VPN for businesses

3 Benefits of VPN for Businesses that are Critical for their Survival

In the past two years, a report by Osterman Research concluded that over 73% Of businesses experienced security breaches in their network. This is an alarming number as there are several aspects for which businesses need to be very cautious. And Forbes also reported that cybercrime could cost companies around the world up to 6 trillion dollars from 2016-2021.

In literary terms, cybercrime is simply a crime or an illegal activity using a computer and a network like the Internet. Companies, as well as individuals, are the target of cybercriminals who try to get access to the personal information of people. It includes credit card numbers, details about social security number, email id, and password, etc. Individuals can lose virtually all of their money from their bank accounts, for example, and companies can also suffer a lot. 

In extreme cases, cybercriminals can compromise the security of an entire nation in the form of stealing national secrets, get access to sensitive and confidential information like nuclear assets, etc. So, countering cybercriminals is not just for the sake of saving your hard-earned money, but it can go a long way as threatening the security and stability of an entire nation. 

What Can be Done?

To secure the network is one of the most important factors, especially for businesses. Individuals can safeguard their user ID password and credit card numbers, but for companies, There are several other ways in which cybercriminals can make them pay dearly. This is why they have to adopt several other strategies as well in order to make sure that they are well equipped against any form of intrusion into their systems. One of them is the use of a VPN.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) extends a private network for the use of companies and individuals, over any network like the Internet, so that companies can send and receive data securely as if connected directly to the private network. It is virtually impossible for anyone to hack into such a network, especially a business VPN, which is designed to safeguard all the data being transferred over a private network.

For businesses in companies, there are also many benefits, so that they use VPN as a secure way to send and receive data. The following are the top three aspects of this concern that I would like to discuss with you.

1. Reduce the Risk of Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches

Cyber-attacks on companies’ websites or their local networks are not a new thing. Even though there are multiple types of VPN and other solutions available, cyber-attacks are rampant, and there is every need to be scared of them. In the worst case, a cyber-attack can leave a company completely shattered as virtually all of their sensitive data would be gone, and they can be left with no option but to build their entire website and network again.

But what about the trust of the customers and their private data? Certainly, it would be hard to get back, and any company would find it hard to stand up on its feet after such a severe attack. Another example can be of a data breach, where not much damage is done to the physical network or the website, but sensitive data can be stolen. And this can affect our company similarly as their reputation will be tarnished.

The use of a VPN is a smart move by companies so that they are able to not only send and receive data security but also safeguard themselves against any criminal activities on cyberspace. Even if you think that the data you currently have is not sensitive in nature, over the course of time, even that data can be the target of cybercriminals. As we don’t know what this calculates can do with the data, you need to safeguard yourself anyway.

2. Bring Productivity to your Company

It is not rocket science to think about productivity in your company as you have safeguarded the network and your precious data. With everything intact, you can be sure of running your business smoothly and becoming a productive company. The use of a VPN can help you in more than one way. But have you ever thought about exactly how a VPN can help you? Let me offer you a bit so that you can understand exactly what I am talking about.

The use of 256-bit encryption and the use of military-grade encryption protocols are just two of the many features that make a VPN virtually impossible to pass through. Security protocols are extremely important in the age of virtual offices and workplaces. Work from home has become a norm, and many companies have remote teams working on different projects. In any case, the use of a VPN can increase productivity considerably and is one reason that can compel any company to use a VPN.

3. VPN is Affordable

There is a misconception amongst many people and especially small business owners, that VPN can cost a lot. Surely, it is somewhat more expensive then the common proxy you would use to bypass a network, or any restriction imposed by your local ISP, but the benefits of using a VPN are far greater than the mere cost. As a company owner, you need to look at the bigger picture rather than saving a few hundred dollars and don’t opt for a customized VPN for your business.

In 2013, target stores were attacked by the cybercriminals and incurred losses over 162 million dollars. Think of applying for a VPN that could cause them as low as $20 per month. See the difference? VPN is not expensive at all when it comes to safeguarding your company’s network and precious data against cybercriminals. 

Final Word

From financial theft to cross border terrorism using online resources, there is virtually no end to how cybercriminals can make a huge impact on companies worldwide and even governments. If you think that you can add something valuable to this blog that I missed including or is there some aspect for which you like to know more, you are more than welcome.

If you want to ask any questions too, or just one to offer your feedback, please use the comments section below.


4 Ways Fintech Is Making Life Easier for Businesses

Fintech means streamlined communication and more convenient financial and banking solutions for consumers. It’s also making life easier for businesses and their customers, too. Combining finance with digital technology, it offers more reliable, convenient, innovative, and secure platforms for facilitating transactions and other services at faster speeds than the brick-and-mortar and even earlier online alternatives. 

Just how, specifically, is Fintech solving problems for businesses of all sizes? There are plenty of ways, from enabling them to accept payments on the go with ease to allow them to offer better customer service to current and prospective clients.

