While the bathroom may be the most ignored area in the house when it comes to style, design, and maintenance. It’s also one of the most used rooms not only inside the house but in most places.

You may think that the bathroom is the simplest and least expensive area to revamp and refresh, but in fact, it’s one of the most challenging areas to update. Your bathroom may not be the most attractive area inside your house, but there’s no doubt it’s the most used room by your guests and family, at least more than the regular small storage unit.

If you’re planning to do an overhaul of your bathroom but don’t have enough time and budget, you don’t have to worry as there are a lot of simple and cost-effective ways to make the ideal bath for your household. Here’s the list of essential accessories you can install for your bathroom.

Update Shower Curtain and Liner

If you have old accessories and you’re planning to do a little update on your bathroom, then purchasing new ones should be included in your list. If you think your shower and tub is unattractive because it’s old, you can install an opaque type of curtain for quick concealment.

However, if you have a presentable and alluring shower, consider installing a sheer curtain to make it more elegant-looking and to add brightness to your bathroom.

Bathroom Art

While you spend most of your time in your bathroom, there’s no need to stare at blank walls anymore. Just by adding a little artwork would significantly improve the overall look of your bathroom. Not only the appearance but the ambiance.

You will learn to adorn such arts such as treated canvas prints. You can also install oversized processed canvas prints as these are water resistant and cost-effective. Also, you can do customized printing as some of these art printers can laminate such arts for water resistance.

Add More Mirrors

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Mirrors are an asset in the bathroom. If you’re a homeowner and loves to have a bright ambiance in your bathroom area, then adding a simple mirror can be your solution. If your bathroom has enough space,  then consider installing floor-to-ceiling mirrors.

It won’t only brighten your area, but it can also expand the room more than a coat of white paint could. On the other hand, if you’re a practical homeowner that wants extra storage for the bathroom, consider installing a wall mirrored cabinet. Wall mirrored cabinets provide storage space while not taking up room space.

Lighting Fixture Renewal

There’s a vast variety of cost-effective lighting fixtures available in the market nowadays. Consider replacing outdated lighting fixtures as some of it tends to have dysfunctional wiring and can be defective.

Leave the electrical projects to the professionals of bathroom design service. If you’re a DIYer and know how to deal with electrical problems, then it shouldn’t be difficult to handle.

Be unique when upgrading your lighting fixtures. There are several styles, and designs for bathroom lighting trends and these include light bars and hanging pendants. A suitable choice is a LED lighting fixture as they are more energy efficient and cost-effective.

Install Innovative Storage Solutions

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Bathroom essentials need bathroom storage. Look beyond home improvement stores and consider installing extra bathroom storage for your essentials. You can install bedside tables as storage for your soap, shaver, shampoo, etc. Also, you can have a mini bookshelf in your bathroom. Reading is a good activity and having books nearby can be handy in the bathroom.

A Little Splash of Nature

The bathroom can be a place where you spend most of your time relaxing and making yourself comfortable. Consider putting a houseplant or a leafy arrangement inside your bathroom to have a nature-like ambiance in the area. It adds more warmth and can make your bathroom a bit cozy.


You spend time in the bathroom more than you could imagine. If you’re a homeowner, it’s always essential to take good care of your household, including your bathroom. Make your bathroom presentable like the other areas of your house. Consider the list of accessories above to make your bathroom comfortable as it can be.

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