Autumn is a wonderful time of year where the summer heat gives way to cooler and more comfortable temperatures, but restaurant owners may miss the heavier foot traffic from the patio rush. It’s important to consider using whatever tool can help your restaurant.

While restaurants have existed for hundreds of years, in just the last few technologies have emerged which makes all the behind the scenes aspects of running a restaurant considerably easier, and brings powerful features to get improved results.

Employee scheduling software brings modern simplicity to streamline logistics and deep data that drives decisions for your restaurant’s management. Read on to learn more about employee scheduling software and all the ways it can boost your business this fall.

Amazing Schedules, Quickly

One of the biggest drains on a restaurant’s budget is labor costs, so it’s crucial to find ways to make your employees more efficient. Employee scheduling software can reduce the amount of time it takes to produce a responsive schedule that all your staff will love in up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take.

The amount of time it saves results in a 1-3% reduction in labor costs, giving you direct and immediate results. It also simplifies what can be a frustrating task, which your staff will appreciate.

Keep Connected Efficiently

Employee scheduling software makes it easy for staff and managers to stay connected on the go. Employees can relay their work available to their manager and request days off remotely via the app. Managers can approve the days off remotely, too. This makes managing their personal lives much easier and helps keep the staffing organized well in advance.

In addition to chat features, there are also extremely useful tools that inform staff of what they need to know without overburdening them with long, time-consuming email threads. An “announcement” tool lets managers send a one-way message to all their staff, or only to the employees who need to be in the know, with information such as that day’s lunch special.

Modern technology makes keeping connected easier, efficient, and less time-consuming.

Stay Informed About Everything

Employee scheduling software gives managers and executives a true aerial view of everything going on at each restaurant location. The software links to all commonly used Point Of Sales systems and the manager log books display statistics and hard data about all aspects of the restaurant, including labor costs, sales, expected sales, attendance, and more.

It’s easy to compare this data against past statistics. Because it’s cloud-based, the logbooks get updated in real-time, they’re accessible anywhere and are impossible to lose. 

Choose to track custom statistics that matter to your restaurant. Plus, there’s a special section for employee feedback, so decision-makers know about aspects of the restaurant that don’t always get quantified into hard data.

The restaurant business is never an easy one, and some seasons are more uphill than others. This fall, make sure you have the tech tools like employee scheduling software that gives your restaurant the best chance for success.

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