It allows businesses to accept payments — practically anywhere

Finding a way for customers to pay for products via digital technology doesn’t seem like it should be all that difficult, but there are many intricacies. That happens due to the many payment methods available, issues like tax discrepancies in different locations, processing fees, and other issues. 

Fintech has the answer, though, in the form of platforms like Square. A small attachment adapter allows businesses to swipe credit cards and accept payment on the go — even when they’re not connected to WIFI — whether they’re in a conference hall, restaurant, greenmarket, or storefront. Today, many businesses use Square with a stand to replace a cash register, so it’s no longer just for transactions away from their home base.

Stripe is another helpful Fintech tool that allows businesses to accept payments. The major difference between the tools is that while Square is primarily used for payments made in-person, Stripe focuses on online payments usually made remotely.

Securing transactions

Security is a huge concern for both businesses and consumers. Fortunately, blockchain technology has made transactions a lot safer and easier for organizations and people who use it. Essentially, the technology keeps a record of information within a transaction in a “block” that’s linked to other blocks on a virtual chain — hence the name. The blockchain is encrypted and enormously difficult to corrupt because altering one block will affect the entire ledger. 

Moreover, transactions don’t require third-party, intermediary processing, which means they occur much more quickly than they would if they did need an intermediary, as transactions typically do, as well as safely. This is helpful for many types of businesses, such as retail, which benefits from secure, swift transactions. Even fast-food chains like Starbucks and Burger King are accepting cryptocurrency in some locations, with transactions conducted via apps. 

Digitizing currency

Some countries, such as Sweden, are already well on their way to becoming cashless societies. The Harvard Business Review reported that cash transactions under $20 had dropped to 37% in 2019 in the United States, down from 46% in 2015. Digital currency could be well on its way to replacing physical currency for good, increasing efficiency, speed, and convenience. 

Credit card payments are nothing new, of course, but today, more and more businesses are accepting them for smaller transactions. Some are even taking cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, which, through blockchain technology, allows customers to pay for purchases without an intermediary to process the transactions. Many small businesses are doing away with cash transactions entirely.

Facilitating payroll

Fintech also offers platforms that intersect with responsibilities generally handled by human resources or accounting. Software such as ADP, HReasily, and even Square will take care of your payroll processing, tax documents, benefits information, and more. 

This can be especially useful for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that usually deal with these issues on their own, often spending too much time dealing with the various intricacies of bonuses and tax-filing. Not only does this free up time for SMEs, but it also takes concerns about areas they may not understand or have a dedicated staff to handle fully off of their plates.

Fintech is important for all businesses that depend on customer service, from retail to insurance. It facilitates greater reliability and security, which is essential for an organization’s reputation. In the future, we’ll likely see Fintech touch even more areas of the business world and provide solutions we can’t even imagine, driving increased consumer engagement and trust in brands.


Stolen Vehicle Recovery with Thatcham Insurance Approved Trackers

The continuous efforts of car manufacturers, tech companies and police forces to combat vehicle theft across the UK led to a steady decline in the number of stolen vehicles between 2003 and 2014. Improvements to built-in vehicle safeguards and enhanced car security systems helped to stop criminals from breaking into and getting away with our precious vehicles. However, in 2014, a simple security oversight with the introduction of keyless entry systems – which were supposed to improve our quality of life – fuelled a drastic increase in vehicle theft throughout the UK. Criminals adapted quickly to the emerging technology, finding a simple and inexpensive way to steal vehicles with keyless entry systems in under a minute, without even needing to touch the key.

This so-called “relay theft”, in addition to the other known ways to break into vehicles, has exacerbated the situation to the worst it has been for years. Since 2014, the West Midlands has seen a shocking 214% increase in theft rates, while London remains the UK’s worst location for theft with a 61% rise in stolen vehicles. However, car owners aren’t totally helpless against these prolific thieves.

Here are some simple tips for preventing car theft:

  • Keep your vehicle locked at all times
  • Invest in effective anti-theft systems
  • Keep your keys safe, hidden away from out of sight
  • Keep your keys in a Faraday pouch overnight as a precaution against keyless theft
  • Choose safe parking locations for your vehicles, even for shortstops
  • Keep valuable items out of sight to not provoke a theft attempt

While these tips should be practiced by all drivers, a skilled auto thief can still get past these security measures and get away with your vehicle. Considering the time and money we invest in our vehicles, it’s worth investing a bit more to install a superior security system to guarantee their safety. High-end vehicle trackers accredited by Thatcham Research can protect your vehicle against even the most skilled criminals on the streets. With effective security measures against theft and a 96% stolen vehicle recovery rate, these sophisticated systems are one of the best – if not the best – vehicle security systems on the market.  

Do you really need a Thatcham Vehicle Tracking Device in the UK?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is a resounding yes. In 2017/18 alone, 112,174 vehicles were stolen in the UK, and according to the Met Police, 50% of stolen vehicles are never recovered. Unless you have a Thatcham vehicle tracker fitted in your vehicle, there’s a good chance you’ll never see your car again should you fall victim to vehicle theft. Thatcham Research Centre is the industry authority on vehicle security systems in the UK. Thatcham certifies vehicle security devices through careful analysis and a stringent testing procedure and categorizes the approved devices according to the level of security and features they offer.

