As marketing evolves, marketers search for solutions to streamline and scale their daily marketing activities without spending too much time or effort on them.

Choosing the right vendors and products can benefit SMEs and help them establish their presence in our fast-growing and competitive market.

To succeed, SMEs need to invest in the right tools that will make their Marketing Technology Stack their most powerful ally to compete with the largest brands out there.

What is MarTech?

MarTech is a blend that comes from the words “marketing” and “technology”.

Here is the definition:

“Marketing is a function that relies increasingly on technology, and as more technology tools emerged to meet the needs of modern marketing, these Marketing Technology tools have collectively become known as MarTech.”

Modern marketing is all about finding the best set of tools to promote your brand to people all around the world.

While competing with big brands might seem a little terrifying at first, there’s nothing that SMEs can’t do when they employ the right tools.

Now Let’s See 5 MarTech Tools SMEs Need to Start Using Right Now

1. Email Marketing Automation Software

With 3.9 million users, emails have become one of the most efficient digital marketing channels marketers use to promote their products.

The first thing you need to do to start your email marketing is to search the market for a good email marketing platform that suits your needs and company goals.

Out there, you’ll find a plethora of MailChimp alternatives to provide you with the right technology and knowledge to plan and automate your email marketing strategy.

Moosend, for instance, is a great alternative to help you design your next email campaigns and automate them.

How it helps

Since sending emails to every single subscriber of yours by hand can be extremely time-consuming, the need for email marketing automation is dire.

A platform like this will simplify the process and allow SMEs to reach multiple subscribers at once in the most effective way possible.

And since, emails are one of the best ways to build customer relationships and brand credibility, using an email marketing platform will allow you to get more with less effort.

2. Subscription Analytics Software

Now that you’ve found the perfect software to attract more customers to your SMEs, the next step to ensure that your business will keep thriving is to track your business metrics.

To do so, you need to invest in a good subscription analytics tool that will show you which elements work well and which don’t. 

A great subscription analytics software that allows you to monitor your active customers and your monthly or annual growth is Profitwell.

Here’s an example of  what the metrics dashboard looks like:

How it helps

When it comes to SMEs with stricter budgets, knowing which elements have the biggest profit and greatest loss can determine the success of a brand.

With a tool like Profitwell, SMEs can optimize and measure their subscribers’ efficiency and take certain actions that will reduce their MRR churn, and increase their ARR.

Tracking brand performance will give SMEs the chance to improve their digital marketing strategies and establish themselves among larger brands.

3. Social media Software

Facebook and Instagram are some excellent media platforms to promote your products, either through sponsored ads or social media and influencer marketing.

With 37% of consumers using social media to find inspiration for their next purchase, neglecting to use social media ads can reduce your brand visibility significantly.

To take advantage of these platforms, you can start by using Facebook Ads, a tool that promotes do-it-yourself ads for everyone with or without expertise.

Here’s what the Facebook Ads quick creation looks like:

How it helps

Facebook ads have the lowest median cost per click compared to other famous social media ads like LinkedIn.

While the cost can vary depending on the number of impressions you want, Facebook ads can work well with since they can find you cheaper clicks to match your budget.

Facebook ads can help SMEs create awesome Facebook lead ads that will have maximum visibility due to Facebook’s massive number of users.

4. Employee Management and Communication Software

The success of a business doesn’t lie exclusively on successful product marketing, but also on the excellent communication and co-operation between different teams like your product and marketing team.

A good platform that can benefit SMEs not only with its simplistic user interface but also with its integrated apps is Slack.

How it helps

Slack’s success stems from apps, shared channels and search features that SMEs can get for cheaper prices.

Using some of the best Slack apps like Google Drive, Meekan and Monkey Test It can help SMEs get more things done and contribute to the simplification of the communication process.

5. App Connectivity and Integration Software

To save invaluable time, SMEs need to find software that will automate most of their daily activities and let them focus on other important tasks.

Since the main advantage of using MarTech is the ability to automate pretty much everything, using a web automation tool like Zapier will make your business tasks easier and faster to complete.

Here’s what a Zap looks like:

How it helps

Zapier offers a selection of more than 1.500 integrations to help you connect your apps.

For example, through the platform, SMEs can connect popular apps like Trello and Gmail to create new cards from new labeled Gmail emails.

By creating Zaps, SMEs will be able to mix and match triggers that will save time and provide updates about important tasks.


Using MarTech software is the best thing SMEs can do to increase their productivity and visibility in a market where businesses constantly try to surpass one another.

Adding such tools in your MarTech stack will help your business grow and connect with your target audience in the most cost-rewarding way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start building your MarTech stack now and you’ll see your business go from zero to hero in no time.

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