note and publish it later when you don’t have so many ideas or so much time.

Some WordPress sites like try to post new content daily. As they are dedicated to covering video game news on all things Nintendo, there is always something to write about. However, you can still update your own website regularly, even by posting once a week. It is important to make a schedule that works for you.

5. Optimize your site speed

Increasingly, search engines count on speed as a ranking factor. Performing speed tests on your website to determine if it is running fast will help you rank your website in search engines. 

This will also have a critical impact on your website user experience. Slow load times indeed decrease conversion rates.

The easiest way to improve your load times on WordPress is to install a cache plugin and to compress your images.

There are plenty of free and premium cache plugins that don’t require much configuration. 

The most famous and powerful is WP Rocket, but you can also check out free alternatives such as W3 Total cache.

Once your website is cached, it’s also important to compress your images since they are the heaviest thing on your page. You can do it automatically with plugins like Imagify or Smush. 

WordPress Management tasks: final thoughts 

These 5 tasks are really important if you want to have an optimized website offering a nice user experience.

If you are overwhelmed, keep it cool! It’s WordPress, so there are a ton of good plugins available to help you deal with this – as long as you keep them up-to-date! 😉

Small Business Owners

6 Ways Small Business Owners Can Stay Protected

Entrepreneurs have a lot to consider when establishing a company. Often, the proprietor is also in charge of sales, marketing, bookkeeping, and merchandising. While all of this is important, keep in mind that you are also the head of security. And, sadly, this is often a full-time job in and of itself. However, if you are aware of the dangers you face, you may ease your security role. 

1. Install a Security System 

It’s a good idea to put an alarm system on your property. In the case of a break-in, the alarm can notify both you and the authorities, thus minimizing damages. 

Many thieves will avoid attempting a break-in if they are aware of the alarm, and if they do, the sound may be enough to frighten them away before they can steal anything. 

Monitored alarm systems, or those that a remote center constantly monitors, are undoubtedly the finest option for a commercial security system. There may be a monthly monitoring charge, but the peace of mind often justifies the cost that someone is monitoring your property 24 hours a day for indications of unusual behavior. 

Many of these systems are very comprehensive—assembling one on your own may be costly and time-consuming. Your time is undoubtedly your most valuable asset; thus, consider hiring a professional to save the trouble. 

2. Appropriate Training 

Believe it or not, the greatest danger to an organization is not usually the external adversary but rather its negligence. One of the most frequent causes of data loss or theft is employee carelessness. They misplace gadgets or keep sensitive company data on personal computers that may be less secure. Training workers in appropriate security measures is a simple activity that may save you a lot of hassle. Instruct them on the creation of strong passwords and the appropriate use of Internet security protocols. Assist them in identifying strange emails that may be phishing efforts. Additionally, establish explicit guidelines for protecting customer and organizational data when employees use their personal laptops at work. 

3. Install surveillance cameras 

If you have a physical site, security cameras are a must. Not only is the video useful in the case of theft or a break-in, but the mere existence of the cameras often serves as a deterrent to many would-be thieves. 

Cameras are also reasonably priced these days. You can find security cameras for sale on various internet marketplaces that are cheap and effective. You don’t need a complex system; if you’re on a budget, a few wireless smart cameras can suffice. You’ll want to ensure that the cameras have sufficient resolution to distinguish faces with whichever configuration you choose. This precaution is critical if you find yourself in need of assistance from the authorities since it may be almost difficult to identify a suspect without a good view of their face. Additionally, night vision is critical for after-hours security. 

4. Control of Permissions 

Ascertain who has access to which data. Attempt to arrange things in such a way that no one employee has access to everything. Assign permissions per their work requirements. Additionally, never allow workers to install software without authorization. Third-party software is not always safe and may infect devices, stealing data, or deleting critical system files. 