Reliability and Accuracy

Thatcham tracking devices are equipped with advanced GNSS chips that utilize multiple orbital satellite networks, including GPS, Galileo, and GLONASS. The ability to pick up signals from different satellite systems improves the accuracy of Thatcham vehicle trackers, which helps immensely to locate a vehicle in an emergency situation or if targeted by theft. Even if an adept thief steals your vehicle and drives it to a remote location, your Thatcham-approved tracking device will keep broadcasting its precise location.

Driver Recognition

Vehicle owners are given two encrypted driver identification fobs as per Thatcham standards for Category S5 and S5+ tracking systems. The fobs are vital in detecting a theft attempt if a vehicle is stolen without using the keys. As soon as a vehicle’s engine is started without the tracker recognising the proper driver identification tags, an alert is issued to our monitoring centre. The teams at the monitoring centre will immediately contact you to confirm if a theft has actually occurred, and upon confirmation, our staff will contact the authorities on your behalf and facilitate the recovery of the stolen vehicle by providing real-time location updates. Driver identification has multiple uses for businesses as well; for example, the driver recognition tags can be utilized to prevent unauthorized vehicle use for companies that operate a vehicle fleet.

Remote Immobilisation

Remote immobilization is one of the most powerful security measures against vehicle theft, and especially useful when the police are in pursuit of a stolen vehicle. It allows vehicle owners and on-call teams at the monitoring center to stop a stolen vehicle’s engine remotely, rendering the car useless once it comes to a complete stop. The employees at the monitoring centre can then guide the authorities to the location of the immobilized vehicle with pinpoint accuracy for a safe and speedy recovery. Thatcham-approved tracking systems offer multiple additional layers of security – one of which is that the ignition can be turned off to prevent the vehicle from starting without authorization from the owner.

24-Hour Monitoring Centre

Thatcham-approved vehicle tracking devices are effective against all known methods of vehicle theft, including the all-too-popular relay theft, replicated car keys and the hacking of onboard computers. The 24-hour monitoring center is always on alert for any theft attempts against your vehicle, and the experienced staff on-site will immediately contact the responsible parties to confirm the threat to your vehicle and take appropriate action. 24/7 surveillance is one of the core security measures provided by Thatcham vehicle tracking systems – it ensures that one of the employees is always keeping tabs on the movements of your vehicles, and they will immediately contact you in the event of any suspicious activity.


Vehicle theft is one of the inevitable truths of living in the UK – your vehicle is at constant risk of being targeted by organized criminals and opportunistic thieves. Thatcham approved vehicle tracking systems are designed with the most effective security measures in mind, offering a wide range of tools that are instrumental in protecting your vehicle against theft. They integrate the powerful tools of GPS tracking technology with Thatcham security protocols to provide car owners in the UK with the highest level of security that today’s technology has to offer. With a recovery rate of close to 100%, Insurance GPS trackers are unrivalled in recovering stolen vehicles compared to other vehicle protection systems. Whether you have a high-end performance vehicle or own a vehicle fleet, Thatcham vehicle tracking systems are the best solution on the market against the experienced car thieves roaming the streets of the UK.


Crypto Exchange Volumes Are Not Accurate

Today, there are more cryptocurrency exchanges than ever before. In fact, popular platforms have started offering whitelabel services for anyone to start a new platform. The way these platforms work is simple. Users who want to buy and users who want to sell come together to trade their cryptocurrency, in hopes of profit. The total amount (in USD) of these trades, forms the daily volume of the platform.

Since platforms like these started becoming popular with the public, daily volumes were a solid method to understand how popular a platform is, as well as its ability to provide liquidity to smaller altcoins.

In time, however, the reported daily volumes started to seem somewhat inaccurate. The top exchanges seemed to be relatively unknown, sometimes even unheard of.

Many traders started to question the validity of those daily volumes. Is it possible that an exchange with a mere 2000 Facebook makes more than $10 million in daily volume? Wouldn’t there be a more active community to support this?

As a response to this inconsistency, the asset management firm Bitwise decided to explore the topic in further detail. The investigation led to a 104-page whitepaper which revealed some shocking findings.

Exchanges artificially inflate their volumes

The analysis of Bitwise led researchers to an eye-opening, yet not shocking, conclusion. Most cryptocurrency exchanges were artificially inflating their reported volumes using a variety of methods.

What did surprise the researchers was the vast amount of platforms engaging in such practices. More than 95% of the reported volume was actually nothing but smoke and air. Non-existent!

Why would these platforms purposefully ruin the reputation of the crypto markets? Well, to understand this, we need to look at CoinMarketCap. The popular tracking platform includes a list of the most popular exchanges’ reported daily volume. The higher this volume is, the more they can request for new altcoin/ICO listings. It also makes these platforms more visible to new investors.

