JavaScript is the most popular programming language, which is quickly changing. There is never any generic answer to which framework will work best for you! It is dependent on the project requirements and functionalities. Each Blazor and AngularJS development Company is working to build some powerful websites with their unique features.

What is AngularJS?

It is created by Google, which allows the AngularJS developers to interact with the backend and frontend. This platform is based on JavaScript, which has excellent resources available in the market. It is having the full support of Model-View-ViewModel and Model-View-Control applications which great companies already use. AngularJS also helps in building PWAs (Progressive Web Applications) with great tools to support them.

Essential features of AngularJS are:

  • It is an efficient framework that helps in creating Rich Internet Applications
  • AngularJS developers can write client-side applications by using JavaScript with the help of MVC
  • Applications built using this platform have excellent browser compatibility
  • It is open-source and free to use for the developers
  • Angular has data binding capability with HTML, which gives a better experience
  • It has reusable components that make it developer-friendly

Benefits of using AngularJS development are:

  • It has a two-way binding for immediate synchronization between model and view
  • Development of Single Page Applications is faster
  • It has a robust solution for frontend development with multiple features
  • AngularJS allows end-to-end real-time testing with dependency injection
  • It has a simple architecture that makes coding and design easier for AngularJS developers
  • It encourages shortcodes which allow developers to focus on application efficiency
  • It gives support to clear cache and other processes to enhance the performance

What is Blazor?

It is a new Microsoft web framework that lets developers code using the C#. This framework helps in building client web applications effortlessly. There are options to add a package in the Razor with the help of NuGet. Blazor has a simple approach to Angular, where you can build UI using the native components. The Client-side and server-side are written in C#. It allows the developers to share the libraries and codes providing. The platform enables the development of Single Page Applications by the usage of .NET.

Advantages of using Blazor are:

  • Usage of C# instead of JavaScript
  • Including the .NET ecosystem with the help of .NET libraries
  • Sharing the logic of the application on the client and server-side
  • Taking benefits of performance, security, and reliability of .NET
  • Build common languages, tools, and framework with a feature-rich environment

Features of Blazor are:

  • Builds the Web User Interface by using C# instead of TypeScript or JavaScript
  • Helps in building the Progressive Web Apps
  • Many reusable components are written using the C#
  • It has full debugging support on the server-side while it has certain limitations on client-side
  • Supports two-way data binding with the help of HTML DOM
  • It performs server-side rendering for better performance
  • It works offline
  • Works on the modern web browsers, which also includes mobile browsers
  • It is open source

Comparison between Blazor and AngularJS development:

Feature Blazor AngularJS
Release 2015 2010
Type Framework Framework
License Apache MIT
Developer Microsoft Google
Language WebAssembleC# Regular DOM
Testing and Debugging Blazor Testing PlaceHolder Uses Jasmine
Learning Curve Smooth and Easy Steep
DOM Incremental DOM Regular DOM
Data Binding Unidirectional Bidirectional
Support Microsoft and more upcoming community Google and Wix Developers
Production It is ready for production It might be used in production, but it is receiving changes
Code Style It is easy to get started with the development process It requires a lot of information to start the process of development

Which should be a better choice, Angular or Blazor?

Some of the consideration before making the final decision are:

  • Are you prepared to handle some problems with a platform that is newer and less mature?
  • Want to invest more time to learn Angular, which is an older platform?
  • Do you have a C# developer that helps in developing modern web applications?
  • Do you have JavaScript developers who will ease the AngularJS development?
  • What are your essential requirements in the case of features and functionalities?

Angular was earlier built for frontend developers and helped in connecting backend and frontend. After the introduction of SPA, Blazor emerged with the new structures. It is a web structure that allows running with C# with HTML and CSS, making the components, and generating SPAs.

Some of the key differences between the two platforms are:

  • Angular development is production-ready while the Blazor is still developing and changing
  • AngularJS supports Progressive Web Applications while Blazor is just a Server-side which can’t work as PWA
  • Blazor needs an active connection for each client and stores the component state server-side
  • AngularJS has more tooling support while the Blazor still is in the development process

Summing it up!

We have shared some useful information about both the frameworks to make it easier to decide which will be beneficial. You are now aware of the benefits and features of both platforms with their unique tools. Choose an experienced Blazor or AngularJS development company that is capable of handling your business requirements effortlessly.

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