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Tips for Boosting Output through Technology

In theory, in order to increase one aspect of your output, you would have to sacrifice something else. We’re either talking about more time, more money or more resources. Well, one of the ways to get a productivity boost without making a sacrifice of any sort is to get more efficient tools. Nowadays, these tools (either software or hardware) are either free, inexpensive or give an amazing ROI. Here are five such ideas.

To-do list apps

The first thing you need to understand is the importance of making a to-do list, on paper or in-app. No matter how focused or dedicated you are, it’s impossible for you to keep track of absolutely everything and there are some things that must, eventually, slip your mind. With the help of a to-do list, this can easily be avoided. The reason why it’s better to do this on an app than on paper is a simple efficiency. No waste of paper, no fear of forgetting the list (who leaves their home without a phone?) and an extremely easy way to alter it. This also helps you avoid difficult handwriting, crossing items off the list with a pen and much, much more.

Project management tools

Managing a project is difficult enough even without all the various technical issues that you have to deal with, time and time again. With adequate software on your side, it’s fairly easy to see how a project management tool could help you assign tasks, share information, make public announcements and even exchange files within the team. Even though diagnostics shouldn’t be the main objective, keep in mind that with a reliable project management tool available for all types of servers, you’ll also be able to keep track of all changes made on the project. Should a mistake happen somewhere, it’ll be easy to trace back to it. Moreover, even though casting blame shouldn’t really be your thing, going for a project management tool can at least help avoid unjust accusations.

Dual monitors

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Previous two items on this list were software-based, which is why it’s now important that we mention at least one hardware solution to the issue of productivity. The first thing that comes to mind is the concept of dual monitors and the ways in which this can improve your productivity. For designers, writers and, overall, content creators, this can allow more insight into what they’re currently doing, as well as the ability to look at resources while working. For programmers, the advantages are even greater. Furthermore, this is a one-time investment, unlike software subscriptions that you might be forced to make every month. In other words, getting an additional Samsung monitor for your office is a course of action that will, beyond doubt, yield a great ROI.

Noise-canceling earbuds

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The problem with noise lies in the fact that it’s often just impossible to ignore it. If there’s a visual distraction in the office, you can just not look at it but if there’s something making noise and you can hear it from where you sit, there’s not much you can do. Make no mistake, in the office, there’s always something making noise, even if it’s just people typing, breathing or walking by. Most likely, on the other hand, you’ll also hear appliances humming, coworkers chit-chatting, while it’s not unlikely that the outside noises, like traffic, might also end up being an issue. Fortunately, all of this is avoidable with the use of noise-canceling earbuds.

Time-tracking apps

Finally, when it comes to the issue of productivity, time is one of the most misused resources there is. One way to improve this is with the help of time-tracking apps. Sometimes, these tools will use the alert system to help you stay on track. At other times, they will provide you with a better analysis of how you use your free time. The latter allows you to deal with this situation in whatever way you see fit. Either way, your productivity is bound to experience a serious boost.


Boosting output through technology is not only possible but it is also simpler and more frugal to achieve than you might have expected. With just a couple of apps and peripherals, you can make a massive difference in both your performance and job satisfaction. In other words, this is a competitive edge that’s so easily obtainable that it would be outright negligent not to do so.