Of course, this misinformation does not serve investors. In fact, it makes the space less trustworthy. So how can one then find platforms that are actually transparent with their customers? Thankfully, Bitwise managed to discover all exchanges that reported the actual trading volumes of their platform.

In efforts of making the findings easier to understand, Paybis created a helpful infographic. Check the following overview to get a better understanding of Bitwise’s findings.

The findings of Bitwise’s research report was disheartening for crypto-enthusiasts. Some even argued that the purpose of this research was to create more FUD in the market. CoinMarketCap, however, validated the findings and introduced new metrics to fix the issue at hand. In late 2019, the company introduced the Liquidity metric. Using this metric as a filter gives more reliable results and helps users better distinguish platforms that are trying to improve their image using shady methods.

A short while ago, CoinMarketCap got acquired by Binance, and the Reported Volumes metric finally started showing information in a more transparent way. The information now looks a lot more realistic and favors the platforms that have been doing all the hard work in the past few years.

2020 and beyond

The cryptocurrency sector is still making its first steps as an investment option. The good news is that the metrics of data collection keep improving, together with the crypto space itself. In time, irrelevant platforms will not be able to sneak into top listings using unethical methods.

Additionally, Binance seems to have set the new standard when it comes to the operational practices of crypto exchanges. Thanks to its multiple acquisitions, it is no longer possible to build a strong brand without being compliant to the new industry standards.


An Insight Into Different Aspects Of E-commerce SEO Companies

In the competitive eCommerce ecosystem, it is important to have an edge over the competitors. But, the question is, what can you do tdo get that extra mileage over your counterparts?

In an ideal scenario, The product categories largely remain the same. The quality of products usually remains unfettered. So what is it that could be the differentiating factor? The answer resides in a three-letter acronym SEO ( Search Engine Optimization).

Yes, SEO is the real deal here. Sadly enough, we don’t have the magic to spin SEO into our favor. Getting it right requires skilled individuals working day-in-and-day-out to make things happen.

Let’s have a sneak peek into what is SEO? Though, if you are searching for an e-commerce SEO company, we believe you may have some idea about the acronym. But still, we would like to put it out there. SEO or search engine optimization is a process that includes certain elements that make your page rank in the top search engine results.

Why do you need to hire an eCommerce SEO company?

Let’s begin from where we left off- the meaning of SEO. Now, you might have noticed the terms ‘Ranking’. This single word is powerful enough to get the ball rolling in terms of putting in serious effort into SEO plans.

The idea of ranking is to get your page to appear, preferably, on the top 10 search results. If an individual has to move to page-two of the search results, then something is wrong with the SEO wisdom and practice.

You can even hide a sensational spinoff of Harry potter on page two, and probably no-one would find it. To put it more appropriately, no-one would bother to move to the second page of search results to find what’s hidden there.

The longer attention span in this fast-moving world has become a myth. Users now want instant solutions more than ever before. If they don’t find it on your page within a few clicks, the chance of conversion goes for a toss.

The integration of SEO into eCommerce can be the game-changer in increasing the visibility of your platform. But again, if you are trying to approach it in the DIY fashion, this would take you to double the time. It is where the role of a professional eCommerce SEO services company comes into play.

If we consider for a second that you manage to get the ranking done, but consistency would be missing. The change in the search engine algorithms requires you to be proactive in adjusting the SEO strategies, and it is tough to be a lone warrior in the ranking battle.

The eCommerce SEO services will not only drive sales through a rise in the ranking, but it will also deal with other important elements. So, when you hire an eCommerce SEO company, look beyond mere sales.

We look at some of the offbeat services provided by various companies. These services get overshadowed in the hunt for powerful Keywords.

Offbeat services provided by e-commerce company

Generally, when we talk about the best eCommerce SEO services provided by the company. We come across terms like keyword planning, indexation, title tags, URLs, and meta description. But there are certainly other services which are equally important such as branding and social media integration.

Social media integration

Having a social media presence has always been crucial. But for some reason, it remains hidden in the technicalities of SEO. The newly formed companies have become unidirectional, focusing on ranking. Thus, they miss out on playing the card of social media influence.

To set the context, almost 78% of social media users turn out to be potential leads, and most of them get converted. Instagram story ads and Facebook ads have been quite instrumental in driving e-commerce sales.

The discovery of potential leads also makes sense when you consider an average joe spends more than two hours on social media platforms. Thus, it becomes crucial that SEO strategies need to be carved out to drive traffic to the official handles. 


Social media-oriented SEO strategies are not just about driving traffic to increase sales. It can turn out to be a crucial tool to promote branding. It is important to create online trust among the netizens. It is created by proactively monitoring social media trends actively followed by responding to the user’s query. SEO experts can seize the opportunity by researching various hashtags that are trending. So, the user can ask the query to give suggestions using the tags.     

To cut the long story short, hiring a professional eCommerce SEO company will force you out of the cocoon. It will give a tour of how the world of eCommerce is fast-changing, and how collaborative effort can keep you up to speed.