5. Utilize Robust Passwords 

This advice applies to both brick-and-mortar establishments and companies that operate entirely online. Passwords should be safe, one-of-a-kind, and distinct across all platforms. Never use a password connected to your personal life in any way; you risk losing data to individuals who have access to your personal information. Additionally, you should avoid using the same password for several services since this makes it simpler for hackers to access your accounts. 

6. Consult with a professional 

Naturally, your budget may exclude the employment of a comprehensive IT staff. However, this should not prevent you from employing a dedicated expert capable of handling the needs of a small company. This is a prudent investment decision. An IT professional has the expertise necessary to assist you in making the shift to cloud computing or securing your Wi-Fi. They will be able to advise you on appropriate processes and identify suppliers that meet your specifications. Having to find things up and perform them on your own introduces the possibility of mistakes. Assign a knowledgeable someone to handle these problems, and your network’s security will improve tenfold. 

It’s incredible how much impact technology has. These new technologies have simplified our lives in many ways, but they have also fundamentally altered the societies that accept them. 

Headset Brands

What Are The Most Popular Headset Brands and Why

The pandemic has caused a lot of individuals to be forced to work from home. Also, since everyone has been forced to remain in their homes, gaming has seen a surge. Both reasons are why many people are looking for headsets. Below is a list of the most popular headset brands, in no order, and why they are the most popular headset brands. 


Bose is currently the official headphone and headset of the NFL. This has contributed a lot to the popularity of Bose headphones since the NFL is a multi-billion-dollar industry. 

Bose headphones are popular for their comfortability, sound quality, and noise cancellation features. These headphones are quite expensive and have received criticism for the build quality of their headphones. However, these headphones provide great sound quality, and the noise cancellation that is provided by Bose headphones is phenomenal. 


Like Bose, Beats headphones are the official headphones of a major sports league. Beats headphones are the official headphone and headset of the NBA, USA Basketball, and the WNBA. This has led to Beats gaining popularity. 

The Beats headphone brand had already been one of the most popular brands prior to being the official headphone of basketball. The company was founded by Dr. Dre, who is a famous music producer and rapper. This sponsorship of basketball has only increased their popularity. 

Beats headphones have evolved over the 15 years that they have been produced. They now feature noise-canceling abilities and have become much more comfortable on the head and ears. This has also led to the popularity of the brand. 


Sony is a very well-established company and because of that their headphones have become popular in the tech industry. Sony is the maker of the PlayStation gaming console, and headsets are a big part of gaming. 

Sony’s headsets are used for gaming as well as casually listening to music. Sony headphones can cancel out noise. Also, Sony has produced earbuds for those who do not want a bulky headset. 


JBL has been a growing headset brand in the last five to ten years. They have recently sponsored the entertainment group, 100 Thieves. 100 Thieves is primarily a gaming group that plays games like Call of Duty and CSGO. This sponsorship has led JBL headphones to gain popularity in the gaming industry. 

JBL headsets are known for primarily being in-ear, but they also have actual headsets that you can use for gaming. The JBL in-ear earbuds are great for sport use as well as casual use. The headsets are great for gaming and can cancel out outside noise to help with your gaming experience. 


Skullcandy is a headset that was very popular five years ago, but recently they have not gained as much popularity. This is partly due to the other major headset brands that have been on the rise, but the Skullcandy headsets lack some of the features that other brands have. 

Skullcandy headsets are not capable of noise cancellation, which has become a popular feature. The Skullcandy in-ear earbuds are great for sport use and casual listening, but the headsets have suffered due to the lack of noise cancellation. 


Logitech is a well-known tech brand that also produces headsets. These headsets have seen a major boost in popularity due to the number of people that have been forced to work from home via Zoom. 

These headsets are not bulky like some of the other gaming headsets that are on this list. A Logitech headset has a slim design and features a microphone that you can use for Zoom calls when working from home. These headphones are also not very flashy, so they are great to use in a business setting. 


There are many other headset brands in the market, and many of those other headset brands produce products like the ones on this list. The headset market is very similar, and you may find a brand that you like that is not “popular”. The headset you purchase should depend on your budget and what you are using it for.