Over the last decade, the educational sector has witnessed a huge transformation on a global scale. Undeniably, the digital education system is the need of the hour. And, to put it simply, the major players that have contributed towards this amazing transformation is the educational mobile apps.

Such kind of apps is a blessing for the students as they no longer have to attend monotonous lectures, and follow the traditional teaching methodology. All thanks to these educational apps which have eased out the learning process for the students. And, they can learn things as per their convenience.

If you’re planning to develop your educational app soon, then don’t forget to add the below-mentioned features in it. 

Build a robust database

The powerful and supportive database will ensure the success of your educational app. All the essential information related to the study material and guide will be uploaded on the database. You need to update it regularly with the latest content, videos, facts, and figures. This helps to smooth the growth of the learning process, and the students will get faster access to the relevant information they want.

Comprehensive and quality content

The content that arrests the eyes of the learner at one sight will increase the app download probability. Just keep these crucial factors into consideration:

Content should be qualitative and meaningful.

Content should be created by keeping the target audience in mind.

Remember, all the learners don’t have the same grasping speed, so make use of easy words that they can understand with no hassle.

Content must be mobile-friendly.

Live Tutorials

This is another essential feature that you can add within your educational app. Interaction with the teachers allows the students to clear all their queries in one go. The live tutorials help in creating a virtual class atmosphere, and with “chat now” option, you can make the learning experience even better for the students. 

Providing regular mock and practice test

It’s best to provide mock or practice tests on different topics and subjects where the students can find out their preparation level before the final exams. You can upload test papers and make the students download them. The students mostly search for the mock papers, and this feature will not only be profitable for the learners but boost your app’s growth. LMS developers are professionals that provide Custom LMS development. They can develop a training program that is targeted towards needs and goals of your organization.

Easy login with dashboard facility

While building an app, you should ensure that your educational app should offer easy login process. This implies that the user can create his profile in just a few simple steps. Also, you can add a dashboard where the users can save the important topics and learn them whenever they want.

Interactive user-interface

This is one specific area where the app developers should pay great attention. This will give you the competitive edge over your rivals. So, it would be wonderful if you provide excellent user-interface with appealing outlook and flawless functionality. 

Use of social media platform

Today, social media platforms are used widely for the promotion of an app. And, many businesses are making the most out of these platforms for their app marketing. Whatever content you upload for any topic on your app, you should never forget posting on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can even create a YouTube channel where you can regularly post tutorials like “how to use” guide related to your app.

Push Notifications

The basic purpose of the push notification is to make the users updated with the right information. It acts as a powerful tool which facilitates people sending messages to the schools and users. This is the best advertisement that informs the users about the latest uploaded topics, so they can easily learn the topic on the go.

Final Words

The education is becoming digitalized, and the feature-enriched educational apps ruling the app stores. Therefore, if you want to give a tough fight to your competitors, adding these features in your app will make you shine in the app world. One more thing, you’re required to be pro-active when it comes to grabbing valuable insights on the latest technical developments, so you can implement them faster.

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Tom Hardy is a dedicated mobile app developer associated with Sparx IT Solutions for so long. He has rich exposure in developing apps for several industries and has handled projects with a high intricacy level efficaciously. Through his write-ups, he likes to educate the tech-lovers about the emerging technologies in the app development world. 

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