Custom Your Yard Signs – the Essential Design Tips to Keep in Mind

Every business requires visibility to grow and become successful! Do you resonate with the same? If yes, then you need to think smart about promoting your business. Other than the print ads and online ads, you need to add another promotion tool. The custom yard signs do complete justice to your business promotion and awareness initiatives. 

Designing the yard sign

Customizing the business yard signs makes you follow a few strategies. These signs are highly versatile, and you can use the same to announce a marketing campaign, real estate deals, garage sale signs, birthday announcements, store opening, or discount announcements. Today there are leading service providers who help you to customize the yard signs, depending on your business requirements and budget capacity. You can choose from the double or single-sided signs that get printed in full color. It comes in a non-reflective finish that makes it easy for people to read the content. The material is sturdy and durable. 

Things to keep in mind

It is essential to find the best service provider who can help you customize the apt yard sign. However, as you go ahead with that task, you need to keep a few factors in mind.

1. Keep the message short

Do you want to leverage the yard sign display? If yes, make sure that your brand message is crisp and concise. Don’t cramp the space with too many texts and messages. Your readers will get confused and might not make much sense from cluttered signage. So, decide what you have to say and get the same printed using minimal texts. 

2. Add in a CTA (Call to Action)

Always remember that you are adding a yard sign for a purpose. So, when you are finalizing the text or content, make sure to add a CTA. For instance, if you are announcing an end-of-season sale, then you need to mention the dates of the sale and the discount range. Also, mention the last day of the sale. For instance, your CTA can be as simple and short as, “Offers last till 20th June”. You can add your website or social media page link for other details. It will add a sense of urgency and will make people respond accordingly, as well.  

Decide on the size and visibility

You might have a great looking yard sign, but if it’s not visible, then it doesn’t cater to your purpose. Try and examine the area where you are planning to place the sign. Ask the service provider for the perfect size of the yard sign for the chosen lawn where you wish to place it. That way, your audience can see it, and your purpose gets fulfilled. Also, select a font that’s easy to read and print. If you use a highly cursive font, people might not be able to comprehend the details. One of the clear fonts to use is Arian and Times New Roman.

Make sure that the service provider offers you waterproof and weather-resistant yard signs. It will help the yard signs to withstand the elements if there’s a sudden storm or rain. Also, ensure that the yard sign is resistant to chemicals and stains.


Top Five Trends to Following the Jewelry E-commerce

Apparel being intertwined with the metallic beauty, the jewelry industry seems moving towards a glittering future. The global jewelry market size is estimated to grow by $480.5 billion by 2025.

Figure 1 Jewelry Growth Globally (source: Statistica.com)

eCommerce development has added to its evolution with more choices coming in from the technology advancements and increased expectations of diverse customers’ choices. But how dojewelry companies need to stay afloat in the dynamic and highly intense competitive market?Anticipating demands in the consumer world and adapting to the industry-changing trends can pave way for you to remain in the competition. It is more of a forte for online jewelry sellers than traditional industry leaders.Enforcing new techniques into your eCommercejourneyas an online jewelry retail business ownermoves you ahead and achieves you a good stand in the competition. Here we present to you some most of the exciting trends in the eCommerce jewelry industry to look out for.

eCommerce Jewelry Trends

The low market share in the jewelry industry opens up avenues for newcomers and startups. In addition, the fast growth has already been there for leading merchantstoo. But, it may cost you when you dwindle between catching up fast with trendsand falling behind authenticity. Gaining industry knowledge keeps you ahead of the curve. Know the evolving preferences of your customers and of course their needs. At the core of enhanced customer experiences, the device connectedness makes the cut meaning the technologymatters above everything.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)–the growth driver for eCommerce jewelry

Implementing Augmented Reality unlocks possibilities for retailers and provides them a template to know their futuristic capabilities. Since online retailing is more of a medium with no concentrated physical contact; AR is up for closing the gap between what you can see and what you want to see before the product delivery. Hence, AR is a new dimension,which is twice as much more capable of offering immersive and contactlessonline shopping and also in-store experiences than 3D graphics-based virtual reality. Here, online jewelry businesses can find it productive and efficient as they want to integrate it for a couple of key activities such as marketing and advertising and interactive try-on app.

  • Advertising and marketing

Embedded with AR technology, all of your jewelry advertisements can connect well with consumers when they find them interactive using their mobile apps that turnthe items into 3D objects.

  • Try-on app

Yes, this AR-based try-on app connects first with customers which gives them an instant opportunity to try items physically. In turn, you could a decline in product return cases after purchase. It gives tactileexperience and thus enriching the customer personalization.

  • 360-degree jewelry product videos

Online jewelry retailers would have the last smiles when it comes to satisfying high demanding consumer expectations. Presenting to you, the 360-degree product videos! This innovative technology enables customers to have a complete view of the product from all angelsleaving confusion behind for them. You can create significant visual presentations of your jewelry items on the mediums with a higher rate of user engagement such as social media pages or personal websites. The technology is fast, immersive, and interactive to generate fast purchasing decisions. More surprisingly, Magento eCommerce development facilitates integrations of such technology more conveniently. Add 360-degree video-capturing technology to your website or get the best service from Bytes Technolab and transform your brand’s recognition.

