As we all know that today most of the work is going on with the help of the new technology supported by the internet connection. In just a few months the working style of all most all the sectors have been changed even the educational sector is also affected by this pandemic. This has led to the shifting of all the educational practices through the internet. No doubt the educational institutes were dependent on the online services but partially or very less. But now they have to completely depend on the technology for taking exams, lectures, study material exam. For taking exams the universities are setting up the secure exam browser which will help them in taking the exams with full control over all the malpractices that can happen during the exam. This is the only way to save the time of the student from not getting wasted at all.

Let’s have a look at the process of how the online exams are being conducted through online exam software.

  • Set up exam: the very first step in conducting the exam is to set up the questionnaire regarding the exam in the system. This online platform supports different question formats. The teacher needs to set up the exam accordingly and can upload it is in the software.
  • Invite the test takers: after setting up the question paper the examiner needs to select the time slot in which the exam will be conducted. The decision of the time slot can be according to the convenience of both students and the teachers. After that on the day of the exam the invitation is being sent through emails to the students who are required to appear for the exam.
  • Authorize and proctor tests: before starting the test, the students need to provide them with some ID proof so that the chances of impersonation can be reduced. The server has the ID authentication that assesses the students’ credentials. After that while, in the exam the online proctoring keeps a continuous check on the pool of the students appearing for the exam and instantly averts if it finds anything wrong. This online exam also records the test and saves it as proof in case there is any requirement in any special case.
  • Real-time updates: this online examination system provides the student with the real-time results, as the results are displayed with no time and are shared with the students in the pdf form that are sent them through emails. This way within no time the actual results are displayed and the candidates can work upon that way only.
  • Group level analytics: the online examination system analysis the data of a large number of students within some time. The analysis can be customized according to the requirement of the university. It has lowered down the burden of teachers of checking and updating the results.
Online Exam System

This is the way how the online exam software works. These are much more efficient than traditional exam-taking practices. Let’s have a look at the major difference between these two practices.

  • Distance education: the online exam software has enabled the universities to carry out distance education practices. In many big and renowned universities students from different places study there and because of the problem of COVID-19 the universities were closed. And there is no scope of them to reopen. So this has online exam software along with the proctoring services that have made it possible to take exams of the students even when they are at home. All this is happening because of modern technology and it cannot be done if the traditional exam-taking practices are continued.
  • Flexibility: in the traditional way of taking an exam, the students were provided with the fixed dates on which they have to appear for the exam, and they don’t have the choice for it. Even the invigilators were made available on that particular day to take the exam. But nothing like this happens if the educational institutes take the help of the online exam centers. The schedule of the exams is being with the convenience of both teacher and the student. Even in some high-end exams the students are provided with the exam window within which they have to appear for the exam. This way the students can give exams according to their comfort and convenience.
  • Lowers the cost: after the universities get the online exam system installed, they need not do any other investment in conducting the exam. As the majority of the work is being done by the system. There is no arrangement of papers on which the questions are to be printed and the answer sheets like it are done in the traditional way of taking the exam. there is no need to make arrangements for the invigilators and the test centers where the exam will be conducted. All these things are done by the system. Even the results are being made by this software with very little time and setup. 

So, these are the ways by which the modern way of taking the exam is much more different from the traditional techniques. It has replaced the long hours of hard work of writing exams with the smart work that is done on the computers via the internet. Now this is the time to change our education system with this modern technique. No doubt the pandemic is affecting the lifestyle of the people to a greater extent. But the effects of this will help in the advancement of working styles. Now it has become very important for everyone to be in touch with the internet the reason for this can be any, it can be education or work. Looking at the good side of it all this is making people aware of all the modern technologies in the market. Get yourself available you all these new technologies and avail yourself of the benefits. And, surely, these new pieces of technologies will not let you down in any case.

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