We have come a long way in finding ways to boost our productivity, and today we are on the threshold where we are able to look back and see the long winding road behind and be satisfied that we have achieved something. But should we be happy and contended that we are on the threshold or could we do better. We could do better and we have many things to learn and by doing so we could achieve greater heights and be superhuman somewhere in the future. Whether that would be a reality we may not see it in our generation, but the future is bright and that dream would be realized one day.

There are no limits to where we could go in the future and the more technologically advanced we become using it to increase our productivity and through it a better life is our paramount objective. There may be some very irrelevant distractions that could hamper our progress to that ultimate goal. One that we are encountering today wherever we may be is the very distracting prospect of being disturbed. Disturbance has become a very alarming factor which has put paid to concentration.

Concentration is paramount

To be able to accomplish anything we would need to concentrate and telescope our energies to ensure that we complete the tasks we accept or are delegated. If we are unable to concentrate then it would be an immense problem to concentrate and ensure completion.

Whether it is an office environment, field endeavor or even if you are flying in the air concentration would be what you should enjoy because most of what we do could depend on it. This issue has been a perennial problem especially for those living and working in an urban environment. The noise of traffic, the chattering of colleagues, the sound of machinery and a host of other sounds could put you off your concentration mode and your work could suffer.

Technologies to assist us

Today we are surrounded by technology and use and utilize numerous devices, equipment, online apps, machinery and many more to ensure we increase productivity. Every invention that has come before us beginning from the wheel which is considered the best invention of Man, are all geared to increase productivity. The list of the technologies that we use to increase productivity would take us around the Earth many times over but one issue would always stand apart.

That would be our ability to concentrate especially in the rat race environment that we live and work. A solution to this problem is now found and we are able to concentrate on anything from working to even sleeping which would increase productivity. Some may think as to why we would need to concentrate when we are sleeping, it is because if we are constantly disturbed during our sleep we would not be able to concentrate in our work the next day and productivity would drop drastically. Hence sleep is a very important component if we are to be productive. It we don’t get adequate sleep our wok could suffer and that would have a string of adverse consequences.

White noise technology

Research has found and it is a very important breakthrough in human behavior that we are constantly disturbed by the many sounds that emanate in the environment. If these sounds are completely and totally eliminated whether it is in an office, factory, any other work place or even at home our concentration levels would rise substantially. This would be easier said than done because such an ideal situation would be a near impossibility.       

It is to help in this impossible endeavor that the white noise machine has been developed which could be considered as a breakthrough in technology which directly affects productivity. This small but effective contraption does a very simple chore and that is, it emits a constant sound neither loud nor silent but just to be heard by those around. This sound when it pierces our ear drums in a continuous sequence it tends to tune our ears to that particular sound and eliminating all the other disturbing sounds that would otherwise be picked up by your ears.

The white noise machine is proving its effectiveness and is becoming an integral part with all other technologies being employed to increase productivity. It has taken the need to concentrate and increase productivity to greater heights and is fast becoming one of the most important technologies, though simple it could be to ensure a new working environment for many.

Tests have proven that it is bringing positive results wherever it has been used and is being introduced into many workplaces. Whether it is an office or large factory it does not matter as it is providing the right impetus and the foil to the inability for many to concentrate in their tasks.

It could be used in your bedroom to ensure that you get a good night’s sleep undisturbed from all the honking, banging, shouting and other noises manmade and otherwise. If you get up fresh in the morning that too would be the first positive step to increase productivity. Deprivation of sleep especially over a prolonged period of time though you may get a few winks intermittently would still take its toll on your body.

A sleep-deprived individual would be half less or more unproductive compared to one who would have had a good night’s sleep. Hence it is imperative that you grab some quality bedtime every day to be at your best spirits the next day. If you are being disturbed take home a white noise machine today and see the wonders that it could do to you. This is technology at its best and none other could put you to sleep like you have never had before.

When we talk about technologies our minds would float to how we could get to the Moon, but there are many little things that we need which are also technology-based that would do better for us here rather than getting to the Moon. The white noise machine is just one of them. 

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