  • Fast and flexible mobile payments

Consumers are always eager to receive an extra length of convenience. There is no exception to the checkout process too. Faster the checkout process, the more satisfied are your customers. With the growth of mobile commerce, it has long embraced the new era of mobile payments. But, the lack of proper connectivity between POS infrastructure and NFC protocols interrupted its movement to the growth. However, with enhanced support for NFC, mobile payments see a user surge and jewelry merchants do not lag too.           Based on a report, 71% of online jewelry owners are more eager to adopt mobile payments and improve customer shopping experience and convenience.

  • The Hidden Treasure of Wearable Technology

You have already heard of wearable devices that are likely to grow 650 millionin 2020. Smartwatches or some more sophisticated devices such as fitness trackers have customers falling head over their heels. Now, wearable technology is geared up toraise the ante and consumers can expect more surprises. There are jewelry items like rings or bracelets doing rounds in the market with features like mobile alerts or activity tracking. As you get one, it adds to your beauty while giving you more functional aspects to raise your level.

  • Interactive and Purposeful Social Commerce

As an online jewelry seller, you need more than a medium to scale and drive sales. Apart from the website, social commerce gives you good opportunities to connect with customers and intrigue them to buy from you directly without having to redirect them to your website. The straightforward approach of social commerce that features shoppable posts on Instagram or Facebook can engage more and trigger impulse buying. This is much more convenientfor small business owners who lack the resources to spend after heavy advertisements.

Summing up

The online jewelry market is booming but it is expecting challenges too.Adopting trends could pave your path to success. However, paying attention to innovation and improved measures for shopping experiences is more important. Get the best eCommerce development service to embrace the best of trends and innovation for your digital jewelry business growth. Bytes Technolab is eager to connect when you need help.


The Best Mid Range Phones That Fall In Budget

Here is an idea to ascertain all the potential specifications of various smartphones that all fall in a budget. In particular, we had determined the specs with the expenses as it is your cash, earned with your one of a kind hands. We would be discussing all those queries that usually come in your mind for smartphones. However, the vast majority don’t care for the notorious cell phone brand instead of just for the price. Quality with names is going to be discussed at the highest point below.

Oppo A31

Chinese tech Oppo is revealing A31 with some astounding specs. The handset is coming up with some mid-run specs, which suggests that the cell phone will concentrate on the mid range class to pursue the cell phones of a comparative and affordable range. The Oppo A31 will be supported by the Mediatek MT6765V/CB Helio P35, which is a mid-run chipset and performing best for mid range class. The first thing which you notice about the brand Oppo is its camera. Oppo A31 has quite few mighty specs of the camera, including stage location, contact center, face discovery, HDR, display.

Additionally, it has triple cameras on its body. Aside from the issue that all the computerized gadgets which vast numbers of us had seen at the market, looked much increasingly costly and way progressively expensive. The Oppo A31 Price begins from $230.

Honor 9x

Looking for a budget-friendly handset by Honor. Then they dispatch their mid-extend 9x with incredible specs, and interestingly, it is accessible at a sensible cost. The gadget will utilize Android v9.0 (Pie) as the working framework. The Honor 9x is pionered by HiSilicon Kirin 810, which is an incredible SOC that is combined with 6 Gb of RAM that is liable for performing multiple tasks. The new handset Honor’s 9x is compressed with 128 gigabytes of interior stockpiling, and that is sufficient for a mid-extend handset. Yet, the producers likewise give you a choice of growing the memory status of the Honor 9x’s. It underpins MicroSD card up to 512 gigabytes that will wipe up the capacity issue of the handset. On the rear of the cell phone, you will observe a double back camera arrangement. The principle focal point of the Honor new 9x will be 48 megapixels alongside an optional sensor of 8 MP and the third 2 MP camera. Facade of the cell phone, you will discover 16 megapixels of selfie shooter that will consistently give you extraordinary selfie experience. Respect has stuffed its mid-extend handset known as 9x with enough force that will give your handset a lot of capacity to keep your phone on for quite a while. Honor 9x Price in Pakistan is really fair that is $290


Quality manufacturer Oppo bringing new F11 as their latest mid-range smartphone, which is a replacement to a year ago’s a mid-range arrangement, which has put this brand on the map. This further expansion named Oppo F11 is bringing some unique highlights, and it appears that the camera is the principal thing which will get powered with its zooming innovation. We talk about the Oppo ‘s F11 in detail, at that point, you will come to realize that triple camera is the primary thing which is the principal feature of this phone, and not just that 10x zoom is likewise coming inside the Oppo F11’s camera which implies that now you can zoom objects without contorting the first pixels of the article on which you are centering. It sounds like all about the camera. On the front side waterdrop score is making Oppo most up to date; F11 truly conventional and point this phone is going to dispatch with 6.53 crawls of the show, and IPS LCD is utilized by Oppo to bring splendid showcase brimming with hues for F11. The moto of the presentation is 1080 x 2340 pixels, which imply that the Notched screen has got backing of the Full HD Plus goals. Underneath the showcase an Octa-Core processor is utilized to control up F11 and if we talk about the insurance used in, at that point, this gadget has Corning Gorilla Glass 6 which is progressively improved security given in this new F11 4 GB of RAM is going to control up this fresh out of the box new gadget. Oppo F11 Price in Pakistan or in local market is $268.

