In the digital age, marketing is vital for the survival of businesses. There are a lot of things marketers can do to engage consumers and increase sales. Furthermore, advancements in technology have introduced new opportunities to develop personalized strategies according to distinct marketing goals.

Marketers have comprehensive data and information they can utilize to make informed choices about their next move. They can forecast how their gambits will fare with customers while making their strategies precise and accurate. More than 80% of marketers believe in the power of marketing tech to improve performance.

And that is where marketing operations come in. It is the skill of blending marketing with technology to improve marketing. It can lead to a significant increase in leads by diverting focus on new ways of marketing. Marketing operations can cut downtime and increase efficiency by integrating automation into digital marketing.

If you’re still confused about what this means for your firm, go through this article to get a clearer picture.

  1. Smart Inventory Management: Imagine this; you’ve got an excellent marketing campaign. You use all the marketing tricks and tactics to get customers to your page. The consumer is ready to spend tons of money and buy your most expensive product. But, when they click on the product, they find out that you don’t have it in stock. What’s more, the projected waiting times are too long. Naturally, the customer is going to move on to better and faster alternatives. It’s simple; slow delivery translates into slow business. However, you don’t want to have too much product that only ties up your space and capital. It’s a delicate balance that can seem almost impossible to achieve. So how can you avoid this eventuality with the help of technology? Automate your inventory management system to enjoy a smooth workflow. These platforms can track how much product you have in stock and how much you should list on online marketplaces.
  2.  Content research: You can’t fully automate content marketing. However, you can monitor other processes like research and idea generation. According to research content, creators use 30% of their time to research relevant material. That is precious time they can better use to improve content quality. The simplest way you can automate your research is by using applications to track emerging trends in the industry. For example, free apps like Feedly and BuzzSumo can help you find relevant stories within seconds. You can also get in touch with market leaders in specific industries in one place.
  3. Track your performance: The only way forward in life is to learn from your mistakes and avoid making them in the future. Your marketing campaign is no different. But it’s impossible to keep track of things, especially if you need to track and analyze every move you make. KISSmetrics is a platform you can use to measure how your site is doing and track your customers. Additionally, KISSmetrics can inform you about your signup times so you can track how long your customers take before they buy your product. Such apps help you keep your attention on things that matter instead of babble.
  4. Emails: Email marketing is the oldest marketing strategy in the digital marketing world. But that doesn’t mean it’s irrelevant; it is the most effective digital marketing strategy since it’s direct and effective. Moreover, research proves that it is where 99% of the consumers are. Email also has a much higher engagement rate than social media platforms with higher click-through rates. Most people spend more money on products marketed with email compared to social media. Therefore, you can use emails to transform prospective customers into loyalists. But, it takes a lot of time to send emails to every single one of your leads. Use personalized automated email tools that send auto-responses to your subscribers. Tools like OptinMonster are customized and use behavior personalization to create specific custom campaigns.
  5. Make it mobile: Millennials are the market drivers in today’s economy as they influence marketing trends. They constitute the largest living generation. According to a census, there are 83 million millennials in America alone. Therefore, it’s imperative to optimize marketing according to their preferences. Just focus your marketing efforts on them. And what is the one thing that millennials use all the time? Mobile devices! Hence, make your website mobile-friendly. For instance, you can make your site responsive, add imagery, clean your homepage, and limit ads. You can also create a mobile app for your business, but you don’t need to spend big bucks on it since you can make the app on your own with free app creation tools. It is easy to use a framework to develop apps for any platform.
  6. Keep track of finances: Running a business is a lot of work. You need to attract customers with an aggressive digital marketing campaign. You also need to ensure that you fulfill orders without compromising on service. Moreover, you need to make sure you remain updated with your industry’s latest news and events, which does not leave time for other bookkeeping tasks. That is why many founders use bookkeeping software to reduce hassle. Easy accounting software puts everything about your financial situation in black and white. You can assess how much each project is costing you and whether your growth strategies are feasible.
  7. Monitor your social media game: Social media is the blood of any digital marketing campaign. It’s the first point of contact for your customers, and it sets the tone for future interactions. So you really can’t afford to mess it up. But, time constraints and having too much to do can bungle up your campaign. What can you do to avoid this? Automate your social media campaign so you can avoid making mistakes while spreading your brand message. Moreover, it can help you visualize where your campaign is going.


Seamless marketing is not within reach for small and big businesses without the help of technology integration. Well researched content and sensitive social media campaigns are just a few of the advantages of automation. Furthermore, you can use technology to learn from your mistakes and gain incredible insights. Automation gives you more time to focus on things that matter. By introducing these tools, you can make time to create better products and relevant content. There are some great platforms you can use to make running a business easier and profitable.

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