The micro-influencer has contacts that could make a difference in your business web marketing. The reason for this statement is simple and is linked to the importance of the niche when you begin to think about inbound marketing. You need to be found by the right people, by those who need you.

This must take place at a certain time, without interruption. This balance is based on the ability to create interesting content for a group of people and to distribute it in the best possible way. Sometimes these dynamics develop through the company blog, but this is not always the solution.

Inbound marketing exploits a broad vision that leverages different tools. One of these is the influencer marketing that exploits the reputation of a character to highlight a brand or an offer.

Or even a certain content. In reality, it is not really so, it is not only worked on the notoriety of the character but on its credibility in a circle of an individual that recognize that name as reliable. And micro-influencers make the most of it. How? Let’s find out in the next paragraphs.

Who are the micro-influencers: definition?

The term micro-influencer means any person, like you and me, who have an important following in specific niches. These are not contacting with exorbitant numbers, there are not enough followers to make their eyes widen. Here we work on a different plan that combines engagement and trust.

The micro-influencer is a character that uses social channels, such as YouTube or Instagram, to communicate their passions. Sometimes his actions are unclear and he doesn’t even know he is a noteworthy character for a marketing strategy. But his very impartiality and lack of ulterior motives lead him to be well seen by his circle. So, it can be used as a tool to reach certain audiences. Does this always apply? Not really, let’s explore the topic.

How to recognize a micro-influencer?

It is difficult to give clear and valid references for each sector, but there are recognizable features. First of all, there is great attention to the community, to the interaction with the public. There are those who ask questions, those who leave opinions and those who perhaps make criticisms. The micro-influencer, as far as possible, always responds. And it feeds an audience that becomes loyal, maybe not very varied but constant. It is the totem of a tribe that will not betray.

Absolute numbers are not high, sometimes you risk losing sight of these names because you don’t immediately recognize them. But there is great attention to the verticalization of the audience and this makes the world of micro-influencers very interesting. Especially if you are thinking about a weighted strategy, based on concrete objectives, and not drunk by the sirens of high-flying numbers. Do you think it’s enough to choose the profiles with the highest numbers to organize a homogeneous influencer marketing campaign? You’re wrong, it doesn’t work that way.

Why choose micro-influencers?

What are the characteristics of these contacts? I have already anticipated them in part, but it is right to give specific references to describe the micro-influencer. So, what is it? In the first place, it is a person who communicates his passion, and he does it with competence and taste. Contacts follow the micro-influencer for his field skills, demonstrated and described through blogs and social media. This is not a reputation descended from above (such as happens with the TV star who lands on social media) but earned day after day.

But why choose micro-influencers for their online business? The answer is found in this graphic which summarizes in three points the real advantages of a strategy based on this solution. Here they are collected in three essential points for your work based on the choice between micro and macro-influencers:

  • Upper engagement.
  • Affordability
  • More conversations

The involvement rates of these campaigns are 60% higher than the norm, 6.7 times more efficient and convenient than the influencers who have wider audiences. Without forgetting that micro-influencers bring more conversations (in weekly terms) than the average user. And here is the scenario that you should choose this reality instead of another. Keep reading.

Micro-influencer marketing strategies

When should you focus on micro-influencers in your marketing strategy? There are no fixed rules, you cannot talk about this topic a priori: you have to decide on the field, data in hand and without delay.

The advantages of micro-influencers according to The Start-up

But there are steps that can be listed and that, in principle, give an idea of how you should articulate your business. Then, the strategic advantages of micro-influencers are different, already defined and linked to clear dynamics. All this can be observed in this list that takes its cue from the image:

  • Trust: people trust more than ordinary people, less than the big overpaid and distant influencers.
  • Relevance: you can find contacts well aligned to your niche, vertical on a topic dear to you.
  • Loyalty: a micro-influencer embraces the cause you propose, binds to the brand and values it.
  • Recommend: work in person to recommend a good or service beyond the agreements made.
  • Influence: the most important aspect, these people manage to influence who you want to reach.
  • Large volumes: in relation, the micro has better results than the macro and mega-influencers.

So, it seems right to reflect on these points. It is not enough to choose the most followed character and hope that someone bites you. it can happen but it is a strategy to follow in certain cases. If you want to work on a specific good or service, and you want to create a stable bond with the base, the path of micro-influencers can be the right one. Besides being a less demanding condition from an economic point of view.

Have you already worked in this direction?

In this article, I want to identify the essential points that give me the opportunity to answer the basic questions: who are (or what they are) the micro-influencers and what relationship they have with a broader digital marketing strategy. But do they agree? It depends on what you have to do: to shoot in the pile it may be enough to have the support of an influencer with a wide and varied audience, but if you want to work continuously on a trusting relationship the micro reality is ideal.

Because the advantages are clear: for the same investment you can reach the right people with a useful message and with the possibility of building a virtuous relationship over time. After all, isn’t this the goal of inbound marketing? I await your opinion in the comments: we reason together about the possibility of applying a micro-influencer activity in your daily strategy.

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