Tecno Camon 15

Tecno Camon 15 is the most recent cell phone, which offers all the eye-getting highlights inside the adequate scope of cost. Camon 15 will enable the mid-to to expand class specs of the wireless. Conveying 4 Gb of RAM that will be adequate to run the components of the Tecno Camon 15’s without any problem. The inside accumulating is in like manner colossal when stood out from the other cell phone brands of qualified order. The internal specs of the Camon 15 by Tecno can be redesigned through the given space that will pass on help for the MicroSD card. Different pioneers of different portable ventures are going with the quad-camera course of action in leads any way you will have the proportionate in the Tecno 15. As the cost of Tecno Camon 15 beginnings from $190, that is genuinely stunning and reasonable.

Oppo A7

The organization Oppo has the best of everything. Concerning the issues of subjects which it offers are very sensible. This cell phone is going to dispatch in two concealing tones where OPPO A7’s first concealing is Glaring Gold and second concealing is Glaze Blue, and both of these shades seem, by all accounts, to be classy in grandstand nowadays. It was going to make this new device cool, and it similarly gave OPPO’s A7 an edge on the distinctive mobile phone brands. I should put the organization’s show here that the brand consistently gives out the cell phones with the quality camera and most recent highlights, sensors, and all the determinations too. Price in USD is around $235.

Realme 6

The coming PDA Realme 6, The new example shows that most by far of the PDA associations rush to focus on the camera plan of the cell phone. The device is going to pack with five central focuses. The Realme’s 6 will be the resulting one to pack the Penta point of convergence camera game plan. The specs of the device are moreover incredibly one of a kind. The handset will run the latest working system Android 10. The Realme new six will be constrained by the Mediatek Helio G90 chipset also. oThis specific example of the cell phone as Realme 6 in the present market is only the arrangement of a skillful gadget, as it just expenses $240.

Huawei P20 Lite

Huawei, the budget best friend, has now announced P20 Lite the new model for the year 2019 to give you all in the budget. This was on the card since this is one of the best arrangements propelled by the Huawei makers. The organization needs to proceed with a similar accomplishment by moving Huawei P20 Lite 2019 release. All the specs are looking beautiful, yet the fundamental alluring thing about this new age of cell phone is the quad-camera arrangement. The chipset that self-discipline coming in Huawei’s P20 Lite is the Kirin 710 that is much far superior to the recently utilized Snapdragon 659 chipset, it implies that you are in the mood for something of exceptional quality at a sensible cost. Huawei P20 Lite has a chipset that is combined with 4 gigabytes of Ram that is remarkably enough for a handset mid-go handset. The execution of the various performing tasks will be conceivable with this new P20 Lite 2019 by Huawei has enough ram too abundantly. On the front side of the handset, you will locate the fourfold camera arrangement. That is something stunning about this handset. The basic sensor of the Huawei Lite 2019 quadruple-camera arrangement will be 16 megapixels, and one of them will be the time-of-flight focal point. On the front, the plan is likewise somewhat changed because the selfie sensor of the Huawei P20’s Lite 2019 shifted t upper left corner of the handset. The structure is surprising, yet the look is staggering. Huawei P20 Lite Price is USD is $350

Final Thoughts

These were the absolute best mid-extend smartphones that you would most likely love and make the choice from most of them by considering their specs. All of these mobile phone prices are considered as mid-range mobile phones. Brands have kept these cell phone costs truly reasonable and affordable; although, the decision is all yours.


Why Should Businesses Need to Consider the Latest Web Design Trends?

A trend is a change or development in any field that becomes an inspiration for many to follow. Trends are equally affecting the different industry that belongs to fashion, beauty care, or web designing. People look at trends differently as some believe they have the ability to set their own standards while others like to follow trends for getting an idea as what is working for others that may work for them too.

The businesses need to consider the latest web design trends for a variety of reasons. As a beginner, you may not know the different design elements that the users of other industries and your specific industry like. Trends often focus on current-day needs.

A fashion website may come with a dark mode in general, but it may be different when targeting a specific community. For example, an online store in Dubai or any part of the UAE may focus on large images in the background and Islamic typography. Similarly, the web design Doha has its own implications that local or national business may demand. The designers need to look into the latest trends in general as well as the specific niche of the business.

If you are planning to develop a website for the near future, the theme or features could be anything, but to conform the design to the present era, you must seek help from the latest trends.

Maintaining visual interest

Our likes and dislikes change with the passage of time. As a society, we often go through changes in our culture, fashion, taste, and lifestyle that appears in the design preferences as well. Therefore, to keep the target audience interested in your website, the design needs a revamp after a considerable amount of time.

The users of a website get bored when they are not experiencing a change in its design or user experience. It is the reason that most of the webmasters keep on changing design strategy according to the latest trends to know how they can maintain the visual interest of users.

Making the website modern and attractive

As it is said, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’. Web design trends are also introduced when there is a need. For example, mobile responsive design is need for the hour as more and more users are turning to mobile devices to browse the web and shopping online.

The increased number of mobile users is compelling online stores to have a website that loads perfectly well on a variety of mobile screen sizes. Additionally, it became a search engine ranking as well. Therefore, if a website is not worrying about its target audience, it has complied with mobile responsiveness in order to rank well in search engine pages. Such a trend helps websites inculcate functionality to become a modern and attractive one. 

Stay relevant and fresh

Web design and development is improving in various directions. Most of the advancements are made to bring relevancy in the design with the modern world. In the beginning, websites used to choose colorful backgrounds, which then transform into a single color theme and white background.

As soon as the people are transcending to a vibrant culture and lifestyle, the design trends make you familiar as to how you can meet their varying needs and expectations. The latest trends and the design changes that you may find on the websites are the reflections of what the general public demands. Following them can help you stay relevant and fresh.

Reinventing design features

The features and options may not be attractive and appealing as they were before. The users are now more educated and familiar with online shopping and web browsing. If we talk about the type of websites back a decade, there were not designed with a focus on conversions.

The online visitors used to search for websites but kept using the conventional shopping mediums. There were trust factors, but they were unable to grasp a clear picture of a product too.

For example, the merchants used to sell products with poor imagery that hardly attracted customers. It transformed into a quick product view and a full-screen image view. It was followed by providing more images of a product covering different angles, whereas the current era is about providing a 360-degree view of a product. Therefore, web design trends help you explore different strategies to keep on reinventing different features to keep engaging the users and providing the finest user experience.

Knowing advanced functionality

At times, you might be facing a problem in the design that is difficult to solve by your designer. You may work on different alternatives, but still want something more amazing for it. In solving the problem, you will not be alone.

With continuous trial and testing, you may be able to achieve an ultimate solution or a trend may suggest different options. For example, displaying reading time or progress bars on long articles are varying solutions for blogs that are pursuing readers’ engagement.

Final words

A web design trend may reach you after the rigorous ordeal of trial and error. The perception that you have to follow and implement every single trend is wrong as your business has a specific goal, a certain target audience, and an ideology different from others. A business should consider them but select the most relevant one.


Why Animation Explainer Videos Will Reduce The Bounce Rate 

Do you wonder why visitors leave your site quickly? Do you feel like someone or something is preventing you from engaging with your customers? If you are unable to relate to your customers or express who your rivals are, it’s your bounce rate in online marketing.

You will only add to their increase when visitors take one look at your landing page and leave in a few minutes. The scenario, no leads, no engagement, no conversion, no sales, and absolutely nothing else! If you want your business to keep going, your Bounce Rate has got to be stopped and significantly reduced. If you want to stop this happening, you need a custom animated explainer video.

According to the company Inovit (inovitagency.com) which is engaged in the production of animated and educational video, a customized explainer video is a right choice for a marketing video that will literally explain to your audience in an entertaining and engaging manner who you are, what you do, and how you can solve their problems.

Let’s look at the reasons why using a powerful explainer video will give you the option to turn your site around and save the day.

You Must Capture Their Attention

Think about this, the human being only has am attention span of 8 seconds! That’s less than a goldfish! That means if you are not paying attention, you are feeding your rivals’ bounce rate.

Worry not, by placing animated explainer videos on your landing page you will capture visitors’ attention very quickly. According to resources, that’s a good two minutes longer than average which is a staggering instant 1500% boost.

Stand above the crowd by creating an impressive, appealing video and add a really nice image to draw in your visitors so they will engage with the video.

Increase Your SEO Rates

The longer your visitors spend searching your website, directly, it will affect your rank with search engines. Keep in mind, if you do not show on Google, it won’t matter how great your service or product is, no one will be able to find you.

Your goal is to keep visitors on your site and turn them into customers. An animated marketing video will be your best avenue because videos are 53 times more likely to show on Google’s first pages than simple text ever will.

Make sure to add relevant keywords to your video’s headline on your site, your blog, and your YouTube channel. Make it easier for your visitors because the more comfortable they feel the faster you can lower your bounce rate down to zero.

Address Your Bounce Rate & Turn Visitors Into Customers

The bounce rate shows off your marketing weaknesses because it shows the number of visitors that did not become engaged with your brand. This bounce rate will also show how you are losing money.

When you incorporate an explainer video that runs for less than 2 minutes, you will have the potential to have customers understand your business ideas quickly and allow them to watch your videos to the end. Also, if watched to the end, you will have 65% greater chances to convert your visitors into customers, leaving your enemies in the dust.

Just remember, an explainer video is the most profitable and inexpensive way to immediately engage your audience. You will appear on the first pages of Google and be able to turn your visitors into very faithful customers.